Graduate Certificate In Public Health

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Graduate Certificate In Public Health

The University of Missouri Columbia Informatics for Public Health The Graduate Certificate Progr

The graduate certificate in Public Health at TCNJ aims to address the growing population health needs locally, nationally, and globally. The program prepares graduates to meet the complex health needs of populations and individuals by 1) assessing the social and political determinants of health 2) critically analyzing data to determine health trends 3) developing and implementing public health interventions 4) evaluating policy implications of health trends and health care delivery, and 5) synthesizing current population health practices to make recommendations for improvement.

The certificate is designed for working professionals who want to increase their skill set and students preparing for further graduate study. The program is especially useful for school, community, and public health nurses hospital and clinic managers, people working in the pharmaceutical industry, and other professionals aspiring to enrich their skills by acquiring a population-level perspective on health.

Students can apply their completed certificate courses that meet minimum grade requirements toward an MPH at TCNJ.

Master Of Public Health

The UNC Gillings Schools Master of Public Health , offered on-campus, online and distance by the top public school of public health in the country, is a comprehensive, integrated program that will give you the skills and knowledge you need to solve urgent public health problems in North Carolina and around the world. Upon entering the program, youll begin gaining knowledge and skills in the Gillings MPH Core, the foundation of the MPH program.

At the Gillings School, you can choose from among 13 concentration areas, matching your education to your passions. You will join a diverse, dynamic, open doors community of world-class faculty, student colleagues and exceptional staff. Together, you will gain the knowledge, skills, experience and networks to make a difference right away.

Transitioning To The Mph Program After Certificate Completion

Many students are interested in using the Graduate Certificate program as a stepping stone to the Master of Public Health program and the beginning of their career in public health.

Serving as an excellent introduction to population health, the courses will be available to transfer credit up to three years after the start of the Graduate Certificate. Learn more about transitioning to the MPH.

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Why Choose Georgia State University

  • Courses are taught by experienced and diverse faculty from Georgia States School of Public Health, a Council on Education for Public Health accredited school of public health
  • Flexible formats to complete the certificate program: online, in-person, or a hybrid of both
  • Five-course Graduate Certificate in Public Health program that includes two electives to allow you to align your education with your career goals

Georgia State Universitys School of Public Health offers a Graduate Certificate in Public Health in flexible formatsonline, in-person, or a hybrid of boththat are convenient for busy professionals.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health provides the foundational knowledge to maintain, upgrade, or advance your public health knowledge and skills or further your career. The program is specifically designed and developed for students working in public health or professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, health educators, clinical research professionals, policy experts, and more.

Executive Program In Womens Leadership

Public Health Education

Apply by March 17, 2023 | Classes start April 30, 2023

Act with power, navigate the workplace, and take the lead with new strategies and tactics in this unique womens leadership program…. Learn More

Develop your leadership style, create an action plan, and inspire innovation in your team, your company, and the world…. Learn More

Program dates to be announced. Learn More

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Public Healthgraduate Certificate In Health Sciences

Leverage your passion for building stronger communities while you earn a credential that can help you stand out from the crowd. The online Graduate Certificate in Public Health helps you build foundational knowledge and skills in key areas of the field including epidemiology, biostatistics and environmental health. If you want to continue your educational journey in public health, you can apply your certificate credits toward a Master of Public Health degree, or toward the admission requirement for a DrPH at Capella.

Engage and inspire action

Manage health information to improve community and population health outcomes.

Immersive learning experiences

In our virtual simulated health care environment, youâll practice real-life public health skills in a safe environment.

Address community challenges

Expand your ability to assess and lead in executing solutions to public health problems.

Crisis Management For Leaders: Planning For The Inevitable

Register by October 24, 2022 | Classes start November 7, 2022

Prepare for uncertainty and unforeseen business challenges with this 4-day Stanford Intensive live online program. Learn strategic frameworks and take part in a crisis management simulation to improve your in-the-moment response tactics…. Learn More

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Gph : Social And Behavioral Health

Using an ecological approach, health behaviors will be considered within the context of influences on individual behaviors. The course will address the use of behavioral and social science theory to inform the development and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs, and consider the inherent ethical dilemmas involved in planned social and behavioral change efforts.

Driving Innovation And New Ventures In Established Organizations

Master of Public Health Graduate Degree – Hofstra University

Apply by January 27, 2023 | Classes start March 12, 2023

Develop best practices and insights to generate and lead innovation in your organization then put theory into practice with real-world projects. … Learn More

Learn leading-edge strategies, frameworks, and best practices for making complex and crucial board decisions in uncertain times…. Learn More

Program dates to be announced. Learn More

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Leadership And Management Concentration

The Public Health Graduate Certificate – Leadership and Management Concentration prepares students to apply the principles of public health leadership, stewardship and policy implementation to manage state and local health departments and various non-profit organizational and community health program initiatives. Students learn leadership strategies, public health regulatory requirements, public program management tools and policy development skills necessary to function in public health systems in the United States.

Commonwealth Support And Government Assistance Loans

Commonwealth Supported Places are subsidised by the Australian Government, meaning you are only required to pay the student contribution rather than full tuition fees if you meet eligibility requirements. HECS-HELP is an Australian Government loan scheme that assists eligible students in paying their student contributions. If eligible, you can choose to defer paying all or part of your student contribution fees. Learn more about paying for university

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Nc Appropriates $5m For Multi

The N.C. Policy Collaboratory has received a $5 million appropriation from the N.C. General Assembly to support water quality testing for a set of chemicals including GenX, a potentially toxic industrial compound that has been detected in the Cape Fear River. The Gillings School will manage the study, and Dr. Jason Surratt will serve as lead investigator. Graphic courtesy of The Intercept.

Gain The Tools To Accelerate Personal And Professional Change

Look what came by UPS my diploma. My Bachelor

LEAD leverages Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty and curriculum to provide you with the tools and techniques to become a more effective changemaker and leader. Join a vibrant community of changemakers in this program prepared to learn, engage, accelerate, and disrupt their organizations, industries, and the world. Discover your purpose and maximize your potential with LEAD.

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Barrington And Team Win Research Award For Hiv/aids Project In Guatemala

Central Americas first study to critically document the process of creating a community-based clinic for pre-exposure prophylaxis for gay men has been selected to receive the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations 2018 Robert Carr Research Award. Dr. Clare Barrington is the leader of the UNC research team on the collaborative project.

Public Health Data Science

The Public Health Data Science concentration one of the first applied data science programs situated within a school of public health gives students the skills and knowledge to employ cutting-edge data science tools and respond to pressing public health issues with effective solutions. Data science combines the statistical skills to manipulate data and make inferences, the mathematical skills to model phenomena and make predictions, and the computer science skills to manage and analyze large data sets.

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Students May Choose From The Following For Their Fourth Course:

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

For years public health has played a critical role in responding to emergencies and disasters of all kinds. This course examines the roles and responsibilities of public health during a disaster and emergency. You will examine the various types of disasters and emergencies, including bioterrorism, infections disease outbreaks, and natural disasters, and learn how a response is planned, initiated and coordinated. This course will also introduce you to emergency preparedness planning and common concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes used including the National Response Framework , Incident Command System and the National Incident Management System .

Identifying Community Health Needs

Needs and capacity assessment strategies are designed for people planning to practice within the fields of public health, health promotion, or health education. Students take an in-depth look at individual, group, and self-directed assessment strategies. This course gives students an opportunity to practice learned skills, decipher what assessments are best for a given situation, and learn how to implement their new skills within their professional environments.

Career And Salary Outlook In Public Health

Advanced Certificate in Foundations of Public Health Information Session

Graduates of public health certificate programs can pursue a variety of career paths. Public health professionals conduct research, manage health programs, or oversee healthcare facilities. Most professions in this field require at least a bachelor’s degree, and many employers prefer applicants with graduate coursework.

A few public health professions require certification. For instance, some health educators need to hold a certified health education specialist or a master certified health education specialist credential from the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Gph : An Interprofessional Approach To Policy And Advocacy

This course brings together graduate students in public health, education, social work, nutrition, and health informatics to work collaboratively to learn the fundamentals of policy-making as applied to the broad issue of student mental health in an educational setting. Students work in interprofessional groups to identify the social problem, describe the policy context, map potential policy solutions, and make final recommendations in an individual written policy analysis that incorporates learning from their interprofessional peers. Students will explore the structure and function of government systems as they relate to values-driven policy decisions.

Gph : Principles Of Epidemiology

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of epidemiology as they apply to public health practice. Content will include: a historical perspective on epidemiology, descriptive epidemiology, effect measures, study designs, bias, surveillance, and screening for disease. Emphasis will be placed on investigative techniques, epidemiological methodology, and critical thinking about epidemiological studies and data.

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What You Will Learn

This certificate has been developed to prepare you for a future in public health, designed in accordance with the core principles of public health, with a curriculum developed to provide you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the field and work according to industry standards. You will study four core subjects:

  • Tropical Public Health

How To Get A Graduate Certificate In Public Health

Custom Diploma Frames &  Certificate Frames

Aspiring public health leaders can earn a graduate certificate in less time than a master’s degree. Public health graduate certificate programs usually take around one year to complete.

Students generally need 12-18 credits to earn a graduate certificate. Many schools allow degree-seekers with a graduate certificate to transfer those credits directly into a master’s program. However, transfer credit limits may apply.

Although tuition rates vary by institution, a graduate certificate typically costs less than a master’s degree because less credits are required.

Admission to a certificate program typically requires a bachelor’s degree in any field and professional or academic references. Unlike master’s programs, graduate certificate programs rarely require GRE scores for admission.

Generally, graduate credits cost more than undergraduate credits. Although tuition rates vary by institution, a graduate certificate typically costs less than a master’s degree because less credits are required. While financial aid may be limited for students in certificate programs, they should still submit a Federal Application for Federal Aid.

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Study Finds Behavioral Changes Insufficient To Prevent Early Childhood Obesity

Results from the longest and largest obesity prevention intervention ever tested in young children showed that children and their families in low-income communities were able to make some sustainable behavioral changes to their diet and activity level. In the end, however, rates of early childhood obesity were unchanged.

New Course At Unc Taught By Glenn Walters Combines Design Thinking And Experiential Making

Dr. Glenn Walters, director of the Environmental Sciences and Engineering Design Center at the Gillings School, is teaching ‘Introduction to Design and Making,’ a course that introduces students to state-of-the-art technology while proving that hard work and perseverance through failure can be rewarding.

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Nutrition And Dietetics Concentration

The Nutrition and Dietetics concentration integrates the scientific study of nutrition and dietetics with a foundation in public health practice and research. Meant for aspiring clinical dietitians who are motivated to help people live healthier lives through better nutrition, the program offers students customized internship placement services to help fulfill the requirements to sit for the Commission on Dietetic Registration exam.

Specific Plan Of Study

Graduate Dual Degrees and Certificates at Michigan Public Health Webinar

The Specific Plan of Study is for individuals who work in Public Health or a related field and wish to obtain a greater depth of knowledge in a specific concentration area. This program is available to select students. In the specific plan of study, students take the core course in their chosen area , 9 credits of intermediate and advanced course work in that concentration, and an additional 3 credits selected from another core course or within the chosen concentration area. Applicants who wish to pursue a specific plan of study will be contacted before an admission decision is made to discuss the appropriateness of a specific program for them and to identify the courses they would take to complete the certificate requirements.

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Public Health Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Public Health Programs offer current professionals, joint degree and post-baccalaureate students the opportunity to refine top skills and supplement their education in public health. Program curriculum aims to expand a students knowledge of health policies, community education, and best practices public health issues, including infectious diseases, occupational hazards, and access to quality healthcare.

Graduate Certificate In Public Health: Program Basics

Prospective applicants to Graduate Certificate in Public Health programs may need a masters degree or a bachelors degree depending on the program, as well as have some type of related work experience, letters of recommendation and internship under their belt. In some cases, the credits earned in a graduate certificate in public health program may be transferred to a masters degree such as the Master of Public Health this may depend on whether your grad degree and grad certificate are taken in the same university or college. Public Health Certificate Programs may require a total of 15 credits the time it takes to complete a certificate is shorter than a masters degree but differs between public health graduate schools and whether you attend full or part-time.

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Upon Successful Completion Of The Graduate Certificate In Public Health You Will Master All Council On Education For Public Health Competencies Including:

Evidence-based Approaches to Public Health

  • apply epidemiological methods settings and situations in public health practice.
  • select quantitative and qualitative data collection methods appropriate for a given public health context.
  • analyze quantitative and qualitative data using biostatistics, informatics, computer-based programming and software, as appropriate.
  • interpret results of data analysis for public health research, policy or practice.

Public Health & Healthcare Systems

  • compare the organization, structure and function of health care, public health and regulatory systems across national and international settings.
  • discuss the means by which structural bias, social inequities and racism undermine health and create challenges to achieving health equity at organizational, community and systemic levels.

Planning & Management to Promote Health

  • assess population needs, assets and capacities that affect communities health.
  • apply awareness of cultural values and practices to the design, implementation, or critique of public health policies or programs.
  • design a population-based policy, program, project or intervention.
  • explain basic principles and tools of budget and resource management.
  • select methods to evaluate public health programs.

Policy in Public Health


  • apply leadership and/or management principles to address a relevant issue.
  • apply negotiation and mediation skills to address organizational or community challenges.


Systems Thinking

Maternal Child And Family Health

Yale University Silver Engraved Medallion Diploma Frame in Devonshire ...

The Maternal, Child and Family Health concentration focuses on determinants and systems that promote the health and safety of women, children and their families with the goal of enhancing the welfare of society and subsequent generations. With a strong foundation in frameworks and methods for program planning and impact evaluation, this concentration equips graduates with an adaptable toolkit for leading interdisciplinary efforts requiring multiple perspectives and competencies in domestic and global contexts.

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% Online Public Health Certificates Program

Apply to ETSU Online Request more ETSU Online Information

Most graduate certificate programs cover the same core public health topics as master’s programs. Students can complete most public health certification programs in a single calendar year.

ETSU’s online Public Health graduate certificate programs actively collaborate with community, professional, and leading research partners to build active, relevant programs carefully aligned with workforce needs. Hands-on training, focused research, and accessible professors cultivate graduates who leave ready to succeed. Our close-knit college, nestled in the beautiful mountains of northeast Tennessee, balances accredited academic excellence with superb quality of life to create an exceptional educational experience in a world-class online environment.

As a social worker, the global health certificate has given me the opportunity to work in interprofessional teams not only in the classroom, but also globally through on the ground field work. Being able to combine my experience in clinical mental health with a macro lens of global public health, I’ve gained new skills in research, interprofessional practice, and community work that would not have been possible without this certificate.

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