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Online Mlt School Accreditation & State Authorization

Program of Study | Medical Lab Technician (MLT)

Before seeking enrollment in a distance-based medical lab tech program, aspiring students are strongly encouraged to verify the accreditation and state authorization status of the institution and programs. Accreditation is granted at the program and institutional levels.

In this field, the predominant programmatic accreditation body is the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences , which in collaboration with its professional organizations, provides comprehensive services including program accreditation, program approval, consultation, and continuing education. Accreditation from the NAACLS is only applicable to the MLT program itself and may be required for specific certifications.

In addition to programmatic accreditation, there are institutional accreditation bodies that evaluate an entire school. Six regional accreditation organizations are recognized by the US Department of Educations Council for Higher Education Accreditation , including the Higher Learning Commission and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges .

Graduating from an accredited program is a prerequisite for the medical lab technician certification examination administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification. In some states, this certification is a requirement to work in this field. Credentialing shows future employers that an MLT has achieved a certain level of subject area knowledge and expertise.

Lab Technician Salary And Career Outlook

How much you can expect to earn as a lab technician can depend on a wide range of factors. Salary figures can vary based on your level of experience, for example, or the state where you live, or the type of lab facility where you find a job.

National averages can give you a good ballpark figure, however. Here are some salary and job outlook numbers for lab technicians, calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics:


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The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System unless otherwise noted.

This site does not provide a comprehensive list of all schools that offer a particular program of study.

This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Students should consult with a representative from the school they select to learn more about career opportunities in that field. Program outcomes vary according to each institutionâs specific program curriculum. Financial aid may be available to those who qualify. The information on this page is for informational and research purposes only and is not an assurance of financial aid.

How To Become An Mlt

Medical laboratory technologists are one of Ontarios regulated health professions. To practice in Ontario, MLTs must meet strict requirements established by their regulator the College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario .

Learn about:

As of March 13, 2020PLEASE NOTE

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Medical Lab Technician Degree & Certification Programs

Medical lab technicians typically need an associates degree to obtain entry-level work in the field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . Most associate degree programs can be completed in about two years, but some fast-track programs are also available to students, particularly those who already have training in a related healthcare field, such as nursing. There are many different programs available in the U.S.

Below are listed just four of the medical lab technician schools offering programs, although there are many more to choose from:

Folsom Lake College

With campuses in Folsom, Placerville, and Rancho Cordova, the MLT program at this California-based school leads to an associate of science degree in medical technology and can take anywhere between 18 to 24 months to complete. The first two semesters consist of didactic coursework followed by a semester of rotations, but these rotations do not align with the schools typical fall/spring calendar.

In all, ten med tech classes, including four practicums, are completed in the program. Sample courses include clinical microbiology hematology clinical chemistry introduction to medical laboratory techniques and skin punctures and urine and body fluid analysis. Folsom Lakes MLT degree should help prepare students to sit for the national certifying exam available through the ASCP.

Dallas College

Allegany College of Maryland

Arapahoe Community College

  • Location: Littleton, CO
  • Location: Columbus, OH

Medical Laboratory Assistant/technician Placements

How to Choose Best Lab Technician Courses After 12th in Biology ...

Algonquin Careers Academy has an excellent working relationship with various members of the medical industry. During the last six weeks of the program our students supplement the in-class training with an on the job placement arranged by Algonquin Careers Academy. This is comprised of a 4 week clinical placement and a 2 week experiential learning simulation. This provides an opportunity to apply the lessons learned in the classroom, gain confidence, and open doors to future employment.

Successful completion of the 240 hours of placement and experiential learning simulation is necessary for graduation.

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What If I Have The Prerequisites But They Are From More Than 5

To meet the recency requirement, courses should have been completed within 5-years from the calendar year of start date in the program. As 5-year recency is preferred, if your course work is not within recency, you have the option to either write challenge exams or complete upgrading courses through your local school district or post-secondary institution. Challenge exams exist for Biology, Math, Chemistry and Physics.

How Do I Get Into An Online Medical Lab Technician School

Admission requirements for online medical lab technician programs vary by school but typically hold some similarities between institutions. They also vary based on degree level. Some of the more common requirements include:

  • Completed application and application fee
  • Transcripts from any schools previously attended
  • Evidence of GED or high school diploma
  • Particularly competitive programs may require an interview
  • International students must provide passing TOEFL scores

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Early Preparation In High School To Become An Mlt

Anyone interested in working in a medical or scientific lab environment should strongly consider enrolling in relevant courses in high school, including math, chemistry, biology, and other lab-based sciences. Students may also choose to pursue additional opportunities outside of the classroom, perhaps after school or during summer breaks, such as volunteer experience in a laboratory or healthcare setting.

Urinalysis And Bodily Fluids

CPTC Medical Laboratory Technician Program
  • This course will provide the student with the fundamental notions necessary to the understanding of Urinalysis as performed in a routine laboratory or clinic. The students will learn the basic anatomical structures of the renal system and identify the various components. Each aspect of the study of urine in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of various diseases will be understood. As well, the evaluation of various other body fluids will be studied to ensure their understanding of how these other body fluid evaluations can help the physician in their management of their patients. Topics explored in this course include: an overview and general concepts of urinalysis, reagent strip testing, fecal occult blood and other body fluids, collection techniques for routine, 24 hour and C & amp S, types of urine analysis procedures, urine formation, renal structure and function, collection, containers and physical examination, chemical analysis, and microscopic examination codes.

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    Can I Apply To The Program While Im Working On Meeting The Prerequisites Or Do I Wait Until All Are Complete

    You can only apply when you have fully met the academic requirements. An exception can be made if you are in the process of completing prerequisite courses and can submit midterm reports. Refer to Using Your Midterm Grades for information on submitting midterm marks. When submitting midterm marks, your final marks should be submitted no later than one month prior to the start of the program.

    Medical Laboratory Assistant And Technician Program And Career Courses

    In-class Diploma Program

    • 40 weeks total time to complete including a 4 week full time clinical placement and 2 week full time experiential learning simulation
    • Classes scheduled Monday to Friday, 4 hours per day

    Online Distance Education Diploma Program

    • 40 weeks total time to complete based on 20 hours per week of dedicated learning plus homework
    • Includes a 4 week full time clinical placement and a 2 week full time experiential learning simulation
    • Majority of the course content is completed online within pre-scheduled milestones
    • Instructor time is scheduled each week via video lectures

    Do you have an interest in science and the medical field? Then the Medical Lab Technician program may be the program for you! Med Lab Technicians conduct routine medical laboratory tests and set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment.

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    What Is A Medical Lab Technician

    Medical laboratory technicians are a critical part of a patients healthcare team. Responsible for performing diagnostic tests on bodily fluid and tissue samples, medical lab technicians help medical professionals diagnose various health conditions.

    Learn More About the Medical Lab Technician Experience in Miami Learn More About the Medical Lab Technician Experience in Orlando Learn More About the Medical Lab Technician Experience in Palm Beach

    Mlt Certification Eligibility Us & International

    Best B.Sc Medical Lab Science Course in Punjab India

    To obtain certification as a medical lab technician through ASCP, an individual must first earn an associate degree or complete at least 60 semester hours of academic credit from a college or university. In addition, this college or university must be accredited by a recognized regional or national accreditation agency.

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    From Medical Lab Technician To Medical Lab Scientist

    Finally, some medical lab technicians may wish to advance and become medical lab scientists, which generally requires additional education and relevant work experience.

    The ASCP website mentions that to be eligible for certification as a medical lab scientist, current medical lab technicians must:

    • Earn a four-year bachelors degree from an accredited college or university and
    • Have 16 hours of biological science, 16 hours of chemistry, one semester of math and
    • Have two years of full-time acceptable clinical lab experience in specific fields within the past ten years

    Of course, while the MLS requirements may seem daunting, the resulting benefits can be well worth it in terms of increased job responsibilities and higher salaries.

    For example, while both medical lab scientists and medical lab technicians can perform a battery of tests, some labs may limit the type or complexity of tests conducted by MLTs. Furthermore, a medical lab scientist may supervise other technicians and even be responsible for training others. When negotiating salary for a new job or asking for a pay raise, these additional duties can be negotiation points.

    There is no requirement that a medical lab technician takes steps to become a medical lab scientist. However, investing in the education and training to become an MLS can earn more responsibilities and skills, increase earning potential, and a multi-year rewarding career in a growing industry.

    Rachel Drummond

    Field Placement / Clinical

    Students preparing for laboratory and clinical experience should visit our Preclinical / Clinical webpage and our Clinical FAQ for details and information on the process.

    You MUST register for Preplacement/Clinical Service , which is not part of the program of study, to complete required health clearances prior to registering for a clinical.

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    What If I Am Hearing Impaired

    Technologists must be able to communicate with patients and the healthcare team. The majority of this communication is spoken, whether face to face or over the telephone. Depending on the severity of your hearing impairment, your opportunities for a successful clinical experience and your opportunity for employment may be limited.

    What Do You Learn In An Online Mlt Program

    Iowa Central: Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) Program

    As you look at medical laboratory technician online curricula, you will soon notice that, while each program is different, they all contain similarities in terms of course offerings and learning outcomes. Here are the major learning outcomes you can expect from an online MLT program.

    • Comprehensive Knowledge: A full understanding of how principles in hematology, immunology, immunohematology, microbiology, phlebotomy, and coagulation work together in laboratory settings.
    • Maintaining Standards: Follow all local, state, and facility-specific protocols and regulations around best practices, handling of specimens, and cleaning of the facility.
    • Proper Storage: An understanding of how specimens must be stored, transported, shipped, and maintained when in the laboratory or shipped to a different facility.
    • Professionalism: The interpersonal skills needed to work with a variety of individuals in a cohesive manner and to communicate effectively in both written and oral formats.
    • Tech Awareness: The ability to use laboratory assessment and testing equipment according to safety standards and a full understanding of how these should be cleaned and maintained.

    Common Courses

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    Serve In The Canadian Forces

    Saskatchewan Polytechnics Medical Laboratory Technology program is recognized by the Canadian Armed Forces , which means you can qualify for full-time subsidized education through their non-commissioned member subsidized training and education plan .

    Visit for more information on paid education programs.

    Visit or browse careers.

    Medical Laboratory Assistant/technician Career Opportunities

    Graduates of the MLA/T program will find employment in medical laboratories, in hospitals, clinics, research institutes and universities and in government research laboratories. MLA/Ts must be able to function in a stressful environment, be prepared to take on shifts at any time of the day or night, and be prepared to work periodic overtime. Flexibility with hours is particularly important at facilities staffed around the clock, such as hospitals. In addition, MLA/Ts must be physically able to remain on their feet for most of the day, and be prepared to lift and carry lab samples or equipment from one location to another. MLA/Ts must also have good interpersonal skills to interact with patients and their families. Relevant positions include:

    • Medical Laboratory Assistant/Technician

    Source: Medical Laboratory Technician Ontario, September 2021

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    The Top Online Mlt Programs In 2023

    Finding the online medical lab technician program to meet your academic, financial, and scheduling needs is an important first step in your educational process. Recognizing that many prospective students have busy personal and professional lives already, we researched and vetted the top online MLT programs to make your search easier. The schools highlighted below all maintain accreditation and provide affordable price tags to ensure that your journey through school and beyond goes smoothly.


    Rasmussen College

    Rasmussen College maintains campuses throughout the U.S. as well as a thriving distance learning option. The online medical lab technician associate degree takes 21 months to complete and maintains accreditation through the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

    The curriculum comprises 91 credits and includes studies in medical terminology, clinical microbiology, and clinical chemistry, among others. The program concludes with a clinical practicum and a capstone. After completing all requirements, graduates are prepared to sit for the Medical Laboratory Technician certification.

    Weber State University

    Application requirements include a $30 application fee, official transcripts from all schools previously attended, and letters of recommendation. Learners must also provide placement tests in math and English, and evidence of completing prerequisite courses with a minimum 2.5 GPA.

    Admissions Requirements For Online Medical Lab Technician Degree Programs

    Medical Laboratory Technician Program Gallery
    University of West Florida

    The application materials for online medical lab technician degree programs vary by institution but typically include:

    • Official transcripts from the last school attended with proof of prerequisite coursework
    • Competitive GPA
    • Personal statement or letter of intent
    • Application fee

    Please note that some programs may ask for candidate interviews, letters of recommendation from employers or professors, or sample work in a clinical portfolio. Some programs may accept students without either a diploma or a GED. Of course, these students must complete some college-level courses before being granted admission. Still, other online MLT programs require applicants to actively work at a hospital, supporting students by offering opportunities to earn clinical hours and school credit.

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    Explore A Career In Laboratory Science

    These Medical Laboratory Technician students are performing a lab with their instructor learning about Immunohematology. Immunohematology is also known as Blood Banking, and the laboratorians that work in this department can determine a patient’s blood type and crossmatch compatible units for transfusion.

    This Medical Laboratory Technician student is practicing his Immunohematology lab skills, which will allow him to save lives when he is working in the field.

    Medical Laboratory Technician students spend many hours developing and practicing their skill set.

    Southwestern College’s MLT program trains students for a career in laboratory medicine. The program is a California state approved program as well as nationally accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences . Graduates of the MLT program are eligible to take a nationally recognized certification exam administered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology . Certification from ASCP is considered to be the Gold Standard certification in the laboratory industry. Possession of the certification allows an individual to perform laboratory science functions in every state.

    NAACLS standards require keeping track of and reporting graduation rates, ASCP certification exam pass rates, and placement/employment rates. Southwestern College MLT program prides itself on the success of its students. Below are the most recent three years of data.


    Medical Lab Assistant/technician Diploma Program

    Trillium Colleges Medical Lab Assistant/Technician diploma program gives you the knowledge and practical skills needed to play an important role in promoting community health while working under the direct supervision of a physician, registered medical lab technologist, or other healthcare professionals.

    Emphasis is placed on understanding an array of laboratory technician skills, as well as ethical and administrative responsibilities as a medical lab technician. Subjects areas covered include specimen procurement, laboratory safety, medical terminology and documentation, infection prevention and control, and many others.

    Graduates of this program will gain the prerequisites needed to apply to write the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario certification exam. Trillium Colleges Medical Lab Assistant/Technician diploma program is recognized by the Medical Laboratory Professionals Association of Ontario.

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