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What Careers Require Or Benefit From An It Certification

Google IT Support Professional Certificate…Is It Worth It?

For those who don’t have a lengthy resume of established IT experience, an IT certification can be a way to get in the door.

The PMP certification is often a specific job requirement to qualify for mid- to senior-level project management roles. The CISSP certification is a common requirement for cybersecurity roles. And in the area of auditing — for both compliance and risk — the CISA certification is often a prerequisite for employment.

For areas of expertise regarding specific vendor technology, an IT certification can be highly beneficial. For example, those who work specifically with AWS would benefit from an AWS cloud certification. The same is true for those who use Google Cloud, where the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect certification is highly sought after. In the networking sector, Cisco’s CCNP is often a job prerequisite. It can help an employer validate a candidate has a certain level of expertise and skills.

While an IT certification does not guarantee that an employer will hire a candidate — or offer them a higher salary — it is never seen as a negative. It provides both a validation of skills and continuing education to IT professionals.

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Nutanix Certified Professional Multicloud Infrastructure

The Nutanix Certified Professional â Multicloud Infrastructure certification is designed to recognize a professionalâs skills and abilities to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Nutanix AOS 5.20 in the Enterprise Cloud.

Earning this certification validates a professionalâs ability to deploy and administer Nutanix AOS 5.20 nodes, blocks, and clusters. It also proves one can use Prism Element to manage AHV hosts and virtual machines, according to Nutanix.

Before sitting the exam, professionals should familiarize themselves with 12 knowledge objectives laid out by Nutanix:

  • Understanding Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Concepts
  • Manage a Nutanix Cluster
  • A New Pathway To Roles In It Support

    Today, were launching the hosted on Courseraa first-of-its-kind online program to prepare people for roles in IT support. With no previous experience required, beginning learners can become entry-level job ready in eight to 12 months. This program is part of , our initiative to help people get the skills they need to find a job.

    Theres no better example of a dynamic, fast-growing field than IT support. With more and more people relying on computers for some part of their work, growth in IT support is outpacing the average rate for all other occupations. In the United States alone, there are currently 150,000 open IT support jobs , and the average starting salary is $52,000 according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

    I helped hire Googles IT staff for several years when I led our internal IT support program it was often challenging to find qualified candidates. But I knew that candidates didn’t need traditional four-year college degrees to be qualifiedand also found that IT was very teachable. So in 2014 we partnered with the nonprofit organization Year Up to create a program aimed at training and hiring non-traditional talent for IT support internships and full-time roles. The program was a success, and its graduates inspired us to think about how we could make a bigger impact beyond Google. Watch the story of one of our program graduates, Edgar Barragan:

    You can find out more and enroll at .

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    Google It Support Professional Certificate Jobs


    • Offering information and support to thousands of users.
    • Desktop setup and support: 4 years .
    • Server setup and support: 4 years .
  • Hybrid remote in North York, ONEstimated at $46.3K$58.7K a yearFull-time
  • Participate in daily stand-ups and provide feedback and support within the team.
  • Provide support .
  • 5+ years of direct frontline technical support experience.
  • Complete requests for PC support service in a timely manner.
  • Provide users training when required.
  • There’s room to grow in all of it.
  • Manage the operations, support, management of products, systems, applications and services for a range of clients to support
  • Remote in Toronto, ON
  • Understanding of cloud solution architecture of one of the leading platforms such as AWS , Azure, GCP .
  • Estimated at $62.5K$79.1K a yearFixed term contract
  • Google It Support Professional Curriculum

    15+ Salary Certificate Templates

    Googles IT support certificate is broken up into five consecutive courses. Here are the course titles and the key skill sets you will learn in each.

    This course provides an introduction to the world of information technology and an overview of what youll learn in the Google IT support certification process. This course covers the basic facets of computing, such as software, hardware and the Internet, as well as the multitude of career opportunities therein.

    You will learn:

    • How to build a computer from scratch
    • Introduction to software and hardware
    • Select and install an operating system
    • The Internet and its impact on our lives
    • IT troubleshooting and customer service

    This section of your Google IT support professional training will delve into the crucial domain of computer networking, including everything from basic network protocols and troubleshooting to modern network solutions in the cloud.

    You will learn:

    • TCP/IP and the five-layer model for computer networking
    • Network troubleshooting tools, techniques and best practices
    • Cloud computing, virtual storage and everything as a service
    • DNS and DHCP protocols – what they are and how they work

    Essentially, an operating system is the software that makes a computer work, managing its vital functions from running applications to controlling hardware. This part of the Google help desk training will teach you how operating systems work and set you on your way to becoming a power user of this essential IT component.

    You will learn:

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    What Are The Prerequisites For The It Automation With Python Certificate

    The prerequisites for the IT Automation with Python Certificate include familiarity with basic IT concepts and operating systems, files, and processes and networking and data management. The program builds on your IT foundations to help you take your career to the next level. No previous knowledge of coding is required.

    What Is Google It Support Professional Certificate

    You can consider the Google IT Support Professional accreditation as the launchpad for a successful career in IT. Google has designed the course content so that a beginner-level candidates can make them job-ready in three to six months. Coursera is the course content delivery partner for this certification offered by Google.

    Securing an entry-level IT support job becomes easier when you obtain this 5-course certification from Google. The role includes remote and in-person IT help desk support for small, medium, and enterprise-level businesses. There are also examples of Google IT Support Professional Certified candidates securing jobs in Google.

    The course is highly intuitive and persuasive to keep the learner sticking to the course without any distractions. Youll learn through many contents like videos, widgets, quizzes, and hands-on labs.

    Key benefits of the course are:

    • Get preferences when applying for the IT support role to top employers like Sprint, Walmart, Hulu, Google, Bank of America, etc.
    • Get in-depth knowledge of IT hardware, software, and networking through theoretical and practical lessons.
    • Learn the required soft skills to behave professionally in the workplace.
    • It is highly affordable and requires fewer time investments.
    • Get a Credly-issued digital badge.
    • If you get CompTIA certification, you will also earn a dual badge.

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    Learn Online In Partnership With Coursera

    Fast and flexible so you can learn at the pace thats right for you, the Google IT Support Professional Certificate is the No. 1 career certificate on the online learning platform Coursera.

    Qualify for in-demand jobs in IT

    In both small businesses and large organizations, IT support involves troubleshooting and problem solving to help computers and networks run smoothly, while providing great customer service along the way.

    • Database administrator

    Choose the IT certificate that’s right for you

    Why Start A Career In It

    How the Google IT Professional Certificate Helped My Career! (WAS IT WORTH IT?)

    With entry-level jobs in IT fetching an average salary of $52,000 per year, starting a career in IT can be extremely lucrative and have a high potential for growth.

    In the U.S., there were over 86,500 open entry-level IT support roles in 2020, and jobs in this field are projected to grow 8% between 2019 and 2029 faster than the average of all other occupations. Basic IT skills will position you to secure an introductory-level role to begin your IT career, and from then on, the opportunities are endless.

    The stackability of these skills means that after gaining a baseline level of knowledge through the Google IT Support Certificate program, it is easy to pick up more advanced skills or build on those foundations with the IT Automation with Python Certificate program.

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    Aws Certified Solutions Architect Professional

    Throughout the history of our annual research, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect â Associate has ranked on this list several times, with a few appearances at the very top.

    This year, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect â Professional is the highest paying IT certification in 2022, according to the 2,500+ survey respondents.

    Solutions architects are among the most in-demand job roles right now. We wrote more about in-demand jobs here. These professionals design, deploy and support often complex cloud infrastructure, and given the need for professionals with these skills, itâs not surprising to see a certification like this landing toward the top of our list.

    The AWS Certified Solutions Architect â Professional validates an individualâs ability in this area. AWS recommends two or more years of hands-on experience and familiarity with a scripting language, Windows, Linux, and many AWS services. Earning this certification requires professionals pass the current exam . Changes to the exam are coming in November 2022 to align with the AWS Well-Architected Framework more closely. The exam costs $300 USD.

    Who Should Take The Google It Support Professional Certificate

    Aspiring IT professionals, technicians, or system administrators should take the Google Google IT Support Professional Certificate. This includes students and career-change workers. This certificate provides all the basic IT skills and tools to help any beginner without prior knowledge get started in an IT job.

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    Why Did Google Create These Programs

    Google created the IT Support and IT Automation with Python Certificate programs because we faced the same issue many other companies had open IT roles and not enough qualified candidates to fill them. So a few years ago, we began working with a nonprofit organization to provide training and pathways to roles in technical support at Google. We learned that not only is IT support a highly teachable field, but that we could teach someone completely new to the industry the IT fundamentals in under six months. We decided to build an IT training program on Coursera, created entirely by Googlers who are expert in IT support so this training could be available to everyone.

    What Is An It Certificate

    Cybersecurity and Cloud Tech Certifications that Pay Highest Salaries ...

    An IT certificate is an end-of-program certification earned by completing a professional training program and demonstrating competency in core areas. A certificate in information technology can be the start of a promising career. The Google IT Support Certificate curriculum is developed and taught by Googlers with years of experience in the field. More than 150 companies in the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium are committed to considering Google Career Certificate graduates for entry-level jobs.

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    Access To Learning Community

    Once youre enrolled in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, youll be invited to join a community of learners who will be your peers throughout the courses!

    These discussions are split into weekly topical discussions, where youll get to reply and discuss with a learning community of peers on specific topics.

    Check out the screenshot below to see how one of these discussions in action:

    In addition, youre encouraged by the program to speak with others in the community!

    Check out this screenshot below of a discussion prompt from Coursera, where youll get a chance to interact with other certificate learners:

    The discussion prompts encourages peers who are similar to you, learning about IT, to and network!

    Learning something new alone can be daunting.

    Thats why having a community of learners similar to a classroom environment can really help!

    In fact, these discussions can help with 2 things:

    • Clarifying misconceptions

    Certain topics in IT such as Binary text are difficult to grasp for beginners.

    Check out how this discussion on Binary has helped learners grasp concepts better:

    And heres what other peers replied to this:

    This is the added value of having a learning community that youll get while you take the Google IT Support Professional Certificate!

    Getting into IT support requires lots of troubleshooting.

    So if youre actively helping others in these discussions, youll get to consolidate your learning + pick up some troubleshooting skills too!

    How Much Does It Cost For The Google It Support Professional Certificate

    The Google IT Support Professional Certificate costs USD $117 after a 7-day free trial. This certificate is charged based on 3 ways: a monthly subscription at $39/month or a fixed cost of $98 for 3 months or $117 for 6 months. However, since most complete it in 3 months, the certificate will cost $78 in total.

    Check out the screenshot below to see the fixed cost pricing plan options:

    Check out the screenshot below to see the monthly subscription pricing plan options:

    Id personally recommend going for the fixed-cost pricing plan since it allows you to complete the course with a huge discount!

    Most learners would take at most 3 months to complete this certificate

    Therefore, if you go for the 3-month fixed-cost plan, youll get a 33% off and only pay USD $78 instead of USD $117 . Yay for your hard-earned money saved!

    However, if youre an avid learner like myself, and you intend to take any other of the professional certificates, you might want to consider getting a Coursera Plus Subscription.

    A Coursera Plus Subscription gives you unlimited access to ALL professional certificates, over 7,000 courses, and hands-on projects, for a single subscription fee.

    This makes it perfect for any of you avid learners out there who already intend to enroll in a few certificates/courses from Coursera!

    Coursera Plus is pricier at $59/month for a monthly plan or $399/year for an annual subscription plan.

    I personally got the Annual Subscription, since it was the most value for money!

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    Exclusive Google Job Platformaccess

    Upon receiving your Google IT Support Professional Certificate, youll be invited to create an account on the Job Platform.

    This platform allows you to connect to over 130 US employers from the .

    And these employers are looking for candidates with a Google Career Certificate, such as the Google IT Support Certificate!

    Here are some of the IT Support job listings on the platform!

    Im not sure of how many certificate holders actually found jobs from this portal, but it definitely sets you apart from the rest!

    In fact, in Singapore, my home country, Google has partnered with the government to launch Skills Ignition SG, a talent development program with a country-specific Employer Consortium!

    This Employer Consortium can help you connect with potential employers in the area who believe in the Google IT Support Professional Certificate!

    Google also plans to launch this in many more countries across the world! So you can expect one in your area in the future if youre based outside of the supported countries.

    Google It Support Professional Certificate: Coursera

    Google IT Support Professional Certificate: Is it a Waste of Time? [Honest-Review]

    This Coursera course is the official platform to go through rigorous training on the various course content and earn a shareable online certificate. You will only get training on the in-demand and latest techniques and skills of IT support. And, in 5 to 6 months, you can become job-ready.

    One of the best things about this Coursera certification is you can pursue the course even if you are working or enrolled in a full-time college degree. Thats because you only need to invest 10 hours a week, which is easily manageable alongside other professional or educational commitments.

    Courseras framework for this certification is 100% online, and you can schedule the learning sessions conveniently. Furthermore, the course is also available in major foreign languages like French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Portuguese .

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    What Is A Professional Certificate From Google

    The Google Career Certificate program is an online training program that offers professional certificates in fast-growing, high-demand technology fields. The program is designed by Google and taught by experts in the areas of IT, user experience design, project management, and more, and combines skills training with hands-on practice. In addition, job seekers receive support and practical tips for resumes, interviews, and job searches, helping them to land jobs in the technology sector.

    Can I Get College Credit For Taking The Google It Support Or It Automation With Python Certificates

    Those planning to attend a degree program can utilize ACE® recommendations, the industry standard for translating workplace learning to college credit. Learners can earn a recommendation of 12 college credits for completing the IT Support or IT Automation with Python Certificates, the equivalent of 4 college courses at a bachelors degree level. This aims to help open up additional pathways to learners who are interested in higher education, and prepare them for entry-level jobs.

    To share proof of completion with schools, IT certificate graduates will receive an email prompting them to claim their Credly badge, which contains the ACE® credit recommendation. Once claimed, they will receive a competency-based transcript that signifies the credit recommendation, which can be shared directly with a school from the Credly platform. Please note that the decision to accept specific credit recommendations is up to each institution and is not guaranteed.

    IT Certificate graduates who also pass the CompTIA A+ certification exams will earn a dual credential from CompTIA and Google.

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