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UMass Amherst Online Certificate Translation and Interpreting – Students’ Testimonial

Acknowledgement of Country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business – Artwork ‘Luwaytini’ by Mark Cleaver, Palawa.

Acknowledgement of Country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business.

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Open University Certificate In Translation And Interpreting

Delivered through San Diego State University, this English-Spanish translation and interpretation certificate allows students to choose their specialisation during the course of their studies. The curriculum encompasses translation theory, advanced translation, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting and more.

Llc 510 Legal Interpreting

This course introduces students to interpreting in the legal setting and offers an overview of the requirements for certification. Coursework covers discussions regarding different types of courts and cases tried in courts. The course also introduces students to legal vocabulary and legal settings outside the courtroom.

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Translation And Interpreting Studies Certificates

Undergraduate Translation and Interpreting Studies Certificate

The undergraduate certificate is open to students at UMASS Amherst and the Five Colleges with a strong command of English and intermediate-level competence in at least one other language. The certificate is invaluable for students who wish to work in local or global communities in which they might be called upon to serve as ad hoc translators or interpreters or where they need to work with translators and interpreters to meet professional aims and purposes.

The two required courses COMP LIT 481 and COMP LIT 482 introduce students to relevant theory in the inter-disciplinary area of translation and interpreting studies and to the practical skills required of professional translators and interpreters.

To fulfill the requirements for the certificate students must complete six courses or their equivalent:

  • two required courses in Translation and Interpreting Studies
  • two 300 level or above courses in at least one language other than English
  • two 300 level or above courses in any subject where substantial writing in English is required .

Residency abroad or a high level of competency in a language other than English can replace one or both non-English language courses.

Certificate Objectives

Taken together, the required courses for this certificate will equip students with academic and skill-based knowledge of

COMP LIT 481: Introduction to Interpreting and Translation Research and Practice I

Bellevue College Translation And Interpretation Certificate Program

Translation and Interpretation

This comprehensive translator certification course includes everything from terminology and technology to ethics and business practices, spread over 240 course hours. It is open to those who are proficient in English and at least one other language, whether theyre working fulltime as a translator or interpreter already or just at the outset of their language-related career.

The Bellevue College course has been designed to deliver, comprehensive and practical interpreter and translator training for speakers of any language. The emphasis is on practical, real-world guidance, with students required to complete five core courses and three language-specific courses.

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Best Free Online Translation Courses

After hours watching course videos, taking quizzes, working on assignments, reading reviews from various aggregators and forums, Ive narrowed down the best translation/translator courses available to the list below. The selection is based on:

  • good combination of theory and application
  • hands-on assignments and projects
  • excellent ratings generally, greater than or equal to 4.5/5.

Llc 401 Introduction To Translation

This course introduces students to translation history, theories, and practice. Coursework includes glossary development, applied translation strategies and techniques, translation of texts in different fields, reflection on translation performance, and exploration of different online and traditional research methods for source and target language terms. Course content also encompasses discussions of equivalence, linguistic and cultural considerations, an understanding of the translator as a social being, and translation as cultural mediation in a globalized world. By the end of the course, students will build a translation portfolio.

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International Organizations For Interpreters

If you are a student of conference interpreting or you wish to begin studies in conference interpreting, this course from Université de Genève is for you. Youll learn about international organisation and their multilingualism aspects.

After completing this course, youll be equipped with the necessary tools to easily and efficiently prepare yourself for working at an international organization as a translator/interpreter.

Course details

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Online Certificate In Professional Translation & Interpreting

Info Session – Online Certificate in Professional Translation and Interpreting – UMass Amherst

The online Certificate in Professional Translation and Interpreting is designed for students with high proficiency in English and at least one spoken Language Other Than English who are interested in developing language mediation skills to meet the needs of an increasingly globalized world.

Tuition and course fee information can be found at either of the above links.

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Wake Forest University Graduate Program In Interpreting And Translation Studies

Graduate students have three MA options open to them at Wake Forest University, with each course geared towards equipping learners to work in an increasingly globalised world. Options include:

MA in Interpreting and Translation Studies

MA in Teaching of Interpreting

MA in Intercultural Services in Healthcare

Language choices, meanwhile, include Spanish, Chinese and, from the start of the 2020/21 academic year, Portuguese. Graduate and post-graduate certificates are also available, making this a flexible option for those who arent quite sure of their desired approach yet. Certificates include:

Graduate Certificate in Interpreting Studies

Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies

Graduate Certificate in Intercultural Services in Healthcare

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching of Interpreting

Llc 512 Simultaneous Interpreting

This course focuses on refinement of simultaneous interpreting skills and presents increasingly complex and specialized scenarios. Coursework includes simultaneous interpretation strategies, application of interpreter codes of ethics and standards of practice, discussion oftheoretical frameworks of interpreting studies as a field of research, and technologies available to simultaneous interpreting.

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A Highly Marketable Certificate Program

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states employment of interpreters and translators is projected to grow… much faster than the average for all occupations. Employment growth will be driven by increasing globalization and by large increases in the number of non-English-speaking people in the United States. Translator salaries range from $49,000 to $78,000 per year.

To learn more about the requirements of this certification, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.

University Of Maryland Graduate Studies In Interpreting And Translation

Uscis Translation Certification Form

If youre seeking graduate translation certification courses that focus on employment opportunities and income-boosting potential, this is an excellent choice. Political, educational, legal, healthcare and business sector translation and interpreting are all covered, with a focus on practical skills and resume-friendly experience.

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Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Graduate Certificate In Translation Studies

Are you a French, Spanish or German speaker? Then a certified translator course at IUPUI could be the key to unlocking your career success. The syllabus covers the history and theory of translation before moving on to six distinct areas of translation: legal, medical, business, technical, scientific and governmental. This makes it ideal for would-be translators who arent yet sure which area of work they would like to specialise in, as well as for those seeking recognition of their all-round translation skills.

Certificate In Translation And Interpreting

The Online Certificate in Translation and Interpreting is designed for students with high proficiency in English and at least one Language Other Than English who are interested in developing language mediation skills to meet the needs of an increasingly globalized world.

The demand for translation and interpreting has never been higher in a range of settings, including business, diplomacy, government, legal, healthcare, public service, schools, and many more.

To receive more information and connect with the program manager, please click on inquire now .

Click here for more information on the Certificate in Translation and Interpreting.

Registration is administered through UMass Amherst University Without Walls. Please see Fee Schedule below.

Course taken for credit
Returned Check Fee per semester** $30

Click here to browse our course listings.

*Fees: $50 per course for language reviewing x 5 courses = $250

The University of Massachusetts is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education .

The U.S. educational prerequisite is a high school diploma . If you are an international student, please make sure you forward a copy of your high school diploma to the Director of Translator and Interpreter Training, Cristiano Mazzei .

High proficiency in English and a Language Other Than English is required. Please refer to the Certificate Guidelines, and carefully review the information on language proficiency.

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Translating And Interpreting Skill Set Courses

Getting certified by NAATI requires you to complete formal training in translating and/or interpreting. However, NAATI understands that formal training can be hard to access, depending on the language and location.

To support people to access the minimum training to start working in the profession, NAATI recognises the below Skill Set Courses as meeting some or all of NAATIs prerequisite requirements for the following credentials :

  • Recognised Practising Translator or Interpreter
  • Certified Translator
  • Certified Provisional Interpreter.

A Skill Set Course will cover the following AQF units that provide foundational training in translation and interpreting and is generally taught in mixed-language cohorts.

  • Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments compulsory
  • Prepare to translate and interpret compulsory
  • Apply codes and standards to ethical practice compulsory
  • Manage discourses in general settings interpreting only
  • Read and analyse special purpose English texts to be translated translating only

Although the Skill Set Courses meets the training prerequisites for the credentials outlined above, we strongly recommend you complete a full qualification where available to best prepare yourself for certification testing and working in the profession.

Meets all of the prerequisite requirements
Meets some of the prerequisite requirements

Online Certificate In Professional Translation And Interpreting

Blackboard Online Course Overview – UMass Translation and Interpreting

This online certificate from University of Massachusetts Amherst is designed for students with high proficiency in English and at least one spoken Language Other Than English who are interested in developing language mediation skills to meet the needs of an increasingly globalized world. The demand for translation and interpreting has never been higher in a range of settings, including business, diplomacy, government, legal, healthcare, public service, schools, and many more.

All courses in this program are multilingual, which means students will always have classmates from different languages and cultures in the same online classroom.

Gest certified

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Online Translation Certification Courses

Translator certification courses are not the only route to a career in translation. Indeed, you can work your entire career as a translator without ever obtaining certification. However, if you want to provide certain types of translation, for example legal translation in the US, then you will need to become certified.

Certification tends to fall into two categories. Generalized certification usually means completing a longer course of study, that covers everything from foundation classes on translation and interpretation theory through to lectures and practical explorations of language-related tech.

Specialized translation certification, meanwhile, homes in on a particular area of work, such as legal or medical translation. These certifications tend to be faster to complete but require more specialized knowledge than generalized translation certification courses.

You can click the link below to explore the reasons why certification makes sense in further detail. Suffice it to say here that completing a translator certification course is a way to formally prove your skills. Or, as the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators more eloquently puts it,

Certification means that an interpreter or translator has been tested by a government or professional institution with certifying authority, using a statistically valid, professionally designed exam.

Lets look at what some of those exams entail and how you can access them.

Comp Lit : Theory And Practice Of Translation

COMP LIT 751 explores a range of theoretical issues and practical problems concerning literary translation. The role of translated literature in cultural systems and in the history of literary development is examined. Genre and form , language register and tone, metaphor, imagery and word play are also considered. Texts by translation theorists including Nida, Catford, Even-Zohar, Quine, Toury, Bassnett, and Lefevere are combined with workshop practice. For students in the MA or PhD in Translation Studies, this is a required course. Professor Maria Tymoczko

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Top Us Translation Schools: Online Programs

Looking to start your career as a translator or interpreter, but cant seem to find a good program in your area? There are a number of certificate and masters programs offered entirely online, allowing students to set their own pace of study regardless of their physical location.

The list weve put together covers some of the best university-affiliated online programs in translation and interpreting. They are listed in alphabetical, unranked order. Most of them are non-specialized, meaning that they start with a couple of foundational courses in translation and/or interpreting, and then allow students to select specialized electives, such as financial, technical, or literary translation, consecutive or simultaneous interpreting, etc. Specialized certificates are also offered through organizations that are not affiliated with universities, such as ALTAs 40-hour medical interpreter training course, often at a fraction of the cost and time.

Whether youre looking to take a specialized certificate or an advanced degree, the recent growth of the translation and interpreting industries means that its easier than ever to find what youre looking for online. While the majority of campus-based programs only cater to students of specific language pairs, about half of online programs are non-language specific, offering a major benefit to students working with languages that are less common.

Location: Miami, Florida or onlineType of Program: Certificate Number of Credits: 18

Openlearns Translation As A Career Course

Certification / Legalisation Assistance â INES â Translation ...

During this free online translator course you will meet professional translators discussing their work and reflect on what they say. You will assess your own language level and find out how translators maintain their language skills. You will also engage in a short translation activity.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the skills required to become a professional translator and what is meant by translation competence
  • have an awareness of what it means to be a professional translator
  • undertake an independent research activity

Take Course

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Translation And Interpretation Certificate Programs

With the continual increase in globalization in recent decades, the demand for translation and interpretation services has grown significantly across many industries. Professional translators and interpreters work in a variety of fields locally, and all over the world. The need for these services in both government and business will continue to be vital.

Are you bilingual? Our Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program helps people with advanced language skills develop career opportunities in the language service industry.

The is a fast-paced and intensive professional training program. Highlights include:

  • One of the few non-credit certificate programs of its kind in the U.S.
  • Comprehensive up-to-date training provided by experienced working professionals
  • Practical hands-on practice and skill-building in translation and interpreting
  • Consultation with a specialized advisor

This program includes two levels, starting with Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate Program followed by two specialized options: Translation Practical Certificate, and Interpretation Practical Certificate. You can take just one, or take both for well-rounded training. See more info below, including a Free Info Session at the bottom of the page.

Please note that classes are offered throughout the year on rotating basis, and not all classes are offered every quarter. For questions, please email

Who Is The Program For

Translator Training For All Languages

MCIS Language Solutions has developed a unique language-independent training program with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Formal translator education programs are currently only available in Canada in French and Spanish. For some other languages, education is available overseas, and no training exists for many of the more rare languages and dialects. As a result, there is a significant shortage of professionally trained translators in many languages spoken in Canada. This is affecting access to critical information and services for limited/non-English speaking persons in key areas such as health care, emergency services, legal access, education, social services and so on, in a country characterized by its diversity.

MCIS Translator Training Program aims to offer equal access to education, in order to help reduce the shortage of trained translators in the multitude of languages spoken in Canada. The program provides linguistically diverse Canadians with the means to develop skills and knowledge to become community translators, with focuses on topics present in Community Translation .

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The Value Of A Rutgers Certificate In Translation And Interpreting

Our certificate and MA program provides the development of professional translation and interpreting competence and establishes that candidates are qualified at the entry level in the field. This level is required in order to successfully take any of the professional certification exams, such as the ATA translation exam or the NJ Court Interpreting exam. Only 5 to 10% of candidates normally pass these exams, and our program prepares candidates to be ready for professional assessment. It also prepares students to pass preliminary entry exams for any job opening in Translation, Court Interpreting, or Medical Interpreting. The certificate does not guarantee employment in the field however, many alumni of the certificate and MA program work as translators/interpreters or in closely-related fields. The program offers courses both online and in-person for the convenience of its students with an emphasis on translation and interpretation in Spanish-English and English-Spanish.

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