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Mscm : Supply Chain Management And Logistics

Supply Chain Management Certification Online Course | AIMS UK

Supply chain management integrates all activities associated with the flows of materials, information, and funds. Examples include strategic sourcing, order processing, warehousing, inventory management, transportation and logistics, and the costs and information systems supporting these activities.

Graduate Certificate In Supply Chain Management Program Overview

The Operations and Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate online at Southern New Hampshire University is designed to introduce you to key concepts, strategies and processes used in the production of goods, from securing raw materials to distributing them to customers. You’ll explore such areas as transportation planning, technology, inventory control, warehouse management, quality control and procurement, as you gain marketable skills in operations and supply chain management.

Courses are taught by experienced operations and supply chain management professionals who know how to connect theory with practical, real-world application.

An operations and supply chain management graduate certificate from SNHU empowers you with the strong foundation you’ll need to pursue a new career, advance in your current career or further your studies to gain new skills.

Learn how to:

  • Use information systems to organize business needs
  • Set up transportation planning

Supply Chain Management Certificate Courses Faqs

Ques. What is basic Supply Chain Management knowledge?


Ques. What is the nature of Supply Chain Management?


Ques. Is Supply Chain Management Certificate difficult to achieve?


Ques. How is poor communication results in the workplace?


Ques. What are the five elements of Supply Chain Management ?


Ques. How Supply Chain management Works?


Ques. What kind of jobs can you get with a Supply Chain Management Certificate?


Ques. How do you motivate your employees?


  • Incentivize and gamify
  • Show how trustworthy you are
  • Set small goals to achieve big one
  • Motivate individuals rather than in team
  • Learn their behaviour

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Benefits Of Eku Online

Learn essential skills for todays business environment. Our fully accredited online programs are made up of the same high-quality courses and taught by the same experienced professors as the on-campus programs.

  • Accredited by AACSB International
  • Courses related to all aspects of GSCM
  • Generous scholarships & extensive internship opportunities
  • Access to a global network of SCM executives
  • Free online tutoring and career services assistance
  • Fast-track opportunities for students with 80 or more credit hours
  • Dedicated advisors who provide personalized graduation plans
  • Ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the best universities offering online degrees

The Penn State Difference

Supply Chain Management Certification

As a student in Penn States online Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management, you can learn from the same faculty who teach in Penn States Smeal College of Business, highly ranked in supply chain education and AACSB accredited. You will study:

  • supply chain strategy and network design
  • purchasing and negotiations
  • information technology and decision support
  • transportation systems operation and third-party logistics services providers

A comprehensive industry report releasedby Gartner, Inc. ranks Penn States supply chain program as a top graduate supply chain program in the United States. Additionally, U.S. News & World Report ranks the Penn State Smeal College of Business supply chain/logistics graduate program as one of the best in the nation. Penn States Smeal College of Business is AACSB accredited and employers consistently recognize the very high quality of this program.

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Why Choose A Certificate

Professional Certificates are ideal for developing new skills and building deep expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base.

Certificates are an anytime credentialStart anytime – after graduation or later in your career – and gain deeper know-how in a specific area without the commitment to a degree.

Certificates demonstrate commitmentThe dedication of time to earn a certificate demonstrates that you are committed to achieving a higher standard of professional knowledge in your industry.

Certificates provide immediate ROEGeorgia Tech learners master real-world skills and apply them to their career the day after completion.

Certificates stand out on your resumeA Georgia Tech credential carries the professional weight to give you a competitive edge.

About This Free Certificate Course

Supply Chain Management deals with managing the flow of goods and services between business places and includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress inventory, and finished goods. It also includes end-to-end order fulfillment from the source point to the consumption point. In supply chain management, customers require interconnected, interrelated, or interlinked networks and channels, and businesses combine to provide products and services. You will know more about it when you learn supply chain management.

In this free Supply Chain Management course, you will learn about the subject by walking through topics such as introduction, the historical perspective of the supply chain, defining the subject, drivers of the supply chain, and its problems. You will have learned all the essentials of the supply chain and be able to manage the process well at the end of this Supply Chain Management online course.

At Great learning, we proffer many Management and other domain Postgraduate Programs to help our learners achieve their dream careers. You can enroll in the Best Management courses and earn a degree online from a renowned university. Join our learning community today and explore your interests with millions of learners across the globe. Happy learning!

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Costs & Financial Aid

$478.83 per credit hour $4,309.47

Tuition waivers cover up to 90 percent of the non-resident portion of your tuition and are available to non-Florida residents admitted to online programs and registered for online courses in active pursuit of that degree or certificate. You must pay all other assessed tuition and fees.

Time to completion varies by student, depending on individual progress and course availability. Fees are charged per semester unless otherwise noted. This program takes up to 12 months to complete.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change.

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Graduate Certificate In Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management and Capacity Planning – Free Online Course with Certificate

The College of Business offers a Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management that provides students with the core knowledge required for national certification examinations, as well as leadership, and work in the supply chain industry. It provides high quality, unique, and specialized learning opportunities to a diverse student population and attracts students and professionals to a growing field that is an integral part of Louisianas economic growth. The program is designed for individuals who have earned baccalaureate degrees in Business, Computer Science, or Engineering. The GCSCM program is also suitable for professionals working in the supply chain industry, regardless of the undergraduate degree area. Students currently pursuing masters or doctoral degrees in Business, Computer Science, or Engineering should consider applying.

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Certificate Supply Chain Management Certificate Courses

There are many certificate programs in Supply Chain Management Certificate courses which are offered by both online and offline means. Nowadays online Supply Chain Management Certificate certificates are very trending and their popularity is increasing day by day. The time range can vary from Months, Weeks to few hours.

  • Certificate programs of Supply Chain Management Certificate courses are designed specially to impart candidates with some additional skills that they can use in their respective sector and it makes them able to be active with the daily world.
  • Those candidates who want to do their job along with their lives and who want to learn some extra skills help them in further advancement. This also improves their complex problems.
  • Some of the courses available can be done by self, anytime and anywhere so they don’t need much time from your personal life.
  • These earning of extra certificates increases their employability and provides opportunity to increase their package.

Those candidates who want to start their career in this field with a certificate course can get an average salary of INR 2 to 3 lacs only in the beginning.

Best Certifications For Supply Chain Management

We have put together this list of supply chain management training, which can help you figure out what your options are and what you need to do in order to get into the field.

These professional certification courses will help logistics and supply chain management professionals keep up with the industry and technology changes. But before you select a professional certification course, read which SCM appeal to your current profession.

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The Best Supply Chain Certification Programs For 2022

The editors at Solutions Review have compiled some of the best online supply chain certification programs that active and aspiring professionals should consider.

Supply chain management is a complex process that requires a wealth of skills and experience in various fields. For example, a supply chain manager or professional needs to be intimately familiar with the systems, processes, people, timelines, production, and partners involved in a given supply chain, and thats often the tip of a far larger iceberg. This means that active and aspiring supply chain professionals must consistently expand their knowledge of the trends, tools, and insights informing the market.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled some of the best online supply chain certification programs to consider. These are comprehensive programs developed for students looking to expand or fine-tune their supply chain management expertise. Click on the GO TO CERTIFICATION link to learn more about each course and register.

Note: The supply chain certification courses are listed alphabetically by the online learning platform name.

Why Take An Online Supply Chain Course At Emeritus

Supply Chain Management Certification

Each Emeritus online course is designed keeping key learning outcomes in mind by a team of experts. We use the backward design methodology to develop instruction for learners of all ages. This enables us to craft unique, interactive, learning experiences that include a combination of assessments, hands-on activities, skill application, and more.

Emeritus also partners with the best universities and faculty around the world to curate the course curriculum that can effectively tackle present challenges in the industry, while preparing you for the trends and risks in the future. Our courses consist of assignments, exams, capstone projects, networking opportunities, a fine balance of practical and theoretical concepts, and the opportunity to learn from top minds in the industry. This adds to the holistic experience we try to provide for each learner.

We are also focused on providing courses that are standardized in quality. This is done by adhering to standards set by a global organization called Quality Matters which is focused on providing quality standards for online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments. The rigorous criteria ensures all our learners invest in quality education which is easily accessible and affordable.

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What Is Supply Chain Analytics

Given the complexities ingrained in supply chains, they generate enormous volumes of data which can be challenging to manage. This is where analytics come into play by systematically organizing the data to unearth patterns, thus allowing supply chain managers to make informed decisions. In addition, one can transform insights from supply chain analytics into visual representations, such as graphs, for ease of access.

The various types of supply chain analytics include the following:

  • Descriptive analyticsApplicable to both internal and external data systems, descriptive analytics offer visibility and a single source of truth throughout the supply chain.
  • Predictive analyticsPredictive analytics help organizations determine possible outcomes and their implications for the business. This is especially useful in mitigating risks and disruptions.
  • Prescriptive analyticsAlong with aiding troubleshooting and problem-solving, prescriptive analytics allow organizations to collaborate with logistics partners. The collaboration derives maximum value for the business by reducing the time and effort involved in mitigating risks.
  • Cognitive analytics – Cognitive analytics deal with complex questions and assist individuals or teams respond to challenging situations in a simplified manner.
  • How Valuable Is An Online Supply Chain Certificate

    From early-career professionals to experienced job-seekers, everybody stands to benefit from an online supply chain certification. Offered by prestigious institutions, online supply chain courses train you to employ the right tools to gain expertise in the field. Further, the certificate gives you an edge over potential job-seekers. It demonstrates crucial attributes, such as motivation and discipline.

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    Mscm : Distribution Center And Material Handling Management

    This course is designed to investigate the strategic role of distribution center and material management in the supply chain. Course content includes the analysis of distribution center operations through the study of design, system selection, and layout configuration as well as the evaluation of material handling and inventory management options. Prerequisites: OPMT 303.

    Seminar In Supply Chain Logistics Strategy

    Global Online Certification Course on Supply Chain Digitization and Management

    Seminar in Supply Chain Logistics Strategy provides active-learning opportunities for students to evaluate current strategic issues in managing logistics and transportation throughout consumer and industrial supply chains. Today’s supply chains require managers to be skilled in evaluating complex business logistics situations and in making decisions that have immediate and long-term corporate implications. The real-world and live case-based materials are designed to help students develop high-level analytical and decision-making skills pertaining to the many logistics operations that influence the service levels and capabilities of domestic and global supply chains.Must have the equivalent of MAR 3202 Supply Chain Logistics Management, or TRA 3153 Transportation Strategy, or MAN 3504 Operations Management.Offered concurrently with TRA 4155 graduate students will be assigned additional work. Prerequisite: TRA 5206*

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    How To Get A Supply Chain Management Certificate

    With several supply chain certifications to choose from, its important to select a program based on the role you now perform and what you hope to do later in your career. Part of your selection process will involve checking the eligibility requirements for the programs in which youre interested.

    Aside from taking a program of study, as well as incorporating on-the-job training, all thats left to do is pass the certification exam. Once you earn certification, you can add the credential to your resume. It is wise to also list the certification on your LinkedIn profile and include the certification letters behind your name and title.

    Supply Chain Management Certificate Course: Admission Process

    The admission in Supply Chain Management Certificate programs is done in an organised manner as compared to other bachelor and master courses.

    • Candidates can take admission in these online certificate programs by simply applying on the website.
    • Some institutes can analyse your profile and can ask a few questions.
    • If you are doing an offline certificate program the college might give you admission on your merit basis, in that case your score in graduation will be considered.

    Supply Chain Management Online Certificate Course Colleges

    Times Higher Education Global Ranking 2020 College Name
    INR 72,400

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    Supply Chain Management Specialization Coursera

    This specialization in Supply Chain Management is developed by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. With this course, you will master the fundamentals of logistics, planning, operations, sourcing, and strategy. This course is aimed at those who want to learn from scratch or already have work experience in the supply chain field. The specialization comes with a bundle of 4 courses in logistics, planning, operations, strategic sourcing, and a capstone course.

    Since it is aimed at beginners, it doesnt require any prior knowledge of any subject. The good thing about this course is that it follows Six Sigma quality and Lean practices. After all four core topics, you get into the capstone course. Here you will solve real-life business cases with the right strategy. By the time you complete this program, you will better understand the complexities involved by companies in todays global economy.

    Key takeaways of this course:

    • It covers the 4 essential blocks of the logistics network transportation, warehousing, and inventory.
    • Understand how to set up a warehouse facility from scratch.
    • Learn the critical process improvement tools to achieve perfection in operations. Then apply the tools to improve the process on your own.
    • It trains you on the forecasting techniques and required methods for building a Sales and Operations Plan.
    • Master the supply chain strategic sourcing and supplier selection process.

    Can I Work Full

    Supply Chain Management Certification Online

    Having learned the basics, digging deeper into a specialized skill set is a reasonable way forward. Interacting with the various facets of the supply chain and gaining a thorough overview of the subject matter leads to a holistic understanding of the same and is highly valued in any industry. In addition, setting aside a little time each day can significantly improve ones proficiency in supply chain management. Therefore, pursuing an online supply chain course is an attainable goal.

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    Taking Online Courses From Csudh

    Courses offered via the web from CSUDH cover the same curriculum as those offered at local industry sites. In order to participate, you need an e-mail account and access to the World Wide Web. If you are taking an Internet class, youll automatically be set up in Blackboard. Blackboard is the software package used to administer the class. You can also call the CEIE Registration Office at 310-243-3741 for Blackboard instructions if you do not receive them by email.

    If youre planning to take this program utilizing only your companys Internet access make sure you can readily reach us and that our email readily reaches you. If you have problems you should contact your companys system coordinator. You may want to consider accessing the Internet either from home, a local library or school or in some other way until these problems can be resolved. We have little to no difficulty with most systems but we feel it best if problems are encountered and resolved BEFORE you begin the program.

    Logistics Systems And Analytics

    Students will learn to make improved business logistics and supply chain management decisions through the practical application of multiple analytical techniques used by managers in the field. Emphasis is placed on supply chain network analysis and design, inventory analysis and decision making, equipmentand resource management, information management systems for analyzing and executing logistics decisions, and process management improvements to reduce total logistics cost and improve logistics service.Must have the equivalent of MAR 3202 Supply Chain Logistics Management, TRA 3153 Transportation Strategy, or MAN 3504 Operations Management.Offered concurrently with TRA 4202 graduate students will be assigned additional work.

    TRA 5159

    3.0 Credit Hours

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