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Why Choose Opex Learning

Introduction To Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training | Simplilearn

We know theres a bunch of other Six Sigma providers out there, but heres why you should choose us:

  • We are authorized by the ISSSP, IACET and are a PMI approved educational provider. This means your qualification meets the highest global standards.
  • The positive real-world results of OpEx Learning courses have been proven innumerably.
  • Our instructors are leading & highly experienced Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt holders: The best of the best.
  • Who Can Benefit From A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

    • Project managers and process owners who want to learn how use Lean Six Sigma to make improvement projects more successful.
    • Financial managers, plant managers, floor supervisors and administrators who are seeking a proven method for dramatically improving their organizations financial performance.
    • Professionals in health care, education and the military, among many other industries, who are interested in pursuing Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

    This course has proved to be my best career investment. It easily, and quickly paid for itself. The Green Belt delivered as many applied tools as my MBA and returned many times what that degree has in terms of compensation.

    LSS Green Belt Course Graduate

    Ssgi Certification/exam Is Included In The Package No Additional Fee

    Test can be taken online at your own convenience. You do not need to go to an exam center. If you fail to pass the exam, you will have unlimited retakes for no additional fee. By passing the exam you will receive an offical industry recognized Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and ID license number.

    What You Will Receive:

    • Industry Recognized and Approved Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
    • Verifiable ID License Number
    • Digitally Hosted Credentials Attach to LinkedIn
    • 60 PDUs & 45 PDCs Preapproved by PMI and SHRM

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    Have Questions About Six Sigma And Lean Visit This Helpful Faq & Information Page

    Green Belts act as Six Sigma team members in an organization. This is an intermediate level program covering the DMAIC methodology.

    This program describes the strategies, techniques, and concepts practitioners will need to effectively prepare for the MindEdge Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam. The nine modules of the course explore the essential components of the DMAIC methodology, describing the important themes, principles, and tools needed to refine processes and enhance operations.

    PMI PDUs: 38Strategic & Business Management PDUs: 2Technical PM PDUs: 26IACET CEUs: 3.8

    Price: $799 *

    Why Choose Six Sigma Global Institute Over Other Providers

    Six Sigma Green Belt Training &  Certification

    Find 3 reasons below:

    • SSGI courses have been developed by Dr. Barry Shore from the University of New Hampshire. Barry has over 40 years experience in industry and teaching. Professor Shore has earned a reputation as one of the leading authorities in Six Sigma and Project Management. Barry has consulted for companies such as GE, Charles Schwab, Hyundai and BP.
    • Companies and educational institutions trust SSGI. We work directly with small, medium and large organizations across various industries. Firms such as Disney, Deloitte, WeWork, Tesla and Walmart trust SSGI for six sigma training and certification needs. Check out our clients page where you can find a full list of organizations who have benefited from our services.
    • Our approach towards learning doesnt stop at concepts and tools. We focus on application. Professor Shore has designed the program to ensure that you not only learn the concepts and tools, but understand how to apply them right away through real-world examples and case studies. Dont take our word for it, check out our customer reviews.

    On average, 90% of the other providers either use third party training or hire outside consultants. Because of this, providers have to charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for their online programs. At SSGI, we own all of our material and because were an online organization and have low overhead, we can afford to offer our programs at competitive prices.

    Learn more about SSGI Industry Recognition.

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    Certified Six Sigma Green Belt


    As described earlier, ASQ requires candidates to have at least three years of full-time experience in one or more areas mentioned in the CSSGB Body of knowledge.


    Each candidate must pass a written, multiple-choice exam conducted by ASQ. The exam is four hours long and comprises of 100 questions to measure comprehension of the body of knowledge. Note that the exam is primarily offered in the English language. However, ASQ has translated some exam programs into Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese. These exams are delivered via PBT and are available only in high demand locations at ASQ sponsored sites.

    Roles You Might Take Up:

    Assistance with data collection and analysis for Black Belt projects. Lead Green Belt projects or teams.

    Note: CSSGB has lifetime validity and does not require recertification.

    Completion of 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects.

    Candidates must be able to meet these minimum eligibility requirements to have their portfolio reviewed.

    Portfolio Review:

    If a candidate meets the above eligibility criteria, their portfolio will be considered for review. A review panel evaluates the candidates SSBB and MBB work. Once the panel approves the portfolio, the candidate can register to take up the MBB examination.


    • 100 multiple-choice questions check comprehension of knowledge.
    • To check the applicability, a performance-based assessment is done, which requires candidates to evaluate and respond to situation-specific materials.

    Why Should I Choose This Program

    • Six Sigma methodology is increasingly important across a wide range of industries as companies look for ways to improve processes, create efficiencies, and ensure consistent quality across their operation to serve clients and customers.
    • Earning your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt demonstrates your proficiency in six sigma methods and provides value for your company and your professional development career growth.

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    Top 5 Reasons Why People Really Choose A Six Sigma Certification

    Six Sigma has quickly earned a lot of recognition for the impact it can make not only on business organizations worldwide, but also on the careers of those who have obtained their Six Sigma Certification. Below we discuss the top 5 reasons individuals choose this type of training and certification.

    Lets start with the obvious money. The best way to increase your earning potential is to stand out from the crowd. Nothing does that quicker and for as little cost as a Six Sigma Certification. Not only because it is widely versatile across practically any industry, but also because employer know that your knowledge will very likely make a significant impact on their profits. Its no wonder they reward employees who are Six Sigma Certified so well. The following average salaries in the U.S. speak for themselves :

    • Six Sigma Master Black Belts can earn an average annual salary of $130,878
    • Six Sigma Black Belts can earn an average annual salary of $104,974
    • Six Sigma Green Belts can earn an average of $90,727

    Six Sigma Methodologies can transform an organization by identifying and eliminating errors that would have otherwise created poor customer satisfaction and profit losses to the business. A Certified Six Sigma professional can help across any industry to optimize any process or system leading to both hard and soft savings.

    Lean Six Sigma Canada Offerings

    Introduction to Certified Six Sigma Green Belt | What is Six Sigma?

    Lean Six Sigma Canada offers Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt and Master Black Belt online training and certification. The same training and certification belt levels are being offered in our classroom training . In addition, for the onsite classroom training we offer White Belt , Champion, Project Sponsor and Executive Leader training as well as Implementation and Deployment Planning and Benefits Capture training.

    We understand the importance of having guidance and support during the training and to be able to ask questions about tools and techniques, assignments and exercises, project work or statistical software. Our training is internationally recognized and we have trained thousands of individuals and corporations around the globe.

    The value of any Lean Six Sigma certification is largely based on the reputation of the Master Black Belt that certifies an individual and trustworthiness of the school or educational institution granting the certification. Even though a few attempts have been made, there is no central, international accreditation body for Lean Six Sigma. However, Lean Six Sigma Canada is a member of American Society for Lean Six Sigma and The Council for Six Sigma Certification, which are accreditation bodies for Lean Six Sigma providers.

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    Graduate Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

    Graduates of many advanced degree programs will be asked to champion organizational efforts to improve performance in some area. These activities are referred to as Process Improvement or Continuous Improvement initiatives that are the focus of Six Sigma methodology. It is not unusual for management in any organization to want to improve performance even if Six Sigma is not a formal program within the company. A Green Belt is the first professional level of recognition for individuals trained in Six Sigma. The American Society for Quality is the national certification society for all Six Sigma levels of accomplishment. ASQ offers a four-hour exam to obtain a lifetime Green Belt certification. Application for the exam requires three years of work experience in process improvement activities. Since this requirement is not met by some students, KSU offers a unique Green Belt certificate for students taking select Master of Science in Applied Statistics courses.

    The courses required for the certificate address the ASQ Body of Knowledge used for their exam:

    • STAT 7100 – Statistical Methods
    • STAT 7110 – Quality Control and Process Improvement
    • STAT 7140 – Six Sigma Problem Solving
    • STAT 7220 – Applied Experimental Design

    Coles MBA students can pursue this certification by completing the four courses listed below:

    Three of these courses fulfill electives in the MBA program. The other stat course must be taken out-of-load at an extra cost.

    Contact Info

    Is This Program Right For You

    From entry-level employees to manufacturing executives and professionals looking to advance or change their career, this program is perfect for anyone who already has a foundational knowledge of Six Sigma and needs advanced practical experience.

    Common job titles of program participants include:

    • Business Process Improvement Consultant

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    Why Lean Six Sigma

    Lean Six Sigma is one of the most successful Operational Excellence methodologies used by best-in-class organizations as a competitive strategy to be ahead of the game. It is a data-driven approach that has proven results to eliminate waste, drastically improve efficiency and quality and reduce costs by focusing on customers needs.

    Learning Lean Six Sigma methodologies can benefit your future career goals. Being recognized as a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt demonstrates your commitment to developing problem-solving skills, continuous improvement mindsets and methodologies and project management techniques as well as to improving your organizations success.

    There Are 4 Courses In This Specialization

    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate for Health Care Professionals ...


    This course is for you if you are looking to dive deeper into Six Sigma or strengthen and expand your knowledge of the basic components of green belt level of Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma skills are widely sought by employers both nationally and internationally. These skills have been proven to help improve business processes and performance. This course will introduce you to the purpose of Six Sigma and its value to an organization. You will learn about the basic principles of Six Sigma and Lean. Your instructors will introduce you to, and have you apply, some of the tools and metrics that are critical components of Six Sigma. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of the principles, roles, and responsibilities of Six Sigma and Lean.


    This course is for you if you are looking to dive deeper into Six Sigma or strengthen and expand your knowledge of the basic components of green belt level of Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma skills are widely sought by employers both nationally and internationally. These skills have been proven to help improve business processes and performance. This course will take you deeper into the principles and tools associated with the “Define” and “Measure” phases of the DMAIC structure of Six Sigma.


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    Who Should Take This Program

    The Healthcare Green Belt certification program is suggested for anyone working in or seeking to work in the healthcare industry. For professionals working within healthcare, this certification will hold more weight than the general Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. All examples and case studies in this course have been tailored to the healthcare industry. This will help to better prepare healthcare professionals to apply the tools and concepts taught throughout the program. Below you can find a list of professionals who will benefit from this program.

    • Healthcare professionals
    • Insurance, hospital and medical office administration staff
    • Facility and clinical engineers
    • Clinical support staff

    What People Say About Opex Learning

    I thoroughly enjoyed the White Belt training and the website was easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Lean Six Sigma. Thank you OpEx Learning.

    Naledi Selepi

    The program is well designed in touches on all the basics of 6-Sigma. This is an easy to follow course that, I believe, would help companies if presented to employees in the operational level.

    Kendry Bautista M.

    The Lean Six Sigma White Belt course was very accessible for me as a school administrator. I will definitely use the resources for project management and strategic planning.

    Maurice Vence

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    University System Of Georgia

    The University System of Georgia is composed of 28 higher education institutions including 4 research universities, 2 regional universities, 12 state universities, 13 state colleges and the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. The Georgia Public Library System, encompassing 61 library systems throughout Georgia, is also part of the University System.

    Salary Of A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Six Sigma Green Belt Training | Six Sigma Certification | Simplilearn

    Companies around the globe are looking for Lean Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… Green Belts to reduce costs and eliminate wasteMuda is a& nbsp… Learn More…. The Green BeltThe Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals… Learn More… is a valuable investment. They are recognized by employers as an investment because they have been trained to use LeanLEAN Definition LEAN is a production method aimed primarily … Learn More…Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… tools and methodologies to avoid defectsMuda is a& nbsp… Learn More… and improve customer satisfaction.

    A 2016 publication revealed the salaries of Lean Six Sigma Green BeltThe Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals… Learn More… certified employees. The data showed that New York had the highest medianIn statistics and probability theory, the median is the… annual salary of $92,510. Houston was next with $86,375, and Minneapolis with $84,181.

    According to the AverageA synonym for mean: the sum of a set of values divided… Learn More… Salary by State or Province for Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: California had the highest annual median salary with $88,114. Texas was next at $81,842 and Michigan $73,560, respectively. This is a list of seven states and provinces.

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    Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Mgmt 9060

    Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course provides you with the knowledge, skills and tools you need to resolve business problems through improvement initiatives. Build the competencies required to lead improvement projects that drive and sustain performance within an organization. Practice using core Six Sigma tools to identify and measure the problem, analyze root causes and implement solutions to improve.

    Lean Six Sigma has become the most successful continuous improvement methodology and project management methodology for quality and business improvements. Focusing on customers needs, this approach uses data-driven tools, team-based decision making and a rigorous methodology in order to solve problems and to ensure that the solutions are sustained over time. Many organizations recognize the competitive advantage of employees with a process improvement mindset, and it has become an in-demand skill for professionals in both private sector and public sector organizations in many industries.

    This course awards the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification to those who pass the final exam and submit a project plan defining the project and the plan to carry it through. The certification is signed by a Certified Master Black Belt and includes accreditation from the Council for Six Sigma Certification. Professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification can apply these principles to their work on a daily basis.

    What Is A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

    Lean Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… Green Belts are employees who have been trained in Green BeltThe Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals… Learn More…levelStatistics level A statistics level is the value of input in… improvement methods and will be leading continuous processThere are many ways to organize your lean six sigma processe… Learn More… improvement groups as part of their regular job. This allows for more time by company leaders and champions to be spent on strategy building and decision-making components of the LeanLEAN Definition LEAN is a production method aimed primarily … Learn More…Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… project planning process. The Green Belts are better able to understand the entire process and work closely with subject matter experts to achieve performance goals.

    Depending on the organization, Lean Six Sigma Green Belts can expect to spend between 10-25% of their time on Lean Six Sigma projects. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are responsible for data collection and analysis within their project teams. Facilitation skills and the ability to lead root cause analysis sessions help them improve team dynamics and function.

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