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Career Outlook For Teachers In New Jersey

NJ Board of Education Considers Changes to Charter School Regulations

New Jersey teachers enjoy lucrative job opportunities, especially in the state’s teacher shortage areas. According to the U.S. Department of Education , New Jersey experienced a critical shortage of teachers in subjects including math, science, and world languages, and in specializations like special education and career and technical education, going into the 2021-2022 academic year.

Already in a high-paying geographical area, New Jersey teachers can earn more for committing to work in a high-need district, subject, or specialization. ED incentivizes these opportunities through federal TEACH grants. The NJDOE also offers similar state-funded teaching grants. Students with a master’s degree in education may qualify for advanced certification and higher salaries.

New Jersey teachers earned a higher wage than the national average of $67,521 in 2020, as reported by the U.S. Census. Secondary teachers in New Jersey earned an especially high annual mean wage of nearly $79,000 in 2020, the fourth-highest-paid secondary teachers in the U.S., according to the BLS. New Jersey special educators earned more than $78,000 in 2020.

How Do I Maintain Teaching Certification In New Jersey

A standard teaching certificate in New Jersey is considered permanent and does not need to be renewed however, the NJDOE requires teachers to undergo 20 hours of professional development each year to maintain certification. As long as teachers maintain these ongoing PD requirements while employed at a public school in New Jersey, they hold both active and valid certification status.

Additional New Jersey Teacher Certification Requirements

Before an individual can be licensed to work in a New Jersey school, they must undergo a criminal history background check conducted by the Office of Student Protection, which involves a fingerprinting process. These background checks play a vital role in keeping students safe.

Candidates can start the process to complete their background check on the Office of Student Protection website. Applicants who indicate on their license application that they have a criminal conviction must fill out the Criminal Offense Information Form. Other individuals may need to complete an Additional Information for the Oath of Allegiance form, depending on their answer to certain questions on the online teaching license application.

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Nj Pilot Program To Boost Teacher Hires Diversity With Certification Change Moves Forward

A pilot program aimed at filling teaching vacancies and enhancing diversity in New Jerseys schools is moving closer to getting started, as districts continue to grapple with staffing challenges exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The state Board of Education on Wednesday unanimously approved draft regulations for a new state law, signed by Gov. Phil Murphy in September, that puts the program on pace to launch with the 2022-23 school year.

Under the program, districts selected by the state education commissioner will have the ability to waive a single missing certification requirement for a prospective teacher in exchange for providing mentoring and other support.

Jorden Schiff, an assistant commissioner with the state education department, outlined the process at the meeting.

The law is intended to extend the teacher candidate pool to provide relief to school districts experiencing staffing challenges due in no small part to the COVID-19 public health emergency, while maintaining the integrity of the educator certification process, Schiff told the board.

These limited certificates will provide an on-ramp to the teaching profession by removing a barrier that may have been preventing otherwise qualified potential teachers from earning a certificate, Schiff added.

It is an experiment that has been championed by JerseyCAN, an education advocacy group.

State board chairperson Kathy Goldenberg spoke in support.

Verify Accreditation Of A College Or University

Educational Award &  Academic Certificate 2020 by TAG

New Jersey Department of Education certification regulations require that college credits are shown on the transcript of an accredited institution of higher education.

Accreditation and accredited mean a status attained by an institution through voluntarily meeting standards for academic degree programs and/or college credit-bearing courses set by a nongovernmental entity recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education.

Individuals seeking New Jersey educator certification or substitute credentials that require college credits must submit transcripts from an accredited institution of higher education. If a college or university has been accredited by one of these recognized agencies, then credits from their transcripts can be evaluated for certification purposes.

Please note, per below, that accreditation does not provide automatic acceptance of course credits.

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New Jersey Teacher Certification Exams

In New Jersey, prospective teachers must take and pass three exams in order to become a fully licensed educator:

  • Praxis NJ Core Academic Skills for Educators for admittance into Educator Preparation Programs
  • Praxis Subject Assessment or Praxis II exam in accordance with the intended area of specialty
  • edTPA cumulative capstone performance evaluation
  • How To Become Certified In New Jersey As A School Social Worker

    To apply for certification as a school social worker in New Jersey, you must do so through the licensing office at the NJ Department of Education.

    The hours they take phone calls are from 3:00 to 6:00 PM daily.

    The phone number is 609-292-2070.

    An alternate way to do this is through a County Superintendent of Schools in New Jersey. If you have an MSW, you automatically qualify, but you have to apply and submit the required documentation. Unfortunately, when you look on the website of the licensing/certification office, they mainly deal with teacher credentialing.

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    How Do I Become A Teacher In New Jersey

    The NJDOE offers a variety of paths toward teaching certification in New Jersey. Teachers who meet all requirements for certification, including completing an NJDOE-approved teacher training program and passing Praxis exams, may qualify for a provisional certificate through the school that extends an offer of employment.

    Students must then complete two years of teaching experience at that school within a consecutive three-year period, after which the school can recommend the candidate to the NJDOE for a standard teaching certificate.

    Teachers must apply for a certificate of eligibility or certificate of eligibility with advanced standing to qualify for the provisional teaching process. The NJDOE also offers reciprocity to out-of-state educators who meet its certification requirements.

    Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs In New Jersey

    How to Apply For a License/Certificate

    Projected Job Growth

    Growth in Teaching Jobs in NJ through 20262

    Perhaps the most important step on the road to New Jersey teacher certification is attending an approved teacher preparation program at an accredited school. The New Jersey Department of Education provides a list of approved programs. If based in New Jersey, a program intended to lead to teacher certification must be approved in order to qualify for certification. You can compare key metrics for these state-approved teacher preparation programs by using the sortable table on our New Jersey schools page.

    In addition to state approval, there are six regional accreditation agencies that are overseen by the US Department of Education. New Jersey schools are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education . If a teacher applicant attends a school out of state that is not regionally accredited, the NJ Department of Education will not issue a teaching certificate. Therefore, it is important to confirm your chosen school is regionally accredited, and if in the state of New Jersey, approved for the preparation of teachers.

    Additionally, many schools apply for accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation . Although CAEP accreditation is not mandatory for state approval, it is a strong marker of quality in terms of teacher preparatory curriculum and process.

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    Who Must Take The Tests

    Teacher candidates or those wishing to become certified must take the Praxis tests.

    Prior to entering an educator preparation program at your college or university, you may also be required to take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators tests to demonstrate your qualifications.

    In New Jersey, you must take the appropriate Praxis you seek.

    Clarifying Teacher Certification Rules And Processes

    As we face a global pandemic and increasing teacher shortages, it is critical to be aware of teacher certification regulations and processes. Failure to follow the complex rules could have a serious impact on your license and employment status. If questions arise about any aspect of the licensing process, do not hesitate to your local association leaders for help. They can connect you with NJEA staff who can assist you.

    For the complete details about the rules pertaining to licensing, see New Jersey Administrative Code 6A:9B for certification and 6A:9C for professional development, which includes mentoring.

    Applications, updated demographics, and fees are submitted electronically by the educator through the New Jersey Teacher Certification Information System . You can also view your certification records in TCIS. The entire certification process has undergone major revisions within the last several years. The process veteran educators may have followed is no longer in place.

    Below are some general examples of certification rules that may be overlooked or misunderstood.

    Certifications rules for novice teachers

    In addition to the two final summative ratings, Certificate of Eligibility holders must receive more frequent mentoring, must complete an Educator Preparation Program and must pass a performance assessment, currently the edTPA.

    Certification and teaching assignment

    Special education certification and endorsements

    Preschool endorsement

    Still have questions?

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    What If I Want To Teach Computer Science

    At the present time, the state of New Jersey does not offer a teacher certification in teaching computer science, and most people who teach computer science in schools are certified in K-12 mathematics. However, it does seem likely that there will be a computer science teaching certificate in the near future, according to the New Jersey Department of Education Computer Science State Plan.

    More details on the recent changes, along with resources for teaching computer science are available on the NJDOE web page for the Office of Educational Technology & School Innovation.

    Requirements For Emergency Certificate

    Awards Letters and Professional Associations

    In order to be eligible for emergency certification, an individual will need a bachelors degree from a regionally accredited institution and at least 30 semester hours of graduated coursework applicable to a standard school psychology certificate. The individual will need to have completed practicum work in assessment.

    Candidates do not apply to the Department of Education for emergency credentials. The school district wishing to employ the individual will need to work through their local office a list of local offices can be accessed online .

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    Limitations On Accepting Credits:

    • All certification titles have specific degree and content/subject requirements that must be met, regardless of which accredited institution an individual has attended.
    • Some certification titles require that an individual complete a particular program that is specifically approved by the NJDOE. These include alternate route certificates for Teacher of Students with Disabilities, English as a Second Language, Bilingual/Bicultural Education, and School Library Media Specialist.
    • A graduating cumulative grade point average cannot be improved by taking just any post-graduation courses at the same institution, nor does the NJDOE recalculate a graduating GPA by considering courses from institutions other than the one from which an individual graduated.

    Teacher Certification Programs In New Jersey

    In order to obtain a CEAS certification in New Jersey, prospective teachers must complete an Educator Preparation Program through an approved college or university. The institution must be accredited by one of the following six regional accreditation agencies:

    • Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges
    • Higher Learning Commission
    • Middle States Commission on Higher Education
    • New England Commission of Higher Education
    • Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities
    • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
    • WASC Senior College and University Commission

    For individuals who wish to complete their EPP in New Jersey, there are more than two dozen state-approved colleges and universities to choose from, including Bloomfield College, Kean University, Princeton University, and multiple offshoots of Rutgers University. Prospective educators who are considering an out-of-state institution should confirm that it is accredited by one of the agencies listed above to ensure adherence to New Jersey certification requirements.

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    What Is New Jersey Department Of Education Contact Number For New Jersey Teacher Certificate

    New Jersey Department of Education number where you can speak to an agent of NJ DOE with regards to your New Jersey Teacher Certificate is .

    You can contact New Jersey Department of Education by calling the number we have provided above and wait on the line to get assistance with teacher certificate, temporary teacher certificate, status of applications made for a New Jersey Teacher Certificate and more.

    This New Jersey Department of Education phone number is a number you can call for free and you will be directed to speak with a real person at New Jersey Department of Education to get assistance with your New Jersey Teacher Certificate. We advise that you may be charge by your phone company, according to your phone agreement.

    New Jersey Teachers Licensing Application Process

    Jersey City Board of Education sues state DOE over aid cuts

    Once all the requirements for New Jersey educator certification have been completed, applicants must apply for a certificate. The New Jersey Department of Licensure and Credentials receives a high volume of applications during the summer months, so its recommended to send in all information three to four months in advance of the desired employment date. The required documentation to become a teacher in New Jersey is as follows:

    • Proof of clearance from criminal history background check.
    • Official transcripts showing proof of bachelors degree.
    • Proof of teacher program completion at an approved teacher preparation school.
    • Completed application for teaching certification.
    • Passing scores on the required examinations.
    • Payment of non-refundable certification processing fees.

    The New Jersey Department of Education uses the online Teacher Certification Information System to process all applications. Visit the states Department of Education for further details on how to become a teacher in New Jersey.

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    Did The State Of New Jersey Signed The Nasdtec Interstate Agreement

    Yes, New Jersey is a participant in the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement.

    Need assistance with your New Jersey Teacher Certificate? Our amazing team is here to assist you with anything related to teaching licenses. Please write us using the comments form below in this page.

    You can contact NJ Department of Education by calling the phone number above, and get assistance with teacher license, temporary teacher certificate, status of applications made for a New Jersey Teacher Certificate and more.

    This New Jersey Department of Education phone number is a number you can call for free and you will be directed to speak with a real person at NJ Department of Education to get assistance with your New Jersey Teacher Certificate. Please note that you could be charge by your communication company, according to your phone contract.

    How to Get a Teaching Certificate ?Watch to discovre how to get a teaching license online, the quickest, step-by-step. is a unique and free website to provide New Jersey Teacher Certificate information and NJ Department of Education and additional state departments of education teachers certificates. Please share with us any new information you may find for New Jersey Teacher Certificate, we will confirm and update the website.

    More Teacher Certificates

    What Should I Do If I Am Offered A Job Before I Receive My License

    If you are offered a job before you receive your certification, the employing district may request an expedited review of the application. You must have obtained your certification in order to start employment. A complete, accurate application packet is required. Responsibility for assuring the accuracy and completeness of the application packet rests fully with each applicant.

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    Emergency Certification/ Externship For Professionals With Experience In Clinical Psychology

    An individual who holds a degree in clinical psychology at at least the masters level and who can document 600 hours of clinical psychology service with children can meet New Jerseys practicum and externship requirements through a 600 hour externship . The individual will work under an emergency certificate.

    Revised School Social Worker Certificate Regulations

    New Jersey Staffing Alliance

    The school social worker endorsement authorizes the holder to serve as a school social worker in any school district in the state in grades preschool through 12.

    To be eligible for the standard educational services certificate with a school social worker endorsement, the candidate shall hold a masters degree from a regionally accredited college or university and complete a total of 30 graduate-level semester hour credits with a study in each of the areas listed below:

  • Psychology, including general psychology, educational psychology, psychology of adolescence and child growth and development
  • Special education and/or learning disabilities
  • Social problems, including study in dealing with delinquency, poverty, interracial and intercultural problems
  • A minimum of six semester-hour credits in social case work, introductory and advanced, including principles and practices in social case work, interviewing, and methods and skills in diagnosis
  • Mental hygiene and social psychiatry, including dynamics of human behavior and psychopathology
  • Medical information, including the role of the social worker in health problems or fundamentals of substance abuse and dependency
  • Community organizations, agencies and resources and
  • Social policy and public welfare services, including the care and protection of at-risk children and families.
  • An emergency certificate may be issued to a candidate who meets the following requirements:

  • Matriculation in an approved social worker masters program
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    Basic Information About Teaching Science In Nj

    If you wish to be a science teacher in New Jersey, and you do not already have NJ teaching certification, there are a few things to know:

    1.) You need a teaching certificate. New Jersey requires teachers in public schools to earn a teaching certificate. Many states offer a general science certification that can be used to teach all science subjects, but currently NJ requires specializations in each area.

    2.) You need a college degree with a major in the main certification area. .

    3.) There are other legal and professional requirements.You will need to pass a background check and basic skills test in order to even apply for entrance into a teacher certification program. See the NJ Department of Education website for details. Also, NJ currently has a residency requirement for teachers, but there is an appeal process, and in past years appeals have been regularly granted on the basis of employer need.

    4.) There are many kinds science teacher preparation programs all throughout New Jersey. We have undergraduate where teachers earn certification alongside a Bachelors, post-baccalaureate programs that are just for certification, and graduate programs where a Masters degree is earned alongside the teaching certificate. Some people start out in community colleges and transfer to four-year institutions. Others hold other certifications and want to get certified in mathematics or a science area.

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