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Professional In Project Management

PMP Tutorial for Beginners -Part 1 | PMP Training | Project Management Certification

The Professional in Project Management is a midtier project management credential from the GAQM. The GAQMs project management certifications are focused on a broad knowledge base and emphasize effective resource allocation, clear direction, adaptability to change, effective communication, and assurance of quality deliverables at minimal risk. The certification covers how to plan, execute, control, and complete project schedules and how to develop project measures, approach project control, and lead project teams. It focuses on project management fundamentals, project management training, effective planning and scheduling, team building, risk management, crisis management, time management, leadership skills, communication strategies, and knowledge management. The PPM is targeted towards intermediate to experienced project managers who are involved in risk and crisis management, and who are involved in the day-to-day management of projects.

Organization: Global Association for Quality Management

Price: $340

Requirements: GAQM body of knowledge study and e-course no formal education or experience requirements, but candidates should have at least some project management experience to pass the exam

Complete Pmp Prep Course

Brain Sensei provides online project management exam prep courses with an interesting twist. The company takes a very unique approach to delivering the lessons with animated storytelling, making them fun, entertaining and effective. The courses are interactive, extremely engaging while being comprehensive at the same time.

The PMP training course at Brain Sensei follows a female Samurai in Feudal Japan on a mission to overcome project planning challenges and become PMP certified. The story mimics real projects so that you learn real-life concepts that will serve your career. The PMP course includes 9 interactive modules covering topics such as project management overview, initializing, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling, and closing a project. Each module contains multiple self-assessments to track progress. Additionally there are 4 practice exams with 800 practice questions to prepare you well for the PMP exam.

Key Highlights

Duration : 6 months

Project Management In It Security

Like CPMP, PMITS is operated by the EC-Council and focuses exclusively on managing IT security projects. Candidates need at least two years of project management experience, plus, preferably, a bachelors degree or higher. Theres an EC-Council training program offered before the exam, which is recommended.

Price: $250

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Become A More Effective Leader

Are you just starting out or moving up as a project manager? UCLA Extensions Project Management Certificate can help you become a more effective leaderand give you the edge to stand out in a highly competitive landscape.Our curriculum benefits professionals in a wide range of disciplines, including entertainment, engineering, healthcare, IT, and many more.

Gain in-depth training in key aspects of project management. Our courses are in complete compliance with the Project Management Institute standards, and are aligned with the project management 49-processes framework, as well as the Project Management Body of Knowledge -6th edition. We can also help prepare you for the Project Management Professional ® exam as you work toward the internationally recognized PMP® certification by PMI®.

Format: This certificate can be completed 100% online or in-person. Courses are offered in online, remote, and classroom formats.

Duration: Complete the program in as little as 6 months. Typical pace is less than 1-2 years. Start any quarter.

This certificate is also approved for International Students , the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act , and is VA benefit eligible.

UCLA Extension is a Premier Authorized Training Partner and is approved by PMI to issue professional development units .

Project Management Training With Practical Experience

Learn Project Management for Beginners with Certificate

The Project Management in Practice training is a step-by-step process model, not a seminar on theoretical standards. On the contrary, you will learn, understand and have to apply what you have learned directly to intensify your learning. The starting point is a generic project lifecycle, which consists of initiation, start, execution and completion.

Some theoretical principles, of course, also have to be covered in this seminar for beginners in project management. However, these are not merely presented in the training. Quite the opposite, you will also apply the theory directly. This is not only exciting, but it also leads to increased success.

Thus, your newly acquired knowledge is improved right away, gains real practical relevance, and stays fresh in your mind.

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Top Project Management Certifications

Many global organizations offer project management certificates, with the Project Management Institute typically considered the leading institution in the industry. ScrumAlliance, the American Academy of Project Management, and ILX Group are three more organizations that offer well-known certifications in the industry.

Determining which project management certification is best for you depends on the kind of project manager you are or want to be. Factor in the experience you have, if any, as well as your future career goals and any skill gaps within your organization or industry that you could help fill.

PMI offers eight different types of project management certifications, with the first 4 covering more generalized project management capabilities , and the latter four qualifying a more specialized skill set:

Arguably the most well-known certification from PMI is the PMP, which the organization dubs the gold standard of project management certifications. A PMP signals to employers that you have the project management skills and expertise they need to succeed in the coming decade.

A PMP designation can pay off, too. The 10th edition of PMIs Project Management Salary Survey found that salaries for those with a PMP averaged 23% higher globally than those without the designation. The report found that more than two-thirds of respondents salaries had increased in the past year, with 26% of respondents reporting increases of at least 5%.

Pmp Basics: Best Free Pmp Certification Online

If youre looking for free PMP courses, this Free Course to Learn Project Management Basics will teach you the most widely used project management methodologies for delivering successful projects.

By the end of this course, you will be knowledgeable about concepts like project planning, project time, cost quality management, and communication management. Youll also get familiar with project management roles and the most popular tools, such as Trello, an app known for its focus on the Kanban system and small learning curve.

This course is designed for beginners, aspiring project managers, marketing professionals, and AgileScrum professionals. You will receive a course completion certificate after completing the PMP basics course.


Get this PMP online course free here.

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Cssgb: Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate

This certification is a particularly important one among all the other Certified Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. Administered by the ASQ institute, this program will help you hone your skills better as a project manager. This certification suggests that you are great at process analysis, project planning, resource management, and performance management.


  • At least three years of experience dealing with Six Sigma projects.
  • This experience needs to be a full-time and paid one.


  • $440 per exam attempt.

Establish Your Project Schedule

Project Management Full Course 2022 | Learn Project Management Tutorial for Beginners | Simplilearn

Identify details of your overall project timeline. Your timeline is defined by a schedule that is defined by several factors such as tasks and dependencies, resource requirements for each task, the time needed for each task, and a critical path that shows how tasks and their dependencies link and play out.

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Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:

  • Expected Salary: $77,000 $80,000
  • Accreditation: ASQ
  • Cost: $440 Per Exam/ Per Attempt

This certification is part of the other certification in the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt certifications group. There are a total of three certifications, and CSSGB is one of them. The three certifications are essential for anyone whos looking to hone his/her skills as a project manager.

As usual, the CSSGB certification is accredited by the ASQ institute. Prior to the exam, candidates are expected to have at least three years of experience in the Six Sigma projects field. In addition, the work experience has to be full-time and paid for. Therefore, internees or part-time workers are not able to take the certified six sigma green belt exam.

The good news is that within the confines of green belt body certification, you will be able to do one of the following with great ease and comfort.

  • Handle phase-related projects. Phases in Six Sigma could be customer voice, PM basics, project identification, planning and resource management, team dynamics and vice versa. Each phase is a legacy on its own.
  • You will also be able to do process analysis, measure the performance and capabilities of team members in a project and collect data crucial to the existing Six Sigma setup.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Requirements:

Recommended Books for Certified Six Sigma Green Belt certification preparation:

Bvop Project Management Certification

The Business Value-Oriented Project Management certification takes a unique approach to exploring the PM world. Looking not just at agile and waterfall methodologies, but people and business-oriented principles in project management, this course will prepare you for a range of roles.

The solution is perfectly suited for anyone hoping to develop modern leadership skills

Who is this for?

With the BVOP course, youll develop the skills you need to become a more modern business management expert, looking at everything from technology to development processes, and people guidance in the way you get things done.

This is a course intended for project managers who want to focus on agile, transparent, and efficient processes, where teamwork and collaboration are prioritized.

According to BVOP, the certification is specifically aimed at senior project managers, Scrum masters, agile professionals, product managers, business analysts, and budding professionals.

How to Get Certified

While an existing degree or certification isnt required for the BVOP course, you will need a deep understanding of the topics from the BVOP Ultimate Guide. Its also helpful to have some previous experience working with projects at a professional level.

Students need to achieve a score of at least 75% to pass the exam.


Currently, the BVOP Project Manager Certification is available at an introductory price of $130, while it would usually cost $280. Theres also a free trial available.

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Benefits Of Project Management Certification

Since theyre often recognized worldwide, project management certifications induct recipients into a global professional community and bolster recipients credibility from employers perspective.

On the job, those with a project management certification are ready to meet the demands of employers around the world, have better career opportunities, and a higher earning potential.

Study The Pmbok Guide

Prince2 for Beginners :Prince2 self study for Certification &  Project ...

While there are plenty of free and paid project management courses online, the PMBOK Guide is the best resource if you intend to take the PMP exam. The exam is based primarily on this guide, so mastering the PMBOK increases your chances of acing your exam and getting accredited.

Additionally, you can use supporting study materials after you are familiar with PMBOK. These guides and materials should help you to polish your understanding of project management further.

The PMBOK may seem a little daunting at first. The guide is structured in knowledge areas. Go through one knowledge area at a time and master it before moving on to the next one. It also helps if you set learning milestones to ensure that you are on track for the exam date.

Keep in mind that the PMP also tests your working knowledge of project management principles. Many questions feature project management scenarios where you are expected to find the best solution to a hypothetical situation. Make sure you understand how the principles you learn apply to real-world project management situations.

The PMBOK guide is also an essential resource even if you choose to enroll in other project management certifications. This guide is put together by the Project Management Institute and is widely considered the gold standard resource for project management concepts and principles.

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What Is The Pmp

Research indicates that employers will need to fill nearly 2.2 million new project-oriented roles each year through 2027. This means skilled project managers are in high demand. The PMP certification is designed by project professionals, for project professionals and validates that you are among the besthighly skilled in:

  • People: emphasizing the soft skills you need to effectively lead a project team in today’s changing environment.
  • Process: reinforcing the technical aspects of successfully managing projects.
  • Business Environment: highlighting the connection between projects and organizational strategy.

PMP certification validates that you have the project leadership skills employers seek. The new PMP includes three key approaches:

Gain a competitive edge. Prove you work smarter. Make your goals a reality. Earn the PMP today.

What Certifications Are Needed For Project Management

With so many project management certifications available, its natural to wonder which are the most essential for you and your project management career. After all, you probably dont need every single professional certification under the sun to manage projects successfully.

The type of certification you need would depend on various factors, such as your experience, career goals, and any skill gaps you believe you have but want to fill. We have an article covering the top project management skills for resume-building, which might help you steer your certification hunt.

Budgetary considerations are another thing to think about. And on that note, yes, there are free project management certification options out there as well.

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Project Management Professional : Best Project Management Certification Overall

The Project Management Professional is one of the most popular project management certifications developed by the Project Management Institute . The PMP is a globally recognized certification that is accepted by many industries and countries.

Hence, for the purposes of this list, its our top project management certification overall.

Its also the certification required by many companies to be hired as a project manager. According to stats, the median salary for PMP holders in the US is 25% higher than those without PMP certification.

Earning a PMP certification shows your future or current employer that you have the skills and experience needed to successfully lead and complete projects according to plan and within budget.

The PMP includes three key approaches: predictive , agile, and hybrid. The PMP exam includes topics such as managing conflict, leading a team, empowering team members, building a team, managing communications, planning and managing scope, supporting organizational change, and more.


  • A four-year degree, 36 months leading projects, 35 hours of project management training or CAPM Certification or a high school diploma or an associates degree, 60 months leading projects, and 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM Certification.


Best Project Management Certifications And Courses Of 2022

Project Management Full Course | Project Management Training | Edureka


Project Management certifications or a certified professional are not essential to an organizations core structure, but their involvement makes a difference in ten folds.

From the 1960s to the early 2000s, Agile Framework adoption was still in its infancy. Teams and organizations who were looking to expand unknowingly adapted to a specific set of daily rituals that were later termed as Agile Project Management, PMP, and other such condiments.

Today, technology and businesses have gone through a metamorphosis that has led to such organizations in dire need of certified project managers. These individuals are qualified to handle the requirements of ongoing projects whether they are related to software development or physical boundaries.

The nature of the certification, in turn, determines how the skills of a certified IT Project Manager can be applied and benefited from.

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Additional Project Management Certificates

Many colleges and universities offer project management certificates through their existing business, management, or professional education programs. Schools such as Villanova, University of New Haven, Stanford University, and others have excellent project management programs and certificates. There also are IT vendor-specific project management certifications available, such as the Microsoft Project Certification. Requirements and price vary based on institution.

Which Are The Essential Pm Certificates Out There

Donât rush into studying for just any project management certification. Some employers donât accept them, while online certifications are almost useless. Also, you should study for a certification related to the projects you work on or the industry youâre involved in.

Hereâs a list of project management certifications that you should consider:

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Why Are Project Management Certifications Important

The average certified project manager has undergone various vigorous project development units, with each one being a training module of its own nature.

As a result of these certifications, the project manager is eventually capable of handling a wide variety of challenges and preset tasks to help increase the flow of the business industry.

Likewise, based on IT Project Management Certifications, such as Agile, Scrum, or PMP+ modules, the certified manager can overlook an entire workforce responsible for achieving a milestone.

These project managers handle Scrum Masters and Product Owners who, in turn, are tasked to monitor sprint marathons within the organization.

Obviously, we dont expect you to know the aforementioned terminologies. However, at the helm of each project, it comes down to obtaining the concerned Project Management Certifications.

Otherwise, you wont be treated as an accredited/ recognized individual who is equipped to handle the laborious tasks within the life cycle of a project.

See how much do project managers earn:

Key Points To Be Noted For Comptia A+ Certification

A Beginnerâs Guide for PMP® Certification by a PMP® â

Some of the relevant points that are to be kept in mind, regarding this certification are:

  • Firstly, its a certification thats most valued in the United States. If youre planning to build a career in IT/Cyber Security/Network Architecture domain in the US, then this certification becomes important for you.
  • Secondly, The CompTIA certifications are much correlated to IT-related domains such as cyber security and network architecture. So if you are from a different industry such as healthcare or non-profit industry you shouldnt consider this certification. Instead, you should do a more general certification like the CAPM certification or the PRINCE2 Foundation.
  • If you are preparing for the CompTIA A+ certification, you might want to check out my recommended online courses on Udemy for CompTIA A+ Certification. Also, please study the official webpage of CompTIA Certifications and its various modules here.

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