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Job Outlook For Home Health Aides

Home Health Aide Training Information Session Webinar

Home health aides in the US can earn a median annual salary of $29,430 . The job outlook between 2021 and 2031 is 25 percent, much faster than average .

There are several benefits to becoming a home health aide, such as:

  • High demand for HHAs means youâll most likely find a job

  • Flexible schedule to work around your personal needs

  • Ability to use a combination of in-person visits and remote monitoring technology

  • HHAs can help conduct safety assessments and end-of-life wishes discussions Specialize in a field of health care

  • Make a much-needed difference in someoneâs life

Become A Home Health Aide

Our four-week training provides a direct track to employment. We are proud to offer this opportunity to become a Home Health Aide certified by the New York State Department of Health.

This comprehensive program will prepare you to make a real difference in the life of someone who is homebound. Home Health Aides help with daily activities such as preparing meals, getting dressed, and going to appointments.

SCS Home Care Workers may enjoy the following employment benefits:

  • SEIU membership, local 1199
  • Competitive wages with increased pay for weekend hours
  • Paid time off for vacation days, sick leave, and holidays
  • Health insurance

Our training program is free of charge. We provide training in English and Spanish.

The Home Health Aide Training Program is supported by the Bank of America Charitable Foundation, The Florence V. Burden Foundation, and the New York State Department of Labor.

Sunnyside Community Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

TTY/TDD 1-800-662-1220 1-800-421-1220

Home Health Aide Registration Program

A home health aide is a person working for a home health agency or hospice that performs home health services ordered by a licensed physician, licensed chiropractor, licensed podiatrist, or licensed optometrist. The home health aide must successfully complete a home health agency’s competency evaluation. Home Health Agencies and Hospices are responsible for establishing their own policies on qualifications and needed training. State government does not certify training sites or the syllabus of each individual agency or organization under contract to provide training services. The IDOH Home Health Aide Registration Program ensures that home health aides meet the qualifications for a home health aide and are appropriately registered on the Aide Registry. The program administers the Aide Registry.

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What Is Meant By Under The Supervision Does The Nurse Instructor Have To Be Present In The Classroom With The Lpn Or Adjunct Faculty At The Time Of The Delivery Of The Class

A LPN can be an adjunct faculty and provide some of the instruction under the direct supervision of an approved Nurse Instructor. The approved Nurse Instructor must be physically present during the entire time of the instruction provided by an LPN. An adjunct faculty such as a Licensed Physical Therapist or Registered Dietitian does not have to have an approved Nurse Instructor present during instruction.

What Is A Home Health Aide Certification

11/9 Event: Free Home Health Aide Training

A home health aide certification is one that provides professionals with the training to care for people with chronic health conditions and disabilities. Home health aides who get their certification learn how to provide care within the homes of their patients. A home health aide certification also teaches them how to:

  • Monitor and record patient vital signs and food intake

  • Communicate patient health changes to a supervisor or case manager

  • Provide patient care such as bathing, dressing and feeding

  • Track and administer patient medication

  • Care for infections and change bandages

  • Perform patient chores like washing dishes, vacuuming and folding laundry

  • Transport patients to medical appointments

  • Provide companionship to patients, listen to their stories and give emotional support

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Free Hha Training In The Bronx

University Behavioral Associates/ Montefiore Medical Center Home Care

Funded by the US Department of Labor, the University Behavioral Associates program is a joint collaboration between Montefiore Medical Center Home Care Department, and several home health training agencies in the Bronx. Upon graduation, certified home health aides will also be able to work with Montefiore Medical Center Home Care patients who are located in the Bronx.

Contact University Behavioral Associates/ Montefiore Medical Center Home Care for free Home Health Aide Training:

334 East 148th Street, 2nd Floor

Bronx, NY 10451


HHH Continuum of Care

Offering FREE HHA training for those looking to become more involved in the home health industry, Hebrew Hospital Home Continuum of Care is a non-profit health care organization located in the Bronx.

Contact HHH Continuum of Care for free Home Health Aide Training:

2100 Bartow Ave.

Suite 300, Bronx, NY 10475

Phone: 800-292-7895


Able Health Care Service

As a privately-owned home care agency, Able Health Care Services is accredited by the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and offers one of the best training programs in the industry for FREE. Classes are taught by registered nurses and candidates are trained on real-world equipment that they may need during the course of their job.

Contact Able Health Care Services for free Home Health Aide Training:


Online/hybrid Home Health Aide Training Program

We are excited to provide this training opportunity for YOU to become a Certified Home Health Aide in our Online/Hybrid Certified Home Health Aide Training Program!
HHAs are the fastest growing occupation in New York State with nearly 150,000 HHAs in NYC alone. HHAs help patients who cannot live independently in their homes. They provide personal care to clients, including supporting them with activities of daily living, such as general housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing, dressing, and grooming. HHAs may also provide routine health tasks like checking vital signs, changing bandages, and dressing wounds. Most HHAs are employed by home care agencies and work in private homes although some may work in other long-term care settings.
Although no prior experience is required for this program, individuals interested in applying must read on a 6th grade level – HSED/HSD diploma is not necessary.

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Who Issues Certificates To The Individuals Who Complete The Requirements Of The Home Health Aide Training Program

The home health aide training program issues the home health aide certificates upon successful completion of the program. The Home Care Registry generates certificates for aides trained after September 25, 2009. Each certificate has a Home Care Registry number and a certificate number printed on it and is signed by the appropriate staff of the training program.

Health Sciences Core Curriculum

New Age Training – Nurse Aide/Assistant

A health sciences education core curriculum serves as the foundation to prepare students for individual health sciences careers and must include Health Science Learning Standards.

The National Consortium for Health Science Education Health Science Standards are acceptable learning standards on which to develop the Health Sciences Core as part of a Health Sciences program of study.

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Consider The Benefits Of A Career In Home Health Care:

The privilege of making a difference: A career in home health care motivates you to make a difference in the lives of clients. Home health professionals enjoy the personal relationships they build and they enhance an individuals quality of lifeThe ease of a flexible schedule: Home health care nurses and aides work as much or as little as they wish. A home health career offers rewarding part-time and full-time job opportunities to fit any schedule, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.The comfort of companionship for those who need it: Older adults often feel lonely and depressed, and are less physically active. Home health care professionals can provide social interaction and companionship. The specific health benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced risk for mental health issues, and other conditions.The ability to deliver complex care at home: Home health care professionals provide daily support to infants, children, and adults with wounds, injuries, or chronic conditions.By enrolling in Home Health Aide Classes at Cambridge Business Insitute in Hempstead, NY, you get an opportunity to do meaningful work every day.If you would like to explore the opportunity, enroll in this now! Healthcare Training Program now!

Senses: Smell Hearing And Vision

  • Ability to detect differences in body and environmental odors
  • Ability to hear and understand voices spoken at a normal speaking volume within a distance of 10 feet
  • Ability to hear faint noises such as whispers within a range of four feet
  • Ability to have depth perception and peripheral vision to allow identification of dangerous objects and client situations within the client’s room
  • Ability to read and interpret written data held at normal reading distance

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What Training Does A Home Health Aide Need

Home Health Aide : Training and Certification Requirements

As there are so few education requirements to become a home health aide, you might find that this might be a convenient way for you to see if the healthcare field is your cup of tea. In addition, youll find that jobs in this field are projected to increase at a much faster rate than the average of all occupations.

Essential Information for Home Health Aides

Home health aides go to a patients home or work in a residential facility, to deliver health care to the elderly, ill, or disabled. Home health aides usually work with patients who need more extensive physical/medical care than a typical family can provide. While no formal education is required to secure a position as a home health aide, certificate and HHA training classes are available from many post-secondary institutes. Optional certification is also available.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that as of May 2019, home health aides median salary was $25,280. Jobs in this area are expected to grow at an extremely fast rate of 34% between 2019 and 2029.

Required Education:

Nothing mandatory certificate programs are available

Other Requirements:

Optional National Association for Home Care and Hospice certification

Projected Job Growth 34%*

Median Salary $25,280*

HHA Training Requirements

Home Health Aide Certificate Training Programs

Home Care Aide Certification

So if you are interested in becoming a Home Health Aide please feel free to contact us.

What Individuals Are Eligible To Complete The Competency Evaluation Program Only In Lieu Of Training

Home Health Aide Training Online Ny

Individuals eligible to complete the competency evaluation program only, in lieu of the standardized training, include:

  • A nursing assistant with one year of full-time experience in a general hospital within the past five years
  • An individual with documented home health aide or nurse aide training and competency evaluation from an out-of-state training program
  • A home health aide with documented home health aide training and competency evaluation who has not been employed as a home health aide for 24 consecutive months
  • A nursing student who has documented evidence of successful completion of course work requiring mastery of home health aide tasks within the past 24 months. Documentation would include a transcript with passing grade and course description or skills checklist signed by the nursing school instructor.
  • Veterans who were trained in the United States Military as medical technicians or medics.

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Get Listed In The Hha Registry

Once home health aides pass their exams, they contact a registry to record their certification. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services controls this registry. After you contact this department, you can legally use your certification on resumes and job applications.

Please note that none of the organizations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

What Do Home Health Aides Do

Home health aides work in the homes of people who need assistance in caring for themselves. They often help people who are disabled, chronically ill, or cognitively impaired. They also help older adults who may need assistance or people recovering from an illness who may live alone or need more assistance than their families can provide. Home health aides usually work under the supervision of a registered nurse or other health care practitioner to provide basic patient care. Home health aides may take and record a patients temperature, pulse, and blood pressure assist patients with activities of daily living, such as feeding, bathing, dressing, and toileting help patients to get in and out of bed and assist with nursing procedures. Home health aides may also observe and report on patients physical, mental, and emotional states to their supervisor. In addition, they may assist with shopping, meal preparation, and housekeeping. Although their work can be physically and emotionally demanding, many home health aides gain great satisfaction from assisting those in need.

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What Do Home Health Aides Earn

According to the 2019 BLS, the average salary for full time, health home aides nationwide was $52,880, varying by specialty and geographic region. Average annual salary also varies greatly across New York State, depending on location. The NYSDOL reports that health home aides in New York earned an average annual salary of $29,290, .

How Does A Hiring Agency Verify That A Home Health Aide Certificate Is Valid When The Home Health Aide Training Program Is No Longer Operational

‘Urgent matter’: Homebound patients waiting on care, shortage of aides across New York State

The hiring agency must contact the previous employer, obtain a work reference and verify that the applicant worked in compliance with regulation as a home health aide . If records are not available and/or the previous employer is not accessible to provide documentation, the agency must advise the individual to repeat the training. For aides trained after September 25, 2009, the aide’s certificate is generated by the Registry and based on information entered into the system by the training program.

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The Easiest Way To Modify Home Health Aide Training Program Application

Handling paperwork with our feature-rich and intuitive PDF editor is straightforward. Make the steps below to complete Home Health Aide Training Program Application – New York State … – health ny online easily and quickly:

  • Sign in to your account. Sign up with your credentials or create a free account to test the product before choosing the subscription.
  • Import a form. Drag and drop the file from your device or add it from other services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or an external link.
  • Edit Home Health Aide Training Program Application – New York State … – health ny. Effortlessly add and highlight text, insert images, checkmarks, and icons, drop new fillable areas, and rearrange or delete pages from your document.
  • Get the Home Health Aide Training Program Application – New York State … – health ny completed. Download your updated document, export it to the cloud, print it from the editor, or share it with other participants using a Shareable link or as an email attachment.
  • Make the most of DocHub, one of the most easy-to-use editors to rapidly manage your documentation online!

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    How To Work As A Hha In Ny

    Do you like caring for others? Does being an HHA interest you, but donât know where to get the training?

    The demand for Home Health Aides in the state of New York is one of the highest throughout the entire United States and continues to increase year over year. This elevated interest is largely due to the increasingly large aging population which, in turn, creates a high demand for these types of services.

    Because of its population size, New York City ranks one of the highest in job openings for certified home health aides.

    While NYC has one of the highest career demands for HHAs, finding the best options for Home Health Aide training in New York can be a challenging task. HHA training can be costly at some schools, but can also be FREE if you know where to look.

    In most cases, free Home Health Aide training is provided by other Home Health Agencies who also provide job placement once your training is complete. At FreedomCare, we took the time to compile a list of free HHA training providers across NYC who can help you realize the dream of your career move into the healthcare industry at little or no cost to you.

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    Hha Training At Abc Training Center In The Bronx

    With our home health aide training, the appropriate education and certification are available so one can find gainful employment throughout New York and its surrounding states. At ABC Training Centers home health aide certification in the Bronx, weve trained hundreds of students for lasting, rewarding HHA careers at a variety of HHA agencies in NYC. We also offer our home attendant training in Spanish!

    Registering For Our Classes To Attain An Hha Certification Is Easy

    Free Home Health Aide Training In Jamaica Queens Ny

    The ABC Training Center Admissions Office provides all the forms you need to get started. Its open seven days a week during the hours listed on our website. You just need to bring a valid photo ID, and a high school/college diploma or transcript may or may not be needed . Our training programs are skills- and knowledge-based, designed to help students succeed in a competitive job market. Register today!

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    Hha Training In New York

    The following lists a few places offering home health aide training in NY:

    Unity Health System

    At the home health care division of Unity, qualified applicants can attend the Home Health Aide Training Program for free!

    Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive HHA certification approved by the state of New York, earn a financial stipend and a job offer.

    If you accept a job with Unity and work for Unity at Home for six months, you will then earn an additional stipend!

    Located in Rochester, Unitys HHA training program will provide you with the education and training that you need to qualify for certification and have a successful career.

    Apply for the program by filling out a short online form located here. You can also e-mail your resume here: to apply to the training program.

    For more information about the program click Unity Home Health Aide Training Program. You can also call Unity at Home at 585-368-3440.

    CenterLight Health System

    The CenterLight Health System offers a free 3-week home health aide training program held in both the Bronx and Brooklyn, and is New York State Department of Health approved.

    A combination of classroom and hands-on training will give you what you need for a successful HHA career.

    If you complete the training and pass the final exam, you may also be offered employment through Best Choice Home Health Care.

    FedCap Home Care

    Contact them by phone at 212-727-4300, or via email at

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