Graduate Certificate In Data Science

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Graduate Certificate In Data Analytics

IIT Roorkee Data Science and Machine Learning Certificate | Live Q& A with Faculty


The graduate certificate program in data analytics will explore the intricacies of data analytics and expose students to various topics and tools related to data processing, analysis and visualization. Students will learn probability theory, statistical analysis methods and tools, generating relevant visual presentations of data, and concepts and techniques for data mining, text mining, and web mining. Individuals who complete this program will have a solid knowledge of concepts and techniques in data analytics as well as a solid exposure to the methods and tools for data mining and knowledge discovery.

The certificate in Data Analytics prepares students for the position of data analyst or data scientist. The main learning outcomes are as follows:

  • To provide the foundation for applied probability and statistics and its relevance in day-to-day data analysis
  • To explore the various data visualization techniques and their applications using real-world data sets
  • To understand web analytics and metrics, procure and process unstructured text, and delve into the hidden patterns
  • To facilitate knowledge discovery using data mining techniques over vast amounts of data


A Customizable Certificate For Busy Professionals

The online Graduate Certificate in Data Science was created to help you quickly and conveniently acquire new skills in topics such as data analysis, cloud computing, health and medicine, statistics, and data mining. Its the perfect solution for an immediate need.

The certificate is completed 100% online, and can be earned in as few as two semesters giving you the flexibility to build a schedule of courses that suits your lifestyle.

Standard Charles Sturt University Fee Details

Any fees and offerings are correct at the date of publishing. Fees are relevant for the year selected only and are subject to change in future years.

If you are an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen or the holder of a permanent visa open_in_new find out more about Commonwealth Supported Places and Fee Paying places.

Depending on citizenship and residency requirements, you may also be eligible to defer CSP and Fee Paying fees through the HELP open_in_new government student loan system.

If you are an international student, find out more about international fees and dont forget to apply for our scholarships. You may also be eligible for a 20 per cent tuition fee scholarship if you’re an international student studying on campus in 2022.

Additional course-related expenses you may need to consider:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses for any workplace learning, field trips or intensive schools

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Online Data Science Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate is 100% online and designed to give you essential data analytics skills and enhance your value as an essential part of any team.

The Online Graduate Certificate in Data Science prepares you for the future of work, with essential knowledge and skills to solve real-world challenges in almost any business setting.

This 100% online graduate certificate program is designed for students holding a bachelors degree in any discipline and includes fundamental knowledge for those without a programming or data science background.

This certificate is perfect for students or current professionals who want to learn data analytics or are required to learn data science for their current role, individuals with a background in statistics looking to increase skills in programming and data management, or developers and tech people who might be looking to change their career or focus on data analytics.

Coursework in this degree program covers:

  • Computational and statistical foundations of data science
  • Assumptions and limitations of different data analytics techniques
  • Applying data science methodologies and tools to data-driven problems across disciplines
  • Extracting knowledge from big data to address real-world challenges
  • Retrieving, manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data utilizing Python, R, and other data science tools

What Is Data Science

Graduate Degrees: Data Science: Degrees &  Certificates: Graduate ...

Put the power of data programming, statistics and predictive modeling to work for you with our online certificate in data science. This course is designed for busy professionals, allowing you to continue working while you learn on your own schedule. Youll be exposed to cutting-edge algorithms, coding languages, statistical modeling and visualization tools through guided, online instruction and applied case studies. Increase your earning potential, advance your career and make a greater impact within your business or organization with these advanced data analytic and coding skills.

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Data : Introduction To Data Science

The goal of this class is to give students an introduction to and hands on experience with all phases of the data science process using real data and modern tools. Topics that will be covered include data formats, loading, and cleaning data storage in relational and non-relational stores data governance, data analysis using supervised and unsupervised learning using R and similar tools, and sound evaluation methods data visualization and scaling up with cluster computing, MapReduce, Hadoop, and Spark. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Data Science program. Other students may be admitted with instructor permission.

Plan Of Study & Courses

The Graduate Certificate in Data Science is a 12-credit program that provides a broad introduction to the fieldincluding how to extract and clean data, store and manage large volumes of data, and analyze such data and extract insights from it.

Sample Plan of Study

Semester 1 : DATA601 Probability and Statistics DATA602 Principles of Data Science Semester 2 : DATA604 Data Representation and Modeling DATA605 Big Data Systems

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What Can I Do With The Certificate

This certificate will give you the foundational knowledge needed to begin work related to data science and analytics. As a data scientist you will analyze data from across a company, spot trends and use your business acumen to recommend what problems to tackle and how to tackle them. Your skills will be transferable to many sectors business, retail, e-commerce, advertising, healthcare, etc.

Graduates of the certificate program also have the opportunity to ladder into the Diploma in Data Science and Analytics. Students progressing through the laddering pathway will receive 12 units of advanced course and tuition credit toward the 24-unit diploma program, for the work they complete in this certificate.

Admission Requirements You’ll Need To Meet For This Course

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Data Science
  • Academic Admission requirements

    Academic admission requirements may be satisfied through completion of one of the following:

  • Bachelor degree or
  • Equivalent prior learning including at least five years relevant professional experience.
  • English Language requirements

    English competency requirements may be satisfied through completion of one of the following:

  • IELTS Academic Overall band minimum score of 6.5
  • Bachelor degree from a country specified on the English Proficiency Bands page
  • Successfully completed 0.375 EFTSL of study at postgraduate level or higher at an Australian higher education provider
  • Where accepted, equivalent prior learning, including at least five years relevant professional experience or
  • Other tests, courses or programs defined on the English Proficiency Bands page.
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    Data Science Certificate Programs For 2022

    If youre interested in data science, or perhaps have already completed a bootcamp, a graduate data science certificate may be worth considering. A graduate certificate in data science generally takes less time to complete and is more affordable than a masters degree.

    Data science certificate programs may also be a way to get a taste for data science before committing to a more long-term program. There are also more specialized certificate programsthose in applied statistics or mortgage analytics, for examplethat may appeal to you if youre already working in data science or want to add a concentration to a masters degree that youre currently pursuing.

    Graduate Certificate In Applied Data Science

    Big data is a big deal. Study data science online at Charles Sturt to capture, analyse and make massive volumes of data meaningful is the invisible backbone that feeds a dynamic organisations strategic and operational decisions. Think Netflix, Amazon and Facebook just for a start. The Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science from Charles Sturt University will take you behind the curtain and equip you with the skills to extract value from masses of data, then use it to inform decisions big and small.

    Get ahead of the pack with an understanding of data mining, knowledge discovery, machine learning, artificial intelligence and master analytic software tools with the Charles Sturt University data science graduate certificate online.

    Now even more affordable: save on your fees with a Commonwealth supported place when you start in 2023. A CSP also means you can apply for a HECS-HELP loan to pay for your studies and defer repayment until you earn above a certain amount meaning upskilling has never been more affordable.

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    Achieve With A Graduate Certificate In Data Science

    The Graduate Certificate provides you with the skills that employers demand in a fast-tracked model, plus gives you a pathway to study the Graduate Diploma in Data Science and Master of Data Science.

    This program covers the foundational skills of data science as applied in computer science, economics and mathematics. It also includes programming, statistics and data systems. Completing these courses will give you a strong foundation and the advanced knowledge in data science that are in high demand.

    Courses are delivered online in seven-week intensive blocks, which means you could graduate with a Graduate Certificate in as little as 8 months.

    Identifying And Classifying Data Science Graduate Certificate Programs

    Are professional certificates better than a MBA or a graduate degree ...

    Data science graduate certificate programs are generally identified as such in their formal designation, although some schools may refer to their programs as post-bachelors certificate programs. These programs are typically offered by regionally accredited colleges and universities, typically through schools or departments of computer science, mathematics, statistics, or data science. They are designed for students who have already earned a bachelors degree, although a subset of data science graduate certificate programs require students to hold a masters or doctoral degree and may be designated as post-masters or post-graduate certificate programs. Many data science graduate certificate programs recommend that students have a degree in computer science, mathematics, statistics, or a related technical field, experience with computer programming, and/or one or more college-level courses in advanced mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

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    Why Study Data Science And Analytics In Calgary

    The program in Data Science and Analytics is a unique graduate-level program as the curriculum for this program was developed by an interdisciplinary group of faculty members from the Faculty of Science, the Cumming School of Medicine and the Haskayne School of Business. As a student, you take full advantage of the expertise from all of these disciplines across campus. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to take specialized courses if you decide to ladder into the diploma program. Students progressing through the laddering pathway will receive full course and tuition credit for the four courses they completed in the certificate program and will need to complete four additional courses to obtain the diploma in Data Science and Analytics with a specialization in either Business Analytics or Data Science.

    Another unique feature of the program in Data Science and Analytics offered by the University of Calgary is the experiential learning component of the program. As a student, you will get hands-on experience with data from the industry made available through our network of company contacts. This learning experience plays a critical role in knowledge construction and understanding the crucial role of data within organizations.

    The certificate program consists of four intensive courses and will expose you to all phases of the Data Science and Analytics Pipeline.

    What You Can Learn

    • Explore data sets with Python and learn the foundational tools and techniques to analyze data, deliver insights and build forecasting models
    • Gain expertise in Exploratory Data Analysis and advanced data visualization, using R and Tableau
    • Understand the management of big data, types of NoSQL data stores, and the framework of Hadoop and its ecosystem
    • Apply machine learning techniques using R to train, evaluate, improve performance and present analyses of statistical models

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    Taking The Next Step In Data Science

    Large scale data represents opportunity in nearly every field of advanced study. The graduate certificate in data science and analytics from MU will help you understand the full spectrum of the science and how it can help you make better decisions. If you want to see how data science can help inform and develop future leaders, this may be the certificate for you.

    This program was designed for:

    • Working professionals who deal with data in their business and have institutional support for data science education.
    • Doctoral students of anthropology, biotechnology, business, computer science, geography, geospatial science or related fields.

    The goals of each student vary as widely as their backgrounds and experience. They are professionals that all see the value of data-driven analysis and will each use these new skills to complement their areas of expertise.

    Renee Henderson

    Data : Data Management

    Post Graduate Program In Data Science In Partnership With Purdue University | Simplilearn

    This course introduces students to the data management, storage and manipulation tools common in data science. Students will get an overview of relational database management systems and various NoSQL database technologies, and apply them to real scenarios. Topics include: ER and relational data models, storage and concurrency preliminaries, relational databases and SQL queries, NoSQL databases, and Data Governance. Prerequisite: Enrollment in the Data Science program. Other students may be admitted with instructor permission. Corequisite: DATA 601: Introduction to Data Science

    Were here to help! Stay connected with us.

    Join us for our upcoming virtual Open Houses to explore how our professional programs can help you meet your goals, build your professional network, and equip you with the technical, leadership, and management skills that employers are looking for. Youll have the opportunity to meet with faculty and staff, gain information on financial aid and career opportunities, and find out why UMBC is the perfect place to expand your education.

    Attendees will also be eligible to win a $200 scholarship during their session !

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    Start A Rewarding Career In Data Science

    The world runs on information. We are surrounded by huge amounts of data, and businesses, governments, and NGOs must be able to analyze this data effectively. The Graduate Certificate in Data Science will provide you with the core technical proficiencies to visualize and analyze data, building on your current knowledge to help you become a data scientist.

    The program provides a standalone data science certification. Credits from the program can also be applied to many graduate degrees offering a data science track or the new MS in Data Science.

    Courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate working professionals. You can earn data science credentials to increase your contributions in your current job and position yourself for advancement. American University’s Graduate Certificate is your key to an exciting and lucrative career in data science.

    Careers To Pursue With A Graduate Certificate In Data Science

    Data science-capable professionals will solve problems using data analysis and business knowledge. A career involving data science combines programming and statistics with accurate data management to analyze and communicate their findings in a business setting.

    There is a growing need for data science-capable professionals, and this program prepares individuals for careers in data science-related fields. Job titles can include:

    • Business Intelligence

    After you complete this certificate, youll be prepared to apply data science in diverse disciplines such as:

    STA 6003. Statistical Methods in Research and in Practice

    The course includes concepts and knowledge in basic probability, common distributions, point and interval statistical estimation, test of hypothesis, simple and multiple linear regression, and analysis of variance. Course emphasis will be placed on understanding the underlying assumptions and limitations of the different techniques. Prerequisite: One semester of calculus and one statistics course, or consent of instructor.

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    This Program Is Perfect For

    • Professionals from a variety of sectors who want to learn data analytics or whose job now requires it
    • Technologists and software developers looking to switch careers into data analytics
    • Those with a statistics background who want to build out their skills in data management, visualization, and programming for a data science role

    Whats The Difference Between Data Science Certificates And Courses

    Data Science Certificate

    Data science certificates are typically made up of multiple courses, while a data science course is a standalone class composed of multiple modules. Certificates vs. courses may cover some of the same topics. However, since data science certificates include multiple courses, they often provide a more thorough curriculum than a single data science course.

    If youre choosing between a data science certificate versus course, you may consider curriculum and duration. In terms of curriculum, what do you want to learn about? There may be data science certificates and courses that cover the topics youre interested in. However, a data science certificate may go more in depth on the topic than a single course. This is why you may also want to consider program duration.

    In what timeframe do you want to complete your data science studies? If you only want to spend a month or two studying, a data science course may be a better option than a certificate program. Similarly, a course may be a way to see how interested you are in data science before committing to a longer certificate program. If you enjoy it, you might work toward completing a certificate program next.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About The Graduate Certificate In Data Science Program

    Applying and Enrolling in the Program

    Q: I am not currently enrolled or affiliated with the university, how do I apply?

    A: You should follow these application instructions. It involves applying as a non-matriculated student, and a short form with some background information, a CV, and a personal statement, and a question about your background in programming/computing.

    Q: What if I am already affiliated with the university ?

    A: Then just go to the second step here: application instructions. It is a short form with some background information, a CV, and a personal statement, and a question about your background in programming/computing.

    Q: After I apply how soon should I hear back?

    A: We process the applications on a rolling basis. You may hear back in a few days, but it may be a few weeks.

    Q: Can someone who completes the Graduate Certificate in Data Science convert to the MS program?

    A: A student who does well in the certificate classes will be a very strong candidate for the MS program. But they will need to apply here. The most similar degree is the MS in Computing under the Data Management and Analysis track.

    Q: Can credits taken as non-matriculated be counted towards the MS degree in Computing?

    A: Up to 9 hours can transferred from non-matriculated to a graduate degree program.

    Q: Does being enrolled in the Certificate program count towards a degree program for F1B status?

    Programming and Computing

    Q: How much programming/computing background is expected or required?

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