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Let’s Talk Certificates & IRAs | Navy Federal Credit Union

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Navy Federal Adds Limited Time 20

Deal Summary:Availability:

Now through September 11, 2022, Navy Federal Credit Union is offering a 20-month Certificate Special . The 20-month Certificate Special is also an add-on CD, allowing unlimited additional deposits throughout the term. There is a limit of one 20-month Certificate Special per member.

The 20-month Certificate Special was added just as the 33-month Special Certificate was removed from Navy Feds product line. While the 20-month Certificate Special offers a rate 30 bps lower, the balance cap has been increased by $150k.

In the past few days, there were three Forum posts about the 20-month Certificate Special by DA readers, CTM, cando, and MY2CENTSWORTH, with a variety of comments added by about 15 DA readers. A recurring theme in the comments is disappointment in the 3.00% APY, but I think an insightful comment by DA reader, carolynwo, is worth considering.

While not a great rate, it does provide another $1K placeholder. Interesting that this is only available for 2 weeks. Begs the question: what/when will NFCU up their MM rates and long term CD rates, both of which have lagged miserably?

Many thanks to all the DA readers who posted/commented on this latest NavyFed promotion.

Early Withdrawal Penalty

As stated in Navy Feds Certificates brochure, the Early Withdrawal Penalty reads as follows:

Certificates with a term greater than one year: Forfeiture of all dividends on the amount withdrawn for 180 days or since the date of purchase or renewal .

What Types Of Cds Does Navy Federal Credit Union Offer

  • Traditional CDs. These CDs pay a fixed interest rate if you deposit a fixed amount of money for a specific term. Once the maturity date arrives, you have the option of cashing out or rolling over the CD for another term.
  • IRA CDs. An IRA CD is a type of IRA that consists entirely of CDs. In general, you can invest in CDs in any IRA, but Navy Federal Standard certificate offers a CD that is specifically for retirement.

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How To Open A Navy Federal Cd

Before you can open a Navy Federal CD, you need to join the credit union. You can join online, by phone or in person at a branch. Heres what youll need:

  • Your Social Security number
  • A valid government ID
  • A credit card or bank account number and routing number to fund your account

Once youve joined Navy Federal, you can open a CD online, by phone, through the Navy Federal mobile app or by visiting a branch. You can add funds to eligible CDs through those methods as well.

Once you have a Navy Federal CD, you will receive a notice at least 20 days before it matures. Unless Navy Federal receives instructions from you stating otherwise, the CD will automatically renew with the same terms. You can make penalty-free adjustments up to 21 days after your CD matures.

Navy Federal Credit Union Cd Rates

Certificate of Deposit Holders

Javier Simoneditorial integrityeditorial integrityNavy Federal Credit Union

  • Several certificate options with term lengths ranging from three months to seven years
  • Minimum deposits can be as low as $5
  • May owe taxes on dividends

Best For

  • Service members, veterans and their immediate families with short-term savings goals.

The Navy Federal Credit Union has been serving active and retired members of all branches of the United States military, as well as their families since 1933. Today, it offers its members a variety of certificate of deposit accounts with an annual percentage yield as high as 0.95%, which is competitive with even the strongest options at some online banks.

You can open a CD for as little as three months or as long as seven years. The longer you invest, the higher your interest rate will climb.

However, this credit unions options work a bit differently than your standard CDs issued by banks. These pay out interest in dividends, which the NFCU defines as earnings among its members which have been set aside for reserves after all expenses have been paid. You may owe taxes on your CDs dividends depending on your individual financial situation come tax season.

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Are Cds From Navy Federal Credit Union Federally Insured

Yes, your Navy Federal Credit Union cd accounts are insured up to $250,000 per share owner for each account ownership category. The National Credit Union Administration , a federal agency, administers the insurance fund and regulates federally insured credit unions. The fund is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government.

What If I Withdraw Money Before The Maturity Date

The table below outlines the penalties for early withdrawals on Navy Federal certificates and SaveFirst accounts.

Term is… Penalty
1 year or less You’ll forfeit up to the first 90 days of dividends earned on the amount of your withdrawal OR all dividends earned since the date you opened or renewedwhichever is less.
More than 1 year and less than 5 years You’ll forfeit up to the first 180 days of dividends earned on the amount of your withdrawal OR all dividends earned since the date you opened or renewedwhichever is less.
5 years or more You’ll forfeit up to the first 365 days of dividends earned on the amount of your withdrawal OR all dividends earned since the date you opened or renewedwhichever is less.

If, because of your withdrawal, the remaining balance becomes lower than the required minimum balance, the certificate will be closed and you’ll pay the penalty on the entire principal amount.

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Pros And Cons: Navy Federal

Pros Cons
  • Eligible for membership if you or a family member are: an active duty, retired, or veteran military member OR work for the Department of Defense

  • Solid interest rates on savings and money market accounts

  • Refunds some out-of-network ATM fees

  • Free checking account

Navy Federal Customer Service

Navy Federal says members can see deposits

Navy Federal members have access to a wide range of support options from the credit union. Phone support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with options for domestic and international callers:

  • Domestic: 888-842-6328
  • International: 703-255-8837

Other support options include chat, email, mail, and social media channels.

Navy Federal does give members online and mobile access, which arent options at many credit unions. Members can check balances, make payments, transfer money, and order checks from almost anywhere.

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What Do You Need To Consider Before Opening A Share Certificate

Before putting money into a certificate, consider how soon you may need access to the money, and what you want to use this money to accomplish. Certificates are often good for short-term savings goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house, a new car or a vacation fund. While its true that longer-term certificates generally offer higher APYs, you may be able to achieve a more significant return on your savings during that time frame by investing in different assets.

About Navy Federal Credit Union + Eligibility

Navy Federal blows other credit unions out of the water with its assets and membership numbers. They hold more than $112 billion in total assets and over $86 billion in member savings and deposits, with just shy of 9 million total members.

Though the credit union is headquartered in Virginia, you dont have to live anywhere near Virginia to access Navy Federal branches or ATMs. There are 343 branches worldwide, some on military bases and some overseas in 26 international locations. In the U.S., Navy Federal has branches in metro D.C., Virginia, California, and Florida. They do not participate in shared branching, but they are part of a network of over 30,000 co-op ATMs.

To be eligible to join Navy Federal, you must have ties to the Department of Defense, the armed forces, the National Guard, or have a family member that does. Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Space Force, and Coast Guard active duty and retired members all qualify for membership. This credit union is not open membership and you may not join if you do not meet the above membership criteria.

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How Navy Federal Credit Unions Certificates Compare

Navy Federals certificate rates are significantly higher than the national average CD rates, according to data from the FDIC, and are competitive with some of the best CD rates.

The minimum deposit is $1,000, which is less than some banks require. And, depending on the term, you may find a better APY with Navy Federal Credit Union than even some of the best online banks can offer. If a $1,000 minimum deposit is too much for your savings goals, Navy Federal also offers EasyStart Certificates, which you can open with a minimum of $50, but these pay slightly lower rates than Standard Certificates.

To get the best rate possible, make sure to shop around and compare rates at multiple banks and credit unions.

Usaa Vs Navy Federal Trustworthiness And Bbb Ratings

United States Navy Training Course Certificate

The Better Business Bureau rates businesses based on responses to customer complaints, honesty in advertising, and transparency about business practices.

USAA has an A+ grade from the BBB. Meanwhile, Navy Federal received NR because its currently responding to previously closed complaints.

A good BBB rating won’t guarantee a smooth relationship with a financial institution. You’ll want to talk to current customers or read online customer reviews to see if a bank might be right for you.

Both USAA and Navy Federal have been involved in recent public controversies.

USAA has been involved in the following public settlements:

  • In 2020, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency required USAA to pay $85 million in a settlement that accused the bank of failing to establish and carry out an efficient compliance risk management program and IT risk governance program.
  • In 2019, the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection required USAA to pay $12 million in a settlement that said USAA did not stop automatic payments when customers requested.

Navy Federal has been involved in the following scandal:

  • In 2020, a Navy Federal employee filed a lawsuit claiming the lender pressured mortgage underwriters to approve loans even if they thought an applicant wouldn’t be able to pay off the loan. She dropped the case in late 2020 but said Navy Federal retaliated against her whistleblowing by changing her job duties.

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Overview Of Navy Federal Credit Union Cds

The NFCU offers a range of CD options designed for different objectives from saving for short-term goals to building your retirement nest egg or investing in your childs college education. It also stands as a powerhouse when it comes to interest rates, featuring options that can compete with some of the strongest offerings at online banks, which are known for savings accounts and other products with above-average rates.

Generally speaking, your interest will be highest when you open accounts with longer terms. But keep in mind that you’re supposed to keep your money in the CD for its term length to make the most out of it. Tap into it early, and youll get slapped with a penalty.

Penalties are handed out as follows:

  • Certificates with a term of one year or less: Youd lose all dividends on the amount you withdraw for 90 days or from the date of purchase or renewal .
  • Certificates with a term longer than one year: Youd lose all dividends on the amount withdrawn for 180 days or for the length since the date of purchase or renewal .
  • A certificate with a term of five years or longer: Youd lose all dividends earned on the amount withdrawn for 365 days or since the date of purchase or renewal .

Message From Navy Federal Credit Union

Earn More, Worry Less With a Navy Federal Certificate. Take your savings further when you open a certificate. Enjoy guaranteed returns with Navy Federal’s certificate options. You choose the term and amount that works for you. Certificates allow you to plan out your savings by providing guaranteed returns that you can access on a set maturity date.

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When Its Worth It To Pay The Penalty

Although having to give up interest is never ideal, there are two situations in which making an early withdrawal from your CD may be the best option.

The first is when you face a genuine financial emergency, and breaking your CD is the cheapest option for weathering the storm. Suppose the amount you will pay for an early withdrawal penalty is lower than what youd pay in credit card interest, personal loan interest or tax penalties if youre borrowing from an IRA. In that case, it could be smarter to take the hit to your CD rather than other parts of your financial life.

Another reason CD holders consider making an early withdrawal is to take advantage of improved interest rates. The big benefit of CDsthe fixed APYalso can be a significant drawback if interest rates trend upward after you have purchased your CD. When the difference between your CDs locked-in interest rate and the rates offered by new CDs seems vast, it can be very tempting to break your CD to reinvest the money into one with a higher rate.

If interest rates have gone up significantly since you purchased your CD, taking the early withdrawal penalty may be worthwhile. To decide whether to take the early withdrawal penalty, crunch the numbers. Start by calculating how many months of interest you will be giving up by breaking the CD. Thats the number you will have to beat.

Consumers Credit Union Jumbo Certificate Account

How Can I Renew My Certificate? | Navy Federal Mobile App

Why it stands out: Consumers Credit Union pays competitive rates on jumbo CDs, especially for longer terms. Consumers makes it easier to become a member than most credit unions do you just have pay $5 to join the Consumers Cooperative Association, then deposit $5 in a Consumers savings account. Unlike most credit unions, Consumers compounds interest daily, meaning you can earn more money in the long run.

Term length options: 91 days to 5 years

What to look out for: Consumers Credit Union doesnt have any major downfalls, but you might earn a higher rate at another institution, depending on the term length.

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Mobile And Online Banking

NFCU accounts include both a mobile app and online banking. On the Apple Store, the app has a 3.3 out of 5 rating from 6,300 people. On the Google Play Store, it has a 4.1 out 5 rating from 60,611 people.

The Navy Federal Credit Union app is also available for Kindle Fire devices. Their mobile apps include most of the common features that banking customers have come to expect such as transfers, bill pay, and mobile deposit.

About Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union was founded in 1933 and is a nonprofit, member-owned credit union that serves members of the military, veterans and their families. It also serves Department of Defense personnel. The credit union has some 11.5 million members and 350 branches worldwide. Navy Federals accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration , for up to $250,000 per member.

To be eligible for membership in Navy Federal Credit Union, you must be a current or retired member of the armed forces, an immediate family member of a member of the armed forces or a Department of Defense civilian employee or retiree. Department of Defense contractors assigned to U.S. government installations and U.S. government employees assigned to Department of Defense installations can join as well.

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Overview Of Navy Federal Credit Union Certificates

Navy Federal Credit Union requires a minimum opening balance of $1,000 for its standard certificates. EasyStart Certificates have a lower minimum deposit requirement of $50, but with APYs ranging from 0.40% to 2.05%, they tend to pay slightly lower rates than standard certificates.

On Navy Federal certificates, dividends compound daily and are credited monthly.

If you take money out of your Navy Federal Credit Union certificate before the term is up, you will pay a penalty for early withdrawal.

For certificate terms of one year or less, the early withdrawal penalty is the lesser of all dividends for 90 days on the amount withdrawn or all dividends on the amount withdrawn since the date of issuance or renewal. For certificate terms of more than one year and no more than five years, the early withdrawal penalty is the lesser of all dividends for 180 days on the amount withdrawn or all dividends on the amount withdrawn since the date of issuance or renewal. For terms greater than five years, the penalty is even stiffer.

Who Might Want To Pass On Navy Federals Cd Options

All Insurance and Banking Holders

Those who dont meet the criteria for opening a Navy Federal CD will have to take a pass. Those who prefer in-person access but dont live near a branch should also look elsewhere. That said, Navy Federal does have branches on or near many military bases as well as around Washington, D.C. Hampton Roads, Virginia San Diego and Jacksonville, Florida.

Another group of people who might want to pass are those who anticipate needing immediate access to funds. CDs are meant for longer-term savings, which is why they have withdrawal penalties. You can work around withdrawal charges by laddering CDs so that the maturity dates are staggered. That way, you always have a CD thats maturing soon so you can withdraw the money as needed.

You might also want to pass on Navy Federal CDs if youre looking for a higher return. CDs have relatively low returns compared to mutual funds, for example. Folks who are decades away from retirement might want to consider a long-term investment vehicle with the potential for more growth. An experienced financial professional can help you decide whats right for you.

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