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How To Create A Printable Certificate Of Completion In Articulate Storyline

Whether you need a premade template thats ready to go, or you want to design an entirely unique certificate of completion with your companys logo and brand elements, SimpleCert® has intuitive tools to make designing, sending and storing certificates well, simple!

Here are a few of our most popular certificate of completion templates you can customize using our suite of design tools:

Certificate Of Completion Sample With Examples

AS there are various types of field exist in this running world, so there is a different type of certificate provided for different field among which certificate of completion is one of them. This certificate has a significant role in the field of education, Individual education plans or any different type of work field. The name itself consists of word completion which indicate that the complete/fulfill of something. Hence we can say that it is the type of certificate which is provided after fulfilling the term or project or mission. Completion certificate acts as a legal document and testimony for every person professionally.

Free Certificate Of Completion Templates

A Certificate of Completion is given to someone who has accomplished a specific task. The purpose of giving this certificate is to acknowledge the efforts made by that person during the process of doing a particular task or assignment.

The skills gained by that person are also mentioned to use this certificate as proof in his/her future career.

A certificate of completion acts as a source of motivation for students or any other person who has achieved it after having a specific skill set by getting training either physically or online.

It acts as solid proof by which the skill gained by a person becomes accredited. Moreover, students or any other person would always choose to get a training course from that institute or organization that offers a certificate of completion at the end of training sessions.

The educational achievements are not mentioned in the certificate of completion. However, it can be given to a student for performing greatly in a particular event. Some states prefer to give these certificates to students who cannot perform better in education but have mastered a particular skill.

The certificate of completion can add quality to the CV of a graduated student who wants to get a job and cannot be used for getting admission for higher studies for which a school/college degree is required. On the other hand, professional persons can use this certificate to be promoted to a higher post in their organization.

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Difference Between A High School Diploma And A Certificate Of Completion

In order to receive a high school diploma, meeting the high school graduation standards set by the state you live in is mandatory. Generally, the standards set by the state include a specific curriculum of courses, a certain number of credits taken and at times, a high school exit exam. On the other hand, a certificate of complete is simply a way of showcasing that youve completed the years of high school without meeting the graduation standards set by the state.

How Do I Write A Project Completion Certificate

Certificate Of Completion Template Free Printable

A project completion certificate proves that a contractor has completed a project in line with the clients approval. Here is how to prepare it:

  • Step 1: Include the name of the company handling the project
  • Step 2: Briefly describe the project.
  • Step 3: Identify the project timeline.
  • Step 4: Sign and seal the certificate.

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S To Make A Certificate Of Completion

A certificate of completion can be used for various purposes, e.g., in the educational sector a teacher can give it to a student who has done something extraordinary in many businesses. A certificate of completion template can be created by using Microsoft Word.

Step by step process of creating it in Microsoft Word has been given below, which can help you in making it quickly by yourself:

Johnathan Completion Certificate Template

Description Reviews support policy

Sales: 1

Certificate Template

Certificate Of Completion

Corporate & Modern Certificate Template. Use this Certificate Template in your business, company or institution in completion of any course, training ,degree or job.

This is not a mock-up


  • Working file: Photoshop cs2 & Microsoft Word.
  • Files included: Photoshop cc , Microsoft Word.
  • Font used: Download link included in help file


If you have any questions or would like a custom designed template, please contact me, I will be happy to help you! Please recommend my artwork and leave a good review if you like it. For further request please contact us.

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What Is Course Completion Certificate

As an owner or manager of a company, you may offer your employees training services or require them to receive training to advance their careers. At the completion of the course, you would award them a training completion certificate to show the value your company gives to the training.

These certificates are often displayed on walls of offices or departments to show employees that they are important not just for their acquired skills but also for the time theyve spent in training.

You can award a certificate of completion for professional, technical or artistic training. You can also create them for:

  • Programs for project management
  • Various certificate and degree programs

Following are examples of courses where you may award a certificate for course completion:

If you can demonstrate to your employees the value you place on their time and the training you provide for them, this act creates a sense of appreciation. To remind them of how much you value their effort and time by completing the course, you can give them a certificate.

Using These Free Certificate Of Completion Templates

Automated Certificate Templates of Completion/Diploma

Click on a certificate design of your liking.Swap or remove the medal decoration from the certificate template.You can choose from other background colors if you wish.Change any of the text to suit your needs with our simple to use online certificate maker.All certificate templates can download as a PDF and image and they are printable to your desktop printer or print shop.If things dont quite look as you hoped please check the help page How to Create a CertificateTo remove our logo and add your own logo or images checkout our pricing page add my logo or photos

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Certificate Of Completion Templates For School Work & More

There are countless ways you can use SimpleCert® to create polished and professional certificates of completion that recipients will feel proud to receive. Whether youre an experienced designer or trying your hand at designing a certificate for the first time, our 100% browser-based certificate maker is easy and fun to use. You read that right: theres no software to install or difficult programs to learn!To help jump-start your creative process, here are more ways that our community has used SimpleCert® to build, send and store certificates of completion:

Roofing certificate of completion

Free Certificate Of Completion Template Sample With Example

December 31, 2019 by yotan

A certificate of completion provides honor and dignity to a student existing high school. It is a concrete symbol of entry into the adult world. Students who have completed their intermediate, they need a certificate of completion through which they got admission in a reputed institution for their graduation. Like above it is used in various field.

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, person, or organization. This confirmation is often, but not always. Instead of use certificate all the time we also use external review, education, assessment or audit.

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Certificate Of Completion High School Template

As already mentioned when one cannot obtain the final certificate from high school for not qualifying can use the completion certificate to apply for higher studies. This will confirm that they attended the high school classes.

Certificate Of Completion Internship Template

Majority of the time, individual look at an internship opportunity during their studies in college. This internship will give them exposure and real-time learning. Such programs issue a completion certificate mentioning the performance of the individual.

The Similarities Between The Two


Almost always, the completion certificate acts as a valid substitute for a high school diploma when someone is seeking admission in a technical or community college. The possibility of remedial coursework is what programs at these colleges include. The remedial coursework would help a person with a completion certificate to overcome any weak areas that prevented him or her from obtaining a high school diploma. If a person with a certificate of completion excels at the aforementioned colleges, he or she will able to enter a professional college without a high school diploma.

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Three Different Types Of Certificate Used For Any Purpose

Avery Certificate Of Completion Template

Avery is the range of the best quality photographic paper that has a unique coating. Avery Certificate Papers are great to design and print your certificates. Use this to personalize your award, print any of the templates given in this page in Avery Paper and stand impressively in front of your audience.

Blank Certificate Of Completion Template Free

The blank certificate template can be used for any of the above mentioned 18 reasons or even more. All you need to do is to download the blank certificate to fill in the details from scratch based on your need.

What Is Sales Quote

    A sales quote is the costs that a particular product or service may charge from its prospective customers. Not all businesses provide their product or services upfronting the rates because the costs may vary. It depends on the changing rates of the materials used to provide those products and services.

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Amazingly Simple Certificate Of Completion Templates

Certificates of completion are proof that a task, project or course has been finished to a high standard. They are valuable for so many businesses and industries, for areas such as health and safety, manual handling, first aid and so much more.

It doesnât matter whether they are a formal part of your process or a one-off event, certificates of completion are an important mark of a job well done. Certificates of completion also make people feel valued and help to boost morale.

But you can also create one for yourself! Have you recently completed exams or coursework? Maybe you have reached a particular milestone in a hobby. Why not mark the occasion with a certificate of completion that acknowledges your hard work. Choose a printable certificate that illustrates the authenticity of their achievement.

Certificate Of Contract Completion Template

Divi To E2Pdf – Certificate of Completion Demo

This certificate can be used in construction industry to indicate the completion of the contract. Also, in other companies including the IT field gives out a certificate to their employees hired on contract. These employees may not get experience or relieving letter as they were not on roles of the company. They were just contractors. Hence a completion certificate can be used by them as an experience certificate.

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+ Certificate Of Completion Templates And Examples That You Will Love

Certificate completion is one of the most important things for people when they are joining an event, course, or test. This because the certificate acts value and it is proof that someone has accomplished certain programs. If you are running an event, course, or having an institution that requires this document, the certificate of completion templates bellow is the best one.

Easily Design Edit And Print Certificate Templates

There are many ways to go about building certificates. Many will look for certificate templates in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Powerpoint. Others will look at programs like Adobe Spark, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop that can design certificates from scratch or using a template. These are all good solutions, but they also all require expensive software to take advantage of the associated, professionally designed certificate templates.

SimpleCert® is a game-changer. Our software is completely web-based. There is no need to install anything on your computer. Simply sign-up for a free account today and youre ready to go. Whether you use a Mac or Windows PC, you will have no problem using SimpleCert®.

Best of all, we have a number of integrations. Do you need to design a large number of certificates for a school, church, training class, or other organization? No problem. Build a certificate template in SimpleCert® and connect it to an Excel or CSV file that contains the names and emails of your contacts, and voila! SimpleCert® will produce your certificates in bulk and can even email them directly to the recipients if desired! Save yourself tons of time and tons of money by signing up for SimpleCert® today.

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Celebrate Completion With Creativity On Your Side

With the power of Adobe Express, you can take your certificate of completion to the next level. Once you make your certificate with Adobe Express, resize your graphic to turn it into a social media post or email. There are endless creative opportunities to turn your certificate into a celebration.

Certificate Of Completion Templates For Every Industry And Purpose

Editable Certificate of Completion Template, Printable Modern Luxury ...

Certificates of completion play an important role in tracking an individuals progress at school, work or for a variety of other purposes. Schools, businesses and city governments all rely on polished and professional looking certificate of completion templates to lend credibility and certify authenticity.

Whether you need to create a certificate for students, workplace professionals or contractors, SimpleCert® has numerous certificate of completion templates to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our certificate maker includes a vast online library of templates and thousands of design elements to choose from. Best of all? Its totally free to get started!

  • Choose from Dozens of Professional Designed Templates
  • Design & Build Certificates Online on PC or Mac
  • Print, Email, & Store Your Certificates

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How People With Certificates Of Completion Can Obtain A High School Diploma

There are a couple of ways people with certificates of completion can obtain a high school diploma. Many people use these ways to receive a GED or high school diploma. Basically, there are three ways for people with a high school diploma to obtain a completion certificate. The first way someone with a high school diploma can obtain a certificate of completion is by re-enrolling in high school and fulfilling the requirements of graduation. The second way people with CoC can obtain a high school diploma is taking classes of general education diploma . GED is basically the same thing as a high school diploma. The final way people with certificates of completion can obtain a high school diploma is taking a coursework at a community college. By completing coursework at a community college, youd be able to meet the requirements of high school graduation and receive a high school diploma.

Incentivizes Continuous Learning And Development

The process of learning can be made interesting by introducing different strategies. You should keep your training sessions and courses updated by introducing all the new updates from time to time because it is the world of technology in which continuous changes are introduced in every sector.

Your trainers should be proficient enough and highly qualified in providing training to all the people. Once a personâs efforts get recognized in the form of a certificate of completion, that person will be motivated to continue the process of learning something new. So, making your courses innovative can lead your organization towards a progressive path.

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Certificate Of Completion Template

Simplify your workflows

Certification programs provided by educational institutions and professional development companies help students get ahead in their careers. Providing students with a certificate when they complete your program lets them display proof of their achievement and advertises your product. But creating and mailing paper documents is time-consuming and inefficient. This Formstack Documents certificate of completion template automates your certificate generation process and lets your staff focus on more important work. Formstack Documents offers a variety of automated delivery options so you can get documents where they need to go fast. Email newly generated certificates immediately and store copies for your records in your CRM or cloud storage app. Try it free!

Can I Ever Return To High School If I Receive A Certificate Of Completion

How-to Create a Course Completion Certificate

The final and most important question that people frequently ask is whether they can return to school after receiving a certificate of completion. Here is the answer to the question. After leaving school, students with a completion certificate can return to high school till the age of 21. There are only two things that make a student ineligible for a return to high school. The first thing that makes a person ineligible for a return to high school is earning a diploma through other means. The other means to earn a high school diploma is something weve already touched upon.

The second thing or event that makes a person ineligible for a return to high school is turning twenty-two years old. Until his or her 22nd birthday, a student who exited high school with a completion certificate can choose to return to the school to complete the remaining coursework and earn the high school diploma.

There you havethe frequently asked questions about certificates of completion. Hopefully by now, you know everything that you wanted to know about it. In case youre still confused about what a completion certificate is and what it entails, you can take a look at a certificate of completion template to clear your confusion. A certificate of completion template shows everything that a completion certificate awarded by a school encompasses.

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