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Do You Offer Lean Six Sigma Training And Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Training | Six Sigma Certification | Simplilearn

Yes. Lean and Six Sigma are two separate methodologies that work very well together. Lean is a methodology based on waste reduction, while Six Sigma is a methodology based on process improvement. Both options are being used together in many organizations, so a Lean Six Sigma approach is very popular. You may obtain a Lean Six Sigma certification by combining our Lean Flow Fundamentals with any Six Sigma Green, Black, or Master Black Belt option. You may also earn a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt by completing the Lean Introduction and the two day Yellow Belt. Online Lean Six Sigma options are also available and require the completion of the Lean Level III training and any online Green or Black Belt program. Lean Level II may be combined with our online Yellow Belt for a Lean Yellow Belt program.

Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Preparation

This self-paced course is built to refresh your knowledge of the Green Belt concepts and aid you in preparing for the CSSGB certification.

This interactive and fully narrated course follows the Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge . Using real-world examples and over 100 activities the course is designed to help you prepare for the ASQ CSSGB certification exam.Exam-style, multiple choice questions with feedback, are included to give you ample practice in checking your understanding of content. Use pre and post-test results to identify areas to focus on in your exam preparation.As an additional resource, The Certified Six Sigma Green Belt Handbook, Second Edition is provided with the course.Note: This course does not teach, but rather reviews concepts in the CSSGB BoK. Questions in this course are not actual ASQ exam questions. Completion of this course is in no way a guarantee of a passing score on the ASQ CSSGB exam.

Certificate In Lean Sigma Quality

1) Sep – Dec 2022: Six Sigma 1

2) Jan – May 2023: Six Sigma 2 or Lean & OpEx3) Oct 2022 – May 2023: Project


Certificate in Lean Sigma Quality 15 ECTS credits at Level 7 Hours Study:

Lectures: 1 hour – 1.5 hours per week Self-study: 3 5 hrs per week

Enrol in Ireland’s largest accredited online Green Belt programme. The ATU Sligo Lean Sigma Green Belt provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills, using the DMAIC model. This course will show you how to, reduce cost, increase quality, improve speed and make processes more effective and efficient in your organisation. This Green Belt course covers the use of statistical, analytical and operational improvement tools to improve processes using a structured problem-solving methodology. Successful candidates will receive a QQI accredited Level 7 Certificate in Lean Sigma Quality from ATU Sligo.

Through practical examples and exercises, learners will become proficient in the use of the problem-solving techniques used to monitor and control processes. This learning by doing approach also allows for better integration of the tools into the participants workplace.

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There Are 4 Courses In This Specialization


This course is for you if you are looking to dive deeper into Six Sigma or strengthen and expand your knowledge of the basic components of green belt level of Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma skills are widely sought by employers both nationally and internationally. These skills have been proven to help improve business processes and performance. This course will introduce you to the purpose of Six Sigma and its value to an organization. You will learn about the basic principles of Six Sigma and Lean. Your instructors will introduce you to, and have you apply, some of the tools and metrics that are critical components of Six Sigma. This course will provide you with the basic knowledge of the principles, roles, and responsibilities of Six Sigma and Lean.


This course is for you if you are looking to dive deeper into Six Sigma or strengthen and expand your knowledge of the basic components of green belt level of Six Sigma and Lean. Six Sigma skills are widely sought by employers both nationally and internationally. These skills have been proven to help improve business processes and performance. This course will take you deeper into the principles and tools associated with the “Define” and “Measure” phases of the DMAIC structure of Six Sigma.


University System Of Georgia

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) Certification Program with Externship

The University System of Georgia is composed of 28 higher education institutions including 4 research universities, 2 regional universities, 12 state universities, 13 state colleges and the Skidaway Institute of Oceanography. The Georgia Public Library System, encompassing 61 library systems throughout Georgia, is also part of the University System.

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What Is A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Lean Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… Green Belts are employees who have been trained in Green BeltThe Six Sigma Green Belt is a certificate that professionals… Learn More…levelStatistics level A statistics level is the value of input in… improvement methods and will be leading continuous processThere are many ways to organize your lean six sigma processe… Learn More… improvement groups as part of their regular job. This allows for more time by company leaders and champions to be spent on strategy building and decision-making components of the LeanLEAN Definition LEAN is a production method aimed primarily … Learn More…Six SigmaSix Sigma Definition: Six Sigma is a set of techniques and t… Learn More… project planning process. The Green Belts are better able to understand the entire process and work closely with subject matter experts to achieve performance goals.

Depending on the organization, Lean Six Sigma Green Belts can expect to spend between 10-25% of their time on Lean Six Sigma projects. Lean Six Sigma Green Belts are responsible for data collection and analysis within their project teams. Facilitation skills and the ability to lead root cause analysis sessions help them improve team dynamics and function.

Roles & Responsibilities Of Green Belt Professionals

As part of their full-time duties, Green Belt personnel of an organization who have received training in the Six Sigma implemented project will manage a team working on process improvement. In the Six Sigma project planning, more time is spent on the decision-making and strategy-building phases. They collaborate with other project managers in offering feedback and advancing performance targets, and they have a greater awareness of the overall process. The roles and responsibilities are as follows: Team leader for the “Six Sigma improvement” project.

  • Works under a Six Sigma Black Belt’s direction.
  • Examines and resolves issues with quality.
  • Has taken part in projects but hasn’t taken the lead on any
  • Work along with the project’s data gathering team to validate the measurement system.
  • Green Belts typically work on tasks related to their particular functional area.
  • Able to develop facilitation abilities for teams.
  • Creating a SIPOC diagram and a project charter.

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Is Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Suitable For You

Wondering whether this certification is the right step for you? Let us take a step forward and see whether this is what youre really looking for. The Six Sigma certification is for anyone with an interest in concepts like waste reduction and continuous improvement as well as professional experience in supply chains or business management. Six Sigma certification helps professionals in improving their subject matter expertise, which increases their value to employers and raises their income. This professional qualification trains an individual for cost management, production enhancement, and improvement of outcomes.

About Our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course

Introduction To Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training | Simplilearn

Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the first level of formal training covered under the Lean Six Sigma methodology. It provides a thorough understanding of process improvement initiatives under the guidance of a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt professional. The six sigma green belt certification course offers in-depth training on the knowledge demonstration of Lean Six Sigma tools to further enable employees to strategise their daily work and improve efficiency.The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course certifies an individual to have the requisite understanding of various problem-solving skills, along with a clear understanding of the DMAIC model. The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training also signifies that an individual can work as a trained member to support or work under the tutelage of a trained Lean Six Sigma Black Belt professional. The green belt six sigma certification gives an individual the credibility to work on small-scale Six Sigma projects giving them the opportunity to realise their potential as dynamic change leaders. In simple words, the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification enables an individual to work on the betterment of quality parameters by analysing the problems, coming up with solutions, and ensuring the solutions are sustainable in creating a high-performance organisation.

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Why Is Six Sigma Certification Important To You

Problem-solving is a learned skill and Lean Six Sigma Black and Green belt certification programs can help you learn how solve problems effectively.

Earning a Lean Six Sigma certification and applying Lean Six Sigma principles to your business can help you stand out from the rest. Leaders are attracted to professionals who can demonstrate tangible results from their projects. You could also gain extensive knowledge about your company, which could help you to build a reputation in your organization for being a subject matter expertA subject-matter expert is a person who is a….

Green Belts Obtain A Working Knowledge Of The Lean Six Sigma Roadmap To Lead Projects

Individuals with Six Sigma Green Belts work on simple process improvement projects. Usually, their job would require less than 50% of their time to be focused on Six Sigma projects. However, Six Sigma Green Belt roles and job requirements will vary between companies.

The Green Belt certification is ideal for those who will be tasked with improving existing processes. These could be processes that are not standardized or dont have established metrics. Or, the organization could be looking to reduce errors or cycle time of those processes.

There are no prerequisites for the Green Belt program. White Belt, Yellow Belt and JumpStart concepts are covered during this training. offers an internationally recognized Green Belt training and certification program. As part of our four-week Black Belt option, our program may be taken alone or as the first step to earning your Black Belt. was the first organization to offer a program that allowed students with no prior experience to complete the Green Belt and Black Belt programs consecutively to earn an internationally recognized Black Belt certification.

The Six Sigma Green Belt training also opens up a wide array of career growth along with salary hikes. An individual who is Six Sigma certified holds an immense value in todays multinational management market, thus increasing the demand for the role. Check out the average salaries of Six Sigma Green Belt holders and how they fare in todays market.

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How To Obtain Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

No particular organization is in charge of awarding Six Sigma certification. There are many recognized platforms, like IASSC or ASQ, that provides the certification program to beginners as well as the experienced. You must go through a process in order to receive a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification from one of the certification bodies. Certification as a Six Sigma Green Belt entails mastering the necessary material, succeeding on a written test of skill, and demonstrating competence in a practical situation. Nearly all Six Sigma training and consulting businesses provide the materials, but many of them go through classroom training to learn about all approaches. LSSGB exam: You must pass the written exam after completing the program because it assesses your knowledge of the Green Belt with multiple-choice questions. The official organization with which you register will administer the test. The 100 multiple-choice questions on the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam have a four-hour time limit. Only the English language version is available.

Benefits of Acquiring Six Sigma Green Belt Certification include:

Join 1m+ Professionals In Six Sigma Institute Communitydifferentiate Yourself From Crowd With New Skills And Techniques

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Hi there! It is great to meet you.

My name is Yeliz Obergfell. I am the Vice President – Student Experience here at International Six Sigma Institute. It is my duty and pleasure to make sure that we serve you as best as we can on your continuous Six Sigma learning and execution journey.

International Six Sigma Institute make it possible to get high quality Six Sigma certifications everywhere around the world. Our differentiating power and momentum come from our massive community supported by a large group of academicians, executives and organisations.

Unlike other providers in Six Sigma education industry, our goal is not only to serve a selected elite group.

We provide our services in accessible and inclusive manners, so we can solve everyones problems in Six Sigma. Everyone who believes knowhow and competence are our only remaining securities. Today and in the future.

We have served approximately one million professionals and students until today.

Every single day I receive success stories from our students who found new jobs or secured promotions. Beside their focus and willingness to succeed, these women and men demonstrate confidence with Six Sigma skills and knowhow we have been helping them to learn. So they can get great results from their job interviews, build outstanding solutions and serve their leadership skills in their professional roles.

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Curriculum

Purdue LSS Green Belt students learn by analyzing case studies rather than completing a Green Belt project. This method allows for greater flexibility in learning and a more holistic understanding of the tools used. In addition, Purdue LSS Green Belt certificate graduates have the option of earning 4.5 continuing education units on their transcript at no additional cost.

Students who plan to progress to LSS Black Belt certification are encouraged to begin thinking about their Black Belt-level project as they progress through their LSS Green Belt certification or refresher courses. At Purdue, Black Belt students begin their project at the start of the course. For this reason, a solid foundation of Green Belt-level LSS concepts is essential for success in the Black Belt program.

How Do I Claim Pdus After Completing My Training

You will need to go to the PMI website and log into your account. Your certificate should include the code and REP number for the course that you completed. The REP code for Six is 2530. If you need the code for your course, you may contact us for assistance. Once you are in your PMI account, please follow their directions to claim your PDUs. For assistance with claiming your PDUs through the PMI website, please contact PMI directly at

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Lean Sigma Green Belt Frequently Asked Questions

A graduate of this programme will be considered a Green Belt in Lean Sigma quality.

Q1: Who is the Lean Sigma Green Belt course aimed at?Answer: The ATU Sligo Green Belt provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills, using the DMAIC model. This certification is in great demand by employers across all sectors in either manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare or the service sectors. It is suitable for all levels within the organisation from operator / administrator to supervisor and technician through to engineering and management level.

Q2: How often do I need to attend ATU Sligo?Answer: There is no requirement to attend ATU Sligo as all lectures are delivered live online each week which you can log into from your home or workplace. Recordings are also available if you cannot log into the live lecture. If completing the Six Sigma 2 module, there may be a requirement to attend a final exam held in May each year in an exam centre in Sligo, Dublin or Cork.

Q4: Do I need to complete the Yellow Belt before enrolling on the Green Belt course?Answer: No – The Lean & OpEx Green Belt course includes the Lean & OpEx module from the Yellow Belt course so you can apply directly for the Green Belt course.

Q10: Is there an induction programme for new participants on the ATU Sligo Green Belt? Answer: Yes – you will be notified of the details of the online the induction once you register on the course.

Examples of typical projects:

Who Is It Intended For

Introduction to Certified Six Sigma Green Belt | What is Six Sigma?

Management professionals are the ones that utilize and operate in the company as per the Six Sigma process. The persistence, knowledge, and dedication of the team members tend to reflect in the performance of Six Sigma projects. Most people consider that Master & Black Belt skills are vital when considering the positions that lead to the project’s deployment. However, Green Belts are also equally essential in the process to enhance the success of projects. Green belts are talented team members whose goal is to raise the standard of processes. They aid in narrowing the gap between both the theory of Six Sigma and its practical application. Six Sigma Candidates are essential for enhancing project management, data inspection, and other workflow aspects. Candidates who enroll in green belt training learn the fundamentals used by project teams as well as how to apply DMAIC techniques to Six Sigma projects.

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Can I Enrol And Join A Course Without Any Prior Experience Or Knowledge Of Lean Six Sigma

Every course we provide assumes our participants start the course without any understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. It starts with the fundamentals and explains every topic that is mentioned without assuming prior experience. During the course, you will carry out simulations and exercises to help you develop your knowledge. If you choose to carry out a project as part of your course, you will be coached and assisted by one of the Black Belts of The Lean Six Sigma Company to help you get started.

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