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Benefits Of Printable Gift Certificates

How to make a gift certificate (free template included)

Printable gift certificates are a great alternative to traditional gift cards, as they can be easily emailed from an online version or printed and given to the recipient. They bring a number of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Saving money: Gift vouchers can be expensive to create, especially if you use a professional printing service. Printable gift vouchers you make yourself are a much more affordable option, and you can print them using a home or commercial printer.
  • Saving time: Creating printable gift vouchers takes time, which busy entrepreneurs seldom have. You can complete the templates and print them in minutes, giving you more time to focus on running your company.
  • Flexibility: Printable gift vouchers give you the flexibility to choose the size, layout and design of your certificate. You can also add your own images and branding to make them unique to your enterprise.
  • Increasing your brand awareness: Printable gift vouchers provide businesses with an opportunity to promote their brand. By including your business name, logo, special offers and contact information on the certificate, youll be able to increase your brands visibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Promoting your business: You can use special offers on a certificate to promote your business all year round. And since customers can use the certificate anytime, theyll be thinking of your business long after the initial purchase.
  • Printable Birthday Gift Certificate

    A birthday is a special occasion, and this gift certificate template from seller BlackBowStudio on Etsy is a great way for small business owners to show their appreciation when birthdays roll around. The highly customizable voucher has a festive multi-dot design, and theres also a place where you can put a free or discounted gift, such as a spa day, massage, concert or something else theyll find enjoyable.

    You can get the template from Etsy here.

    Top 5 Reasons To Use Our Services:

  • Its simple and quick to use our online tool to create a custom, professional, ready to print gift certificate using our blank templates.
  • Our services are 100% free, no subscription required. Create as many gift certificates as you need and save your money.
  • We offer a wide selection of professionally designed gift templates for any type of occasion holidays, birthdays, activities and more. Choose and customize the design that suits your business.
  • No expensive software or graphic editing experience is needed. Our services are easy to use select your template, edit and print or save your gift certificate.
  • Quality gift certificates without advertisements or watermarking on any of our template designs.
  • If you want to learn more about creating and printing gift certificates using custom templates, check out our tutorial section.

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    Customize Gift Certificate Online For Free And Download

    Get started with any free Gift Certificate Template from our library. Choose a high-resolution, full-page layout and edit to whatever the voucher will be used for. Whether the gift certificate will be used to avail of a beauty and nail salon service, fancy tattoo, bakery, professional massage, or elegant floral wedding service, our online design tool offers all the features you need to make full template customizations as necessary. After editing, print and download for free in PDF or PNG.


    Holly Jolly Christmas Gift Certificate

    4 Best Printable Christmas Gift Certificate Template

    Birthday gift certificate is a type of a gift certificate template typically presented to friends, family or coworkers during their birthday. Besides being easy to brand birthday gift certificate, it is simple to customize as well. You can offer a Birthday gift certificate to your loved ones as a memorable item for their special day.

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    How To Plan Perfect Wording For A Gift Certificate

    It is important to consider essential aspects when composing a gift voucher template to ensure that all the details needed to make it unique and valid are added. The aspects include:

    The Name of the Recipient

    A gift certificate should include the name of the recipient to show the personalization of the card and also to make the certificate appear as a gift. This creates satisfaction and a sense of appreciation for the recipient.

    Amount of the Gift Card

    The amount of the gift card certificate should be indicated to help the recipient determine the number of goods or service which matches with the provided value. This also helps the business in the determination of their sales.

    The Expiration Date

    A gift card certificate entails an expiry date which helps the recipient know the time duration available for the gift certificate. This time frame also helps the business improve on their competitiveness as they can include offers available at the organization during the period the gift certificate is valid.

    Gift Certificate Number

    A gift certificate number is added as a component of the certificate to enhance authenticity and help in reducing the risk of the creation of face gift certificates. The number in each gift certificate is unique and thus makes it impossible for one to create a fake certificate.

    Business Name and Logo

    How Do Certificates Differ From Licensure

    Considering the example of professional certificates, these are presented as an award through an educational institute or professional organization. However, if credentialing is needed by law before starting the job practice, it is called licensure. Licensure differs from a professional certificate as the first one is required by law. Secondly, it is obtained by the state agency in comparison to certificates. In several cases, the process of certification and licensing strongly relate to each other and lead to confusion. This can be avoided by learning the processes in detail as they differ in legality.

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    Free Gift Certificate Template Printable Download

    If your hair salon, massage spa, restaurant, photography business, or salon and restaurant business is offering birthday vouchers or gift checks, make it quick and easy with! Select any free Gift Certificate Template and customize the border and background vectors and the suggestive original text content. Add your happy birthday or happy holiday greetings. Would you like a birthday or Christmas gift certificate that’s fillable by handwriting after print? Ought for our blank layout samples. However you want your birthday or holiday gift certification document designed, our online design tool helps you make it happen. Choose a template, use our convenient design tool, and create an official document for gift certification takes only a few clicks.

    Dont Forget About Legal Requirements

    How to Create Christmas Gift Certificate/Voucher in MS Word | CR80 Size Gift Card Template

    Depending on the state or country in which youre doing business, there are likely some legal regulations around gift certificates.

    Common legal issues include:

    • How terms and conditions may or may not be displayed
    • Whether expiry dates are permissible
    • How far in the future expiry dates must be
    • Whether the gift card is transferable
    • Whether the gift card is redeemable for cash
    • Whether cash change is given or not
    • Required disclosures, including contact information
    • Whether fees are imposed for inactivity/non-use of card
    • Any products or services excluded from purchasing with a gift certificate

    If youre located in the United States, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explains the federal legal requirements for gift cards and certificates. State laws may apply, as well.

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    Let Your Customers Give The Perfect Giftgift Cards From Your Business

    Looking to start a gifting program? Square has a comprehensive solution. Boost your sales, get fast transfers, and seamlessly keep track of gift card sales and reporting when you run your business with Square.

    Gift cards for allTry out our Starter Packs, choose from Quick Card designs, or create your own Custom Cards. Square even offers free, customizable eGift cards for your customers to buy and gift online.

    Free Gift Certificate Templates

    Take the stress out of gift shopping by offering your customers personalized gift certificates for any occasion. With Jotforms selection of Gift Certificate PDF Templates, you can easily create beautiful, professional PDF gift certificates for your business without any coding or design skills.

    Use our drag-and-drop PDF Editor to rearrange the gift certificate template layout, change the text and fonts, and add your own background image, logo, and discount options. Once youve wrapped up the design, your customized gift certificate template will automatically generate gift certificates each time a customer fills out your online form. You can even set up an autoresponder to instantly email them their gift certificates perfect for any last-minute shoppers.

    With your gift certificates formatted as PDFs, recipients will be able to print them out without any hassle. They can also download their gift certificates with ease and quickly pull up them up on their phones at the register, making an already stress-free present even easier to use. Now if only we could put a bow on it.

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    Ready To Make Your Gift Certificate Ideas Happen

    Even with no design experience, its easy to create on-brand gift certificates to grow your revenue and get people talking. Start with a gift certificate template and then customize it using the tips above.

    For even more inspiration, check out these creative certificate design ideas.

    License this cover image collaboration via studioloco, briddy, and Grafvish.

    Plan For Digital Vs Print

    19+ Business Gift Certificate Templates

    During the design phase, its important to keep the end result in mind. How do you plan to distribute your gift certificates?

    You could print them at home/in the office, send them off for printing at a professional shop, or create digital gift certificates only. All are valid!

    Its a good idea to think about it now, though, so you can design accordingly:

    • With bleed marks and within industry-standard page sizes, if youre printing professionally
    • With margins and desktop printer page sizes, if youre printing at home

    If youre sending gift certificates digitally, you dont have to worry about sizing or bleed marks. Youll also save money on printing.

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    Tips To Create Attractive Drink Menu Card

    Designing a menu card separately for the drink is not an easy task you need to focus on how things look better. So, first, you can see the sample drink menu to understand its elements and get an idea of what makes it attractive. Then, adopt the below-mentioned tips to create a stunning menu card for drinks easily.

    • Follow the trends: Before selecting a design, you need to explore the trends that the market follows. Do a search and find what is best and trendy for your business. In our collection, you can find attractive drink menu templates in trendy designs available in all the formats that suit you.
    • Come up with a specialty: Never forget to add the specialty of your restaurant or cafe it is the best way to make publicity of your business.
    • Add visuals: Hire a professional photographer to capture the visuals of your drinks for your menu card. It is the best way to give an idea about your service to the client before placing an order. The visuals provide an overview of your restaurants theme and service.
    • Branding: If you want to stand out in the market, then come up with a creative business name, logo, and quality service. Make sure to add your business name and logo on your menu card it is the best way to do publicity and marketing.

    Understanding Drink Menu Template

    If you are planning to design a drink menu for a wedding, restaurant, café, or bar, then it is essential to make the menu attractive and impressive for your client. Get free drink menu templates from our site available in Word format to make changes as you need. Make sure to add an appropriate color where texts are easily readable, and choose a standard font style with a modern design to make it special. By using our templates, the overall appearance of the drink menu will be professional and classy download it and put in the essential detail to get a standard drink menu for your business.

    To grab the clients attention, it should be clear, and fully branded, provide a list of drinks by dividing them into categories, highlight the specialty, give a review, pictures of drinks, and typography to adjust the text. Avoid the hassle of making a drink menu from scratch get your favorite drink menu template to hit the next level of professionalism.

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    Printable Gift Certificates By Canva

    There’s a reason why the humble gift certificate remains a staple gift-giving option, be it for business or personal use. Gift certificates are easy and hassle-free alternatives to the mad rush of shopping and leaves less room for wrong purchases. For businesses, they are another way to drive foot traffic to the store as well as a free means of direct marketing. A customer giving out gift certificates to your store is essentially a recommendation of your product or services.

    Gift certificates may seem simple but a lot of thought goes into their design. A beautifully designed voucher can catch a customer’s interest and even entice them enough to visit your store. Are you pressed for time or have little to no design experience? No worries! Canva has a wide collection of layouts and templates you can use and re-use for free.

    There are gift certificate templates geared towards retail stores, restaurants and cafés, to name a few. Can’t find exactly what you need? This is where Canva’s design editor comes in handy. With over a million elements like stock images, illustrations, vectors and icons to choose from, you can customize your design down to the smallest details. Search and select the elements you need, type in text using Canva’s collection of beautiful fonts, and even add some texture or background. Everything is easy with Canva’s friendly drag and drop interface.

    + Attractive Gift Certificate Templates For Word Free Download

    How to make a Gift Certificate with MS Word

    Welcome to our gift certificate templates for word. Gift certificates are paper cards or coupons that are alternatives to money for purchasing in any store or availing any service by having a particular discount. This practice helps companies or stores to boost their sales. Such gift certificates need to be highly illustrative and eye catchy images to attract customers. A lot of gift certificate templates for word are available online.

    In this article, I have mentioned some professional gift certificate templates for word. Giving an attractive gift certificate to your customers makes them pleased. WPS office software always offers professional as well as well-organized templates that are flexible for reuse. Presented below are the best gift certificate templates in word that are used by companies or stores and given away to their customers.

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    Create And Share Your Completed Gift Card Design In Seconds

    We have created gift voucher templates for restaurants and cafés, hotels, spa treatments and stores to name just a few. With over a million images, vectors and icons to choose from, you can easily customize your template to create a unique design.

    Simply search and select the image you want to use or upload your own. Add your business or group name and logo to the certificates, download and print a gift certificate as many copies as you need or send it online.

    Use the sample gift card wording with each template, or edit the text and add your own ideas.

    How to design Gift Certificdesign

    ates in 4 simple steps

    1. Select your Gift Certificate template from over 17.000 ready-made templates.

    2. Select one of more than 1.200.000 images or upload your own image.

    3. Change the color and text of your own branded message using over 100 fresh fonts.

    4. Share or download your own brand new Gift Certificate.

    Importance Of Gift Certificate Templates

    When we analyze this gift certificate technique, it has number of benefits and advantages that come in a whole package form. On one hand, company promotes its credibility and goodwill in the market where on the other hand, it builds a good and loyal impression in peoples minds. Also you know that a gift certificate also includes the company name and trademark and it means that company is also advertising its brand name in the market along with increasing the sales figure and number of customers. There are different ways of providing these gift certificates to the customers such as you can ask your employees to give free gift certificates to their relatives and friends, you can put these gift coupons in the local newspapers and magazines or you can provide these coupons in your outlets when customers come for shopping.

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    Where And When It Can Be Used

    A gift card is used within the store or chain of stores from where it was purchased, and it is only valid within the specified period. A gift certificate can be used to purchase products or services as it contains a monetary value. It can be given to an individual as either a hotel gift certificate, spa gift certificate, dinner gift certificate, and each certificate is used for the specified reason.

    + Free Printable Gift Certificate Templates

    44+ Free Printable Gift Certificate Templates (for Word &  PDF)

    Common problems most people face while offering a gift to their loved ones are such as, especially if they not that closely related to them so as know their likes and dislikes. Examples of these common problems are, not considering the personality of your recipient, the health of your recipient might not permit the nature of your gift and many more. However, no matter the likes and dislikes, health or personality of your recipient, gift certificate is the only perfect gift that can be impressive. It is due to its uniqueness and can always be personalized by using a gift certificate template for a specific person.

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