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The Fitzgerald Pass Guarantee

PMHNP Exam Prep Course Introduction: The Lantern Review

Students who use Fitzgerald FNP Certification Courses and Prep Packages have a 99%+ pass rate, plus the course is backed by our Pass Guarantee.

The Fitzgerald Pass Guarantee ensures free online course access if a student needs to retake the exam, plus free remediation guided by NP Certification Experts.

Our ample, cutting-edge FNP practice tests and FNP sample questions are a huge part of the success our students achieve on test day. Plus, theyre included in our family nurse practitioner certification exam review courses.

We offer flexible certification prep packages as well as standalone supplemental resources that help the next generation of FNPs pass their exams quickly and feel prepared for the next phase of their careers.

If you have questions, please visit our website or reach out to our highly-rated customer service personnel.

*AANP is often used as shorthand for AANPCB .

Retire From Np Practice

Q. I am retiring soon. What do I need to do?

A: Complete the CERTIFICATION STATUS CHANGE REQUEST form located under the FORMS tab on the homepage. Email, fax, or mail form to AANPCB. Appropriate measures can be taken to stop future AANPCB recertification reminders, election notices, surveys, or other correspondence from being sent. Your certification will remain active until the end of your 5-year certification period.

Q: Does AANPCB have a special designation for Certificants who are ready to retire from NP professional practice?

A: No. AANPCB does not have a retired credential, retired certification, or inactive certification.

Q: What happens if I don?t complete the CERTIFICATION STATUS CHANGE REQUEST form?

A: The NP’s certification will automatically expire at the end of the 5-year period of certification and will no longer be valid. The certification period can be found on your certificate, wallet card, and Online Profile.

Why Does Fitzgerald Have A 99%+ Pass Rate

In 2020, the pass rate for all FNPs who took the AANP certification exam or the ANCC certification exam, ranged from 85%-89%.*

In contrast, Fitzgerald review course students have a 99%+ NP exam pass rate. How does the program generate a near-perfect pass rate?

Heres what goes into the Fitzgerald Method:

Family Nurse Practitioner Exam Review Courses

The Fitzgerald Method delivers the most up-to-date, evidence-based family nurse practitioner certification review available.

The course is authored and updated by Dr. Fitzgerald to help students prepare for the ANCC FNP exam and the AANP FNP exam.* Additionally, it is taught by NP experts who actually practice as FNPs.

The FNP certification exam is notoriously challenging because it asks the examinee to apply the entire scope of their knowledge and skills, gained from both academic and clinical experience, to a series of questions.* This is why a review course is particularly beneficial: it reviews and helps tie together everything youve learned up to this point.

All Fitzgerald family nurse practitioner test prep courses review AANP and ANCC nurse practitioner test content and include:*

  • Free practice exam & hundreds of prep questions
  • Comprehensive printed workbook & access to online PDFs
  • Bonus tutorial with audio presentation of rationales

Fitzgerald FNP Certification Reviews are available in a variety of formats:

Livestream Learning
Online Learning

Family Nurse Practitioner Exam Prep Book

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Nurse Practitioner Ce Passport Membership

What to expect:

  • A one-stop resource to stay current in pharmacology and clinical guideline updates and to explore topics you need to gain knowledge and increase expertise
  • One year of full access to 50+ online curated learning paths and 100+ CE online courses created by practicing NP experts

About this membership:

The FHEA Passport membership is ideal for nurse practitioners who seek to learn broadly or deepen their expertise. As a member, you can customize the learning plan you want with unlimited access to our entire library of CE courses and curated learning paths.

Whats included:

  • One year of full access to 50+ online curated learning paths and 100+ CE online courses created by practicing NP experts
  • Immediate access to new content released every month
  • Member-exclusive sessions on hot topics with NP experts
  • 50% discount on live-in person CE classes
  • Connect with your peers in member forums
  • Members-only Podcasts

Whnp Exam Prep Review

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Overview Womens Health NursePractitioner Certification Exam Review Course and Womens Health Updatecourse faculty teach or havetaught in WHNP programs were chosen because they specialize in the module topic.To purchase this course, sign in or create an account. hereMembers receive a discounted price.Pricing

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Adult Np And Gerontological Np Certification Renewal Options

Q: What options are available for the Adult NP or Gerontological NP to renew certification?

A: There is only 1 option available for renewal of the ANP and GNP certifications.

  • Meet minimum 1,000 clinical practice hours in the NP role and population area.
  • Complete a total of 100 advanced practice continuing education contact hours.
    • 25 CEs need to be advanced pharmacology .
    • Up to 25 non-pharmacology CE credits may be replaced with Preceptor hours .
  • Meet minimum requirements within the current 5-year period of certification.

Note: Since the ANP and GNP examinations have been retired, you may wish to determine if you meet eligibility requirements to take the AGNP or FNP certification examination. Your NP graduate education will need to align with area of certification. For example, some ANPs may have completed an Adult-Gerontological NP program.

Q: The Adult NP and Gerontological NP certification examinations were retired. What does that mean for my current ANP or GNP certification?

A: Certification as an ANP or GNP with AANPCB will not be affected as long the certification is not allowed to expire and the current minimum continuing education and clinical practice hour requirements for recertification are met. ANPs and GNPs should check with the state board of nursing in which they are licensed to practice for additional information.

Q: I completed an Adult NP program. Can I take the Adult-Gerontology NP certification examination?

Fnp Live Certification Review/clinical Update

Offering 27+ Live Certification Review/Clinical Update on 75+ dates this year. With a > 99% pass rate, our Live Certification Review/Clinical Update Courses will teach you everything you need to pass your certification exam! It includes our most updated comprehensive course manual, designed by nationally recognized faculty, which will guide you every step of the way through lecture after lecture. These presentations are regularly refined and edited to guarantee high-quality content across the board. Our rigorous classroom day format structures all the essential information as you review the findings and procedures for the most common patient diagnoses encountered in practice. Also included is a Diagnostic Readiness Test that you can use to help gauge where you need to focus your studies, 90-day access to Post-Course Online Streaming Videos, and our Review of Antibiotics CE Offering. You will also be able to add-on audio recordings of the course: whether you choose audio CDs, audio streaming, or a physical MP3 player, you will be able utilize these audio recordings in conjunction with the course manual to help guide you to success!

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Family Nurse Practitioner Study Guide

Mometrix Academy is a completely free resource provided by Mometrix Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium quality Family Nurse Practitioner study guide or online course to take your studying to the next level. Just click the Family Nurse Practitioner links below. Your purchase also helps us make even more great, free content for test-takers.

Upgrade your studying with our Family Nurse Practitioner study guide and flashcards:Family Nurse Practitioner Flashcards

How To Upload And Store Ce Documents

Psychiatric – Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (Exam Prep)

Q: How do I submit my required documents?

A: Upload your documents when you apply online. You can also fax, email, or mail the documentation at no additional cost. See FAQ – Contact Us. Incomplete applications are not stored for more than 30 days.

Q: After I submit my application can I edit or upload documents to my application?

A: No. Once an application is submitted, you will not be able to edit the information or upload documents in the application. Email your information to or fax to 512-637-0540.

Q: Can I upload and store CE documents after I complete them for later use?

A: Yes. Log in, then under My AANPCB select My Continuing Education to upload CE documents and enter CE information. Long-term CE storage must be uploaded to your account. Log in to your Online Profile and choose My Continuing Education under the My AANPCB menu box.

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Requests For Testing Accommodations

Q: Do the PSI testing sites provide special testing accommodations?

A: All test centers are equipped to provide access in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and exam accommodations will be made to meet the qualified candidate’s needs.

Q: What should I do if I require special testing accommodations or arrangements?

A: All requests for special accommodations/arrangements are processed through the testing vendor, PSI Services LLC.

  • For candidates who need Special Accommodations , please . DO NOT schedule your exam until your request has been processed and approved by the PSI Special Accommodations department.

What To Expect On The Fnp Certification Exams

Both the ANCC FNP exam and the AANPCB FNP exam will effectively measure whether your breadth of knowledge and skills is sufficient to prepare you to safely begin an entry-level role as a family nurse practitioner.

However, there are some differences in length and question format between the two tests.

  • AANP Exam Questions

    The AANP FNP exam consists of 150 questions, with 135 being scored. The limit for this test is 3 hours.*

    Questions for the AANP exam are all multiple choice with one answer being correct.*

  • ANCC Exam Questions

    The ANCC exam consists of 175 questions, 150 of which are scored, with a time limit of 3.5 hours.

    There are four different types of questions in the ANCC exam:

  • Multiple choice questions: Select one option from many
  • Multiple answer questions: Select all the options that apply
  • Hot-spot questions: Mark a certain area of an image

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How Is The Exam Scored

Of the 175 questions on the exam, 150 are scored. The remaining 25 questions are pretest questions that are not included in the final test score. There is no indication of which questions are scored and which questions are pretest, so all questions should be answered to the best of your ability. Final scores are reported as pass or fail. Candidates are not penalized for wrong answers.

Bonus Content: Ultimate Strategies For Dominating Nurse Practitioner Exams

NR 661 Nurse Practitioner

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and social media influencer, Jenean Sampson joined us to share her go-to strategies for studying for the PNP Exam. Sure, the PNP is not the FNP, we get that. However, Jenean discussed her go-to tools, tips for understanding material, must-do study habits, and why its never too early to start preparing for your board exam. And in our humble opinions the techniques and methods she shared for one nurse practitioner exam are really applicable when prepping for your family nurse practitioner exam. You wont regret watching this!

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How Much Do Family Nurse Practitioners Get Paid

The average family nurse practitioner salary varies slightly depending on the source, but its unanimously reported as being over $100,000.

  • AANPs NP Fact Sheet reports that the median base salary for NPs was $110,000 in 2019.*
  • NurseJournal lists the average nurse practitioner salary in the U.S. at $111,840, with possible variants based on clinical focus and practice setting.
  • notes that the lowest level of wages for a nurse practitioner is an impressive $81,410, about $40,000 more than the average national income. The highest level of average annual income for a nurse practitioner is reported at $152,160, about $80,000 over the average national income.

If you do a quick search for how much money does a nurse practitioner make per year youll find even more information.

Theres No Wrong Way To Study

If it helps you learn, retain and actually use the information, how you learn doesnt really matter. There are so many different studying formats for the FNP exam:

  • Elaborative interrogation ask questions about the information such as, Why? How do I know this is true? What makes this happen?
  • Self-explanation explain or teach the information to others
  • Studying before bed research has shown your brain does some of its best work while you sleep and studying before falling asleep can help
  • Visual or Auditory learning seeing or hearing the information to better comprehend and retain information, rather than reading it

No matter your FNP study method its important to forgive yourself for errors and learn from them. You will learn so much from mistakes and missteps, and when you learn how to work through them now, it will be a tremendous asset in your practice later.

Chances are, you may be a mix of different styles. Some days you may have great success studying one way, and another day, that method just isnt working. Mix it up! Working with Picmonics Nurse Practitioner videos and spaced repetition quizzes can help prepare you regardless of your study format. Our research-proven mnemonic learning system helps you retain important course information by using auditory and visual reinforcement techniques. And you can access it day or night on your computer, tablet or phone whenever you are ready to study.

Quiz Learn Repeat Method for FNP Exam Studying

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Chapter : Family Nurse Practitioner Salary Career Paths And More

As if you didnt have enough on your plate right now, youll also be starting the search for your first FNP position .

Your FNP certification will open the door to an array of options and opportunities. This chapter will explore what might lie ahead for you, and answer some of the most common questions about the FNP career:

  • How much does a family nurse practitioner make?
  • What kinds of careers can I have with an FNP certification? And how much is a nurse practitioners salary in these different careers?
  • How can I find my first FNP job?

As you study for your FNP boards, it helps to keep your focus on the future and remind yourself why youre working so hard. Lets dig in.

How Hard Are The Np Board Certification Exams

How to pass the nurse practitioner certification exam for both AANP & ANCC

The difficulty of each exam varies depending on the certification and your testing style. Insight into the difficulty of each exam can be determined based on the most recent pass rates.

The following lists the 2020 NP board certification pass rate for each exam along with the total number of test-takers:

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Be The Boss On Exam Day

When the big day gets here, its only natural to be nervous, excited, anxious or have a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Stay as calm as possible. Take your time to read everything thoroughly. We mean it. If you are one of those people who get excited and rush through things , remind yourself to chill out! Youre in control, youve prepared for this day and you are going to do well.

If you used Picmonic you not only increased your retention by more than 300%, but you also joined the ranks of thousands of NP professionals who used Picmonic on their way to a successful career.

The exam results are available immediately upon completing the exam. So after the celebration, you can get started making a difference in the health and wellness of countless people.

Examprepconnect Tutorial For Students

ExamPrepConnect puts learners in the driver’s seat with courses designed for students. Developed by our team of expert nurses and educators, our best-selling exam prep products allow you to study smarter with features proven to help students pass their exams. Learn more by watching this in-depth product tour.

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Family Nurse Practitioner Customer Success Stories

I have tried other study guide books and they are hard to read and follow. Your study guide is easy to read and is straightforward with how to study. I have taken the boards before and have not passed them with the other study guides I have used. I believe that this study guide will be the one that gets me through the boards.

Easy to read, important information given, questions in the back seem similar to what may appear on the exam. I look forward to completing the book and applying the information to my exam, and hope I pass!!

I found the product quite informative. The topics sub sections made it practical to understand and easy to follow. The topics contained simple details that were not boring and kept my attention. I highly recommend using this book.

The book is well synthesized, which is very valid for the studies of preparation in addition you the possibility of a quick exercitation of knowledge as well.

I wish I had this book earlier, it’s very very concise and thorough and ALOT lot better than any other guide by other major review companies and authors in that the format is perfect and thorough!

This book is amazing, it’s straight to the point, very informative essentially on what is required for exam purposes. The exam tips and suggested questions are very educative with the inserted rationals. I simply love it and make reference to it in the current paper that I am writing. I will recommend it to others.

Fnp And Agnp Certification Exam Eligibility Requirements

Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam Prep

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to take the AGNP or FNP certification examination?

A: Requirements for the initial Family and Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certification exam include:

  • Graduate from an accredited Masterâs, Post-Graduate, or DNP program. The education must align with the certification exam. For example, to be eligible for the A-GNP exam, the program completed needs to meet Adult-Gerontology Primary Care program requirements.
  • Current active professional nursing license in a state/territory of the United States or Canadian province.

Q: I am getting ready to apply to take the certification exam. What is needed to begin my application?

A: Requirements to process an application include:

  • An official or unofficial transcript showing university/college name studentâs full name successful completion of the three APRN Core courses and at least one NP population of specialization course.
  • A copy of current active professional nursing license in a state/territory of the United States or Canadian province.
  • Application payment

Note : An official final transcript with degree or certificate awarded date is required to release certification after testing.

Q: Am I required to have a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree to certify or recertify?

A: No. While the number of schools transitioning their Master’s-level degree program to the Doctorate is increasing, the DNP is not a requirement for NP certification or entry into NP practice.

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