X.509 Digital Certificate For Notary Public

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Review And Submit Your Application

What is an X.509 Certificate?

After you enter your credit card number, you’ll see a summary of all the information you’ve entered so far. Before you click “Submit My Application,” review your information and confirm that everything is accurate.

Once you submit the application, you’ll receive a notary application number for future reference. You will also receive a confirmation email.

It typically takes three business days to receive a response from the state about your online notary application. If you do not receive a response in this time, you can contact the Texas secretary of state’s office at 512-463-5705.

How A Digital Certificate Is Created

Without the digital certificate tied to the digital signature, the receiver of the document doesnt know for sure who created and sent the document. Remember that digital certificates run on a public key infrastructure , which follows established protocols to create and distribute sets of private and public keys to encrypt and decrypt confidential communications and documents between two parties.

When you purchase a digital certificate, the certification authority issues a certificate binding a public key to your verified identity. This prevents cybercriminals from falsifying your public key or digital signature and altering documents.

When you apply for a digital certificate, youll generate a private-public key pair and send the public key to the CA along with documents verifying your identity. After the CA has confirmed your identity, they create and sign the digital certificate and attach it to your public key. Essentially, a digital certificate is only as trustworthy as the CA used to vouch for your identity. Depending on the industry or intended use, only specific CAs may be approved, or a particular type of digital certificate may be required.

After the CA creates the digital certificate, its returned to the user where you can store it on your computer as a file, attach it to your browser, or store it on a USB flash drive.

Get Codegic Root Ca G2 Certificate

Codegic Root Certificate Authority does not comes as default within Windows, Linux, MAC. The certificate provided here are hence to be used for personal, test or production PKI environments. The purpose of our digital certificates is to assist early adopters to use them and for those who cant afford the expensive publicly trusted digital certificates. Ensure that your computer trusts the Codegic Root CA G2 for the digital certificates to work properly.


  • All X.509 Digital Certificates are issued by Codegic CA G2
  • CA Certs are provided in binary format
  • Checksum can be calculated openssl dgst -sha256 cert-file-path

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Notarize Platform Esignature Digital Certificate

The Notarize platform uses a different type of digital certificate on documents that do not require notarization. Like the notary’s digital certificate, this certificate is also issued under the IdenTrust Global Common Certification Authority Policy program. This certificate is for Notarize itself and is maintained by the Notarize team.

History Of X509 Certificates

The first X.509 certificates were issued in 1988 as part of the ITU-T and the X.500 directory services standard. The current version, version 9, was defined in October 2019.

As more versions came out, more certificate fields were added or refined. For example, in 1993, version 2 added two fields to support directory access control, as well as subject and issuer unique identifiers. The X.509 version 3 certificate was released in 1996 and defines the formatting used for certificate extensions. It also was used by the Internet Engineering Task Force in the development of its own X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and Certificate Revocation List, or CRL, Profile standard.

Learn about digital certificates and how an automated version of certificate management can help retain IT talent.

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Applications Of X509 Certificates

Common applications of X.509 certificates include the following:

  • Digital identities. A key use of X.509 certificates can be to authenticate the digital identities of devices, people, data and applications.
  • TLS/SSL and web browser security. PKI and X.509 are the basis for the Transport Layer Security and Secure Sockets Layer protocols. Web browsers read the X.509 certificate of a webpage to verify its TLS/SSL status. Public key infrastructure has four key components.
  • Digital signatures and document signing. X.509 certificates can authenticate the identity of a digitally signed document, specifically authenticating both the signature and document.
  • Email certificates. Secure email standards — for example, Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions, or S/MIME — use X.509 certificates.
  • Secure Shell keys. Secure Shell keys are a form of X.509 certificate. They provide secure access credentials used in the SSH protocol.
  • Code signing. Code signing uses certificates to authenticate code so end users can verify that code has not been altered by a third party.

What Is An Online Notary

An online notary public is authorized to electronically notarize documents. They can work remotely and use digital tools for verification, including video conferencing and digital audio. Thanks to the latest and greatest in tech and the widespread adoption of remote electronic notarization, its faster, easier and more convenient than ever to get your important documents notarized where and when you need them.

In fact, a recent study showed that up to 27% of commissioned notaries are currently certified to perform RON services.

The online notary public makes sure all of the signers have and understand all of the necessary paperwork, that they understand their duties and obligations, and that all documents are in order, complete and signed. Oh and when you come across terms like eNotary, electronic notary and remote notary, theyre one and the same.

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How Can I Get My Own Digital Signature

If you try to digitally sign an Office 2007 document without a digital certificate, the Get a Digital ID dialog box appears, and you are asked to select how you want to get your own digital signature.

You have two options for getting a digital signature:

To learn more about each option, see the following sections.

Is An Online Notary Legal

X.509 Digital Signature Signing (In C#)

Its legal. As long as every notarial act is performed by a licensed notary and the notarizations fall under the domain of the states mentioned above, theyre good to go. It is important to note that some states have different criteria than others. For instance, the NNA says Rhode Island notaries public need to register to perform online notary services. Delaware approval only applies to notaries who are also licensed attorneys theyre approved to use audio-video tools.

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Obtaining A Digital Certificate As A Notary

To obtain a digital certificate as a remote online notary, youll first want to check with your commissioning authority to see if a particular type of certificate is needed. In some states, you may be required to register your digital certificate with your commissioning authority.

Next, youll want to see if the remote online notarization software youre using provides digital certificates or allows you to upload your registered digital certificate.

After youve confirmed what is required by your state and your software provider, follow the instructions to obtain your certificate. If you are purchasing one for yourself, youll likely be directed to obtain a Digital Signing and Sealing certificate through IdenTrust.

Building trust in a digital world where users can easily hide behind a screen with a false identity is difficult, but digital certificates are one way to reassure your clients when executing transactions. With ProperSign, notaries have some flexibility in how they obtain and use their digital certificates so that you can grow your notary business with remote online notarization. If you have any questions about digital certificates or getting started with ProperSign, be sure to contact our sales team.

Create Your Own Digital Signature

If you do not want to purchase a digital certificate from a third-party certificate authority, or if you want to digitally sign your document immediately, you can create your own digital certificate by selecting the Create your own digital ID option in the Get a Digital ID dialog box.

To create your own digital certificate

  • In the Get a Digital ID dialog box, select Create your own digital ID.

    Important: The Get a Digital ID dialog box appears only if you attempt to digitally sign a document without a digital certificate.

  • In the Create a Digital ID dialog box, type the following information to include in your digital signature:

  • In the Name box, type your name.

  • In the E-mail address box, type your e-mail address.

  • In the Organization box, type the name of your organization or company.

  • In the Location box, type your geographic location.

  • Click Create.

    Note: If you digitally sign a document by using a digital certificate that you created, and then you share the digitally signed file, other people cannot verify the authenticity of your digital signature. Your digital signature can be authenticated only on the computer on which you created the digital signature.

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    Saving Animals With Acrobat Sign

    You dont have to be a large organization to benefit from secure and compliant cloud signatures. The nonprofit Cats Protection relied on Acrobat Sign to take cat adoption online.

    We chose Acrobat Sign to enable e-signatures and make it possible to do all the paperwork online instead of sending it back and forth through the post so cats can get into their forever homes faster, says Helen Waterman, IT project and documentation officer.

    With digital signatures protected and guaranteed by digital certificates, you can use Acrobat Sign anywhere, and trust that your transactions are secure and compliant.

    What Is Remote Online Notarization

    Remote Online Notarization is a form of notarial work that can be done through the internet using live video calling programs. Through RON, legal documents can be signed by the client and notarized by the lawyer without them having to meet face-to-face.

    Pandemic or not, the world is going more and more online. Some jobs that have traditionally required face-to-face interaction to complete now have options to be done digitally and remotely. Notarization is one such function. Currently, there are 35 states that have some form of permanent remote online notary laws in place, with more expected to join the fold soon.

    The fact that most states have now instituted virtual notarization indicates that they recognize RON as a more secure way to deter fraud compared to the traditional in-person notarization. In fact, a bipartisan bill was recently introduced in the Senate which aims to authorize notaries in all US states to perform RON.

    As will be discussed in the following sections, a lawyer intending to become an online notary has to satisfy several cybersecurity requirements laid down by the state. A common requirement, as it is in Texas, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, is an X.509-compliant certificate using PKI technology. A great answer to this requirement is Adobe-trusted document signing certificates from

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    X509 Pki Certificates Drive Enterprise Security

    Since the introduction of the x509 standard for public key infrastructure in 1988, x509 PKI and digital certificates have become a critical part of security for enterprises, governments and consumers the world over.

    When selecting an x509 solution, organizations must consider not only the robustness of the technology and the reputation of the provider, but also the affordability of the solution and the cost-savings it can provide. For organizations seeking a market-leading x509 product, Entrust delivers on all counts.

    Verify The Digital Certificate For A Notarized Document

    Once trust is established following the steps above, digital signatures on e-signed and notarized documents can be verified following the steps below. Note: You must have a downloaded copy of the document to be verified i.e. you cannot verify the digital certificate directly within a browser or email software.

  • Open the document in your Adobe Reader or Acrobat desktop software.
  • If the digital certificate is valid, you will see the signatures bar at the top of the document area, with the message “Signed and all signatures are valid”.
  • To inspect the details of the digital certificate, click the Signature Panel button in the signatures bar.
  • Within the Signature Panel, you can quickly assess certificate ownership and validity and ensure that the document has not been modified since the signature was applied.
  • To further inspect the signature, you can open the Signature Details viewer, which willdisplay additional information related to the signature owner and certificate authority.
  • Still have questions you can’t find answers to? Click the chat icon in the corner of your screen to start a chat, email us at !

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    This document contains confidential information and may not be reproduced or shared without the consent of Notarize, Inc.

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    Entrust Authority Delivers Leading X509 Pki Technology

    Entrust is a trusted advisor on layered security to enterprises, consumers and governments in 60 countries. Entrusts first x509 public key infrastructure solution was released in 1994. Now in its seventh edition, the Entrust Authority suite of products is the most relied upon x509 PKI solution in the industry.

    Entrust Authority enables organizations to deploy encryption, authentication and digital signature technology based on the x509 standard throughout the company. This innovative product portfolio is modular and fully integrated, allowing organizations to transparently and consistently apply x509 PKI across a broad range of applications and platforms. And Entrust Authority makes a series of toolkits available to developers to help apply best-in-class x509 PKI security to custom applications.

    How To Apply To Become A Texas Online Notary

    X.509 || Deliver public key with x.509 Digital certificate || Authentication Application

    You can apply to become a remote online notary 100% online. You will submit your form using the secretary of state’s electronic commissioning system.

    The steps to getting your online notary commission are listed below. Before you apply, you need to have an active traditional notary commission in the state of Texas.

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    How Much Can You Make As An Online Notary

    Online commissioned notaries public have plenty of flexibility where earning potential is concerned. Lets say you work as an independent contractor. You could decide to work only a few hours a month or commit to full-time hours to maximize your potential. Youre in charge of how much you market your business and deciding how much work to take on.

    You could also secure a part-time or full-time online notary position. According to ZipRecruiter, an eNotarys national average salary is $44,366 with 15% of jobs paying $17,500-$25,499 and 2% of jobs paying $97,500-$105,500.

    Current Access To Government

    Having computer equipment for RON might seem commonsensical but it is essential to point out because each state has its own specific sub-requirements. As a starting point, an online notary is obligated to have a secure computer, a webcam capable of recording clear images, a microphone that produces comprehensible sound during the live call, and a strong and safe internet connection. Visit your state governments website to find out about the specific metrics required for each tool.

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    Establish Trust With A Root Certificate In Adobe

    For a relying party e.g., county clerk, courthouse, state agency to independently verify the validity of a Notarize Digital Certificate, they must first install a file in their Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat desktop software. This file creates a trust relationship between the PDF reading tool and the IdenTrust Root certificate, which enables Adobe to issue the green checkmark if the digital certificate is valid.

    Adobe Reader and Acrobat requires one-time trusting of the IdenTrust Root certificate. This can be accomplished by installing the IdenTrust-provided .fdf file on the computer to verify notarized documents.

    Other Benefits Of Ron Include:

    • Perform notarizations from the comfort of your home
    • Online notarizations are more flexible and efficient
    • RON saves time and money by eliminating the need for travel
    • Digital identity proofing and credential analysis reduces the risk of fraud
    • Digital documents eliminate paperwork and provide an added layer of security

    RON speeds up the process for a wide range of notarial acts, including oaths, affirmations and routine real estate and banking transactions.

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    How To Choose A Digital Certificate For Remote Online Notary

    A Trusted Technology Takes Documents Beyond the Signature

    Remote Online Notarizations, or RONs, were gaining traction well before the pandemic. Yet the shift toward remote work made their benefits even more enticing. RONs enable public notaries to perform their duties without being physically present reducing paperwork and expediting the notarization process.

    Despite their convenience, electronically notarized documents present risks that arent associated with physical documents. In particular, digital documents are easier to intercept and alter and thus harder to authenticate without additional security measures.

    In this post, well unpack the risks and explain how the right digital certificate can help notaries preserve data integrity and secure the RON process.

    What Is a Notary Digital Certificate?

    Notarizing a document requires two things: a seal and a signature. Electronic seals are little more than securely stored digital versions of their ink or embossed counterparts, but what about signatures? The simplest type is called an electronic signature, which is essentially any signature thats transmitted electronically whether its an image of your handwritten signature or a digitally-written signature.

    A digital signature, by contrast, requires that signers use a credential thats bound to their identity. This helps ensure that the individual who signs a document really is who they say they are, and its where digital certificates come in.

    What Is A Ron Service Provider

    A RON service provider is a third-party provider that handles the support and technology side of remote online notarizations. These software companies typically provide a variety of important services to online notaries, including:

    • Desktop or smartphone applications that connect the notary and clients
    • Advanced identity proofing and credential analysis
    • Technology that launches, captures and stores audio-video recordings
    • Long-term storage for audio-video recordings and digital documents
    • A platform for collecting payment from the client

    Every provider is different when it comes to services and prices. But, with a little research, you can find the one that best fits your specific needs. Texas requires online notaries to provide the name of the RON service provider they use.

    You are free to change your provider at any time, but you need to update the state as soon as you make the switch.

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