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American Society For Quality

Introduction to Certified Six Sigma Green Belt | What is Six Sigma?

ASQ is considered the gold standard for quality focused certifications. They offer a small selection of quality-focused certifications but are widely respected and recognized within corporate America. What makes ASQ stand out above other organizations? ASQ is a global organization. They have offices in four countries , but they also have thousands of member-led communities throughout the world. This means you can find ASQ members almost everywhere.

The standards that ASQ sets are recognized by all organizations in the U.S. and internationally. That makes them a powerful voice on the topic of quality. They also issue several high-profile awards each year to professionals in the industry, including the ASQ Edwards Medal and the Juran Medal.

Option : Implement A Six Sigma Program Or Initiative

With this approach, certain employees are taught the statistical tools from time to time and asked to apply a tool on the job when needed. The practitioners might then consult a statistician if they need help. Successes within an organization might occur however, these successes do not build upon each other to encourage additional and better use of the tools and overall methodology.

When organizations implement Six Sigma as a program or initiative, it often appears that they only have added, in an unstructured fashion, a few new tools to their toolbox through training classes. One extension of this approach is to apply the tools as needed to assigned projects. Its important to note, however, that the selection, management, and execution of projects are not typically an integral part of the organization.

Implementing a Six Sigma program or initiative can present unique challenges. Because these projects are often created at a low level within the organization, they may not have buy-in from upper management, which may lead to resistance from other groups affected by the initiative. In addition, there typically is no one assigned to champion projects across organizational boundaries and facilitate change.

For true success, executive-level support and management buy-in is necessary. This can help lead to the application of statistical tools and other Six Sigma methodologies across organizational boundaries.

Is There An Official Six Sigma Certification

There is no official Six Sigma Certification. Despite some organizations claiming to be the official standard for Six Sigma certification or accreditation, there is no official body governing companies offering certification. Some of those fake “official” organizations try to steer consumers away from legitimate Six Sigma certification providers.

However, two organizations in particular are recognized as the closest thing to regulation in this industry. One is the American Society for Quality , a globally-recognized company offering training and certification according to industry standardsas well as a certification verification registry. The second is the International Association of Six Sigma Certification , which provides accredited courses for Lean Six Sigma.

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The Six Sigma Process Of Business Transformation

Although what is Six Sigma uses various methods to discover deviations and solve problems, the DMAIC is the standard methodology used by Six Sigma practitioners. Six Sigma uses a data-driven management process used for optimizing and improving business processes. The underlying framework is a strong customer focus and robust use of data and statistics to conclude.

International Association For Six Sigma Certification

KPMG Six Sigma Certification Program

The International Association for Six Sigma Certification is a Professional Association that provides certification of a person’s knowledge of the Universally Accepted Lean Six Sigma Body of Knowledge and include Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Certification.

Further information on the Lean Six Sigma designation and registering for the examinations is available at


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Green Belt In Six Sigma Career Opportunities

Your capacity to enhance your company insights is demonstrated by your Six Sigma accreditation, which also highlights your exceptional analytical abilities. It distinguishes the beneficiary from the competition. Understanding real-world company issues with Six Sigma Green Belt training promotes cost reduction and revenue growth. It aids in enhancing leadership abilities, which in turn helps in work promotions. It increases your likelihood of getting hired by a different firm. Six Sigma Green Belts make up a diverse range of professions and sectors, hence compensation will be very variable. The most well-known companies are seeking Certified Six Sigma Green Belts for a range of professions. Some of them are:

  • Operation Team Leader
  • Best Overall: American Society For Quality

    American Society for Quality

    • Provides a certification verification registry

    • Focuses on subject mastery versus simply passing the exam

    • Must take your proctored exam during specific testing windows

    • Certifications need to be renewed at least every three years

    • Doesnt offer Lean Six Sigma certification

    American Society for Quality is the best overall Six Sigma Certification provider because of its global reputation, rigorous exam prep and training, focus on subject mastery, and certification registry.

    ASQ was founded in 1946 and has members in over 130 countries. Aside from Six Sigma, it offers certification and training in management, foundational quality, inspector/technician, engineering, and auditing. Its the best overall Six Sigma certification provider because of its standards for quality, global recognition, and dedication to subject matter mastery.

    Training materials consist of a handbook, study guide, question bank, and certification prep. The certification prep is self-paced and online-only for the Yellow Belt. However, both Green and Black Belt offer the certification prep self-paced online, in a classroom, and live virtual. The time it takes to study for the exam depends on how fast you get through the materials. However, expect it to take two to six weeks.

    You can choose from Six Sigma Yellow, Green, and Black Belts, and each comes with its own costs and experience requirements.

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    Quality Analyst Job Description

    Although the day-to-day activities of quality analysts vary depending on the particular business objectives, the following skills and education are necessary:

    • Excellent problem-solving abilities and meticulousness
    • Outstanding communication skills in both writing and speaking
    • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a closely related field, along with several years of expertise in environments that support quality analysis

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

    Which Are The Top 10 Institutes For Six Sigma Certification

    Sig Sigma And Lean Six Sigma Certification Explained | Jobs, Salaries, Eligibility, Steps & More

    Getting your Six Sigma certification is important for your professional career, and deciding which company to get it from is equally important. Over the past ten years, hundreds of Six Sigma training institutes have appeared. Many offer their program exclusively online, while others have an in-person or virtual option.

    Determining the best six sigma certification company depends on many different factors. Those factors include:

    • Your reason for getting Six Sigma certified.
    • Your plans for after you get your certification.
    • Your existing level of education .
    • The organizations you plan to work for now and in the future.

    Below weve listed the top 10 institutes for Six Sigma Certification. You may agree with the list or feel other companies are worthy of being listed here. There are a lot of institutes to choose from, so you should do your own due diligence and research and select the training and certification company thats best for you.

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    No Official Standards For Six Sigma

    No unifying standard or organization sets a standard for Six Sigma belt certification. Instead, each company, school, or certifying organization determines its own criteria.

    In some organizations, certification may require completing an exam or a series of exams. In others, an individual must complete several Six Sigma-based projects. In addition, certification services charge a fee.

    Six Sigma Current Job Prospects

    The market for Six Sigma professional is very healthy. Job portal site like Simply Hired and show more than 2500 open position for Six Sigma Green Belt Certified and around 3000 for Black Belt. The number is much lower for Yellow Belt professional. Master Black Belts also has 1000 job posting every day.

    On the salary front, data from PayScale and Glassdoor indicate that in U.S.A. average annual salary for Yellow Belt Six Sigma Certified professional is around $53,901 and Green Belt is $42,053. A Black Belt can get around $ 90,000, and Master Black Belt average $119,000, and sometimes more.

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    What Is Lean Six Sigma Certification Process And Levels

    If youâve been working in the business world for a long time, and youâre ready to move toward a management-level role, it could make sense to get a Lean Six Sigma Certification. Thereâs no need to stress if you donât understand what that is or how it could benefit your career right now because this article will draw your attention towards everything you need to know.

    Nothing is worse than getting stuck in a role that doesnât offer career progression, but there are always lots of things you can do to turn the situation around. Getting the right qualifications could assist you in moving further down your chosen career path and improving both your working life and your salary.

    Learning Objectives Of Six Sigma Certification

    What is the use of a Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

    Here are the essential learning objectives of Six Sigma Certification:

    • Six Sigma certification helps you to increase your value to your employer and its clients.
    • Helps you to improve customer satisfaction and quality of product and service
    • Reduce the process cycle time and therefore allows overall cost saving up to 30%
    • Helps you to identify and improve requirements in the project definition phase.
    • Explain how to measure product and process
    • Helps you to perform Data Analysis and hypothesis testing.
    • It allows possible improvement actions for the performance of variations.
    • They are the right fit to achieve organizational goals.
    • You will get higher levels of positions in the organization.
    • This certification training enhances your chances of Promotion.
    • You can make your existing job easier by applying the Six Sigma tools and techniques.
    • Overall Business improvement

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    Flexibility In Analytical Approaches

    For QAs, it is advantageous to be aware of production processes, design methodologies, and desired product features. It is especially true when following specific guidelines safeguarding a product’s originality. Overall, a deep understanding of several analytical approaches makes QAs a versatile resource for enhancing a business’s quality control system.

    Six Sigma Certification Resources

    If youre interested in a Six Sigma Certificate, consider earning your Lean Six Sigma Certificate from the University of San Diego Division of Professional and Continuing Education. This program is available online and provides participants with an understanding of the strategic importance of business improvement, the need for fact-based management and how to deploy these tools in different sectors and organizations.

    If youre still doing your research, here are few more resources for Six Sigma:

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    What Is The Iassc Certification

    IASSC or The International Association for Six Sigma Certification is a professional association which is dedicated to growing and enhancing the standards across the Six Sigma Lean community. Although, IASSC never provide any training, mentoring and coaching. They only conduct the exam of the Six Sigma certificate exam for a candidate.

    Certifications offered by IASSC are:

    Candidates applying for Yellow Belt certification cost you $195.00 while Green Belt certification which is advanced course cost you $295 and to achieve Black Belt you need to pay $395.00.

    How Do You Get Certified In Six Sigma

    Everything You Need to Know about Six Sigma Certification – Project Management Training

    There is no single answer to the question of how to get certified in Six Sigma, as various programs are available. However, most certification programs will require you to complete a certain amount of training and pass an exam.

    Typically, training will cover the basics of Six Sigma methods and tools, and how to apply them to real-world situations. Once you have completed the training, you must take and pass a certification exam before becoming officially certified.

    While getting certified in Six Sigma can vary depending on the program you choose, completing training and passing an exam is generally required to earn your certification.

    At Leanscape, we also include real-world project delivery as part of our certification programs to ensure each candidate has real-world experience.

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    Where Can I Research Six Sigma Certification Options

    You probably found this article researching which organization to get your Six Sigma certification. Searching for certification providers on search engines like Google and Bing are a great way to start your research, but there are other ways to find a certification provider.

    First, you should list the most important qualities in your certification. Some examples include:

    • What is your budget?
    • How much time do you want to dedicate?
    • How much experience and existing education do you have?

    The answers to these questions are essential because they will allow you to narrow down your selection and find the most appropriate Six Sigma certification company for you.

    What Are The Requirements To Take The Six Sigma Exam

    If you want to get certified in Six Sigma, first you must have been involved in analyzing and solving quality issues. This means you have worked with Six Sigma, Lean project management, or any other quality-related projects.

    These requirements also differ depending on the level of certification youre seeking. Certification is offered by the International Association of Six Sigma, and there are three levels of certification.

    • Yellow Belt: The entry-level certification, which costs $195
    • Green Belt: Requires three years experience in one of the areas mentioned above and costs $295
    • Black Belt: The most advanced certification costs $395 and can be achieved two ways, either with three years of experience in one or more of the areas mentioned above, plus one complete project with a signed affidavit or two complete projects with affidavits.

    Depending on the organization you work with that sponsors your Six Sigma certification, the process can take from one to three months to study and complete.

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    How To Get Six Sigma Certificate

    To achieve a Six Sigma certificate a candidate should able to meet the experience requirement, need to show his or her competency for the skill applied, and finally need to pass a written certification exam.

    The written exam is mostly of multiple choice that increases in allotted time and difficulty at each certification level.

    For example, the Yellow Belt exam may take 90 minutes. A Black Belt may take four hours. The hands-on portion of certification testing may need you to complete one or more quality project management with signed affidavits.

    Six Sigma Master Black Belt

    Everything You Need to Know About Six Sigma Certification Online and ...

    The Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the most experienced project member. A Master Black belt isnt required on every project but is often used during large, complex projects. Six Sigma Master Black Belts also act as trainers, training lower-level belts and new project team members.

    Is the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt right for me?

    The Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt level is generally reserved for people who already hold a Black Belt certification and have many years of experience leading Six Sigma Projects. People often think that a Master Black Belt is a higher-level than a Black Belt, but this is not really true. The Master Black Belt typically performs a few different functions than the Black belt, but that is primarily due to experience. Master Black Belts provide training and support to Black Belts and Green Belts. They may also lead multiple projects simultaneously. They typically have strong analytical and statistical skills and have many years of experience leading projects at the Black Belt level. You should not attempt the Master Black Belt certification unless you meet the following two criteria:

    • You are a certified Black Belt from MSI or another organization.
    • You have at least three years of experience leading process improvement projects, specifically a minimum of 3 Six Sigma projects at the Black Belt level.

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    What Are The Benefits Of A Lean Six Sigma Certification

    There are many ways in which getting a Lean Six Sigma Certification could benefit your career. If you want to get certified and make money through sites like FieldEngineer, youâll benefit from the certification greatly. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

    • Improving your skills as a leader
    • Improving your analytical and process skills
    • Improving your companyâs approach to cost reduction, revenue growth, and more
    • Improving your career opportunities for the future

    Key Benefits Of Six Sigma

    Here are the major advantages/benefits of Six Sigma process:

    • Significantly cut down the cost for any organization and improve customer satisfaction
    • Shorten time to market
    • Reduce defects, rejections, re-work and helps you simplify operations.
    • Improve competitive position.
    • In six sigma process, 99.9999966% of the products manufactured are expected to be free of defects.
    Process Sigma DPMO Process Yield
    690000 31.0%
    • The process allows you to removes waste and inefficiency, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction by delivering results according to customers expectation.

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    What Is The First Step To Certification

    Filling the tea cup with a fire hose

    I get a lot of calls and emails from people wanting to pursue a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt certification. Most want it as a resume builder or a way to advance in their company. These are great goals! Unfortunately, many who start the journey to certification never finish.

    Have you ever heard the saying filling the tea cup with a fire hose? This is what happens to many who attempt to get a Green BeltThe Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals… Learn More… or a Black BeltSix Sigma Black Belt A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt can be… Learn More… Certification. They find the requirements too overwhelming. This leads to procrastination, stalled certification projects, and certification requirements that dont get completed by the deadline.

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