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Choose Vancouvers Best Bartender Training Program

Bartender License/Certificate: Do You Need One?

We have been Greater Vancouvers best bartender training school for more than 35 years! Over that time we have refined our bartending course to the most thorough and interactive program around. Our reviews tell it all. By the end of the classes, your pouring skills will be perfected and your cocktail knowledge will be impressive. Our course ensures you know where to find that first bartending job. We want you to have the confidence to get out there, get hired, and start making money right away.

I took the evening classes and had a fantastic time! I had a great time learning how to bartend while making new friends and all around having a blast! Suzanne was a great teacher who was willing to put in extra time with the students who needed it. She was always helpful while challenging us to push ourselves. Ryan was a great source for information on wines. I think I learned more in that one night than I ever have on my own. Three months later I moved to Alberta and found a job bartending at a lounge in a hotel. Overall the course was well worth it to just learn all the techniques that would take you months to learn on the job. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who is interested in bartending!Shannon S. from Vancouver BC

Tequila & Mezcal Essentials In Bartending & Cocktails


LENGTH: 2h 43m

LEVEL: Carlos Batista

Are you a bartender, mixologist, or server? Do you need an advanced knowledge of Tequila for better selection & enjoyment? Enrolling in this online bartending class wont be a bad idea.

This bartending class online describes everything there is about Tequila and Mezcal and their difference. It explains the different types of Tequila and Mezcal, Mezcal production & flavors, as well as tequila Production methods & regions.

Also, it teaches on the professional method used to taste and analyze Tequila and lots more. In fact, this course capture a lot about alcohol. And interestingly, there are no criteria for getting the knowledge embedded in this class. All you need is to be willing to learn.

Why Online Bartending Classes

For individuals who require some experience on their résumé, enrolling in online bartending courses is a viable choice. Bartending schools typically take less than six months and cost less than a post-secondary credential, allowing you to begin earning money almost immediately.

Unlike traditional bartender schools, online bartending programs are self-paced and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing students to schedule their studies around work or family obligations.

Many BBB-accredited online bartending schoolswill prepare graduates for the ServSafe Alcohol Primary Exam, which will be valuable to employers. Its preferable to make beginners blunders mixing cocktails during online bartending training than to provide poor service to thirsty, paying customers.

Before your first employment, online bartending classes can help you understand the bar terminology and get some basic practice.

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Popular Cocktail Recipes A Masterclass In Cocktails

When someone comes up to you while youre serving refreshments and starts talking about a Fuzzy Navel or Bloody Mary, theyre not speaking of historical royalty or a medical condition, they want a drink!

In this course, you will follow master mixologist Elliot Neave, owner of Panda and Sons bar in the UK, as he shows you how to mix some common and specialty cocktails. If you feel like youre in the dark when it comes to mixing drinks, this is one of the best online bartending courses for complete beginners.

Some of the many lessons covered in this 1-hour course include how to stock a bar, essential tools, the easiest cocktails to make, serving, preparation, glasses, and also how to make non-alcoholic mocktails!

Being hosted on Udemy, students get lifetime access to the course, downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion once finished!

  • Beginner to intermediate level

Can I Take Bartending Classes Online

Bartending Training With Certificate: Appstore for Android

You can, and its usually less expensive than going to a bartending school in person. The disadvantage of acquiring your bartending degree online is that you will be missing out on the practical experience.

Online bartending courses range in price from $50 to $200, while in-person courses cost between $400 and $800.

It can be worth it to spend the extra money if youre brand new to the industry and want to start with a bartending 101. It will ensure that you understand how to engage physically with the equipment and tools you will be utilizing. And how to put each bartending method into practice. And in a bar, how to upsell beverages.

However, its possible that youre only seeking a legal position. If thats the case, go online and secure any municipal permits or certifications youll need to run a bar. There is no need for a formal bartending school.

Now, with the knowledge of why you really need an online bartending class and your chances of getting one, Lets delve properly into the main discussion- Best Online Bartending Classes!

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Best Budget: Diageo Bar Academy

Diageo Bar Academy

  • With so much material, some users may find site confusing

  • Users may find the games and exams gimmicky

Founded and curated by one of the worlds largest spirits companies, Diageo Bar Academy maps out everything you need to start a bar. The academy started as part of Diageos initiative to improve the quality of bar staff. To do this, they tapped industry influencers and experts to bring training programs and drink inspirations to Diageos network of bartenders and brand fans.

To date, they have trained tens of thousands of bar staff across the globe, and this large community is one of the biggest draws of the program. Training modules are led by industry leaders, and the academy doubles as a networking hub, connecting bartenders around the globe.

Bar Academys modules and courses are designed to cater to bar professionals, and information is useful to different bar styles and staff, as well as establishment owners looking to broaden their bar knowledge. Its one of the most comprehensive training programs availablethere are courses on high-skill techniques, service skills, product knowledge, and business operations.

Their offerings also include well-being and physical health modules that are useful for anyone working in the notoriously hectic and stressful service industry.

Binances Focus On The Community

It is also worth noting that hundreds of millions of people viewed or read Binance Academys learning content, which has included cooperation from major names in the education sphere, such as Harvard, Oxford, and MIT.

The newest addition is the continuation of the crypto exchanges efforts to dedicate greater attention and focus to the community as a whole above everything else, combined with Binances Recovery Fund for crypto projects facing liquidity crises.

This development arrives at a difficult time for the crypto sector, which is still struggling with the aftermath of the FTX collapse that has caused a domino effect across the market, knocking down the value of most digital assets, including Bitcoin .

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Cocktail Secrets: Making Your Signature Drink

Coming in first on my list is a great course that teaches you how to create your own signature cocktail from start to finish. During this class, you will also learn some great fundamentals of cocktail preparation and presentation.

Bartender Ivy Mix will be your instructor for this course who is co-owner of the popular Brooklyn NY cocktail bar Leyenda. Shes also won the Bartender of the Year award and has a good view of how to establish your own personal identity with a great cocktail mix.

In this class, Ivy assumes you know a little bit about alcohol and drink mixing, but it is very easy to follow, even for a beginner. Some of the lessons include working with tasting notes, preparing your cocktail, mixing, presentation, and finishing touches.

Being hosted on Skillshare, new users can get access to all 29,000 classes on the platform, including this one with their 1-month free trial!

  • Intermediate level
  • Bar owner and award-winning bartender as the instructor
  • Learn presentation tips and flavor profiles
  • Over 2,000 students enrolled

Free Bartending Classes Online

Learn to Bartend From Home [Free Bartender Training]

Skillshares portfolio of bartending courses includes Introduction to Mixology, Cocktail creation, Cocktail secrets, Homemade liqueur, and Basic of wine knowledge. If you are a beginner who wants to learn to bartend, you can find courses that teach bartending techniques and mixology from the ground up to mastery. Then there are courses that focus on a specific drink like wine and vodka. Skillshare has courses on crafting cocktails at home too. These courses teach you about the ingredients and material you need to make a cocktail, and step-by-step process of making some classic cocktails.

You can choose a suitable course from a variety of options available

These courses are designed and delivered by experts in the field

You will get to work on projects and gain hands-on experience in the topic

Get access to resources that deepen your learning

You can share and collaborate with peers to broaden your knowledge

You can access the courses from the Skillshare app

You can

Review: Very well done videos on some classic cocktails. Also goes into some detail about the history of these drinks which is interesting as well! Julia Wang

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The Bar World Of Tomorrow Training Online Course

EdApp, an innovative microlearning platform designed to train your teams large and small, collaborated with Pernod Ricard, Trash Tiki, and the Sustainable Restaurant Association to develop The Bar World of Tomorrow. This intuitive and user-friendly online course includes interactive, beautiful, and effective modules, quizzes, and assignments to suit your whole team. Since elements of gamification are peppered throughout the lessons, it doesnt even feel like youre learning which means your teams will actually enjoy completing the courseware and walk away with a deeper understanding of the material at hand compared to other eLearning platforms.

Since COVID-19, a lot has changed in the hospitality industry, and adjusting to the new norm will be the key to success. This course steps your team through the following topics that are top-of-mind going forward:

  • Financial and environmental sustainability
  • Responsible service and creating a culture of wellbeing
  • Reopening the right way

This mobile learning course is timely as it addresses the current challenges that each bar faces due to the knock-on effects of COVID-19. In addition to the timely and unique content, EdApps user-friendly platform makes learning engaging through interactive courses and easy to understand information.

Other beneficial EdApp courses include Teamwork in the Hospitality Industry and Learn About Alcohol and Responsible Drinking. These courses are available in EdApps completely free course library.

All Typsy Courses Are Endorsed By The Institute Of Hospitality

Typsy courses have been endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality which demonstrates the courses:

  • Adhere to good practice standards in training and training delivery
  • Are relevant to the needs of the industry
  • Meet a wide range of essential criteria relating to quality standards and quality learning outcomes

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I Especially Love How Crisp And Easy To Follow These Courses Are

“Been loving Typsy so far! It was honestly like love at first sight, with the plethora of informative courses at my fingertips in such high quality and certified instructors. I especially love how crisp and easy to follow these courses are, whether you’re a novice or an expert… Highly recommend Typsy to everyone who’s a part of the hospitality industry.”

What You’ll Learn In The Bartending For Beginners Course

Online WSET Level 1 Award in Spirits
  • How to be a successful professional bartender
  • Where you can go if you choose bartending as a career
  • How to use essential bartending tools
  • How to measure cocktails
  • How to pick the right ice for cocktails
  • Classic cocktail recipes
  • How to properly clean a bar

Theres never been a better time to take up bartending. The industry is excelling every day and with more opportunities than ever before, whats stopping you from honing your cocktail skills and taking your career to the next level?

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What Is A Bar

A bar is a licensed place for selling all kinds of alcoholic beverages to the customer. Bars are found in hotels, resorts, clubs, casinos, and many such establishments and can also be operated as independent units. The bar is one of the key revenue-generating areas of the food and beverage department of the hotel industry.

Something Else Job Placement Assistance

At Texas School of Bartenders in Houston, Austin and Dallas, we help place our graduates in their bartending jobs at local restaurants, bars and clubs. Weve been in business for over 3 decades, so we have more contacts in our cities than we can handle. We often have more job inquiries come in than we have students to fill those jobs. Our job placement isnt a guaranteed job, but it is a big step up in your future bartending career.

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How Difficult Is Bartending

In some ways, it can be quite challenging. There is a lot of customer interaction and multitasking involved. You need to be able to handle high-pressure situations and stay calm under pressure.

However, if you are passionate about bartending and have a good work ethic, it can be an extremely rewarding career. There is a lot of opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Bartenders also get to meet many interesting people from all walks of life.

Learn To Bartend In Any Environment

1. The Tipsy Bartender Exclusive Course Introduction
  • New Training for New Bartenders If you wish to gain employment in the bar industry in NightClubs, Restaurants, Bars, Lounges, Hotels and Cruise ships in your Country or Internationally, This Online Bartender Course is your ticket to success.
  • Easy To Absorb, Simple to Learn Proven Training is Simple and It Works. Step by Step Videos Guide you through making everything from simple drinks to complex cocktails, and custom cocktails to make your guest happy.
  • Working and Exhibition Flair Skills Add Style and Panache to your Bartending Service. These easy to execute flair and style techniques will make it seem like you have been bartending for many years.
  • Lifetime Course “Free Refills” Take the Bartending Courses as many times as you like with lifetime access.
  • 2021 Downloadable Workbooks Step-By-Step Instructions to record your progress and watch your flair and mixology skills improve.
  • Learn on your Phone, Laptop or TV
  • Master Bartender Certification

BartenderOne and ipour bartending are different than other Bartender Coursesyou can now Learn to Bartend from homethe most complete bartender training program available.high volume mixology certification onlineThe best part about your Bar One training is that you learn on location in your home or bar

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Free Bartender Training Bartending For Beginners

Typsy strives to make every hospitality moment exceptional by empowering learners to access and learn insider tips and knowledge. Typsy is great for managers because it provides an array of bite-sized eLearnings across a variety of hospitality roles including, bartenders, food handlers, and front office clerks.

A great way to expand your employees bartending knowledge is to get them to complete Typsys Bartending for Beginners online training course. This course addresses the resurgence in the art of cocktail making through a series of video clips. Topics covered in this eLearning include:

  • Essential bartending tools and how to use them, such as using a cocktail shaker
  • Various cocktail formulas and drink recipes
  • How to keep the behind the bar area clean

The benefits of learning with Typsy are you have access to 30 free bite-sized video clips from your desktop, mobile, or tablet. The disadvantage of this free service is the advertisements in each video which tend to disrupt the overall learning experience.

Duration: 30 minutesNumber of modules: 11 video clips Inclusions: Digital and printable course certificates available

What Skills Will I Get Through Online Bartending Classes

In the bartending world, the difference between success and failure is skill. Bartending isnt rocket science, but it does take more than simply the ability to memorize cocktail formulas.

Basically, online bartending courses provide a stress-free atmosphere in which to learn these skills. These courses will teach you the proper practices to avoid wasting money by over-pouring drinks.

To ensure that health hazards do not run rampant, most online bartending programs devote an entire section to cleanliness skills.

Bartending students can study the dos and donts of customer service to improve their confidence, charisma, time management, organizational, and decision-making abilities.

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Learn To Bartend In A Proven Hands

Send us an email if you dont see the start dates you are looking for! If dates arent on the website, we probably have an idea as to when the next ones will be. ASK US! We are here to help. If you are committed to doing an online class due to travel costs or lack of availability of bartending schools in your area then definitely check out the Start Bartending Online program.

Where Do Bartenders Make The Most Money

New York Bartender License

In general, bartenders who work in high-end restaurants or bars tend to make more money than those who work in more casual establishments. This is because they usually deal with wealthier clientele who are more likely to leave larger tips.

Bartenders who work in tourist areas also tend to make good money, as they often serve visitors unfamiliar with local tipping customs and may leave bigger tips as a result.

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What Is The Importance Of Bar Management

The main function of the Bar is to serve alcoholic drinks to run the bar smoothly. Bar management acts as both service and a storage area for all these items mentioned.

The other important requirements for bar operations are water supply, electric supply, lighting, and drainage. So it is the most revenue-generating area that needs proper supervision and control.

The staff working in the bar may be tempted to drink or sell the liquor without any accountability. The contents should be converted to revenue and any breakage of bottles or spillage must be properly recorded and the manager or in charge notified so that the situation is not misused.

The liquors are served as straight drinks or Cocktails and the daily consumption must be recorded to forecast the sales and prepare the requisition accordingly.

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