Medical Billing And Coding Online Certificate

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What Youll Learn During Your Online Medical Coding & Billing Course

AAPC Certification Exams Are Online – How to Schedule your Medical Billing and Coding Exams
  • How the human body worksMaster human anatomy and physiology
  • How to speak the languageExplore medical terminology and pronunciations
  • How coding impacts healthcareLearn how medical procedures and diagnoses are coded
  • How to work like a professional. Discover how coders and billers use coding software and the Internet to boost their productivity and earnings

For the full Medical Coding and Billing course outline, please visit our Course Outline page.

Check Out Our Guide On A Career In The Medical Billing And Coding Field In California

Medical Billing and Coding is at the cornerstone of todays health care revenue system, ensuring payers and patients reimburse providers for their services. One benefit of becoming a professional Biller or Coder is how quickly you can train to get started in the field. Many students earn their Certificate online, which allows them to work part-time as they study. Learn more about how you can train for a career in the Medical Billing and Coding field.

Best For Structure: University Of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

  • Full-time and part-time options available

  • Students who complete program can transfer to an Associates program

  • No self-paced path

The University of Cincinnati, also known as UC, is part of the University System of Ohio. As with FAMU, it’s a fully remote asynchronous program, but UCs program is not self-paced.

Students can earn the certificate in as little as 12 months with full-time enrollment. Upon completion of the program, students can sit for the CCA or CPC national certifications, or they may choose to transition to the Associate Degree Program in Health Information Systems.

Unlike some college programs, the only necessary prerequisite for UCs medical billing and coding program is a high school diploma or equivalent. UC course graduates are 29% more likely to pass the RHIA exam than average.

Ohio residents can expect to pay a total tuition cost of about $3,189 per semester with full-time enrollment. Non-resident full-time students will pay around $3,369. Resident students enrolled part-time will pay roughly $266 per credit hour, while part-time, non-resident students will see a cost of approximately $281 per credit hour.

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Is A Certificate In Medical Coding Right For Me

Have you always wanted to work in the medical field but felt discouraged because of the time commitment and financial investment required? Then becoming a medical coding professional could be perfect for you!

One of the many advantages of working in this field is that you dont have to have a medical degree. You can jumpstart your healthcare career in just one year by earning this affordable, highly-marketable medical certificate.

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Advice for Getting Your Medical Billing and Coding Certificate ...

I was referred to US ,Career Institute by a fellow co-worker. So far so great! The site has been easy to navigate which is nice because Im not so tech savvy. Im very excited to begin my new career.

Date of experience:September 12, 2022

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

We appreciate your great review and are excited for you, Cheryl!

Very affordable and complies with standards for a busy adult learner.

Date of experience:November 15, 2022

Reply from U.S. Career Institute

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Medical Billing And Coding Job Outlook Salary And Career Path Why Choose Medical Billing And Coding

  • Earn up to $45,240 a year!*
  • Work full-time or part-time
  • Work for doctors, hospitals or clinics
  • Work from home after you gain experience
  • Gain two valuable skills and expand your career path options by taking Billing and Coding.
  • Be a part of the secure, growing healthcare industry

The U.S. Department of Labor projects the growth for Medical Coding & Billing jobs to increase 9% by 2030.*

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Find Education Options For Every Phase Of Your Career

In todays dynamic work environments, adaptive professionals thrive. Education options from Franklin, Ohios #1 adult-focused university, give you the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges ahead. From courses and professional certificates to entire degree programs, Franklin has learning options that fit your needs.

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Medical Billing And Coding Explanation

Patients must be compensated by their insurance plans. Each diagnosis and operation is then given a code by a medical billing and insurance coder. Medicare, Medicaid, or a commercial insurance may get the invoices. Everything is based on the patients insurance.

Associates in medical billing and coding work with specialized cutting-edge technology. They must master sophisticated software. But giving the patients bill a diagnosis-related group helps them.

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Online Medical Billing And Coding Training Objectives

Medical Coding Training Online (The Best Way To Get Medical Coding Training Online)
  • Learn how the CPT Category II codes and ICD-10 codes work and how to assign them in common medical billing and coding procedures.
  • Be fully prepared to sit for the CPC exam, offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders: Certified Professional Coder exam offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders , Certified Coding Associate exam offered by the American Health Information Management Association , Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association
  • Learn how the CPT Category II codes and ICD-10 codes work and how to assign them in common medical billing and coding procedures
  • Gain hands-on billing experience with medical billing and coding software
  • Externship Starter Kit to help you gain valuable experience in the field
  • Medical Biller standalone option for those who arent interested in Medical Coding

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Best Variety: American Academy Of Professional Coders

American Academy of Professional Coders

  • Courses and certifications can get pricey, but some financial aid is available

In existence since 1990, the American Academy of Professional Coders has earned a good reputation online with graduate students. It offers a wide range of classes at very reasonable prices, and its website offers an extensive knowledge base with a wide range of resources to help students succeed. AAPC is the world’s largest healthcare training and credentialing organization, with 200,000 members.

AAPC offers a huge variety of certification courses at various price points. Students can engage in any level of learning, from simply taking the certification test to enrolling in a full course load of different specialties.

One note of caution: Job seekers who take the lowest certification routes report that jobs are difficult to find without experience. Cheap certification is attractive, but far less valuable in the job market.

Additional benefits of learning through AAPC include networking, mentorship, and online apprenticeship to provide practical experience. AAPC certification programs focus on physician and outpatient coding and are better suited to doctors offices, clinics, and other outpatient settings.

Medical Billing And Coding Class Instructors

Each student will be assigned a designated instructor upon enrollment. Our world-class, qualified instructors have years of teaching and field experience. Our instructors consist of Family Nurse Practitioners, RNs, Doctors, and other qualified medical professionals.

Your instructor will personally reach out to you within 24-48 hours and will be available to answer any questions throughout the program.

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How Long Do Medical Coding And Billing Courses Take

Medical billing and coding classes vary significantly in length. For a brief overview, some courses only take a half hour or, sometimes, even less. Going over brief topics can be done quickly in the coding world, and there are often short courses that go over the fundamentals or explain what a medical coding or billing professional does.

Longer courses that go more in depth on the process of medical coding and billing can take multiple weeks or even several months to complete. The length of the course depends on the depth of the topics as well as your personal interest level.

How Much Money Can I Make With Cpc Certification

5 Most Affordable Online Medical Billing and Coding Certificates and ...

The average medical billing and coding salary for CPC certification holders in Tennessee is $42,364 annually or $20.37 per hours. The average medical billing and coding salary for CPC certification holders in Georgia is $41,905 annually or $20.15 per hour. Find a comprehensive list of states and salaries here.

A medical billing and coding salary will typically increase based on experience and education.

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Medical Coding Online Career Program

As the healthcare field continues to expand, the need for knowledgeable medical coders is on the rise. Blackstones Medical Coding certificate course is designed specifically for the adult learner who is either working in, or interested in working in, the medical coding field. Whether you are looking to start a new career or to advance in your current position, our medical coding certificate course contains a balanced mix of theory and coding skills designed to inform and challenge you. Medical coders work in a variety of settings, mainly submitting medical claims to insurance companies to ensure that patient appointments, services and procedures are reimbursed. Consider combining this online medical coding course with Anatomy, Medical Terminology and HIPAA to make the most of your training and increase your promotability. Our online career program offers the education you need to become an expert medical coding professional.

  • Prerequisite: High School or General Equivalency Diploma
  • Study Method: Online study guides and exams
  • Program Length: Completion time ranges from 4-12 months. Students must satisfy all academic and financial obligations to graduate from their program.

Interested in learning more about our Online Medical Coding Certificate Course? Contact us directly at 800-826-9228 to learn more and enhance your education with Blackstone!

Unit 1: Blackstones Skills for Success

  • Discover How You Learn
  • Find a Place to Study
  • Learn How to Study

Medical Coding And Billing Program Tuition And Financing

We strive to ensure our Medical Coding and Billing program is both flexible and affordable. This is why we offer low, monthly payment options for every student. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality education at an affordable price. Make an investment in yourself today!

For more information, please visit our Tuition and Financing page.

Join the thousands who have trained with U.S. Career Institute. Get started on your online medical coding and billing program today and be ready to work in as little as five months!

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Remote Medical Coding Jobs

Your primary goal in choosing a medical billing and coding career is to help the community regarding health. Accordingly, every doctor and health clinic needs a skilled biller to submit correct claims for pay ments.

Accordingly, you have various opportunities to get medical billing and coding certification. But are you looking for a free medical billing and coding course? We will provide you with a detailed description of it.

What Will I Learn

Medical Billing and Coding Certification Program Online at CHCP
  • An overview of the healthcare, insurance and medical billing and coding industries
  • The organization and use of the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM, CPT and HCPCS manuals to identify correct codes
  • Detailed review and practice using the alphabetic index and tabular list of the ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM and practice coding examples within the CPT
  • Basic claims processes for medical insurance and third-party reimbursements
  • Completing common insurance forms, tracing delinquent claims and appealing denied claims
  • ICD-10-CM overview

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How Long Do You Have To Go To School To Become A Medical Coder Or Medical Biller

While it depends on the number of courses you take per quarter, most students complete this program within 18 months. However, you’ll be prepared to sit for the associated certification exams after successful completion of Part II of any of the billing and coding courses. As a result, you can achieve national certification even before completing the program.

Medical Billing And Coding School Tuition

Option 1: Pay in full

Save up to $300Ends 1/10/2023

Cost of Program

  • Pay the full cost today
  • No monthly payments

Option 2: Monthly Auto Pay Plan

Save up to $100Ends 1/10/2023

Cost of Program

Option 3: Monthly Mail Pay Plan

cost of program

California residents please for Required California Disclosures.

Need more info or ready to enroll?

Looking for more information on transfer credits, military benefits, or our refund policy? Find this information and more about tuition and enrollment here.

Our Proven Healthcare Learning Model


  • Expert instructors and Academic Advocates available by phone or email
  • Robust learning resources

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Online Medical Billing And Coding Training Faqs

Medical Billers and Coders are responsible for processing patient data including medical records and related insurance. In this position, you will code a patients diagnosis and then request payment from the patients insurance company. You will play an important role in ensuring that healthcare providers are quickly and accurately paid for the treatment they give patients.

Yes. Medical coders translate patient care into current procedural terminology codes. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the medical services provided are accurately coded. Medical billers are responsible for creating a claim based on the codes a medical coder provides. Many professionals in this area do both medical billing and medical coding.

Entry-level positions typically require completion of a certificate and passing one of the certification exams or an associate degree program in medical billing and coding. Additionally, medical billing and coding professionals must understand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act .

In most cases, it takes between one and three years to become a medical biller and coder. Earning a medical billing and coding certification can take up to one year, while earning an associate degree can take up to three years.

The Certified Professional Coder exam is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders . It is the gold standard entry-level coding certification for physician, or professional fee, coders.

Is There A Difference Between Medical Billing And Medical Coding

MBCC Medical Billing &  Coding certification by Karim SLITI

Yes. Medical coders translate patient care into current procedural terminology codes. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the medical services provided are accurately coded. Medical billers are responsible for creating a claim based on the codes a medical coder provides. Many professionals in this area do both medical billing and medical coding.

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Foundations Of Health Care Systems Engineering

Course cost- free

Course duration About 6 hours

Certificate Yes

This course isnt specifically targeted at medical coding and billing professionals. But it runs the system very close to this field, and you need to get the essential idea to start your career. You can get this free medical billing and coding course through Coursera. That is, John Hopkins University is involved in this.

The main content of the curriculum includes health care systems and their inter-systems. It helps you to get a head start on becoming a medical coder and biller.

Youll receive an accredited certificate in the Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering program. You can also add it to your resume or a LinkedIn profile. Finally, you will better understand the health systems and their characteristics after this study.

Start Your Path To National Healthcare Association Certification

The healthcare industry in Texas continues to expand. As the population ages, the need for medical services grows. Increasing medical services means higher demand for medical billers and coders who organize and manage patient data.
UTSA MBC certification course introduces a unique, university fast-track program that teaches students to gain essential skills needed to facilitate all phases of the healthcare medical and insurance revenue cycle process. The program aims to develop proficiency in government and commercial insurance carrier specifications, and customer service skills needed to work in all healthcare settings.

This course will cover the basic principles and concepts of Medical Billing and Coding :

  • Fundamental understanding of the human body and medical terminology applicable to MBC
  • Classify and assign diagnosis conditions and procedure codes using the national coding systems ICD10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS for healthcare settings
  • Appropriately submit medical claims and ensure carrier fee schedule payment compliance
  • Understand terms describing medical records, insurance explanation of benefits, and carrier reimbursement notices
  • Understand and apply primary, secondary, and third insurance claim processes
  • Facilitate healthcare insurance eligibility, and the complete revenue cycle process

The medical records and/or health information specialist typically perform the following duties:

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Why Choose Rasmussen University

Our online Medical Billing and Coding Certificate training can help set you up for success, no matter what your ultimate educational or career goals are.

  • Balance work, life and college with flexible fully online medical billing and coding courses backed by 24/7 tech support
  • Save time and money with transfer credits and $149 self-directed assessments that allow you to prove you have the skills taught in a particular course and don’t need to take it
  • Examine case studies, authentic coding scenarios, hands-on activities and projects for a first-hand look at industry technology
  • Gain hands-on experience in AHIMA® virtual labs to test your skills and enhance decision-making abilities
  • Collaborate with experienced faculty who want you to succeed in a supportive environment

Medical Billing And Coding Job Outlook Is Medical Billing And Coding Right For Me

Online Medical Coding and Billing Courses at Certification Coaching

With our Medical Billing and Coding certificate program, you can learn the skills you need to begin a rewarding new career in a doctors office, hospital, clinic, or even your own home. Medical billing and coding offers a competitive salary and is projected to have a good job outlook in the coming years. The U.S. Department of Labor projects 9% growth* in medical coding and billing jobs from 2020 to 2030, higher than the average for most jobs, and you can take your place in this essential, growing industry with the help of U.S. Career Institute.

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