Quick Certificates That Pay Well

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The Top Quick Certifications That Pay Well

Top 10 Certifications For 2022 | Highest Paying Certifications | Best IT Certifications |Simplilearn

These 12 recommendations are some of the best ways to get certified quickly and easily and get into a good, reliable job. Some require more time and money for training. But the general rule is that the more you have to invest in your certification, the higher the salary you can command in that job.

So why not think about getting certified for a new or better job than what youre in right now? In many cases, you can even do it in your spare time so that you dont have to quit your current job while you train for something new.

Who knows you might just find yourself making the kind of money you always knew you were worth in no time at all!

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Physical Therapy Assistant And Aide

Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide is listed as one of the best Quick Certifications That Pay Well. It is a good career that offers quick schooling. These professionals work with physical therapists to help patients recover from an illness or possible injury. Their role is to set up equipment, moving patients as well as working on administrative tasks.

Certificate Programs That Pay Well And Require No Experience

Many one-year certificate programs lead to well-paying jobs. All of the programs listed here can be completed in 12 months or less, require no work experience or education beyond high school, and prepare you for rewarding careers. There are careers in trades, technology, health care, and the arts that only require a certificate. Check out the following options for certificates that pay well:

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Heavy Vehicle And Mobile Equipment Mechanic

Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics repair and maintain various construction and surface mining equipment like graders, cranes, bulldozers, and excavators. They do not need a formal background in heavy vehicle repair but have a high school diploma or equivalent. Most receive on-the-job training and then go on to perform routine service tasks. But those who wish to grow in their jobs need some more advanced training they can get from a certification course. Their knowledge and competence on the job help them advance to more complex work and better pay.

  • Median Annual Salary 2020 : $53,370

Fast And Easy Online Certifications

Calmer of Storms Award  Engrave

More and more certification programs are going online these days, as much as they can, anyway. With improved connectivity, and better information technology available, it just makes sense. For students, online learning can present great benefits but also some tough challenges.

Studying online is great for people who are already busy working full-time or have part-time jobs but still have some free time to study. You can work through material whenever you can squeeze some study hours in, making online courses super-flexible. You can also go back and review things again and again until you master the material. A live classroom teacher or trainer has no rewind button!

These programs can also be provided for a lot less money. To make a program, an institution makes a one-time investment in developing the online course, rather than having to pay for trainers salaries and maintaining classrooms. And because youre studying from home or wherever you want, you can save on transportation costs and time.

However, studying online on your own time requires one thing above all else: DISCIPLINE! Just like working out at home, you need to set your own hours and commit to doing the necessary work. This can be tough. Just like buying a gym membership and hiring a trainer, some people need external motivators to keep them on track.

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Physical Therapy Assistant And Aid

Physical Therapy Assistant & Aid is one of the cool certificate programs that pay well. Its an excellent job that requires little schooling.

These professionals collaborate with physical therapists to assist patients in recovering from illness or injury. They are responsible for setting up equipment, moving patients, and doing administrative duties.

  • You will work in the growing healthcare industry
  • Work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, home healthcare services, outpatient clinics, and health practitioners offices
  • Work full or part-time

However, this program is provided by the US Training Institute, you require a states licensing to get started.

Average Salary: $45,290Duration: 1 monthJob Outlook: The U.S. Department of Labor projects the growth for Physical Therapy Aide jobs to increase 23% by 2028

Apply here

Meta Database Engineer Certification

Another leading option for people searching for the highest-paying certifications, the Meta Database Engineer program teaches the job-ready skills professionals need to excel in database engineering.

Youll learn how to design, deploy, and manage structured and unstructured data and gain hands-on experience with industry-leading tools.

The course also includes access to the exclusive Meta Job board for successful graduates and provides an opportunity to build assets for your portfolio.

Cost and Duration

There are approximately 170 hours of content to cover in total within this course. At a pace of 48 hours of study per month, youll be able to complete the certification in 4 months.

The course will cost around $196, with a monthly subscription to Coursera at $49 per month.

Jobs You Can Do and Salary

The lessons in this program will prepare students for a career as a Database Engineer. However, you will also be able to apply for related roles, such as Data Engineer or Architect, Database Administrator, Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, or Solutions Architect.

The median entry-level salary for a Database Engineer is approximately $72,000 per year.

What Youll Learn

The Meta Database Engineer certification prepares students to excel in a role associated with database management and creation. Youll learn about industry-standard programming languages and use software like Django, Python, and SQL to create your own projects.

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Business Certification Programs That Pay Well

Provided you have a bit of formal training and some real-world experience, there are a number of certifications that can add to your earning potential in the business sector. Human resources and financial planning are just two examples of good certifications in this field, but many others are available. Here are some of the best certifications for jobs in business:

Physical Therapist Aide Certification Programs

10 IT Certifications That Pay Over $100,000 | Highest Paying Certifications | Best IT Certifications

Time to complete: up to 2 yearsAverage salary: $49,750

To become a physical therapist aide , you must complete the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education approved program. There are over 300 programs to choose from, and they can last up to two years. PTAs will learn about anatomy, kinesiology, and physiology, with skills tested on the job through clinical rotations.

In states where licensing is required, PTAs wishing to become physical therapy assistants will have to pass the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy exam. Check out our list of the best physical therapist assistant programs in the country.

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Free Online Certification Courses

Another consideration to make is that many online certification courses are now offered for free. But be careful with that word free!

Websites like offer courses in a huge range of fields. These include Health, IT, Management, Language, Sales, Business, Engineering, Teaching, and Personal Development. These courses are free to study, and if you pass their exams at the end, you can get your grade and study record.

While this might be enough to show an employer to help you gain a promotion or even a pay rise, its generally not enough to get you a new job in the field. But these sites give you the option of paying for your certification, meaning you get an official diploma or certificate.

So while there are oodles of free courses out there, free certifications basically dont exist except for a very small number of rare government-sponsored development programs.

Benefits Of Certificate Programs

The main benefits of enrolling in a certificate program as opposed to a college degree program include:

Personalized Attention

The classes are more likely to be smaller in a certificate program because hands-on training is a big part of the curriculum.

Lower cost

Certificate programs offer a cheaper option to learn practical and applicable skills. This means little to no students loans

Shorter Time

Training periods are shorter in these programs. Consequently, the cost is more affordable than college courses.

Job-specific training.

The courses taken in a certificate program prepares you to perform in specific roles. There isnt much time for generalized education in certificate programs.

Fast track to a Rewarding Job

Because students in certificate programs only take courses that are relevant to the job, they spend less time in the classroom and are ready for the practical world a lot faster.

All these make good economic sense.

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Web Developer/digital Interface Designer

Building attractive and functional websites requires plenty of technical skill but not necessarily much schooling, especially if you already enjoy teaching yourself new tricks. Depending on how motivated you are, this could be one of the quickest careers you can get into in tech. While not required, a formal education in web development or design can give you an edge.

  • Median pay: $77,030
  • Top pay: $129,760 or more

Putting It All Together

Certification Programs That Pay Well

Ultimately, all of the positions above are some of the highest-paying certificate jobs today. You can launch your career in two years or less, making them solid choices for anyone who isnt interested in a four-year degree. Plus, many of these fields are seeing demand rise. As a result, you may be able to earn far more than whats listed above as time passes.

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Medical Records And Health Information Specialist

Also known as medical coder, the medial records and health information specialist helps other people organize medical data. This is a great job for someone who loves working with numbers, organizing things logically, and has an interest in the healthcare industry.

What certifications are good for this position? Certifications available for medical records and health information specialists include the Certified Professional Coder , the Certified Coding Associate , and the Registered Health Information Technician .

Getting this certification takes slightly longer than most other ones on this list. You are looking to spend at least 9 months to get one, but 1 year is the most common time frame. Still, its way faster than a degree.

The median pay for medical coders was $45.240 in 2020.

Google It Support Professional Certification

Delivered by the experts at Google, the is one of the most popular choices for growing IT professionals.

This certification course will teach you the in-demand skills you need to operate and manage networking systems in less than 3 months.

Cost and Duration

This course includes a little over 100 hours of instruction alongside hundreds of practice-based assessments and hands-on labs. The certification will take approximately 3 months to complete at a rate of 48 hours per month.

In total, you can expect to pay around $117 for this course, with a Coursera subscription costing $39 per month.

Jobs You Can Do and Salary

This certification primarily prepares students for a career as an IT specialist. However, you can also apply for roles as a Database administrator, Tech support specialist, Network Engineer, Help Desk Technician, Computer specialist, IT assistant, or IT Technician.

The median entry-level salary for an IT specialist is approximately $52,000 per year, depending on your expertise and experience.

What Youll Learn

This comprehensive course will give you all of the guidance you need to apply for an entry-level job in the IT support landscape. After finishing the 5 courses, youll be able to apply directly for jobs with Google and a number of associated partners.

The course will also prepare you for the CompTIA A+ examination for IT. Plus, the course is ACE approved and can deliver up to 12-course credits to successful graduates.

Other Google Career Certifications


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Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification validates a professional’s ability to implement, maintain and monitor Azure solutions. This certification is a role-based one where major services are related to storage, security, network, and computing. The average salary that an individual gets after completing this certification ranges from 3.7 lakhs to 16.5 lakhs.

What Kind Of Online Certifications Are In Demand And Pay Well

Top 10 Certifications For 2021 | Highest Paying Certifications | Best IT Certifications |Simplilearn

Many online certificate programs lead to well-paying jobs. The demand for these programs is growing, more so during the pandemic. With the economy badly affected, many people have lost jobs. They are looking for certificate programs to upgrade their skills or learn new ones to get back into the job scene. They can choose several career-advancement certificate programs that are affordable, easy to enroll in, and complete within a few months. These online programs offer skills-based training and the credentials needed for various jobs.

Many industries are looking for skills-based training instead of a college degree. They recognize and accept employees who hold a high school diploma and certifications instead of a college degree. These programs help students get jobs and start earning right after high school. They get the training and knowledge to proceed with specific careers that pay well.

Some even pursue advanced degrees later on to ensure career growth. These online certificate programs attract many young students and experienced professionals looking to grow in their careers. They are using these to upgrade their skills or learn something new, especially during the pandemic.

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Air Traffic Controller Certification Programs

Time to complete: up to 4 yearsAverage salary: $127,440

Air traffic controllers are required to have at least three years of progressive work experience, a bachelor’s degree, or a combination of both. An alternative solution is completing an Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative program, which is approved by the FAA.

The program teaches aviation administration and how to properly control air traffic. After graduating from the program, air traffic controllers can skip the Air Traffic Basics course that occurs during the first five weeks of FAA Academy training.

Certificate Programs That Lead To Well

Theresa Chiechi / The Balance

A variety of different degree programs can help increase your chances of finding a high-paying job. However, many of these programs are costly and can take years to complete.

A certificate program is an alternative to a degree program. Certificate programs are short-term training programs that often take less time to complete than a degree.

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What Certifications Pay Off The Most

If youre looking for quick certifications that pay well, you probably have three main priorities. Most people are looking for a short study period and a low-cost program that helps them get into a well-paid industry with satisfying work. So the certifications that have the highest payoff are those that dont cost a lot or take a lot of time but help you pull in a significant salary.

How Quickly Can A Certificate Be Earned

#6020 &  #6021 Sports Award Certificate  School Merit Solutions

On average, a certificate can take as short as three months to six months, while some could take up to two years earning associates degree.

Theres a fair amount of variance between certification programs across industries. How long it takes you to gain credentials in the field can change depending on many factors. Deadlines are set to establish an estimate of when the average student will become proficient in the topic.

It can also vary based on the state you live in and their wage laws. The highest paying certification-based jobs in Florida will probably differ from California.

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Medical Front Office Administration Specialist

Medical Front Office Administration Specialist certification offers a wide range of opportunities. They are an essential part of any medical practice. Just like a receptionist, MFOAS act as the first point of contact for patients checking in at the front desk and perform a variety of administrative tasks.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

Are you looking to become a Microsoft cloud-based service sales provider? Then you will need a Microsoft certified Azure Fundamentals Certification. To gain the certification, you should have some foundational knowledge of cloud services as well as how those services are provided through Microsoft Azure. This certification is intended for beginning candidates who are just starting to work with cloud-based solutions. The certification is an opportunity to provide proof of your understanding of cloud concepts.

A candidate is typically familiar with general technology concepts that include storage, networking, computing, application support, and application development. Those Azure fundamentals are then used to prepare for the specialty certifications. Are you ready to apply? Head to their website.

Cost: The cost of the Microsoft Azure Fundamental exams varies according to the certification.

  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals $99
  • Microsoft Azure Administrator – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Developer – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Security Engineer (Associate Exam AZ-500- $165
  • Microsoft Azure AI Engineer – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect – $165
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect – $165
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer – $165

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Why Should You Enroll In A Certification Program

This is why you should consider enrolling yourself in a professional certification program.

  • You will get a hand on experience of things with some personalized attention from the tutors.
  • They are less costly and worth spending on.
  • Moreover, certification programs have less duration so you can learn the skill quickly.
  • Certification programs are not a piece of general information, so they will aid in polishing your existing skill or help you develop a new hence making you eligible for a particular title.
  • Obtaining a certificate provides additional credentials on your resume.
  • Certificates are a great way to extend connectivity when you dont have a well-established network. A certificate often involves learning, attending events, or networking with other professionals.

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