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What If I Want To Get Married But I’m Under 18 Years Old

San Bernardino County Clerk Issues First Historic Online Video Marriage License and Ceremony

If you’re below the age of 18 then you must bring at least one parent or legal guardian must accompany you. Bring a certified copy of your birth certificate too.

Keep in mind that if you were not born in California, you’ll have to order your certified copy from your state or country of birth. If you were born in San Bernardino County, CA, order your certificate from this county. Otherwise, order it from the CA county of your birth.

San Bernardino County Marriage License Contact Information

Address and Phone Number for San Bernardino County Marriage License, a Marriage License Office, at Hall Of Records Bldg., 222 W. Hospitality Lane, 1St Flr., San Bernardino CA.

San Bernardino County Marriage License
Hall Of Records Bldg., 222 W. Hospitality Lane, 1St Flr.San Bernardino,California,92415

View map of San Bernardino County Marriage License, and get driving directions from your location.

What Are The Requirements To Be Married In San Bernardino California

You and the person that you are marrying must be at least 18 years old and unmarried at the time that you apply for a marriage license. At the Recorder-Clerks office, you will be required to show a valid form of government-issued photo I.D. before you receive your marriage license. You will also be required to show a copy of the court document of dissolution or annulment at the Recorder-Clerks office if either one of you has ended a marriage in the last year.

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How To Obtain A Marriage Verification

To obtain a marriage verification, you must submit the following:

  • A completed Application for Verification of Marriage/Civil Union Record Files
  • A valid government issued photo identification that must be readable and is not expired/out of date
  • To learn more about valid IDs, see RESOURCES in the right-hand column and click on IDs
  • To learn more about the required costs/fees, see RESOURCES in the right-hand column and click on Costs/Fees

San Bernardino County Ca Marriage License Information

Dudley Marvin Canright (1840

If you plan to get married in San Bernardino County, CA, or elsewhere within California, you must complete a marriage license application. You can get your marriage license in San Bernardino County or any other county throughout the state. Locations that distribute marriage licenses are typically located in the County Clerk office. Marriage licenses issued from San Bernardino County can be used throughout the state of California.

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Where Do I Go To Apply For A Marriage License In San Bernardino California

In San Bernardino, you can apply for a marriage license at the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks office on the first floor of the Hall of Records Building at 222 W. Hospitality Lane. You and the person that you are marrying need to appear together in person to fill out the application and show I.D.

You can visit the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks office website to learn more: San Bernardino Marriage License.

California Public Marriage Licenses

A Public Marriage license is usually what a couple will request when they wish to have a traditional ceremony. These can be attained by any county recorder’s office with the correct information and identification. There is no appointment necessary in obtaining a marriage license, but a Marriage License Application must have been completed at least two weeks before the visit to the county clerk. Marriage licenses can be issued in between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

A public marriage license is valid for 90 days before expiration, and both parties must not be currently married. The fee for a public marriage in California is $83.00, and a certified pre-paid copy can be issued immediately for $15.00 more. To have this certified copy, the fee must be pre-paid.The fee can be paid in the form of cash, check, money order, or debit or credit card .

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How Donotpay Can Help You Obtain Your Marriage Certificate

While obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate can be difficult, DoNotPay’s Marriage Certificates product makes it easier by providing you the means to digitally apply for your . By obtaining the answers to a few questions to find your marriage certificate and verify your identity, we can mail the request to the county clerk’s office on your behalf and even cover the application fee. Additionally, our notary product can help you find a notary in your area to complete that part of the process.

About The San Bernardino County Marriage License

San Bernardino County Clerk Marries Couples on Valentine’s Day

The San Bernardino County Marriage License, located in San Bernardino, CA, processes marriage license applications and issues marriage licenses. The Marriage License Office also records marriage certificates in San Bernardino and maintains marriage records. Many of these marriage records are available to the public.

You may contact the Marriage License Office for questions about:

  • Finding San Bernardino marriage records online
  • Applying for a marriage license
  • San Bernardino marriage license fees
  • Finding marriage records
  • Getting copies of marriage licenses and certificates

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Find San Bernardino County Marriage Records

San Bernardino County Marriage Records are official documents that contain information about marriages certified in San Bernardino County, California. These include San Bernardino County marriage licenses, certificates, registries, and vital record indexes. Marriage Records can show whether a wedding is legally valid, which may be required to obtain benefits related to marriage.

Learn about Marriage Records, including:

  • Where to get San Bernardino County Marriage Records online
  • How to get married in San Bernardino County, CA
  • How to get a certified copy of a marriage license or certificate in California
  • How to legally change your last name after marriage

Find San Bernardino Marriage Records

San Bernardino Marriage Records provide information about marriage licenses, certificates, and registries in San Bernardino, California. Official Marriage Records provide information about whether a marriage is legally valid, the names of both parties to the marriage, and when the wedding took place. Marriage Records are required for certain legal processes, including name changes or applying for spousal benefits.

Find Marriage Records, including:

  • San Bernardino County marriage certificates
  • California Marriage Record registries

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What Are California Marriage Records

A California marriage record is a complete record consisting of marriage certificates as well as marriage licenses. Each of these types of records hold different degrees of standing and verification that a marriage has taken place. There are different types of records, utilized for different processes. Most have similar information, but essentially they all state the same things: that a legal union of two people took place in the eyes of the California state government.

Both government websites and organizations may offer divorce and marriage records. Similarly, third party public record websites can also provide these types of records. But because third party organizations are not operated or sponsored by the government, record availability may vary. Further, marriage and divorce records are considered highly private and are often sealed, meaning availability of these types of records cannot be guaranteed.

San Bernardino County Marriage Records

Get a Copy of Birth Certificate

At first glance, it is difficult to see why governments would want to interfere with marriages. A marriage, after all, is something that usually involves only two persons and their families. The reason why marriages are of so much interest to the public is something that could only be fully understood when one understands that rights, obligations, duties, and responsibilities flow from a marriage, and these rights, obligations, duties, and responsibilities are not only reciprocal between the parties and their families, but even from third persons and the world. This is one of the reasons why marriage records, such as San Bernardino County Marriage Records, are of so much interest to the government and to the public.

As public records, is supposed to be available to the general public, and when it comes to informational copies, this is certainly true. Any person could request for an informational copy of a marriage, but one must note that informational copies only provide information they could not be used for official proceedings. Such official proceedings would require certified copies, and certified copies are not public documents in the sense that they are not available to the general public. The law requires that a person be included in an exclusive list before he or she could request for certified copies. Note, however, that informational copies and certified copies provide the exact same information.

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How Do I Get My Marriage Certificate In California

Public marriage certificates are maintained by the County Recorders Office in the county where the marriage license was purchased. The California Department of Public Health Vital Records Office only maintains public marriage records that happened in the years of 1905-2000 or 2008 to present day. Typically, this record will note that a marriage took place, where it took place, and the names of the involved parties. To apply for a marriage record through the county recorders office, contact the specific office and they should be able to guide any requesting parties through the process. Applying through the county recorder offices can often render faster results than applying through the CDPH-VR. To apply for a marriage record through CDPH-VR, it is necessary to fill out the application form along with all fees required and a valid photocopy of the requesting artys identification. There is a $15.00 copy fee for each certificate. Check or money order should be made payable to CDPH Vital Records. For each additional request, it is necessary to fill out another application. On the application form, the following information must be known:

  • The name of the party as it appears on the licence
  • The date or date range of the marriage
  • The city or county where the marriage occurred
  • Both of the spouses dates of birth
  • The age of both of the spouses when the marriage was finalized

Mail this application to:

CA Department of Public Health Vital RecordsMS: 5103Sacramento, CA 95899-7410

San Bernardino County Recorder Agency Information

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY VITAL RECORDSThe San Bernardino County Recorder issues copies of vital records, including Authorized and Informational copies of San Bernardino County birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates . This includes public and confidential marriages.

NOTICE: Although VitalChek attempts to include accurate and up-to-date information on this site, state and agency information is subject to change without notice. VitalChek makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information herein and assumes no liability with respect to such information.


San Bernardino County Vital Records issues authorized and informational copies of public marriage certificates. For confidential marriage, only authorized copies of the certificate will be issued. Informational copies are not available for confidential marriages. Marriage certificates are typically used for proof of marriage and other legal purposes.

Who Can Order Copies of Public Marriage Certificates?Sworn Statement and notarized Certificate of Acknowledgment

Informational Copies no documentation is required.

Who Can Order Copies of Confidential Marriage Certificates?Sworn Statement and notarized Certificate of Acknowledgment

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Where To Find Free California Marriage Records

For members of the public, it is not possible to gain access to marriage records of any kind for free. However, one can obtain public marriage licenses or certificates with a small fee through the county clerk’s office in the county where the marriage occurred. These records will not be state verified, as verification may be costly, but they are a statement that the marriage has been finalized and can serve many purposes. To contact the County Recorders Office in the specific county where the marriage took place, visit the California State Association of Counties Website for a list of counties and their contact information.

It may be necessary to note that marriage verifications are not always stand-ins for marriage licenses and certificates, and may not be able to serve the same purpose.

How Do I Get A Marriage License Or Certificate

The difference between a Marriage Certificate and Marriage License | My Dream Ceremony

Notice: There may be fees involved with these processes. As these processes may change periodically and do not involve the City of Montclair, the best source of information is the County Recorders office where you would obtain the records. Please contact their offices directly or check their websites to learn more about their processes and fees.

San Bernardino County

The San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks Office issues marriage licenses and performs marriage ceremonies within San Bernardino County. Visit the website or call 387-8306 for information and appointments.

Please visit the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks Vital Records Office for copies of records for marriages that occurred in San Bernardino County, visit their website, or call 732-2575 for more information or to initiate a request.

Los Angeles County

For marriage licenses, wedding ceremonies, and records of marriages in Los Angeles County, contact the LA County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerks Office at 201-8999. Marriage licenses and ceremonies can be obtained from the Clerks Office, and marriage records can be obtained from the Recorders office. Visit their website for more information.


The California Department of Public Health can provide certified copies of marriage certificates for public marriages that occurred statewide in certain years. They do not maintain records of confidential marriages. Visit their website or call 558-1784 for more information.

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How To Change Your Name After Marriage In California

A person that wants to change their name after marriage in California must follow specific steps. Parties must first apply for a marriage license, which is the official document that signifies a name change and is required when changing federal documents. Couples in California can send license applications to the county clerk before getting married and pay $35 to $110, depending on the county.

A person that is already married will need to get a certified copy of their marriage license before changing their name after marriage. Certified copies are also available at the county clerk’s office and usually cost $15 per copy. Once the person planning a name change after marriage gets their certificate, they must first submit an application for a new social security card to the Social Security Administration . They must and attach the following:

  • Certified copy of marriage license

Applicants can submit completed packages to their local SSA office in person or by mail. Processing might take 2-3 weeks. Upon getting a new social security card, the person changing their name after marriage can visit their local DMV to get a new driver’s license. The applicant must present a copy of their marriage certificate and their current driver’s license. By the end of their visit, parties will have a new driver’s license with their new name printed on it.

Are California Marriage Records Public

While California Marriage Records are public, they represent some of the most difficult records to obtain due to the personal nature of the information within. Government organizations often offer marriage verification letters rather than the original marriage records because marriage records must remain intact and unchanged with regard to the people involved in the marriage. If changes need to be made, these records are critical to that procedure.

Family Court Records can include marriage records and divorce records. These records contain personal information of those involved and their maintenance is critical should anyone involved wish to make changes. Because of this both marriage and divorce records can be considered more difficult to locate and obtain than other public records, and may not be available through government sources or third party public record websites.

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How Do I Change My Name Due To Marriage

When you get married, you’ll be provided a marriage certificate which provides proof of marriage and is the primary document used to facilitate the name change process. You’ll use it to complete your name change across various government and non-government institutions.

You can make use of an online service to get the process started, before or after you get married in San Bernardino County or elsewhere in California.

Is There A Way For Another Person To Be Authorized To Perform A Wedding Ceremony In San Bernardino California

Beer And Wine License California: San Bernardino County Marriage ...

Yes. A person can become authorized to perform wedding ceremonies by being appointed a Commissioner for One Day by the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks office. The person will need to fill out an application and pay a fee. You can visit the San Bernardino County Recorder-Clerks office website to learn more: San Bernardino Marriage License.

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California Confidential Marriage Licenses

A confidential marriage in California not considered public record. The requesting parties must sign an affidavit agreeing that they have been living together as a couple prior to applying for a confidential marriage license. They must also be 18 years of age or older, and be married in the county where the license was obtained. No witnesses are required for this ceremony, and no ceremony is required either. The fee for a confidential marriage license is $89.00, and $15.00 more for every extra copy. The forms of payment are similar to that of a public marriage license. If someone is requesting a copy of these records and they are not one of the spouses, they must have a court order.

What Are California Marriage Licenses

In order to get married in California, parties must obtain what is called a Marriage License. There are two kinds of marriage licenses in california: Public or Confidential. Both of these documents require information and agreements from both parties, but the requirements differ slightly. The necessary information is quite general: names of both parties, date of upcoming marriage, and a marriage statement. A Marriage licence is also a sort of contract, which states what rights and obligations both parties must meet and abide by. Certain requirements for accessing a marriage license in California are:

  • The couple that is to be married must appear in-person
  • The couple must be at minimum 18 years of age
  • The couple must report their social security numbers
  • Both of the individuals entering into the marriage must have a valid government photo ID. This includes a state drivers license, a state ID, passport, military ID cards, and any visas that either party may have in light of a state of ID.

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