Flag And Certificate Display Case

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S For Building A Flag Display Case

Flag Display Case With Certificate / Jon’s DIY

After gathering all the materials and tools that are needed to build a flag display case, you can move on to the building process:


Cut three hardwood pieces at the appropriate size with a folded flag. Bevel the edges of all three pieces at precisely 45° using the chop saw.


Rout rabbets lengthwise at both edges of the hardwood pieces. The rabbet, intended to be at the front, must be at the same width as the glass.


Miter the pieces on an even table to form neat joints and put some glue between them. Make sure the rabbets perfectly match. Then tape them together and wait for them to dry.


Drill two small holes about the size of the nails at the frame corners and gently drive the nails into the holes to strengthen the joints.


Cut out a thin plywood piece of the same size with the interior dimension of the flag case. Furthermore, the backing must have the same depth as the rabbet.


Do the same thing with the glass with a glass cutter. Then, put a line of glue all through the rabbet and place the glass neatly on it. Stick it carefully and wait for it to dry.


Place the flag into the display case and place the backing by sticking it with the glue.


Sand all the wooden parts with the sandpapers starting with 100 and continue until 250.


Finish your project by applying the varnish on the wooden parts and leave it dry.

Triangle Service Flag Cases With Certificate Display

Another very personal and beautiful way to display your service flag is with a certificate that the veteran or service person may have earned in their time of service. We offer American Made cases crafted and assembled right here in our factory in Pennsylvania with oak wood. With tempered 8″ glass and easy to open panels, you can be sure to change out what is inside your Triangle Flag Case with Certificate Display with ease. The finishes that are available for these specific Flag Cases is Cherry and Oak. These cases are designed specifically for 3′ x 5′ flags, but we do have other size cases as well.

Shop Flag Case Burial Flag Shadow Case Flag Display

Why Solid Wood Flag Frames are Perfect for Showcasing Veterans American Flags

This particular display case is one of the best memorial flag frames on the market. Crafted from solid wood and not cheap MDF materials, the glass of the veteran flag cases offers a bevel around the inner surface that combined with the decorative molding into a triangle shape gives it an upscale look. You can choose from three styles and the oak units in particular offer an exceptional finish along the cherries and the black. You can purchase the display with or without the matching pedestals and a stand can be purchased separately. This particular model has a rear and a front opening area which is hinged with a magnetic clasp that is cherry colored.

What Size Flags Can Be Held?

There are two sizes of national ensign frame boxes that can hold the flags

– 3 x 5

– 5 x 9 1/2

The shadow box can fit both size banners with ease and the high quality appearance of the triangle wood creates a very unique look that cannot be missed. You can mount the boxes on the wall or have them rest on the tabletop.

When displayed with a base, the American flag will appear more pronounced and the memorial stands are stained with the same shades as the frame for a uniform appearance. You will not need to unfold the memorial banners when they are displayed in the boxes as the display is already appropriate for this function.

Why Our Company Works for Your Needs

Why We are the Flag Frame Company of Choice

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Accessories For Memorial Flag Display Cases

Accessories are available to complete the look of your memorial flag case. The burial flag is the last gift of your loved one, and is a symbol of the sacrifices made by that individual in his or her service to our country. Add an engraved plaque and a military medallion to your burial flag display to honor your loved one’s service.

The ultimate patriotic burial flag display can also include an urn to hold the ashes of your beloved military veteran. Add a medal case as well, to display the medals awarded to your loved one.

What Are The Necessary Materials For Building A Flag Display Case

Maple 3

Before collecting the required materials, it is necessary to decide the size of the flag display case you want to build.

Thus, finish the folding of your flag before starting the building a flag display case and make sure that the interior dimension of the flag box matches the dimensions of the folded flag. As for the materials that are needed:

You can also use the materials at your home for this project, but do not forget to sand the hardwood to remove its former paint and dust.

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Create A Personalized Custom Engraved Brass Plate For Your Flag Case

Adding a personal touch to honor the veteran in your life is as easy as typing into your keyboard. The United States Flag Store offers you the ability to create a Custom Engraved Brass Plate to display along with your flag case. While this can be anything you would like to share, some of the more popular things that people tend to put on these are the service man or woman’s name, their time of service or life, prominent mottos or quotes that they may have incorporated into their life and the name the branch they may have served in. Making a Custom Engraved Brass Plate helps your flag case tell a story and commemorate a hero.

How To Display Veteran’s Flag

While there is no right or wrong way to display a veteran’s flag, so long as you are following the flag code, the most common is to use a flag case that fits the flag comfortably when folded in its honorable traditional triangle shape. To read more about the flag code and proper etiquette when displaying and taking care of your United States and veteran’s flag, check out our collection of information we have here at Flag Etiquette.

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Flag Display Case With Certificate

Shop Flag Case And Military Medals Display Cases Hand Made In The Usa

Woodworking – Flag and Certificate Display Case – Part 1

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How To Fold A Flag For A Display Case

  • Before folding the flag, place it horizontally on a waist-level table.
  • Fold the stripe section lengthwise over the starry part.
  • Fold the flag lengthwise again but make sure that the starry section stays outside.
  • Make a triangular fold at the striped end and fold this part in parallel to the open edge.
  • Repeat this until the end of the flag and creating a starry triangle.

Military Flag Cases To Honor And Celebrate Veterans

At Gettysburg Flag Works, we are passionate about providing products that help our customers to celebrate those who have served in our armed forces. In addition to selling military flags and Support Our Troops flags we also provide a number of items to honor military members whose lives have been lost, including military memorial flag cases.

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X5 Flag Display Case With Certificate Holder

3×5 Flag Display Case with Certificate Holder, has an easy installation that makes you feel comfortable while using it. The certificate holder is manufactured with solid wood and cherry veneer. Thus, an example of high-quality workmanship is presented. Last but not least, the glass front makes it easy to see the flag and certificates inside a certificate display case.

Flag And Certificate Display Case

Cherry Flag &  Certificate Display Case Folded 3

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Find The Perfect Memorial Flag Case To Celebrate The Life Of Your Loved One

A burial flag in a memorial flag case is a beautiful way to honor those who served our country as they’re laid to rest.

Have questions or can’t find what you had in mind? Fill out our quick and easy online contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly, or give us a call at for immediate assistance!

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Simple And Complex Flag Display Cases

We custom design and build flag display cases in a number of ways to frame military memorabilia. First, a custom flag display case can be highly customizedholding a flag and a large number of objects. At other times, we frame memorabilia in the simple, burial-style flag display cases. Our customers overwhelmingly prefer a customized flag display case to display a flag and the military items that signify their career. Sometimes the flag display case becomes a large shadow box with a flag and personal items. We custom frame flags that range from those that were flown in combat theaters, to new flags, to burial flags. We have even framed golf and fishing flags with personal items.

US Army Flag in a custom flag display case containing, coins, rank pins, aviation pin, custom laser engraved nameplate, and distinctive unit insignias

A flag display case makes a great gift for retirement, for honoring a deceased veteran, for change of command gifts, and for displaying objects with the flag of personal significance.

Flag Display Case: Example Of A Flag Flown Boldly In The Face Of The Enemy

Flag Display Case For A Flag Flown In The Face Of The Enemy

We offer a number of framing design options for framing flags. In this case, coins were included in the flag display. Our customers frequently place additional items such as distinctive unit insignia and other mementos that reflect the location of where the flag was flown.

Complex Flag Display Case

Simple Custom Flag Display Case Design

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Defining The Flag Display Case

Flag display case with Navy ribbons, medals, rank patch, custom nameplate, pins and insignia.

What is a flag display case? People tend to define a flag display case as a triangular-shaped box that holds a folded flag, with the flags stars at the top. The most common of these triangular-shaped display cases are used for burial flags. In fact, most searches on the internet turn up a display case for a burial flag. We have re-defined the term flag display case into a broader definition, as it relates to our customization of flag display cases. For us, a flag display case is a custom built frame designed to hold mats with flags, guidons, memorabilia, and personal objects. The personal objects included in the flag display case may include: Awards, Certificates, Coins, Distinctive Unit Insignia, Dog Tags, Medals, Military Commendations, Nameplates, Photographs, Souvenirs, Ribbons, and other personal memorabilia of significance.

About The Burial Flag

Flag and Certificate Display Case

The memorial flag is a traditional military flag size. Military flags come in Garrison , Post , and Storm/Interment, which is 5×9.5 feet. The storm or interment flag size is what fits in our typical memorial flag case. The interment flag is authorized for deceased military personnel and for deceased veterans.

Upon application to the nearest postmaster, the Veterans Administration will provide flags for deceased veterans. When this size flag is made from a durable outdoor nylon or polyester, it’s called a storm flag, and is displayed in place of the larger American flags, during inclement weather.

You can learn more about memorial flag options by browsing our selection of American flags.

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Plans For A Flag Display Case

How to make a flag display case? is a very popular question in United States because many Americans want to show their love, respect and loyalty to their country by displaying a flag in a gorgeous flag display cases

Flag display cases are used to preserve and exhibit an heirloom or keepsake which belongs to a deceased veteran or a special occasion to cherish the memories. It is easy to find flag display cases with just one click online, but you can also make one for yourself at home.

In this post, we present the plans for a flag display case and build a flag display box on your own.

X5 Flag Display Case With Certificate & Document Holder

3×5 Flag Display Case with Certificate & Document Holder is a design wonder with its hinged, lockable transparent glass door. The certificate & document holder allows you to display your unique memories and contain two hangers for you to hang on the wall. You can use it on the table or hang it on your wall according to your decoration preferences. You can use the document holder simply because of the ease of installation that does not require assembly.

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Specializing In Flag Display Cases

One of our specialties is creating and building flag display cases. We approach the design of each flag framing project as a unique opportunity to honor the flag. We do this in a respectful and meaningful way that also honors our customer. Our mission is to produce a design for a flag case that truly provides many years of viewing pleasure to our customer and to future generations.

We invite you to visit our shop or contact us by either phone or e-mail with any flag case inquiries. We will be more than happy to provide ideas for framing flags.

We have numerous framing options available for designing and making flag display cases. We invite you to contact us at 912-756-2781 or use or contact form. If you prefer to visit our shop, we are located at 10070 Ford Avenue, Richmond Hill, GA 31324

Veteran Flag Display Cases For Burial Flags & Awards

Reminded Military Medal, Certificate, and Folded Flag Shadow Box ...

The memorial flag display cases at Gettysburg Flag Works are available in two sizes. The larger memorial case holds a typical burial flag, which is 5 feet tall and 9.5 feet long. The smaller memorial flag case isn’t made for a burial flag at all. It’s made to fit a 3 by 5 foot flag, which is commonly presented as an award. This type of case is frequently displayed with a certificate in a shadow box.

Memorial cases are available in several wood finishes to match your decor. Choose from walnut with an heirloom finish, maple with a cherry finish, natural oak, natural cherry or natural walnut finishes. You can also order a simple plastic cover for your memorial flag.

Most of our memorial cases are made in America. We also have a foreign made memorial case available for a more economical option.

The glass front on your memorial flag case can be beveled or flat, and can even be embossed with the Great Seal of the United States in gold. Memorial flag cases are designed to sit on your mantle or hang on the wall. Mounting hardware is included.

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American Military Shadow Box For Veteran Memorial

The United States Flag Store makes it easy to store and display important flags and medals. Display a memorial flag from a loved one or a set of medals won bravely in the field of battle. We also carry pedestals for flag display cases to easily change how and where you display your important memorabilia. Our display cases are made with high-quality wood and are available in a variety of beautiful finishes.

Our American flag cases are designed for use with memorial flags. We have cases for burial flags and 3′ x 5′ flags. A glass front on the flag box display case allows for viewing of the flag within. We also carry medal display cases in a variety of sizes. Combination flag frames with certificates or flag frames with medal displays are popular choices for military members and their families.

X5 Flag And Certificate Display Cases

3×5 Flag and Certificate Display Case is created to display all your precious memories proudly. There is glass in front of the flag display case. You can easily open the display case from the back of the item and place the memories you want.

3×5 Flag Display Case & Document Holder also includes a hanger to hang on the wall. You can hang it on the wall or put it on a table. In addition, the document holders are packed as a whole product. No assembly is required.

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