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Who Needs A Dot Physical

How to get your DOT Medical Card for CDL. Your questions answered.

A Department of Transportation physical is required to ensure that professional drivers are in good health and that they can safely operate commercial vehicles. This protects your safety as well as those who share the road with you.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration , the group who governs DOT physicals as well as the health professionals who are certified to provide these services, a DOT physical is required when a driver is operating a commercial vehicle across state lines , that:

  • Has a combined gross vehicle weight or weight rating of 10,001 lbs. or more
  • Is designed or used to transport 9-15 passengers for compensation
  • Is designed or used to transport 16 or more passengers regardless if for compensation
  • Transports hazardous materials in quantities that require placarding under the hazardous materials regulations

Intrastate drivers, or drivers that stay within one state, may also require a DOT physical depending on the regulations that are specific to their states.

Statcare Dot Medical Examiners Certificates Are Valid In All 50 States Get Yours Today

A CDL Medical Exam by a DOT Medical Examiner is not part of your health insurance benefit. Call your health insurance to find out before becoming a victim of healthcare fraud. Read our blog, what a dot physical consists of to learn more. Dont forget to read our CDL Driver safety tips 11 Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving ! For DOT Physical Exam Requirements, learn about DOT Physical Exam Requirements.

Statcare opens weekdays at 8 AM in all locations. Call us and book your visit now! Call .

Statcares medical examiner performs US DOT CDL medical exams and gives the medical examiners certificate and CDL card for:

  • New York State Commercial Drivers License for truck drivers driving commercial trucks compliant with US DOT medical examination regulations
  • Renewal of existing NYS Commercial Drivers License

This is a Federal administrative visit related to employment Statcare cannot accept your health insurance for a DOT medical exam. Insurance fraud is a federal offense. If in doubt, call your insurance company or the FMCSA

Come to Statcare for all your emergent care, urgent care, and medical needs, including physicals and vaccinations.

Dot Physical And Cdl Medical Examiners Certificate In Nyc

Statcares all-inclusive Special DOT Medical Exam includes your vision check and urine test at the time of the DOT medical examiner visit at ANY of our five locations in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens or Long Island. All 7 days a week! Statcare is one of the oldest facilities doing DOT physicals for several large trucking companies.

Statcare has almost a dozen NRCME-certified DOT medical examiners that perform DOT physicals and give you a DOT Medical Examiners Certificate and a CDL Card 7 days a week. Our low price includes the Vision Test, Hearing Test, and Urine Testing.

Statcare does not test for drugs for issuing you a Medical Certificate. If your employer requires it or you specifically need Urine Drug Screens, please ask our staff as there are a separate charge and a special specimen collection procedure for doing that.FMCSA regulations have made it more difficult to get or renew your CDL Card. There will be an additional $10 charge for federal reporting. Dont let your DOT CDL Medical Card expire!

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Why Choose Statcare For Your Dot Physical Exam

1. Statcare is open late every day. En español

2. Statcare does DOT Physical Exams all 7 Days a week incl. Sat., Sun. & all Holidays

3. Statcare offices are located near Subway, LIRR & Bus Stops

4. Statcare does not require you to have an appointment. Just walk-in!

5. Statcare reminds you before your next CDL renewal is up

6. Statcares DOT Medical Examiners submit your certification to the FMCSA while you are still in the office

7. Statcares DOT Medical Examiners submit your certification to NYS DMV as well. Save a trip to the DMV.

8. Statcare does CDL Medical Exams for large trucking companies. Avoid risking your CDL license. Come to the experts!

9. Statcare price includes Audiometry and other things if you need special testing to pass. No hidden charges!

10. Statcares DOT Medical Examiners can provide a certified laminated CDL Card if you want one.

What Should You Expect During A Dot Physical Examination

Cdl Medical Card Nc â

A DOT physical exam has many different components. Here are the six things to expect during a DOT physical.1

1. Medical History

During a DOT physical, the driver will need to provide extensive background on their medical history, including past surgeries, medications taken, and history of health conditions. It is important to be honest when providing health history as there could be repercussions later on if the correct health history is not provided.

2. Vitals Testing and Physical Examination

A large portion of the DOT physical is testing vitals. Testing includes pulse, height, weight, and blood pressure. The FMCSA also requires urinalysis, which looks at the protein, blood, and sugar in a urine sample to rule out underlying medical problems.

3. Vision Testing

In addition to more general testing, the FMSCA requires vision testing to ensure drivers are meeting the standard of at least 20/40 vision acuity in each eye with or without correction and at least 70° field of vision in horizontal meridian measured in each eye .

4. Hearing Testing

Hearing testing is another requirement that is needed to pass a DOT physical. This is often tested through a whisper test, a test in which the examiner will record the distance from the driver at which a forced whispered voice can be heard. Hearing can also be evaluated through an test. An audiometry test is a way to measure the ability to hear sounds at different frequencies to determine if the driver has experienced hearing loss.

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Your Feedback Is Welcome

Dealing with Federal DOT Regulations across the board is tough enough!But when it comes to State Regulations There are 50 different sets of rules. Someone could move the goal posts at any time

To help us all avoid the black eye experience AARGH! Please leave your feedback about your experience in this State.Go to the Questions and Comments box below and post your feedback.

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Keep Your Medical Card Updated With California Dmv

Commercial drivers, who are required to have a CDL medical card, are personally responsible to provide a copy of the new Medical Certificate to the licensing agency of the state in which their CDL was issued. Contact your State driver licensing agency for information about how to submit a copy of your medical certificate. For more information on the States self certification affidavit, and State CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements read this blog article.

This link will take you to California CDL and DOT Medical Card Requirements.

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What Must I Do If I Get A Notice Of Non

If the cause is “Failed to comply with Commissioners request to submit acceptable medical documentation”

You must immediately submit a copy of your USDOT Medical Examiners Certificate to the Medical Certification Unit.

If the cause is “Your US DOT Medical Examiners certificate has expired”

You must immediately submit an updated copy of your USDOT Medical Examiners Certificate to the Medical Certification Unit.

If the cause is “Your Medical Variance has expired, or your USDOT Medical Examiners Certificate or your Medical Variance has been rescinded or revoked”

You must contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or your Medical Examiner to have this issue resolved.

You can send the required documents to DMV by mail, fax or e-mail.

Mailing address:

Albany, NY 12220-0601

Fax: 486-4421 / 486-3260 Make a note of the fax number you are faxing from. In the event that you need to confirm receipt of your faxed medical certificate, DMV will track it using the fax number you faxed from.

e-mail: Put your first and last name in the subject line. In the event that you need to confirm receipt of your e-mailed medical certificate, DMV will track it using the information in the subject line.

Drivers can monitor their own CLP/CDL medical certification status through MyDMV and subscribe for text and/or email notifications.

Recovering From The Flu

Marijuana, CBD oil and drug testing for the DOT physical and CDL medical card

It can take people up to three weeks to recover fully from the flu. You might notice that you are more fatigued or you might have a slight cough for weeks afterward. Take time to recuperate and rest as much as you can.

While most people recover completely from the flu in a few weeks, it can also cause secondary illnesses, such as , , , or . If you begin to feel worse after three or four days with the flu, or notice the onset of new symptoms, such as ear pain or constant coughing, seek medical care right away. These new symptoms could mean that you have developed a secondary infection.

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Special Information Updates Pertaining To All States


The FMCSA has requested that all medical examiners continue providing drivers with a paper copy of the Medical Examiners Certificate Form MCSA-5876, so that Commercial Drivers License holders can provide a copy to the State licensing agency, and the non-CDL drivers can provide the documentation to their employers and Federal and State enforcement officials.

The Agency is currently completing efforts to put into place an electronic system to enable medical examiners to transmit the medical certificate information from the National Registry system to the State licensing agencies.Until that system is completed, which compliance date according FMCSA is , medical examiners must continue to issue paper copies of the medical certificates to drivers who pass the medical exam.


Commercial Drivers You still need to carry a paper copy of your medical card, until FMCSA announces that this is no longer necessary.

Can You Get An Extension On A Dot Physical

The original FMCSA waiver, set to expire June 30, recognized that state licensing facilities and medical offices that perform DOT physicals may be closed or have restricted hours or staffing, making it difficult or impossible for drivers to renew CDLs or physicals. The waiver is now extended until Sept. 30.

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What Happens If I’m Required To Keep Cdl Medical Documents On File And Don’t

If you’re required to keep current medical documents on file with us and don’t, your CDL will be downgraded and you can’t operate a commercial vehicle. To release the downgrade, we must have unexpired medical documents on file.

  • If your intrastate medical waiver has expired, see Intrastate Medical Waiver.
  • If you don’t hold an intrastate medical waiver, submit your CDL medical documents:

How To Submit A Medical Certificate To The Medical Certification Unit

21+ Free Medical Certificate Template

Email: Put your first and last name in the subject line. In the event that you need to confirm receipt of your e-mailed medical certificate, DMV will track it using the information in the subject line.

Fax: 518-486-4421 or 518-486-3260 Make a note of the fax number you are faxing from. In the event that you need to confirm receipt of your faxed medical certificate, DMV will track it using the fax number you faxed from.

Mail:PO Box 2601Albany, NY 12220-0601

Federal regulations require that every commercial learner permit holder or driver license holder certify to the type of commercial driving they currently perform .

  • these requirements affect all drivers who have or apply for a commercial driver license
  • a USDOT Medical Examiner’s Certificate will be required for some types of driving and must be submitted to DMV before your current certification expires
  • you will lose your commercial driving privileges if you do not comply

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When Does A Dot Physical Need Renewed

Depending on the outcome of the physical, a certification can be valid for up to 24 months. However, if the medical provider determines that the driver has existing conditions that need to be monitored, they can certify them for less than 24 months. Common reasons for giving a less than 24 month certification include high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea.

How To Prepare For A Dot Physical At Medexpress

In general, the DOT physical itself should take approximately 45 minutes, so be sure to plan accordingly. Before arriving for a DOT physical, it is important for the driver to gather the necessary information and documents to bring. The driver should bring:

  • A valid drivers license
  • List of past surgeries and medical conditions
  • List of any allergies

Additionally, if the driver has any pre-existing conditions that require additional paperwork, they should bring the necessary documentation . Examples of additional documentation include a copy of a stress test or echocardiogram for those with a Coronary Disease or completed medical exemptions for vision, hearing, or seizure disorders.

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How To Obtain A Usdot Medical Examiners Certificate

You must get a USDOT physical performed by a medical examiner listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations National Registry. To find an approved medical examiner, you can either go to the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiner Search, or call FMCSA at 366-4001 and ask to speak to a representative. Once your physical is complete, the medical examiner will give you a Medical Examiners Certificate . To avoid a downgrade or cancellation of your CDL/CLP, you must take this certificate to the DMV when you apply for your CLP/CDL, or fax/email it to the NY State DMV Medical Certification Unit.

Commercial Driver License Medical Certification Requirement

DOT Medical Exam CDL Physicals || Statcare

Commercial drivers and Commercial Learner Permit applicants are required to certify to the type of commercial driving they are or will be performing.

  • Depending upon your certification, a current medical examiner’s certificate may be required to be on file with the Department.
  • If a medical examiner’s certificate is required, it must be valid at all times to prevent the downgrade of your CDL or CLP. Downgrading will result in the loss of your commercial driving privileges and require you to complete the knowledge and skills exams again.
  • Notification is provided as a courtesy to you, as a CDL or CLP holder, approximately 60 days before the expiration of your current medical examiner’s certificate to allow you the opportunity to place a new medical examiner’s certificate on file with the Department.
  • You can review a driver’s current CDL medical certification status by accessing driver eligibility.

    Medical Certification Instructions

    As a CDL holder, you are required to complete one of the following forms for medical certification.

    • Texas Commercial Driver Application – Interstate Driver Certification CDL-4
    • Texas Commercial Driver Application – Intrastate Driver Certification CDL-5
    • Certification of Physical Exemption 49 CFR PART 391/390 CDL-10

    These forms allow you to certify to one of the CDL categories listed below, which determines if a medical variance or a U.S. Department of Transportation Medical Examiner’s Certificate is required to be on file with the Department.

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    View The Infographic As Text

    Cold vs. Flu Symptoms

    Fever: A fever happens rarely with a cold, but it is usually present with the flu.

    Aches: Slight aches and pains occur with a cold, but severe aches and pains occur with the flu.

    Chills:Chills rarely occur with a cold, but they are common with the flu.

    Tiredness: Slight to moderate levels of tiredness occur with a cold, but moderate to severe levels of tiredness occur with the flu.

    Onset: A cold’s onset takes place over a few days, but the flu’s onset is sudden.

    Coughing: A cold often has a mucus-producing, sometimes dry, cough, but the flu typically has a dry cough, occasionaly mucus-producing.

    Sneezing: Sneezing is common with a cold, but it is not typical with the flu.

    Stuffy Nose: A stuffy nose is common with a cold, but it is not typical with the flu.

    Headache: A headache is common with a cold, but it is not common with the flu.

    Determining Your Type Of Self

    Do you have a Montana Interstate commercial driver license or an Intrastate commercial driver license?

    If you have a Montana Intrastate commercial driver license, under Montana state law your only option is to self-certify as Intrastate Non-Excepted.

    If you have a Montana Interstate commercial driver license you have two options:

    Option 1: You may self-certify as Interstate Non-Excepted .

    Option 2: You may self-certify as Interstate Excepted IF you drive a CMV exclusively in one of the following activities:

    If you believe you qualify for excepted status, check with your employer before self-certifying as excepted. Some employers still require their drivers to be medically qualified and self-certify as non-excepted.

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    Be Prepared Before You Go To Your Dot Physical Appointment

    Be prepared for your DOT Medical Exam. Understand the DOT physical requirements. Take everything you need to your appointment. That way youll help the medical examiner qualify you for all the Medical Certification requirements. Youll be in and out on time, and back on the road with a valid medical card.

    The Four Federal Driving Types

    Form MV

    Commercial driving operation is permitted across state lines, and you are required to meet the Federal medical requirements.

    • you must be age 21 or older

    Commercial driving operation is permitted across state lines for excepted operation only and you are exempt from the Federal medical requirements.

    • you must be age 18 or older
    • you must have an A3 restriction on your driver license
    • you must not have a K restriction on your driver license

    Commercial driving operation is restricted to New York State, permitted for excepted operation only and you are exempt from the Federal medical requirements.

    • you must be age 18 or older
    • you must have the K and the A3 restriction on your driver license

    Note: If you cannot meet the criteria for one of the driving types defined above, you can no longer hold a CDL. You must go to a DMV office and downgrade to a non-commercial class driver license.

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