Teaching Certification In New York

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Teacher Certification In New York

Your DWI and New York Teaching (teacher) Certification

New York recognizes many teaching areas. Educator preparation programs will entail different coursework, assessment, and student teaching experiences. There are also different pathways to teaching options depend on professional background as well as on subject preferences. Commonalities include the level of degree and the expectation that the individual will have preparation and assessment in both pedagogy and subject area. A bachelors degree is the educational standard at the entry-level.

New York has provisions in place for out-of-state teachers. For some, the process has gotten a little easier. An individual who does not qualify for an initial license may receive another credential such as one designated conditional.

Applicants can expect to complete minor state-specific requirements, for example, a Dignity for All workshop.

Complete A New York State

After you complete your bachelors degree and determine who and where you would like to teach, its time to complete an approved New York state teacher preparation program. This prepares you to become an effective teacher and fulfills some of the state requirements, such as fieldwork, student teaching experience, and necessary workshops. It also puts you on a path to getting certified. After successfully completing a teacher preparation program, you are eligible to receive an institutional recommendation from the university for your New York initial teaching certification. Find out if a program is approved in New York state.

The state-approved Master of Science in Teaching in Childhood Education program at Fordham University can be completed online or on campus and prepares you for an initial teaching certificate. Fordham University also offers additional on-campus M.S.T. programs that range from early childhood education to secondary education.

New York Teacher Licensure Application Process

There are different tiers to New York teacher certification, and the Initial certification is valid for 5 years. It is an entry-level classroom certificate for new teachers. Within the five years, you can advance to a Professional Certificate, but must complete a master’s degree. Some entry-level certifications are conditional and will only last one year before determining how to move forward.

Applying for a certificate must be done through the online TEACH portal, where all documentation will be submitted. Confirmation of U.S. citizenship and identity will be required. You will also be asked what subject, grade level, and type of certification you are applying for.

New York state teacher certification requirements are that you must upload your university transcript, teacher preparation program, all relevant testing scores, a complete application for initial teaching certification, your background check, and any other required workshops or training that were required. From there, you will sign the digital application form and pay the fee, which spans from $25 to $100, depending on the certificate.

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New York Teachers Licensing Application Process

Once all of the requirements for New York teacher certification have been completed, applicants should submit their application to the Office of Teaching Initiatives using the online TEACH portal. The office receives most applications in June, July, and August, so its recommended to send in all information three to four months in advance of your estimated date of employment. The required steps to obtain a New York educator certificate are as follows:

  • Verification of background clearance by the state.
  • Official transcripts showing proof of bachelors degree.
  • Proof of completing a teacher preparation program at an approved school.
  • Passing scores on the required examinations.
  • Completed application for teaching certification in New York.
  • Payment of non-refundable processing fees.

Visit the New York Department of Education website for further details on New York teacher certification.

Pathways To Initial Teacher Certification In New York State

New York State Teaching Certification Requirements

The New York State Department of Education describes the traditional path as either a four-year undergraduate degree or two-year graduate level academic program. New York boasts many. A person can also be credentialed on the basis of a program approved in another jurisdiction, though it may mean that he or she will need to arrange separately to take needed examinations.

The nontraditional path is designed for mature professionals who have degrees in the fields where they want to teach. The degree could be in a secondary subject area like mathematics. A person who had a liberal arts or science major could be a candidate at the elementary level . Potential students are advised to contact schools about the appropriateness of their major. A nontraditional program includes introductory preparation which is completed at an accelerated pace then the person becomes teacher of record in a position where he or she is needed. The individual receives mentoring and completes coursework while carrying out classroom responsibilities. NYSED notes that this type of program is a partnership between colleges and districts with hiring needs.

The New York State Department of Education describes two types of alternative program that a teacher may enroll in. Alternative Teacher Preparation Programs are for individuals who hold bachelor’s degrees in areas where they want to teach. Intensive Transitional C programs are for individuals who hold master’s degrees.

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New York Jobs For Licensed Teachers

There are different types of certificates and licenses that you can obtain in order to teach in New York.

  • Initial Certificate: The initial certificate is the entry-level teaching certification in New York for classroom teachers. It is valid for five years and may lead to a professional certificate.
  • Professional Certificate: Professional certificates are issued as an advanced-level teaching certification. Their validity is continuous. You must complete the required professional development hours every five years.
  • Conditional Initial: Issued to out-of-state teachers who have not yet completed the NYS testing requirement. The certificate is valid for two years, during which you must meet the testing requirements to qualify for an Initial Certificate.
  • The NYSED created the Teachers for Tomorrow Program to address problems with teacher shortages. It targets the city school districts in New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, and Yonkers. The program aims to hire thousands of teachers to work in these areas to replace retiring educators. The program also offers incentives in order to increase teacher recruitment and retention. All in all, this means there are a lot of jobs waiting for aspiring teachers in the state.

    • Bilingual Education
    • Business and Marketing Education
    • Technology Education
    • Trade Education
  • Computer Studies/Programming
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education
  • General Cooperative Work Experience Extension
  • Can You Teach Without Certification In Ny

    There is no state law in New York that requires teachers to have certification in order to teach in the state. However, most schools in the state do require their teachers to be certified. There are a few alternative certification programs available in New York, but they are not required by the state.

    It is a fairly simple process for an individual to become a certified teacher in New York. In New York, like in most other states, new teachers must hold a bachelors degree. Prospective teachers must also take part in an approved teacher preparation program in addition to completing the teacher preparation program. The OTI can help you learn more about the New York teacher certification renewal process. A bachelors degree is the bare minimum of education to become a New York teacher. Furthermore, a teacher preparation program must be completed. Additional tests, such as the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test or the Communication and Quantitative Skills Test , may be required.

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    New York Teacher Requirements For Audiologists And Speech

    The information below is collected from state regulatory agencies responsible for regulating school-based speech-language pathologists and/or audiologists. The information is reviewed on an annual basis. Please be advised that laws, regulations, and policies may change at any time, so always check with your state for the most up-to-date information.

    School Violence Prevention Training

    NYS Exposed Follow up: Issues Continue with Teacher Certification System

    All students seeking teaching certification must complete a minimum of two clock hours of instruction regarding school violence prevention training. This degree and certification requirement may be met by taking designated workshops on school violence prevention training at SUNY Cortland. This requirement is mandated as part of the NYS Save Legislation.

    The Child Abuse Identification and School Violence Prevention and Intervention workshops must be completed prior to graduation. Workshop dates may be accessed at or on the Web.

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    Professional Development For New York Teachers

    New York State professional development programs include teacher mentorship programs and the NYS Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers. New York City offers in-service courses for teachers through the NYC After School Professional Development Program. Credits earned through this program can be counted towards both salary differentials and professional development requirements. Programs are also available to paraprofessional educators, including the Summer Stipend Program, through which paraprofessionals can receive a financial incentive for college credits earned over the summer.

    According to the New York State Department of Education, teachers holding a Professional Certificate in New York must complete at least 175 hours of professional development activities during each 5-year licensing period.

    Determine Who You Want To Teach

    Teaching requirements vary depending on the grade level, the subject you are interested in teaching, and in which state you would like to become certified. Many teacher preparation programs designate if they are for early, elementary, or secondary education. You may also be given the option to choose a specialized track that concentrates on teaching a certain population of children or subject area.

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    New York Teacher Testing Requirements

    There are several exams that are required for obtaining a teaching license in New York. The first is the Educating All Students test, which measures direct teaching skills and knowledge. All prospective teachers must also pass the edTPA, which measures teaching performance and instructional practice. Those teaching core subjects must also pass the appropriate Content Specialty Test .

    Additional tests, such as the Liberal Arts and Sciences Test , the Bilingual Education Assessments , or the Communication and Quantitative Skills Test may be required depending on the candidates educational background and content area and grade level to be taught. You can find more specific information through the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations website.

    How Do I Become A Teacher In New York


    Students can choose from a variety of pathways to initial certification. Aspiring teachers most commonly pursue an approved teacher preparation program, which combines bachelor-level coursework and teacher training, leading to licensure. The NYSED also offers alternative teacher preparation programs for students who have already earned a teaching degree.

    New York State issues multiple types of certification to advanced practitioners and specialists, including teachers with a master’s degree or experience in multiple teaching subjects and special educators. Teachers with out-of-state certification must apply for an individual credential review through the NYSED.

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    New York Teacher Salary And Incentives

    The average school teacher in New York makes around $83,000 $85,000 per year depending on grade level, according to 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics data. New York is one of the highest-paying states in which to teach, and also offers differential pay for teachers working in high-needs schools or shortage subjects.

    Learn more about teacher salaries on

    Professional Certificate Speech And Language Disabilities

    1. Pathway: Approved Teacher Preparation Program

    • Completion of a NYS-registered program Speech and Language Disabilities
    • Institutional recommendation Speech and Language Disabilities
    • New York state teacher certification exams Educating All Students Test and Speech-Language Pathology
    • Paid, full-time classroom teaching experience Speech and Language Disabilities 3 years
    • Mentored experience
    • Workshop Dignity For All Students Act
    • Fingerprint clearance
    • Citizenship status INS Permanent Residence or U.S. citizenship

    2. Pathway: Approved Teacher Prep Program Certificate Progression

    • Hold/held an Initial Certificate Speech and Language Disabilities
    • Completion of a NYS Registered Program Speech and Language Disabilities
    • Institutional Recommendation Speech and Language Disabilities
    • Paid, full-time classroom teaching experience 3 years
    • Mentored experience
    • New York State teacher certification exam Speech-Language Pathology
    • Workshop Dignity for All Students Act
    • Fingerprint clearance
    • Citizenship status INS Permanent Residence or U.S. citizenship

    3. App Prep Program Transitional C Certificate

    4. Pathway: Individual Evaluation

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    New York State Teacher Certification

    Welcome to the Roberts Wesleyan University Teacher Certification page! The Department of Teacher Education has a dedicated Certification Coordinator, Kelly Wendlandt, to assist with all phases of the certification process, and she continues to support alumni with certification needs and questions throughout their academic and professional careers. She is happy to meet with you and answer any questions you might have about becoming a certified teacher. The following information is meant to assist individuals in regards to New York State certification it is not meant to supersede or replace information provided by the New York State Education Department.

    Kelly Wendlandt

    Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs In New York

    Study Guide for the NYS EAS (Educating All Students) Teacher Certification Exam

    Projected Job Growth


    Growth in Teaching Jobs in NY through 20262

    In addition to requiring all new teachers to hold a bachelors degree, New York requires prospective teachers to complete an approved teacher preparation program at an accredited institution. You can find a list of approved teacher preparation programs, known as NYS Registered Programs, through the New York State Education Department. To compare key metrics for these state-approved teacher preparation programs, use the sortable table on our New York schools page.

    Programs in other states that hold accreditation from one of the six regional accreditation agencies overseen by the US Department of Education may also be acceptable. New York will not issue a teacher certification to those who have not completed a program at an accredited school, so its best to confirm accreditation before making a decision.

    Additionally, many schools seek accreditation from the national accreditation organization, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation . CAEP accreditation is not mandatory for schools, but due to its highly-regarded reputation for stringent standards, most schools apply for its official accreditation.

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    S To Becoming A Teacher In New York

    Important Note: Education licensure requirements, statistics and other information are subject to change. makes its best effort to keep content accurate however, the official sources are the state education departments. Please confirm licensing requirements with your state before applying for licensure or renewal.

    Judge Halts Pot Dispensary Licenses In Parts Of New York

    ALBANY, N.Y. A federal judge has temporarily blocked New York from issuing recreational marijuana dispensary licenses in Brooklyn and parts of upstate New York while a legal challenge to the states selection process is being considered.

    The preliminary injunction from U.S. District Court Judge Gary Sharpe in Albany on Thursday comes as the state prepares to begin adult marijuana sales by the end of the year, starting with shop owners with past pot convictions or their relatives. New York lawmakers designed the states legal market to make sure the first retailers were people directly affected drug law enforcement.

    Sharpe is hearing a legal challenge from Variscite NY One, which claims the states selection process favors New York residents over out-of-state residents in violation of constitutional interstate commerce protections.

    The judges order temporarily bars the state from issuing retail licenses for the five regions of the state Variscite selected in its business application: Brooklyn, central New York, the Finger Lakes, the mid-Hudson region and western New York. It does not cover nine other regions of the state, including the rest of New York City. The ruling affects up to 63 of the 150 possible business licenses.

    Officials at the Office of Cannabis Management said Friday its board will still consider license applications later this month for up to 150 businesses and individuals, along with applications for up to 25 nonprofit licenses.

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    Apply For Your Professional Teaching Certificate In New York

    To continue teaching, you must apply for your professional teaching certificate before your initial teaching certificate expires after your first five years of teaching. A professional teaching certificate is an advanced certificate for teachers with a masters degree, a year of mentored teaching, and at least three years of teaching experience. It can take up to three to four months for the New York State Education Department to process your application. Your professional teaching certificate remains continuously valid during your teaching career as long as you complete 175 hours of professional development every five years. The application fee is discounted with the completion of a New York state-approved program.2

    Professional Certification: Ny Teaching Certificates

    Teacher Tech Trends: Degrees &  Certificates

    New Yorks public schools serve more than 2.5 million students across 735 districts in the state, according to The New York City district alone is the largest district in the United States, both in terms of students and spending. Career teachers are needed more than ever: The demand for elementary, middle and secondary school teachers in New York State is expected to grow by 7.5% through 2026 and New York is a top-10 hiring region, according to the labor database Burning Glass.

    This page offers a broad overview geared towards students researching Adelphis online graduate degrees in education. Please visit the New York State Education Department teacher certification page to view full, official details for certification and check for recently updated information.

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    How To Earn Your New York Teacher Certification

    The basics of how to become a teacher in New York begin with earning the qualifications set by the New York Office of Teaching Initiatives . Becoming an educator requires a bachelor degree as well as a New York teacher certification and a fingerprint clearance, along with other program, workshop and exam testing requirements.

    Applicants with a teacher certification from another state must hand in their certificates for review to determine their eligibility. Program-specific requirements can be searched on the state website.

    For those who are switching careers or degrees to become teachers, there are alternative teacher preparation programs to choose from, also overseen by the OTI.

    Before earning a teaching license, candidates must pass exams such as the edTPA and the Educating All Students tests, as well as others depending on the candidate’s program.

    Completion of certificate-specific workshops and tests will also be required, and individualized requirements can be found on the OTI website.

    Types of Teaching Certificates

    New York State teacher certification requirements have various levels or tiers, which begin with hands-on placements for those still in university and/or college, as well as certificates for entry-level teachers. These lead to professional certificates requiring a doctorate degree. The Initial Certificate, valid for 5 years, is best suited for entry-level teachers with little experience.

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