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Teacher Shortages In Texas

Passing the TExES Exam | Student Teacher

According to the US Department of Education Teacher Shortage Area report for 2021-2022, Texas broadly has the following shortages5:

  • Career and Technical Education, 7-12
  • Career and Technical Education , Pre-K-12
  • English as a Second Language , Pre-K-12
  • Mathematics, 7-12
  • Special Education, Pre-K-12

According to the Texas Education Agency , the state has not experienced a major loss of teachers due to the pandemic, based on its attrition and new hire numbers. In fact, the 2020-21 school year saw a higher percentage change in new hires over lost jobs since the 2014-15 school year.6 However, some districts in the state still may be experiencing shortages in areas such as the ones listed above, so you should check your local district for more information.

When Should I Take The Texes

Typically, you’ll want to take the TExES exam close to or after completing your bachelor’s degree and teacher preparation program, that way you have time to prepare and study. Taking the exam too early may cause you to be unprepared because the exam may have questions that your degree or preparation program hasn’t covered yet. However, it’s never too early to start planning for when you should register and take the test.

Graduating From An Accredited College

First, you must graduate from an accredited college.

You can graduate with a degree in education .

You can simply graduate with a degree and become certified through an alternative certification program.

NOTE: If youre almost done with your degree, but its not in education, save your money! Finish your degree, graduate, and then go through an alternative certification program.

To recap you must graduate from an accredited university. You can graduate with a degree in education or you can take your degree- any degree- and enroll in an alternative certification program.

Key Point: If you want to enroll in an alternative certification program, you need a GPA of 2.5 or higher, either overall or in your last 60 hours.

If youre unsure if your college is accredited, check here: College Accreditation List

If youre unsure of your GPA in the last 60 hours, check here:

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Texes Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities

One type of test is the TExES Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities exam. This exam lasts 5 hours and covers several topics related to teaching early childhood education through 12th grade. The test is designed to assess whether an entry-level teacher has the knowledge and skills necessary for teaching. The questions are selected-response, and there are 100 questions in total.

There are different types of standards that the test will determine if an examinee meets. There are 4 pedagogy and professional responsibilities standards that cover instruction design, positive classroom environment, effective communication, and legal and ethical requirements. There are 6 technology applications standards that cover areas such as using creative thinking for instruction, ability to use digital technologies for instruction, organization, and communication, the promotion of safe, legal, moral, and ethical behavior while using digital technology in the classroom, and the use of critical thinking to make informed decisions and solve problems.

Career Advancement For Texas Teachers

Everything You Need to Know About TExES Scores

There is a misconception that being a teacher is a stagnant profession with little room for growth. However, this could not be further from the truth. Being a teacher means constantly learning from your students and peers. It also provides you with ample time and opportunity to complete professional development activities aside from those required for credential renewal. This can be as simple as attending a lecture or seminar about a topic that interests you and could help you within the classroom or completing a class/program to advance your education. There is also the option to take additional TExES test to expand your grade level or subject capabilities, giving you the freedom to change the area you currently teach. Additionally, you could move on from teaching and explore administrative roles within the school system.

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How Many Times Can I Retake The Texes

You can take a TExES exam a total of 5 times, meaning you have 4 chances for a retake. If you need to retake a test, you must wait at least 30 days from the date of the last exam. However, you cannot register for a retake until scores from the previous exam have been posted. Each TExES exam has its own retake limit for example, if you need to take both the PPG and Life Science 7-12 exams, then retaking one will not affect the re-take limit of the other.

Some exams, such as the Core Subjects EC-6 exam, have separate Subject Exams that all need to be passed in order to pass the overall exam. In this case, if you fail one or more of the Subject Exams, you don’t have to retake the entire Core Subjects exam. You would just retake the Subject Exam that you failed. However, in cases like this, retaking a Subject Exam does count towards the 5-exam retake limit.

No matter how many times you retake an exam, the highest scores you earn are the ones that are used for your teaching certification, even if your highest score was not earned on your last retake. If you have exceeded the 5-exam limit, you may not take any more exams unless given a waiver by the Texas Education Agency.

Additional Requirements For Texas Teachers

Aside from educational prerequisites and required testing, there is a hands-on component to completing your college program or EPP. The state of Texas requires 300 educational coursework hours, including 30 hours of field experience. Your individual college program or EPP will have a method for gaining the required hours and will most likely help you find internships or student teaching opportunities to achieve your hours. Up to 15 hours of field experience can be met online through simulated classroom experience or other technological formats. It is extremely important to find a program accredited and recognized by the state of Texas since they acknowledge the completion of your program as the completion of the required hours.

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What Is The Ppr Exam

The PPR Exam is a test that measures an individuals knowledge of theory and pedagogy. PPR stands for Professional Pedagogy and Responsibilities. This test is made up of 90 questions, and 240 points are needed to pass the exam itself. When taking the PPR exam, individuals are given 5 hours, but most tend to finish the exam within 2.5 hours. If you finish the exam early, its recommended that you go over your work before turning it in!

How To Register For The Texes

State board considers tougher teacher certification standards in Texas

Once you know when and where you plan to take the TExES, you can register at the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Registration page. Youll create an account to schedule your test, check test scores and pay the TExES registration fee. Registration costs $116-$136, depending on which TExES you take.

When you create an account, this page will ask for your Texas Education Agency Login number. If you dont have a TEAL number, you can create one through theTexas Educator Certification Online System.

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Financial Aid & Loan Forgiveness For Texas Teachers

With the growing need for teachers around the country and in Texas, there are many programs available to help pay for your education. There are numerous organizations that offer grants and scholarships for teachers. There are scholarships available for teaching certain subjects, for career changers, for teaching in high-needs areas, and more.

If you paid for your degree using funds from a student loan, you might qualify for student loan forgiveness. The federal government oversees several loan forgiveness programs for teachers.

Programs outlined above, such as TFA or TTT, can help you cover the cost of your education. They award cash that can be used toward paying off loans or future educational expenses.

Students who are from Texas may be eligible to participate in grow-your-own-style programs, which provide financial aid to students who return to teach in their home school district after college.

Texas Teacher Certification Process

The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program is just a part of the Texas certification process for teachers. The Texas Education Agency outlines 5 steps for becoming a public school teacher in Texas. They are as follows:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Those who are completing a Texas program must do so from one that is accredited by an agency that is recognized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, as stated by the Texas Administrative Code.
  • Complete an educator preparation program, which is a part of many university teaching degrees, or an alternative certification program.
  • Pass Texas teacher certification exams, which includes the TExES teacher certification test
  • After all the requirements are met, submit a state application
  • First-time applicants must be fingerprinted for a criminal background check

Those who are seeking alternative certification or a post-baccalaureate educator program can take a Pre-Admission Content Test to gain admission. This test is optional but is required if a candidate’s GPA is below 2.5 or they have not completed at least 12 semester credit hours in the subject area of the certification they’re pursuing.

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Do You Know Which Texes Exams You Need To Take

You have put in countless hours to become a teacher, and now it comes down to taking a TExES test.

But what TExES exams do you need to take, and in what order?

There are so many from which to choose. It can be quite overwhelming, but dont worry! We are here to help you figure it out.

In this article, we will give you information to help ease your anxiety and make you feel more comfortable moving forward with your TExES exam preparation. You may have questions about the differences between exams and the minimum score needed to pass. We will tell you all about this, plus how much each TExES exam costs and how long you have to wait before you can retake a TExES exam. We will also provide you with study guides and practice tests to help you pass your exam.

Its time to get started.

All Candidates Must Pass A Texes Test

Begin Here

There are two methods to take the TExES test:

1. Pre-Admission Content Test

Via the PACT route, you are taking the TExES prior to enrollment into a program. The PACT test is the TExES test for certification, it just denotes when you test.

2. Program Test Approval

Via the Program Test Approval route, you are taking the content test once formally enrolled into a program. With the PACT option, you must have at least one test passed so you can be assured, once enrolled into a program, you can complete your certification. Without a test passed for enrollment, you run the risk of investing your money, time and energy only to be denied testing and unable to complete a preparation program. Upon enrollment, you can continue to test to expand your marketability but on a limited basis.

  • Click on Dont have an account? Create an account now
  • Input Email Address, create Password, and Security Question
  • You should not have a TEA ID, so select No.

    If you already have a TEA ID, you will need to contact TEA at 936-8400, Option 2 and request to have PACT approval added to your existing record so you can seek admission into a preparation program.

    Taking the Content Test via the PACT route, you will enter your personal information this information must exactly match your ID documents in order to be admitted to the test center.

    You will select the Pre-Admission Content Test as your testing route.

    Input your SSN, DOB, Ethnicity and Gender

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    Transition Into Teaching For Career Changers

    TEA allows individuals who already hold a bachelors degree to teach while participating in an alternative certification program . There are 8 steps youll need to complete before earning your certification through an ACP.

    • Choose an approved ACP. An ACP will take about a year and will include intensive classroom-focused training.
    • Meet the acceptance requirements for the ACP you are interested in. Requirements will vary but may include taking the PACT.
    • Develop a certification plan with your program. An advisor will help you determine the specific requirements youll need to complete.
    • Obtain a teaching position. Your ACP will help you find an internship teaching position that aligns with your goals.
    • Apply for an intern or probationary certification. This certificate is valid for 1 year and will allow you to work in a school.
    • Complete all requirements for a standard license.
    • Apply for your teacher certification. Your ACP will help make sure youve done everything you need in order to apply for certification.

    Texas Teacher Certification Renewal

    Standard Certificates need to be renewed every 5 years. This includes completing 150 continuing professional education hours. CPE hours must be taken with an approved provider and can be earned in-person or online. If you teach any students with dyslexia, youll need to take CPE courses specific to their needs.

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    Teacher Certification In Texas

    Texas teachers are certified by the Texas education Agency . There are four main requirements: an academic degree, a teacher preparation program, educator assessments, and background check. Bachelors degrees must be earned through accredited institutions.

    First-time teachers must complete educator preparation programs. Those at the baccalaureate level complete university-based programs that include student teaching. Those who have already earned bachelor’s degrees have more options: They may complete university-based programs or pursue other approved program options. Their programs may include traditional student teaching or may include a mentored teaching experience.

    The Texas Education Agency has provided a list of approved educator programs . There are many options, corresponding with Texas certification areas. Teachers may pursue core subject certifications at the early childhood though grade six or grades four through eight level. Some candidates pursue combined middle grades language arts/ social studies or math/ science certifications. Specialized credentials are available for multiple grade bands. Art, music, and Languages Other Than English are among those available for all grade levels . Journalism, speech, history, health science, and life science are among the offerings at the secondary level. Secondary teachers can hold general science or social studies credentials.

    Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs In Texas

    Texas Educator Certification TExES 4 â 8 Mathematics (115) Exam â Practice Problem

    Projected Job Growth


    Growth in Teaching Jobs in TX through 20262

    One of the most important steps to obtaining Texas teacher licensing is completing an educator preparation program approved by the Texas Education Agency. The Texas Education Agency will accept bachelors degree programs that have accreditation from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Boards list of recognized accreditors. In order to obtain teacher certification in Texas, candidates must have completed an approved educator program. Candidates who have previously received a bachelors degree may be eligible to complete an alternative certification program or a post-baccalaureate program to qualify for licensure. You can compare key metrics for state-approved teacher preparation programs in Texas by using the sortable table on our Texas schools page.

    Candidates should confirm that their chosen school is accredited and will meet Texas Education Agency teacher certification standards before committing to a program. Online teaching certification programs offered by out-of-state schools should also be appropriately accredited.

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    Collect Your Study Materials

    There are lots of resources to help you prepare for the TExES. To get started, the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Test Preparation page has links to tools like study guides, sample questions, tips and strategies, tutorials and practice tests!

    Weve also gathered links to a few resources here. We have not personally vetted each of these resources, but you may find them useful in your preparation.

    Before you buy any study materials, check with your program to see if there are any discount codes or vouchers available for your test prep option of choice.

    Quick note: You might find some test prep resources that use the terms TExES and PACT interchangeably. Thats because the Pre-Admission Content Test, or PACT, and the TExES used to be the same testcalled two different names based on when you took the test. But in January 2020, Texas changed its certification testing process, and the PACT and TExES are now two different exams. If you come across materials that use both names, make sure you know which exam they actually mean. For more information about the PACT, check out the FAQs on this page.

  • Practice exams: Pearson offers online practice tests for some TExES exams for $10. On the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Practice Tests page, click the TExES you plan to take in the drop-down menu.
  • Exam Edge: For $21.95,Exam Edge offers a handful of free practice tests, plus the option to purchase individual practice exams.
  • Texas Teacher Outlook Salary And Jobs

    There were 8,912 public K-12 schools in Texas during the 2016-2017 school year, which enrolled a student population of over 5.36 million.3 There were about 352,809 teachers in Texas during the same timeframe, giving the state a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1.3

    From 2016 to 2026, projections estimate that there will be 14,050 average annual job openings for elementary school teachers, 7,000 average annual job openings for middle school teachers, and 10,130 average annual job openings for secondary school teachers in Texas.2 These figures exclude opportunities for special education and career and technical education teachers. In Texas, elementary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $56,520, while middle school teachers earn an average annual salary of $56,580 and secondary school teachers earn an average annual salary of $58,190.4 The Texas State Teachers Association provides frequent updates regarding policy changes and local employment opportunities for Texas teachers.


    Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2018.4

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