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Apply For A Job As A Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Certification: How & Why to Get One (2018)

As a newly certified pharmacy technician, seeking entry-level roles within your field could be well supported by your certification.

Job Outlook for a Career as a Pharmacy Technician

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market outlook for pharmacy technicians is good. The field has been projected to grow 4 percent through 2030. As the population ages, employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry in general are expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations.

Choosing the Right Environment for You

Pharmacy technicians work in a wide range of environments, so its important to spend some time thinking about what you want to get from your future workplace.

If youd like to work in a fast-paced environment, for instance, then you could seek out pharmacy technician jobs in hospitals, while those who want to make a real connection with patients could look for roles in care homes. Meanwhile, pharm techs talented in customer service should examine opportunities in retail pharmacies, while those with a passion for mixing drugs could consider a compounding pharmacy.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pharmacy Technician

Program length varies by school and program of study. It can take anywhere from nine months to two years to complete the training to become a pharmacy technician, depending on your career path. Certificate programs can generally be completed in a year or less, while associate degree programs take closer to two years to complete. Pursuing on-the-job training or internships could also impact the amount of training it takes to become a pharmacy technician.

How To Get Your Pharmacy Technician License

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Working as a pharmacy technician can be a challenging and rewarding career. However, in order to become a pharmacy technician you will likely need to become certified and licensed, as many states require you to do so. These exact requirements will vary from state to state. The certification itself is handled by one organization, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. After successfully applying and passing the exam, you may become certified, which will allow you to pursue your licensing.

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Ptcb’s Cpht Certification Program

If you are looking for a rewarding career with a high rate of pay and growth potential, you should give serious consideration to becoming a certified pharmacy technician. This healthcare career provides job stability, gives you the opportunity to help those in need and proves quite rewarding in a number of other ways.

However, you are likely wondering, how long does it take to become a pharmacy technician?, what it will cost and what other steps are necessary. For one, you must obtain PTCB CPhT certification in order to work as a pharmacy technician. Lets take a look at everything you need to know about PTCB CPhT certification in order to become a pharmacy technician.

Diploma And Certificate Programs

PTCB Certification Exam Review [Infographic

A pharmacy technician diploma or certificate program can be completed in one year or less and provides the basic education and training needed to sit for the Certified Pharmacy Technician exam. These programs introduce students to basic concepts in pharmaceutical technology, record keeping, pharmacy law and ethics, and pharmacology. They typically include a combination of classroom learning and lab training so that students learn how to dispense medication, prepare sterile products, and manage prescription orders.

Graduates of a one-year program can apply for entry-level positions at drugstores, hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities, or with mail-order pharmacy companies. Pharmacy tech certification programs typically require students to complete an externship at an approved pharmaceutical facility, hospital or retail pharmacy.

Examples of courses available in pharmacy technician diploma and certificate programs include:

Introduction to Pharmacy

  • Modern laws governing pharmacy and pharmacology practices in the United States
  • Ethical considerations for different customer situations
  • Pharmacy technician codes of conduct

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Obtain Your State License

While not a part of the certification process, this step is important if you passed your certification exam and haven’t started your pharmacy technician career yet. In some states, you can begin working with only a certification. Other states have licensure requirements, and their eligibility criteria vary. You can find out your licensing requirements by contacting your state’s Board of Pharmacy.

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Your Guide To Becoming A Certified Pharmacy Technician

Certified pharmacy technicians help healthcare teams get the right medication to the right people. Find out how you can get a national pharmacy technician certification and more.

The people who usually greet you at a retail pharmacy like CVS or Walgreen’s are called pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians help fill prescriptions, interact with customers, and fulfill other tasks in a pharmaceutical setting.

This profession can be a rewarding one, because you are able to witness the difference you’re making in people’s lives as you help them receive the medicine they need for an illness or condition.

So what does it take to become a certified pharmacy technician? Read on to learn more about this health-related career path.

Certified Pharmacy Technician Career Path


You can take your experience as a pharmacy technician into other paths. Pharmacy technicians can go on to do office-based jobs such as insurance claims processing they may also opt to become pharmacists, laboratory technicians, or physician assistants. Some pharmacy technicians can also choose to specialize in a field of medicine, like oncology .

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Do You Need To Be Certified As A Pharmacy Technician

You dont need to be certified as a pharmacy technician, but certification can make it easier to find a job. Some employers will even pay for you to become certified. The California State Board of Pharmacy also accepts a PTCB certification as adequate proof of pharmacy education.

PTCB certification

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board offers a Certified Pharmacy Technician credential. To earn your PTCB CPhT certification, you must meet a few different requirementsone of which is to complete a PTCB-recognized education/training program or equivalent work experience.

Once youve met the requirements, you can take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam to earn your PTCB CPhT certification. Many pharmacy technology programs incorporate material to prepare you for the PTCE.

ExCPT exam and CPhT certification

Taking the ExCPT exam and earning a CPhT certification through the National Healthcareer Association is another path to certification.6 This is another test that can prove what youve learned in a pharmacy technology program.

Pharmacy Tech Program Accreditation

Before enrolling in pharmacy technician training, students are encouraged to verify a programs programs programs accreditation status. Accreditation can serve as an indicator of program quality as administrators review the curricula, methods, and outcomes of programs.

To be eligible for certification, the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board requires candidates to have completed an education program accredited by the Pharmacy Technician Accreditation Commission a joint effort between the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education .

Overall, standards regulating pharmacy technicians have been moving toward increased oversight through professional certification and program accreditation. Therefore, people interested in this profession are urged to check the latest regulations posited by state and national organizations in this field before applying and enrolling in their school of choice.

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What Is Driving The Growth Of Pharmacy Technician Careers

Whats causing the projected employment of pharmacy technicians? The BLS notes the following:2

  • Aging population: These individuals need more prescription medicines than younger people.
  • Growth of chronic diseases: As the rate of chronic diseases increases, more prescription medications will be needed. Examples of chronic diseases include diabetes, arthritis, cancer and asthma.
  • Pharmaceutical research advances: Progress in pharmaceutical research will lead to more opportunities for medications to combat diseases.
  • Expanding role of pharmacists: Pharmacists roles are expanding, requiring them to perform more patient care activities, like administering flu shots. Pharmacy technicians will be needed to take on activities that were generally performed by pharmacists. Such activities include gathering patient information, preparing a broader range of medications and confirming other technicians work.

Ptcb Requirements For Florida Pharmacy Techs

PTCB ® Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Exam Review by Xuewen Sun

The following requirements have been issued by the PTCB for candidates who wish to become pharmacy technicians in Florida:

  • Candidates must be at least 18-years old.
  • Candidates must have earned a GED or high school diploma.
  • Candidates must have a clean criminal record with no felonies.
  • Candidates must have completed a recognized PTCB course.
  • Candidates must register and complete the application from on the official PTCB website. The standard PTCB exam fee is $129.00.

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A Guide To Earning Your Pharmacy Technician Certification

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Video: Becoming a Pharmacy Tech

Are you interested in a career as a pharmacy tech, but not sure how to start preparing for it? In this video, we break down the skills and education needed, average salaries and give 5 additional tips to help you land a job in the healthcare industry!

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies and hospitals, helping pharmacists measure and prepare medications for patients and customers, as well as perform customer service and basic inventory duties. They also:

  • Label, package, store and organize medications

  • Receive prescription medication and refill requests

  • Compound medications

  • Answer the phone and fulfill customer requests

  • Help customers find answers to basic questions about medication dosage or instructions

  • Enter patient and insurance information into the computer

  • Collect payment from customers

  • Handle insurance claims

Working as a pharmacy technician can be a great way to enter the health care or pharmaceutical industry, especially if you’re planning to become a pharmacist in the future. Many states, however, require pharmacy techs to be certified to work with medications.

In this article, we describe how to earn your pharmacy technician certification and why it is important.

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About Phlebotomy Career Training

Phlebotomy Career Training has been educating students and professionals throughout the U.S. with online and in-person programs for over 14 years. PCT is an accredited organization that offers nationally-recognized certification programs.

PCT understands the adult students need for quality education, a hands-on learning atmosphere, and a fast-track career path. Students can expect professional educators and quality instruction throughout their course. 95% of our graduates have found employment opportunities in their field!

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How To Apply And Schedule

The first step is to create a PTCB Account on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board located here: . Log into your PTCB Account and apply for certification. Once the application is approved, an email will be sent stating you are now permitted to take the exam. At this point, you are to schedule the specific time for your exam.

Exam appointments can either be scheduled on the web at Pearsons website or by phone. If you prefer to schedule your appointment by phone, dial at 866-902-0593. The exam is provided throughout the entirety of the year at nearly 1,500 professional centers and military sites across the nation.

Where Do Pharmacy Technicians Work

PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam Full Practice Test 1 – 90 Questions w/ Explained Answers

Pharmacy technicians primarily work in pharmacies and hospitals. The pharmacy setting could be in a drug, general merchandise or grocery store. Per the BLS, the biggest employers of pharmacy technicians include:3

  • Pharmacies and drugstores 50%
  • Hospitals 17%
  • Food and beverage stores 10%

While pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens are common employers of pharmacy technicians, these arent the only settings that you can work in as a pharmacy technician. Other options include working at a pharmaceutical company, health clinic, nursing home or assisted living facility, compounding pharmacy, or mail-order pharmacy.

Wondering what the difference is between a compounding pharmacy and a pharmacy within a retail drug store? To learn about these and additional pharm tech work environments, check out our article, Where can you work as a pharmacy technician?

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Seeking Licensure To Practise As A Registered Pharmacy Technician

Gaining licensure to practise as a registered pharmacy technician in those provinces that regulate pharmacy technicians involves the following:

  • Pharmacy technician education
  • PEBC Pharmacy Technician Certificate of Qualification
  • Fulfilling the requirements of a Provincial Regulatory Authority

Prospective candidates are strongly encouraged to confirm their eligibility to register with the Provincial Regulatory Authority prior to applying for any of PEBCs processes or examinations. More information is provided below.

Requirements For Ptcb Continuous Education

To maintain the pharmacy tech license in Florida, candidates must complete CE or continuous education.

PTCB requires:

Candidates must have completed at least 20-hours of CE in a 2-year cycle.

PTCB requires that CE must be related to the professional work and practice of a pharmacy technician.

Candidates must have completed at least 1-hour of this training in pharmacy law and regulations, and an additional hour in patient safety.

Candidates must pay the requisite fee of $40.00, which must be paid every 2-years.

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Why Get Ptcb Certification

If certification is not always necessary toget started as a pharmacy technician, why should you consider it? Someemployers and states require you to have certification to work as a pharmacytechnician. Even if its not required, though, certification may help you standout when youre looking for a job and could potentially give you a highersalary and advancement opportunities.

Online: Pharmacy Technician Certification

How do I add or edit my PTCB certification?


Our 100% online and self-paced Pharmacy Technician Program requires no prior experience. The course includes all materials and books, live instructor access, and an attempt at the National PCTB Exam. Students who graduate successfully and pass the exam will receive their Pharmacy Technician Certification.

Course Registration Fee

Have a question? Give us a call at 762-3220 or ? 410-6416 to speak with a program administrator today.

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What To Look For In A Pharmacy Technology Program

Choosing the right Pharmacy Technology program for you requires a lot of research. What factors should you consider? We created the below list of factors to help guide your search for Pharmacy Technology programs. Consider that the best programs usually offer a combination of classroom knowledge and hands-on experience.

  • Reputation: Its important to make sure the program has a good reputation. Also check that the program directly prepares you for state licensure and certifications.
  • Coursework: Examine the courses offered by the program and make sure it aligns with the pharmacy technician skills you want to learn.
  • Hands-on experience: Consider looking into schools that offer hands-on training. This will help prepare you for pharmacy technician jobs.
  • Location: Location is an important factor to consider. How far are you willing to commute to your school? Explore Pharmacy Technology/Technician programs in your area.
  • Duration: How quickly do you want to become a pharmacy technician? Pursuing an associate degree or certificate will impact the amount of time it takes. Generally, associate degrees take longer to complete.
  • Cost and financial aid: Education is an important investment. As you research pharmacy technician programs, ask about financial aid, flexible payment plans and available scholarships.

Online Pharmacy Class Curriculum

The Pharmacy Technician Training includes 115 hours of course content and covers over 25 individual course topics including:

  • Medication calculations
  • Drug purchasing and inventory management
  • Biological and physiological reactions to medication
  • Technology in the pharmacy
  • Maintenance and use of medicines and equipment
  • Record keeping and documentation
  • Basic principles of anatomy and physiology
  • Pharmacy law & ethics
  • Therapeutic communication
  • Hazardous materials management

Students will need to pass a Pharmacy Certification Exam after completing the course to receive their certification. Phlebotomy Career Trainings Pharmacy Technician program is accredited by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board as well as recognized by the National Healthcareer Association . All Pharmacy students receive one complimentary voucher to take the PTCB or NHA Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. To be able to use the voucher students must schedule their exam at least 6 weeks prior to the expiration of their course.

Students should always check with their state department for their licensing or certification requirements. Some states may require additional training or examination before becoming qualified to work in that state.

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How Much Does It Cost To Become A Pharmacy Technician

The cost to become a pharmacy technician depends on your training and educational path.

  • Certificate programs can cost between $5,000 and $25,000.
  • Associate degree programs typically range in cost from $5,000 to $15,000 a year.
  • Some employers may provide free state-approved training to become certified.

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