X Ray Technician Certificate Programs

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Certificate In Radiologic Technology Program Options

NAIT Medical Radiologic (X-ray) Technology program

RT certificate programs that are designed for initial certification in a modality will typically require at least some on-campus coursework, whether it is the students first modality or an add-on modality. This is due to the complexity of the equipment and radiation safety concerns students must have at least some hands-on equipment training in order to follow proper procedures. Postprimary certificate programs will also generally require students to be certified in one or more areas of radiologic technology by the state in which they practice and/or the ARRT.

How Are Daca Students Received To The Program

We do not ask about a student’s DACA status during the application process or while enrolled in the program. The program’s vision is to match the healthcare community and industry with the surrounding diverse population.

Likewise, the ARRT does not ask about DACA status nor does DACA status affect your eligibility to take the ARRT registry exam.

Modern Technology School Is The Best Place Learn To Become An X

Our ACCSC Accredited Orange County X-Ray Tech school has been in operating since 1981. We make it a goal to work hand-in-hand with our radiology students. Our faculty has over 150 years of combined education, experience and licensing between them. X-Ray Tech classes taught in small-classroom environments, so you absorb the material quickly & effectively. We understand students concerns and enjoy walking through their questions with them.

Still have questions about the difference between an X-Ray Technician certificate and permit? Would you like to learn more about Financial Aid or radiology class start dates? Wed love to help you begin a career in an industry which you can grow within throughout your entire lifetime. Give us a call and let our friendly Admissions Advisor answer your questions. We take a needs-based approach to working with students. It has always been an important part of our philosophy as a school.

We look forward to helping you become an X-Ray Technician in California and helping you achieve your dreams. You can also fill out the handy contact form if youd like us to reach out to you directly! X-Ray classes start every other month in Orange County, and we look forward to meeting you for a free tour!

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How Our Program Works

We partner with DMC Sinai-Grace, Ascension Providence and St. John hospitals to provide you with a pathway to an Associate of Applied Science in Radiological Technology.

You take all your prerequisite and general education courses here and then apply to one of the hospitals to finish your clinical requirements in their facilities. Prerequisite courses youll take at Macomb:

  • Introduction to Ethics

For a closer look at the program, visit the College Catalog.

All the credits you earn in our program will transfer if you decide to pursue a bachelors degree for further career advancement.

Improved Educational Programming For Reading Physicians & Technologists


A core part of the educational programming is focused on acknowledging and understanding the vital partnership between imaging physicians and technologists and promoting the enhanced joint-education of both whenever possible and appropriate.

We want, and need our technologists to be the best in any jurisdiction, and in many modalities. It is for this the reason that the OAR has included technologist training in concert with imaging physicians for the majority of our CME programs, particularly BMD, where technologists play such a vital role.

Physicians and technologists now have separate CBMD programs dedicated to topics relevant to their educational needs for reporting physicians we are focusing on QA/QC and reporting. We have committed to providing workstation case-study workshops and on-line case studies. For technologists we have committed to provide hands-on positioning workshops courses on developing QA/QC programs and the production of on-line education courses and webinars.

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Scholarships For Online X

If youre having trouble paying for school out of pocket, you should look into scholarships you might qualify for. Some that are available for people studying to become x-ray technicians include the following:

Sam Kotonias Memorial X-Ray Scholarship: This scholarship is available to diagnostic imaging students who live in Minnesota. Once you submit your school transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and essay responses, you may be able to get a scholarship worth $1,000 to help with school.

American Society of Radiologic Technologists : This group offers several scholarships to new and current x-ray technicians looking to advance their education. Depending on the scholarship you apply for, you could earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 toward tuition and other expenses at the school of your choice. Note that when you fill out one application with ASRT, youll get access to more than 15 scholarships from this foundation, as the system will match you to the ones you qualify for.

Intermountain Medical Imaging Scholarship: If you graduated from an Idaho high school with at least a 3.0 GPA, you may be eligible to have this scholarship pay toward your medical imaging education. Once you send in the application and write a personal essay, you could earn $1,000 to help pay for school costs.

A Strong Support Foundation And Network Will Be Available To You

You have the opportunity to network with other students and professionals when you earn your degree from a reputable educational institution.

These connections can also be used to your professional life.

The talents you gain from one other can then be used to support one another at work.

You will also have access to knowledgeable, credentialed teachers for assistance and queries.

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What Degree Do You Need To Become A Radiology Tech

In general, you need at least an associate degree to become a radiology technologist .

Most states require radiology techs to be licensed. To get licensed, you must graduate from an accredited radiology tech program and pass an exam. Many employers prefer radiology techs to be certified, even if the state you work in does not require it.

After becoming a radiology tech, you can advance your career by earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. A higher degree can help prepare you for teaching positions, management, or advanced medical work.

Ability To Advance Career

All about X-ray Tech School| My Program, Application Process,First semester Advice!

Previously, students did not have the option of learning online while they were working.

If you could not take the time or find the time, it simply meant that you would not be able to study further.

Being able to work while working towards certification is something that has only gained momentum in the last several years.

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Dr David Lyons Chair Oar Cbmd Facility Accreditation Program

Every Ontario facility providing BMD services is encouraged to seek CBMD Facility Accreditation. The benefits to facilities begin with the commitment to a standard of excellence for BMD testing to ensure optimum patient care.

The OAR CBMD Facility Accreditation Program continues to evolve to ensure that accredited sites provide the highest standard of BMD services in Canada. It also continues to recognize DXA scanning as an area of imaging requiring additional ongoing investment in QA/QC to further the diagnostic needs of patients.

How Long Does X

Most X-Ray Tech Training programs take an academic year to complete. The amount of time it takes depends on whether you are pursuing a certificate or an associates degree. A certificate can be completed in 8 to 12 months and an associates degree in radiology takes two academic years on average. Some schools have highly flexible programs and allow you to stretch your x-ray technician training out further. Some people who work full time may need to complete their training at a slower pace so that their incomes do not get disrupted from their current jobs.

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Types Of Certificates In Radiologic Technology

There are two types of certificates in radiologic technology, primary pathway certificates and postprimary pathway certificates. Primary pathway certificates are certificate programs that lead to a first-time license to practice in the RT field. Requirements vary by state as far as what types of radiologic technology you may practice with only a certificate and compared to primary pathway degree programs, primary pathway certificates are limited both in scope and availability. Adding a modality by completing a certificate after earning an associates degree and initial certification is referred to by the ARRT as a postprimary pathway.

You Must Possess A High Degree Of Self

Orange County X

Organizing yourself and your time is no easy feat.

You are required to balance out your responsibilities, your work, your personal life, and now your studies as well.

Time management seems to be the biggest culprit for most people who wish to pursue a course in this format. In addition, many students tend to procrastinate for various reasons.

Accountability increases when a student forms part of a community and attends campus classes.

In order for the student to fully engage in the lesson, the student must feel that they are being adequately guided, which may not always be the case with online learning.

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Do I Complete A Background Check And Drug Screen At The Time I Submit My Application

No, only applicants who have been invited into the program will need to complete these two requirements during the summer. There is an orientation for the applicants selected at the end of June. All additional program requirements will be discussed at that time, with information regarding obtaining these two tests through CastleBranch.

Salary And Job Outlook For X

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment forecast for X-Ray technicians is expected to increase by 12 percent by 2026.

Candidates for this position will be sought after if they have advanced degrees, additional managerial experience, or have studied a specific area of radiologic technology.

Anyone entering the healthcare industry needs to possess excellent people skills and the ability to interact closely with patients.

Radiology and MRI technologists earned a median yearly salary of $63,710 in 2020, according to the BLS.

All healthcare occupations earned an average of $69,870 per year in 2020.

In the healthcare industry, this indicates that X-ray technicians make a respectable living.

The location, degree of experience, and education of a professional all have an impact on pay outlook, which is something that readers should keep in mind.

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The New Online Cbmd Program

The CBMD team has developed as a two-pronged program a facility quality control and quality assurance program and a continuing education component for medical specialists reporting BMD and the technologists providing BMD services.

The new online program is the latest evolution of this vital QA/QC initiative. The primary goals are to:

  • Accredit every BMD site in Ontario and BMD sites outside of Ontario committed to meeting the CBMD standards
  • Continue mandatory involvement of qualified medical physicists who play a vital role in ensuring QA/QC
  • Keep accreditation costs consistent with Mammography Accreditation
  • Work closely with referring family physicians.
  • Encourage every BMD technologist in Ontario to obtain Accredited Densitometry Technologist designation as ADT designation is a mandatory requirement for CBMD Accreditation
  • Continue to enhance educational programming for both reporting imaging physicians and technologists providing BMD services since there can be NO accreditation without education.

The core elements of CBMD Facility Accreditation remain unchanged. They include standardized reporting for BMD a uniform standard for QA/QC mandatory involvement of medical physicists and ongoing education as a cornerstone of accreditation.

How Long Does It Take To Become An X

X-Rays : What Is Required to Be an X-Ray Technician?

How Long Does It Take To Become An X-ray Technician

A job as a radiologic technologist is a fantastic choice to take into consideration if you have an interest in the medical industry, diagnostic imaging, or x-rays.

It does raise the question how long does it take to become an X-ray technician?

People might believe that becoming a radiologic technologist requires years of training.

While there are prospects for growth, radiologic technologists can finish everything they need to do in as little as two years.

Finding out exactly what the profession entails is the first step in understanding about radiology technology and how x-ray technicians operate.

Potential rad techs can enter the profession of radiologic technology with a thorough awareness of their duties, what the job entails, and a respect for the work in order to become radiology technicians.

Therefore, this article describes what an X-ray Technician does, how long it takes to become an X-ray Technician, as well as address some questions often asked.

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Certificate Common Career Paths

Depending on whether the certificate sought is foundational or advanced, determines much of the career options available to x-ray tech certificate holders. Speaking broadly, however, certificate students may have careers as the following:

  • Radiologic Technologists,

Best Ultrasound Technician School In Canada

Looking for ultrasound technician school in Canada? Look no further than The Canadian National Institute of Health. When you have chosen to obtain an ultrasound technician degree in Canada, the next step is to start the process of choosing an ultrasound technician school in Canada. To begin with, you need to find the perfect ultrasound technician program that will give the proper training to become a qualified professional.And because a number of states do require that ultrasound techs be either licensed or certified, depending on your residence you may also need preparation to pass a certification or licensing exam. So its very essential that you explore each ultrasound technician school in Canada so as to assess and compare your choices. Yet, exactly where does one begin? Most prospective students will start by searching for schools that are within driving distance of their homes and then by comparing tuition. Absolutely, location and cost need to be considered when arriving at a decision, yet there are additional important factors as well. For example, if the ultrasound technician schools in Canada have earned accreditation or if they sponsor internship programs. First, lets discuss what our ultrasound technician does and the degrees and online education programs that are offered.

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You Will Be Prepared For A Job As A Radiologic Technician

After earning a degree in radiologic technology, such as an Associate of Applied Science with a concentration in Radiologic Technology, you can start working as a radiologic technologist at the entry level straight away.

Youd need to work as a radiation technician to begin with if you didnt have the degree.

Reasons To Pursue A Certificate In Radiologic Technology


A certificate in radiologic technology can qualify you for entry-level employment as an x-ray tech if it is your first credential. If you already have other RT credentials, a certificate can qualify you for employment in other areas. There are three main reasons to earn a certificate in RT:

1. To get a job. The hiring market for RTs can be competitive, and employers are looking for candidates who have at least basic qualifications to operate radiologic equipment. Earning a certificate demonstrates to prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge required to work safely and effectively in an imaging department.

2. To prepare for further study. In some cases, a certificate program can be used as a stepping-stone towards a higher-level degree. For example, if you do not have an education in radiologic technology, your first step might be to earn a certificate in x-ray technology. After gaining employment as an x-ray technologist, you might then decide to pursue an associates degree in RT. Many associates programs will accept transfer credit from a certificate if it was completed at an accredited school.

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Health Science & Ems Information Sessions

Program Information sessions are held monthly and provide potential applicants with program details and requirements, application procedures, and career outlook. Attending an information session is recommended before you start your academic journey. Attendance of a program information session within one year of the application submission is mandatory when applying to a Health Science and EMS program.

See the Information Session Schedule below for session dates and times.

How Much Of The Program Is Available Online

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the classes, the Radiologic Technology Program is only offered in person at Lowry. You will be in person for classes and/or lab 1-2 days per week as well as clinical internships in a hospital or outpatient setting 2-3 day per week. There are no online options for the program at this time.

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What Does A Medical Radiographer Do

Typical job duties of a medical radiographer include:3

  • Processing patients, which includes obtaining medical history and answering questions about the procedure they are having
  • Preparing patients by positioning them correctly for the imaging and placing shields over parts of the body not being imaged
  • Operating various kinds of equipment to capture images
  • Producing quality images that can be used to make a diagnosis
  • Working under the supervision of and with radiologists

Common technology that medical radiographers encounter includes:

  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories: 7%
  • Federal government, excluding postal service: 3%

Because hospitals are essential everywhere and they employ the majority of X-ray technician jobs, it is possible to find work across the country.

Aspiring X-ray technicians should note that the job requires standing for long periods of time. You should also be able to lift a significant amount of weight, as you may need to lift, turn or slide patients occasionally.

Choose The Right School

Tulsa Community College Radiography (X-ray) Program

As previously stated, not all schools offer an online program.

Make sure to choose the right school that will cater to your needs as an online student and will also meet state requirements.

This is possibly the most important step in preparing for your online course.

You must select the appropriate course before starting your studies.

Each state has different requirements. Familiarize yourself with the requirements of your state before selecting a school.

Choosing the right blended program that offers sufficient support and guidance is key.

In addition, your state may require that the school you select be accredited by the appropriate accrediting bodies.

Furthermore, ensure that upon completion of the course, you will be eligible to sit for the national examination.

Not all schools offer programs that qualify students to sit for the national exam.

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