Pre And Post Natal Certification

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In This Course We Will:

Pre And Postnatal Certification
  • Learn tools to be able to teach and design yoga classes for pregnant women, as well as couples and those interested in fertility
  • Appropriate Yoga postures for pregnancy and various modifications, pranayama for relaxation, guided meditation, positive affirmation & restorative postures for pregnancy
  • How to foster and support women in preparation for birth in a natural and holistic way
  • Learn Positions for labour and types of yogic breathing to prepare and support the laboring Mother during her birth
  • Understand how to teach and support pregnant students in all phases of gestation
  • Gain an understanding of the psychological, physical and emotional states of pregnant women
  • Discover how to enhance fertility through yoga practice
  • Learn to prepare couples for birth, ensuring they make informed choices
  • Practical business and marketing tools for Prenatal Yoga
  • practice your teaching skills in the course

A certificate is given upon completion of this course. 20 hours are applicable towards Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. Take this course and the Prenatal course weekend for 40 hours of comprehensive training or alternately as part of the WYS Certification.

Course Instructor: Eloisa Slimmon-Weber

Brooke Carlson Certified Personal Trainer

I programmed my own workouts according to the PROnatal Fitness Performance Training Framework and I was able to experience a PAIN-FREE pregnancy despite having scoliosis. Moreover, I was able to maintain a full-time personal training schedule that kept me on my feet all day right up until the very end!

Course Contents Live Virtual Test And Assess The Post

  • Australia + NZ National Post-Natal Exercise Guidelines + Birthing Stats
  • Special considerations when working with the Post-Natal client
  • PRACTICAL Assessing alignment changes during the Post-Natal period
  • Dynamic Intregrated Mobilizations for the Post-Natal client stretching REVOLUTIONIZED!
  • The Myofascial System and the deep core
  • Teaching Kegels and Progressing to Integrated Core and Pelvic Floor Exercise Using Conscious + Unconscious Movement & Imagery
  • Integrated Functional Exercise for The Post-Natal Client Motherhood Movement Patterns®
  • The Key Elements of Optimal Nutrition For Post-Natal Recovery CASE STUDY PRACTICAL
  • PRACTICAL Assessing and grading the Post-Natal core testing for Diastasis Recti + Assessing and Coaching Instrinsic Core Synergy®
  • How to communicate with another Health Care Provider or Referring Your Client
  • PRACTICALS Putting It All Together Creating appropriate BESPOKE programming for an early through til late/restored Post-Natal client
  • PRACTICALS Mindfulness, meditation and restorative practices for the Post Natal client
  • PRACTICAL Myofascial Foam Rolling for the Post Natal client
  • The Burrell Education Business Hack

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This Is The Only Course In Ireland Which Will Provide You With Qualifications All Gym Owners And Personal Trainer Clients Look For

As Fitness Professionals we know the benefits of remaining active during pregnancy but we may not feel comfortable dealing with clients in this area. This course aims to give you both the knowledge and skills to train the pregnant client and those returning to exercise post partum.

With increased competition in the Fitness Industry, it is important as a Trainer to upskill, stay with the trends and identify yourNiche area. Exercise during Pregnancy and Postpartum is a skill area that a lot of trainers may lack and hence see a drop off in clientele during this time.

Ryan Stec Certified Functional Strength Coach

Pre and Post Natal Instructor

One of the things I liked best about this course is the amount of clarity provided in each module. In other certificate courses, I’ve struggled with the amount of material that feels unnecessary to properly train a client, and I end up getting confused. This is a very straightforward and concise program. I also love the number of tools we are given to help us when it comes to actually working with a client.

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Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Course Objectives

  • The benefits, barriers and concerns relating to physical activity for pre and post natal clients.
  • The physiological and bio-mechanical changes that take place during pregnancy and the post natal period.
  • The key considerations for pre and post natal clients participating in physical activity.
  • How to collect information to ensure health and safety when working with a pre or postnatal client.
  • The nutritional requirements for pre and post natal clients.
  • How to design an individualised, safe and effective exercise programme for a pre or postnatal client.
  • Identification and management of risks to pre and post natal clients when participating in physical activity.

The Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification Program Includes:

  • All course materials
  • 3 instructional textbooks
  • Flexible workout plans – for strength, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, and balance for each stage of pregnancy and the postpartum period
  • Fitness assessment worksheets
  • Resources for eating well to support pregnancy
  • Yoga exercise guidelines for each trimester
  • Final exam
  • This course is approved for 1.9 NASM/19 AFAA CEU’s, and 16 AFPA CEC’s.
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    Nicole Katz Structural Yoga Therapist & Founder Of Yoga 216

    I am a full spectrum doula and I took this course because so many of my clients were asking me about working out during pregnancy. When I began the course, I was a birth doula for 3 clients and I taught them all many of the techniques I learned and they were immensely helpful! I truly believe that the practice they did allowed them to have the birth experiences they had always desired. I look forward to continue to teach these techniques I learned to ALL my future clients. THANK YOU!

    The Iphi Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification Program

    Introducing Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend | Beachbody

    Our program is a combination of eighteen modules completed online through self-directed study and optional online calls to support your journey. Calls are recorded so you may listen if you cannot attend. You will also have access to our private online Facebook group where you will get to interact with our graduates and members represented in countries throughout the world.

    Our program has been designed for professionals who desire to begin or expand their knowledge and career working with preconceiving, prenatal, and postpartum families to provide nutrition coaching, education, support and resources in order to specifically meet their nutrition goals. This is a wonderful addition for any professional who is currently working with new and expecting moms and is a wonderful complimentary program for sleep consultants, lactation consultants/educators, doulas, baby planners, newborn care specialists, pre and post natal yoga instructors, health coaches, family coaches, parenting coaches, nutritionists and more.

    If you have no experience working as a coach and looking to start a new career, our program is also designed for you as it is comprehensive and provides all the tools you need to become a successful coach and business owner.

    Birth Education + Prepare Your Clients For Birth

    Our fitness trainers course is unique because of our expertise as a birth doula + labor & delivery nurse! Learn the science of birth, and how we can utilize fitness training to prepare our clients for their own birth!

    Our course will break down labor biomechanics, and how to incorporate labor prep into your fitness programs.

    Lindsay Salamone Full Spectrum Doula

    Despite working in the fitness industry for over a decade, I experienced incontinence and low back pain after my second pregnancy. I discovered the PROnatal Fitness course right before getting pregnant with my third, and I am so thankful I did! Applying the PROnatal Fitness method, I was able to avoid significant pains or injuries during pregnancy and experience my smoothest postpartum recovery yet with NO incontinence or pain. Beyond that, the strength Ive built has helped me to feel my best and be my best as I enjoy my busy life as a mom of 3!

    Guidelines For The Pre And Post Natal Certification

    Having the proper credentials with a pre and postnatal certification to train your female clients at all stages of life speaks highly about your commitment to their lifetime fitness goals and all women for that matter. Being a pregnancy personal trainer will not only allow you to grow your practice and clientele, but it will also place a great deal of trust that your current clients have in your knowledge of what is best for them. Lets face it, when you grow a bond with your clients by helping them achieve their fitness goals, they only want to work with you! By earning this pre and postnatal certification, you can ensure that their fitness gains are not lost while they are pregnant, they are properly preparing physically for childbirth, and that their recovery process is much easier than if they came back to you after taking six months off.

    What You Will Learn:

    After Baby Archives

    As a graduate of the Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Certification program, youll be qualified to structure appropriate exercise regimes for clients, coach on maternity health as well as properly address common prenatal and postnatal concerns. These include:

    • exercising during pre-conception and early pregnancy
    • how to determine exercise intensity-level during pregnancy and postpartum
    • how a baby in the womb reacts to exercise
    • potential risks of exercising during pregnancy
    • misconceptions concerning exercise linking to infertility and miscarriage
    • physiological changes your client experiences immediately following birth and up through the first 12 months postpartum.

    How You’ll Be Assessed

    This Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor qualification includes a range of knowledge-based assessments to ensure that you have sufficient understanding to provide specialist exercise and fitness support to clients that are pregnant or postpartum. We’ve provided a summary of the assessments below, and you can also watch our assessment video to get more detail on how these assessments are conducted.

    • Programming safe exercise

    Here Is What You Will Get Out Of The Ace Course

  • You will be taught about all of the benefits of working out before and after pregnancy.
  • You will be able to make effective and safe workout routines based on the goals of your pregnant clients.
  • You will be taught about the risks related to exercise in the development of the fetus.
  • You will learn why exercise helps speed recovery after birth.
  • Pre And Post Natal Certification For Your Pregnant Female Clientele

    Help your female clients achieve even better results by earning a Pre and Post Natal Certification Today!

    Begin your pre and postnatal certification process today! Its so much more than just knowing what modifications to make in each trimester. Truly understand why and what to teach your pre and post natal clients according to what is appropriate at each stage in her pregnancy is paramount to her health and the babies.

    Pre Post Natal Personal Training Certification

    Yogapoint Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training Course – Prenatal 2

    As a Fitness Professional, it can help your career if you focus or specialise on a particular demographic as your client base. Training pregnant or postnatal/postpartum women is a great demographic to focus on. They need an exercise program just as much if not more than any other population group and as they can be considered a higher risk group, its essential that they have an appropriate program design with safe and effective exercises.

    If youre looking for a specialist course focusing on training pregnant or post natal or looking to become a female training specialist, check out Fitness Education Onlines internationally recognized CEU online courses. You will learn all about working with pregnant and post natal women including risk factors, staying within the scope of practice, and appropriate exercises and workouts while the woman is pregnant or postnatal / postpartum.

    Megan Clokey Certified Personal Trainer & Owner Of Vibrant Mama Wellness

    This course was everything I could ask for! Being a certified personal trainer already, I was surprised by just how much I learned. Even though there was so much information, I never felt overwhelmed because the course was structured in such a logical, easy-to-follow way. I’ve never felt so excited and prepared to coach this special population!

    Megan H Dpt And Mom Of 2

    I used Lindsays workouts through all five of my pregnancies. And being in better shape now, than I ever was as an athlete in high school, I knew I wanted to help others like Lindsay helped me. I was a Stay at Home Mom with visions of some day doing something for myself. I always thought that some day would be after my youngest went to Kindergarten. Instead I enrolled in the course, planning to take it at my own pace. And within a weekend I had completed the course. I am planning on starting my own business and I found the Instructor Tools helpful in getting me started. Lindsay offers a play-by-play of her business and how she started. I feel confident and am really excited to get started!

    Learn Everything You Need To Know To Succeed As A Prenatal And Postnatal Fitness Specialist

    Gain the ability to properly address common prenatal concerns, such as: Exercising during infertility, pre-conception and early pregnancy, proper exercise intensity during pregnancy, how a baby in the womb reacts to exercise, and the potential risks of exercising during pregnancy. Also to attend to misconceptions regarding the relationship between exercise, and infertility and miscarriage.

    • Musculoskeletal, heart rate and metabolic responses
    • Guidelines on how to train clients of all fitness levels from sedentary to competitive athletes.
    • Transverse abdominis & pelvic floor exercises
    • Modifications for back pain, pelvic pain, SPD, urinary incontinence, round ligament pain, carpal tunnel, diastasis recti, and other common pregnancy conditions.

    Increase your knowledge of the physiological changes that postnatal clients will experience immediately following birth and up through the first 12 months postpartum. Information regarding metabolic and hormone changes will enable help you develop proper exercise programs for postnatal clients with special considerations for both C-section and vaginal recoveries, breastfeeding and exercise, the benefits of exercise for the new mother and exercise recommendations for how and when to resume training postpartum.

    • 12 high definition anatomical illustrations
    • Core muscles affected by pregnancy
    • Overview of joint and muscle actions
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Have a solid understanding of the English language.

    Pre And Postnatal Specialist Certification

    Pre &  Post Natal Training

    Our Pre and Postnatal track offers you a comprehensive and holistic approach to designing and teaching the pre and postnatal client.

    Pre and Postnatal Specialist certification can be completed in-person/livestream or as an on-demand online course. The certification is suitable for Fitness, Yoga and Pilates instructors. The Pilates track certification includes practical exercises on the Reformer, Chair and Cadillac with program design for each trimester.

    Modules required to complete Pre and Postnatal Specialist Certification in this order:

    Guidelines On Exercise For Women In The Pre & Post Natal Period

    The NHS advice for pre and post natal women is to stay active and exercise during pregnancy however that it should be done with precaution and guidance. Similarly, after pregnancy in the post natal period women may return to exercise from around 6 weeks, again with adaptations and precautions to exercise.

    There is therefore huge demand from women who want to exercise in both the pre and post natal period, however, less than 10% of Level 3 Personal Trainers hold this vital qualification.

    Graduates From The Iphi Pre & Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification Program Are Trained:

    We are the first organization to introduce and launch an integrative Pre-Postnatal Nutrition Coach Certification program in 2013, expanding coaching professionals holistic nutrition knowledge and skillset for working with clients throughout pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum.

    While there are many general nutrition coach certifications available, Mar De Carlo, IPHIs founder, recognized the need for one that specializes to support women during their preconception, pregnancy and postpartum journey.

    In 2012, Mar teamed up with nutritionist Sara Spears to co-create and launch IPHIs first holistic and comprehensive Prenatal Postnatal Nutrition Coach certification program in January 2013.

    At the end of 2014, Sara left IPHI to pursue tim with her expanding family and Mar continued to oversee and support our program.

    From 2018-2020, Rebecca Burditt, nutritionist and IBCLC, joined the IPHI faculty team to temporarily support Mar and our expanding program.

    Our Pre & Postnatal Nutrition Coach model utilizes a holistic science-based approach that is also individualized and patient-centered in order to help arm our coaches with the skills, education and confidence needed in order to meaningfully connect with clients and by developing optimal full mind-body wellness. The IPHI does not believe in a one size fits all approach to providing nutrition education to our clients.

    • Continuous support during and after the course with monthly on-line calls as needed.

    Troy Brooks Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor

    This was my 3rd pre/postnatal specialist course, and this was BY FAR the best one I have taken. It was incredibly thorough — diving deep into programming for both prenatal and postpartum, whereas other certifications did not do this. I am already implementing what I’ve learned into my training sessions with clients. I HIGHLY recommend this course!

    Specialist Pre And Postnatal Fitness Instructor Courses With Hfe

    30 Minute Pre & Postnatal Yoga with Aurelie Louis-Alexandre | lululemon

    Our Level 3 Award in Exercise for Pre and Postnatal Clients has been designed for busy fitness professionals to upskill their knowledge and skills to become specialist pre and postnatal instructors.

    Exercise during pregnancy and post-birth can have a tremendous benefit to mother and baby, including preventing excessive weight gain, reducing nausea, vomiting and fatigue, improving posture and increasing foetal growth, and even reducing the risk of pregnancy related medical conditions and disorders .

    Current guidelines for pregnant women who have enjoyed being active up to becoming pregnant is to remain as active as possible, for as long as possible, although there are a few caveats and considerations. It is around these considerations where a large bulk of this course focuses.

    From an assessment point of view, initially, youll need to complete a small number of online worksheets, providing longer-form more descriptive answers to scenario-based areas of your role. Youll also need to complete a short theory exam which will assess your knowledge of key technical and safety-related areas of working with pre and postnatal clients. Finally, youll then complete a short case-study where youll demonstrate your ability to plan safe and effective exercises to a pre and postnatal client.

    If you want more information on this Level 3 Pre and Postnatal Fitness Instructor qualification, contact our Careers Team today.

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