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Pass Florida Certification Exams

Help for Florida teachers failing state test, but will state’s solution save them?

There are three tests that all Florida educators are expected to pass before earning their teacher certification exam. Each exam is referred to as a Florida Teacher Certification Exam :

General Knowledge Test : This FTCE serves as Floridas basic skills exam. It is comprised of four distinct sub-tests including English language skills, reading, mathematics, and an essay portion.

Professional Education Test : The PEd essentially tests your preparedness as a teacher in pedagogy and professional practices. This exam will test you on eight key competency areas that cover your knowledge of: instructional design and planning appropriate student-centered learning environments instructional delivery and facilitation through a comprehensive understanding of subject matter various types of assessment strategies for determining impact on student learning relevant continuous professional improvement the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida research-based practices appropriate for teaching English Language Learners and effective literacy strategies that can be applied across the curriculum to impact student learning.

Certifications For School Administrators

There are two certification options for school administrators Level 1-Educational Leadership and Level 2-School Principal. As a candidate for either certification you will need to take the Florida Educational Leadership Exam . This exam is divided into three sub-tests: Leadership for Students Learning, Organizational Development and Systems Leadership. Additionally, Level 1 certifications require candidates to hold a masters degree and verify completion of Florida Educational Leadership Core Curriculum. Level 2 candidates must meet the same requirements by holding and working with a Level 1 certification for one year. You must also complete a district school principal certification program before earning your Level 2 certification.

Acceptable College Credit Equivalencies For Renewal

  • Twenty inservice points in an approved Florida master inservice program are equivalent to one semester hour of college credit.
  • Sixty inservice points in an approved Florida master inservice program are equivalent to three semester hours of college credit.
  • A passing numerical score on the Florida subject area exam specific to the coverage to be renewed is equivalent to three semester hours of college credit for renewal purposes.
  • When the certificate includes Exceptional Student Education, Visually Impaired, Hearing Impaired, or Speech-Language Impaired, a passing score on the corresponding Florida subject area exam satisfies the requirement for credit in teaching SWD for a total of three semester hours of renewal credit.
  • A valid certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards will renew the Florida certificate in the subject shown on the national certificate.
  • An Exceptional Needs Specialist certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards satisfies the requirement for credit in teaching SWD, when the Florida professional certificate includes a subject in instructing students with disabilities.
  • Teaching a college level course at an acceptable institution may be accepted the same as credit earned for that course.

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S To Initial Certification

  • Meet the educational requirements in one of three ways:a. Complete a Department approved PST training program* b. Provide proof of employment as a PST prior to April 1, 2012 ORc. Provide proof of employment as a state-certified firefighter prior to April 1, 2012 .
  • Submit Form DH 5066, Initial Certification Application, with applicable documentation and the certification fee.
  • After receiving an approval to test email from the Department, register for the 911 PST exam using Google Chrome.
  • Once a passing score is received, a certification will be issued. *To find a Department approved 911 PST Training Program, go to the License Verification page. Under Profession select 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Training Program, then select Search. Results may be narrowed by selecting a city or county.
  • Florida Teachers Licensing Application Process

    My Certified Public Accountant certificate

    To be considered for Florida teacher licensing all requirements stipulated by the Florida Department of Education must be met. To have an application for a teaching certificate reviewed, candidates must:

    • Possess at least bachelors degree from an accredited college or university
    • Demonstrate completion of an approved teacher training program
    • Post passing scores on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations in the appropriate area and
    • Pass a background check processed by the employing school system.

    Completed applications may be completed online or be sent to:

    Florida Department of Education

    Visit the Florida Department of Education for more details on Florida teacher certification.

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    Florida Teacher Outlook Salary And Jobs

    There were a reported 4,336 public schools in Florida during the 2016-2017 school year, with an estimated student enrollment of over 2.8 million.3 With approximately 186,339 public school teachers, this gave Florida a student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1.3

    Through 2026, it is predicted that there will be 6,330 average annual openings for elementary school teachers in Florida, 2,760 average annual openings for middle school teachers, and 3,740 average annual openings for secondary school teachers.3 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Florida, the average annual salary for elementary school teachers is $50,070, for middle school teachers $53,140, and for secondary school teachers $54,120.4 The Florida Education Association, the largest active teachers union in Florida, provides further information on news and issues impacting the state education system.


    Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2018.4

    English As A Second Language Certification

    The SAE exam that all candidates for ESOL must take is the ESOL K-12. You must earn a score of 200 of higher to earn this certification. In addition you should complete all certification steps, including having a background check completed. The exam will test your knowledge of:

    Culture as a factor in English language learners learning
    Language as a system
    ESL/ESOL research, history, public policy, and current practices
    Standards-based ESOL and content instruction
    Language proficiency assessment

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    Florida Teacher Education Requirements

    As part of the states teacher preparation requirements, Florida candidates for teaching certification must complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. In some cases, specified coursework requirements can be waived if the applicant can show passing scores on the Florida Subject Area Subject Examination or a valid American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence certificate. For those who hold bachelors degrees in a subject other than education, completion of the Florida Professional Development Certification Program and a passing score on the Florida Professional Education Test may also be sufficient to obtain teaching certification.

    How Do I Check The Status Of An Educators Teaching Certificate

    Feds: Florida couple stole, sold teacher certification test

    We like to think of teachers as being altruistic,compassionate, and competent. But this is not always the case. There are tonsof educators that give the profession a black eye. For instance, do you knowwhether your childs teachers are certified to teach? If not, this could be anissue. Certification signals that a teacher meets the academic requirements ofthe position.

    Also, do you not whether or not your childs teacher hasbeen reprimanded or faced disciplinary action because of inappropriate conduct?Of course, you dont. You believe that just because a teacher has been hired byyour local school teacher, they must ok. Maybe, maybe not.

    For instance, many school districts start the year in desperateneed of teachers. Especially to fill areas such as math, science, and socialstudies. If they can not fill the position, they will consider a candidate thathas not proven that they are highly qualified. What do I mean by that? I am referringto people who have not passed their licensure exam, but they have completed ateacher education program.

    Schools looking to fill a critical needs area may ask thestate department of education to issue the individual a 1-year emergencylicense to teach. They can fill the position, and the teacher has one year topass their licensure exam, or they lose their job. However, I have seendistricts continuously ask for an extension for the teacher in question, and beforeyou know it, this unqualified teacher has been teaching for 3-5 years.


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    Complete A Student Teaching Experience

    Although student teaching is not a listed requirement, all teacher preparation programs require students to complete a student teaching experience. Student teaching can be extremely helpful for teacher candidates. It gives them the chance to gain hands-on experience prior to starting their teaching career. As a student teacher you will work with an established teacher in their classroom. You will observe how the teacher manages the classroom and delivers lessons. By the end of your student teaching experience the roles will reverse, and you will be managing the classroom and delivering lessons while the teacher observes you.

    Teaching Reciprocity Agreements In Florida

    Florida is an active participant in the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification Interstate Agreement. As a participating state, Florida creates reciprocity guidelines so that out-of-state teachers interested in transferring their license into a Florida teaching license can easily access the information they need to begin the reciprocity process.

    You do not need to provide proof of your effectiveness as a teacher to gain reciprocity.
    Special Reciprocity for Advanced Credentials Florida offers two levels of licensure, Temporary and Professional. If you have a valid advanced teacher certification that is comparable to the Florida professional licensure, you can earn this advanced level of licensure. The professional license can also be earned by verifying that you have the appropriate subject area knowledge, general knowledge, and professional preparation and education competence.

    Information reported by the Education Commission of the States.

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    Pathways To A Temporary Certificate

    Applicants who do not currently meet all requirements for a Professional Certificate, can qualify for the Temporary Certificate with one of these pathways:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Passing Score on the Florida Subject Area Examination
  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Valid Certificate Issued by American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
  • Bachelor’s Degree with a Major in the Content Area
  • Bachelor’s Degree with Required Courses and 2.5 GPA in the Content Area
  • Completing Your Application Using The New Online Licensing Service Site

    Florida Apostilles
  • Click Begin Here for Sign-up to create a new online user account and retrieve your temporary password sent via email.
  • Enter your User ID and password then click Sign In to access this secure site.
  • Once successfully signed in, educators will be prompted to complete an Initial Onboarding process to match your account to existing Florida certification records. Your social security number1 and date of birth are required to complete the onboarding process.
  • The Quick Start Menu provides you a choice of options available based on your current Florida certification record.
  • For new applicants, you may Start a New Application for the available Florida certifications issued via the Bureau of Educator Certification:
  • Evaluation of eligibility for Educator Certification
  • Evaluation of eligibility for Athletic Coaching Certification
  • Evaluation of eligibility for Speech Language Impaired Certification
  • Evaluation of eligibility for Exchange Teacher Certification.
  • If you are a certified educator, you may choose an application option to Manage your license information, including:
  • Upgrade from a Temporary to a Professional Educator’s Certificate
  • Addition of a subject or endorsement to your valid Florida Educators Certificate*
  • Reinstatement of your expired Florida Professional Educators Certificate.
  • *Note: If employed in a Florida public school district, please contact your local certification office for guidance on application and payment procedures.

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    Teacher Shortages In Florida

    According to the US Department of Education Teacher Shortage Area report for 2021-2022, Florida broadly has the following shortages5:

    • Career and Technical Education, Pre-K-12
    • English as a Second Language, Pre-K-12
    • Language Arts , Pre-K-12
    • Mathematics, Pre-K-12
    • Science , Pre-K-12
    • Special Education , Pre-K-12

    The Florida Department of Educations Identification of Critical Teacher Shortage Areas for 2020-21 report determined teacher shortage areas by ranking disciplines in three areas: percentage of courses in a discipline taught by teachers not certified in that discipline projected vacancies in a discipline and percentage of completers from state-approved teacher preparation programs.6 English as a second language and general science tied for first place in the critical teacher shortage rankings for 2021-22, followed by English, ESE , physical science, math, technical education, and reading.6 The report ranked elementary education first for projected number of vacancies, but the discipline was ranked last for percentage of teacher preparation school graduates , which brought down its cumulative ranking.6 As with any state, teacher shortages will vary by district.

    How To Become A Teacher In Florida

    Public school teachers in Florida are required to obtain teacher certification before leading a classroom. In order to be eligible for certification, the Sunshine State requires all teachers to hold a bachelors degree and complete a state-approved teacher education program. Furthermore, candidates must complete the content examinations appropriate to the subject and grade level to be taught.

    In order to receive a Professional Florida Educators Certificate, candidates must first complete a state-approved teacher preparation program. In Florida approved preparation programs are known as Educator Preparation Institutes . You can view a list of approved teacher training programs through the Florida Department of Education website. If you have a bachelors degree but did not complete a teacher preparation program, you can also read more about different pathways to teaching licensure on our guide to alternative teacher certification in Florida.

    The next step is to complete the required Florida Teacher Certification Examinations . Those who pass all three sections of the exam will qualify for a Florida Professional Certificate.

    If applicants want to apply for Florida teacher certification with an out-of-state teaching credential, they may be able to use an interstate reciprocity program to become certified in Florida. For more details, contact the Florida Department of Education.

    Quick Guide

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    How Much Do Teachers In Florida Make

    While teaching doesnt set you up to become a millionaire, you can make a comfortable living as a teacher in Florida. If you are interested in making more than the average salaries listed below, consider that a higher education and experience level can increase your teaching salary. Your salary can also vary depending on what area of Florida you teach in.


    Appropriate Topics For Renewal Credit

    FL Governor vows to look into teacher certification issues and fix “testing for test sake.”
    • Teaching students with disabilities
    • Exceptional student education
    • Content specific to the subject area
    • Methods or education strategies specific to the subject area
    • Methods of teaching reading and literacy skills acquisition
    • Computer literacy, computer applications, or computer education
    • Drug abuse, child abuse and neglect, or student dropout prevention
    • Training related to the goals of the Florida K-20 System, such as:
    • Content – English, economics, mathematics, science, social sciences, foreign languages, humanities, global economy, technology, ecology, first aid, health, or safety
    • Classroom Strategies – Cooperative learning, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, classroom management, child development, collaboration techniques for working with families, social services, child guidance and counseling, teaching reading, or educational assessments, etc.
    • School Administration Accountability – Instructional design, leadership skills, school and community relations, school finance, school facilities, school law, or school organization
    • Career and Adult Education Accountability – Adult learning, principles of adult or career and technical education, career and technical education for students with special needs, or career and technical guidance

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    Finding Approved Teacher Education Programs In Florida

    Projected Job Growth


    Growth in Teaching Jobs in FL through 20262

    There are many options when it comes to quality teacher education programs in Florida. Candidates should choose a school that is officially accredited by a recognized organization. There are six regional accreditation agencies recognized by the US Department of Education. Florida colleges and universities are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools .

    In addition, if located in the state of Florida, the certification program chosen should be an approved Educator Preparation Institute . Online teaching certification schools that may be headquartered out-of-state should be accredited by one of the aforementioned regional accrediting bodies. If an applicant can not show that they have studied at a regionally accredited institution, they will not be eligible for Florida educator certification. You can compare key metrics for these state-approved teacher preparation programs by using the sortable table on our Florida schools page.

    Florida Teacher Testing Requirements

    All teaching candidates in Florida are required to pass basic teaching knowledge and content area examinations. Florida testing requirements differ based on the type of certificate the applicant is seeking. Within the two certificate pathways, there are two basic exams and an additional Professional Certificate.

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    Transition Into Teaching For Career Changers

    For those who dont have an education degree but want to become a teacher, completing the Mastery of Professional Preparation and Education Competence requirement, talked about at the beginning of this article, can often be the biggest setback.

    Luckily, FLDOE has alternative programs that can help you meet this competency requirement. After completing one of these programs and meeting the rest of the professional license requirements, youll be on your way to a Florida teaching career. Here are the available alternative programs:

    Elementary Middle School Teacher

    Fake Tefl Certificate Template

    Elementary school teachers in Florida must pass the SAE in Elementary Education K-6 in addition to meeting the education requirements and clearing a background test. To pass the exam you should earn a score of 200 or higher by being proficient in language arts and reading, social science, science, and mathematics. If you are interested in teaching the lower elementary grade levels you may want to take the Prekindergarten/Primary PK-3 SAE. The exam is broken up into four distinct sub-tests: developmental knowledge, language arts and reading, mathematics, and science.

    You have the option to take all the sub-tests in one sitting or you can break down your testing session into as few as one sub-test per sitting. To pass a sub-test you must earn a score of 200 or higher. As a middle school teacher in Florida four subject area testing options are available for earning your certification, all qualify you to teach grades 5-9. In addition to passing the appropriate SAE exam, you should also ensure that you meet all requirements for earning your professional teaching license.

    English: There are testing two sections for the Middle Grades English SAE, a multiple-choice section and a writing section. The essay portion requires you to earn a score of eight or higher by demonstrating your ability to respond critically when analyzing a literary selection. For the multiple choice section, you must earn a passing score of 200 or higher by having proficient knowledge of:

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