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CPR, AED & First Aid – Free Online Course with Certificate

Our first aid courses differ in their focus on specific knowledge and skill sets, and in their application.

Provide First Aid in an education and care setting

  • A requirement for personnel working in education and care sectors
  • Combined accredition includes HLTAID009 Provide CPR, HLTAID010 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support, HLTAID011 Provide First Aid & HLTAID012 Provide First Aid in an education and care setting
  • Self-paced e-Learning allow up to 6 hours
  • Hands-on practice 5 hours in a classroom environment
  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Annual renewal of CPR certification recommended& semi every 3 years for Provide Basic Emergency Life Support, Provide First Aid & Child Care First Aid certifications

The HLTAID012 course has a special focus on providing first aid to infants and children. Includes how to perform CPR and use an AED on infants, children and adults. Learn how to provide first aid and basic life support in a variety of situations, including implementing emergency action plans for managing asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, and diabetes. This comprehensive course also includes recommended first aid treatment for fever, pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

Provide First Aid

  • Self-paced e-Learning allow up to 2.5 hours
  • Hands-on practice 2 hours in a classroom environment
  • Minimum age 14 years
  • Annual renewal of certification is recommended

Recertify & Renewal With Your Group

The National CPR Foundation is pleased to offer Group Discounts on all our programs that learners can gain instant access to upon purchase. This facility is ideal for employers looking to ensure that their team members are compliant with health and safety rules or a group of students, or friends, looking to take advantage of this value-for-money offer. Take advantage of this facility today to get your certification without paying through the nose!

All our Group Packages begin with a 20% discount. You get to manage your group members, purchase extra courses, and download participants cards and certifications. Setting up a group account is very simple and you will be able to manage your Group from your Admin Dashboard after a successful purchase. The information from purchasing your Group package is automatically added to your Admin Dashboard.

What Do You Learn In A Cpr Certification Course

CPR certification courses prepare individuals to respond to cardiac arrest episodes. Thus, learning how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants is the primary skill and focus of these classes. Since over 475,000 American lives are lost each year to cardiac arrest, this is certainly an important skill for anyone to acquire. CPR training focuses on teaching you how to safely and effectively perform CPR on a cardiac arrest victimbut that isnt the only takeaway from these courses. CPR training also teaches you how to safely assess the scene of an emergency, ensuring that you dont put yourself or others in harms way. These classes also identify key differences in performing CPR on an adult, child, or infant.

Many of these courses are also structured as CPR/AED classes, which also teach you how to use an automated external defibrillator on cardiac arrest victims. These small medical devices emit an electrical pulse that essentially resets the irregular heartbeat of the victim. CPR certification also includes instruction on responding to choking emergencies.

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Improved Technology Study Guides And Testing

Dont miss out on improving your career prospects due to work or childcare commitments. Certifying with us, you can access learning materials via your computer, tablet or phone at your convenience. Our flexible approach to CPR certification means you can fit in revision and study at the most convenient time for you 365 days a year its completely up to you when you learn, and completely up to you when you take the tests.

By choosing CPR certification online at your convenience, youre more likely to succeed. With 24/7 access to all courses and materials, you can work towards a qualification at your own pace, fitting studying around your busy schedule. It couldnt be simpler, and with fantastic study guides and support available youre even more likely to succeed.

/7 Support For Cpr Renewal

Copy of First Aid And CPR Training Certification Ad

Upon passing your final test, you will receive PDF copies of your card and certification , as well as a hard card within 2-5 business days. Be sure to include your certification into your portfolio as proof of qualification. All our certificates are recognized nationally and include the course name, learners name, date of issue, ID number, as well as instructors name and signature.

We want to help you succeed, so we offer 24/7 Support designed to assist you through all your training and certification needs. Upon successfully passing your exam, you will continue polishing your skills with unlimited access to the training portal, study materials, training classes, and modules. When it comes to recertification, you will have access to the knowledge and materials you need to pass the test again.

We endeavor to prepare you for the tests in a streamlined, simple yet effective manner. We focus on the most important materials you need to pass the relevant test, allowing you to acquire the relevant skills, pass your test, and receive your certification in the quickest time possible. While other courses tend to drag the certification process, our priority is providing you will essential skills you need to save lives.

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Certify With Your Group

Were pleased to offer individual groups as well as corporate Group Discounts on all our programs with instant access after a successful purchase its Group Discounts on autopilot. Whether youre an employer looking to ensure each of your team members are compliant with health & safety rules, or simply a group of students or friends looking to take advantage of a value-for-money offer, our group discounts make getting certified more affordable than ever. Get started with your group today!

We offer significant savings on all Group Packages. All Group Packages begin with a 20% discount. Manage your groups members, purchase additional courses, and download employees certifications and cards. Setting up an account is very simple. After a successful purchase you will be able to manage your Group from your Admin Dashboard. The information from purchasing your Group package will automatically be added to your Admin Dashboard.

Create A Safe And Healthy Work Environment By Empowering Your Team With Workforce Courses

You will never know when you will be called upon to save a life. Yet, studies by the American Heart Association show that most employees in American workplaces are not prepared to handle health-related emergencies that arise due to lack of CPR and first aid skills. With over 10,000 cardiac arrest cases reported annually in the workplace, this simple yet important certification has the potential to save thousands of lives. If you need support or have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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Perth First Aid Certification

Trusted nationally, Australia Wide First Aid is a Registered Training Organisation .

Our first aid training is endorsed and recommended by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the Australian College of Nursing

Australia Wide First Aid Perth courses follow guidelines set by the Australian Resuscitation Council and the Australian and New Zealand Resuscitation Committee .

Practical skills are crucial to first aid. Your skills will be first aid certified by a qualified trainer at Australia Wide First Aid Perth.

Your nationally recognised first aid certificate will be emailed to you shortly after your training and assessment, ready for you to print out or email to an employer.

Find Training Near Me Introduction – CPR and First Aid Training and Certification Online

Coast2Coast, the Canadian Red Cross training partner, provides the Ontario WSIB-approved Basic Life Support training across Greater Toronto, Western Ontario, and Eastern Ontario at several locations.

For your convenience, you can opt to do the course in any of the three daily slots available at most centers in the province. Therefore, depending on whether you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening, you can get BLS certification at the time that suits you best.

With BLS, you can offer support in the workplace and in your community. Whether you work in a fast-paced hospital environment or elsewhere, your certification is valid across all Canadian provinces.

You can view upcoming courses in your area based on your convenience and take advantage of Coast2Coasts ongoing promotions here. With BLS training, you are always prepared to respond to an emergency, ensuring patients in out-of-hospital situations have a better chance of survival!

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Why Take Workplace Cpr Training Online

By certifying with us, you enjoy the liberty of learning at your own pace, which is an important advantage for people with busy work and home lives. The fact that these courses are entirely available online, with an additional bonus of accessing multiple practice tests and several study materials, is a huge benefit for those seeking this important certification without having to make major adjustments to their life schedules. Besides the convenience, its Quick, Inexpensive and Simple. Its on site CPR training, at your office and online.

All About Our First Aid Courses

A first aid course is designed to teach participants how to properly administer first aid during an emergency. Our first aid courses offer a variety of different learning opportunities, from tutorials to hands-on training. The skills you learn during your course depend on which course you take some courses are specialised to unique groups.

Some of the most common skills taught in St John Ambulance first aid courses include:

Whether you opt to take our in-person or online first aid courses, you will be provided with the opportunity to practice your skills hands-on with the guidance of your First Aid Trainer. We know you will enjoy participating and asking questions as you get comfortable with the contents of a standard first aid kit.

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A First Aid & Cpr Program That’s For You

In todays world, we can never be too careful, and the sad truth is, keeping ourselves prepared and ready to respond to emergencies is not usually a priority. Sadly, most people would think in an emergency situation that they can act on based on fictional doctor shows or films or what they have heard from others. But is that really enough? We dont think so.

Heart disease is one of the most common causes of death in Canada and that is not the only disease that affects Canadians every year. Cardiac arrest and other dangerous diseases can really strike anyone at any time. This is why learning and getting a First Aid and CPR/AED certification is so important.

It is important to learn the skills and knowledge from a reputable source. We put our trust in the Canadian Red Cross national guidelines. Our students learn different skills and knowledge in the courses. For example, in CPR courses, you will learn how to perform cardiovascular resuscitation following the latest guidelines that increase the chance of survival.

Learn Why National Cpr Foundation Is Right For You

CPR and First Aid Certification

At NationalCPRFoundation, we provide professional certification and recertification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation , Basic First Aid, Basic Life Support and Bloodborne Pathogens training for Workplace Employees, Healthcare Providers and the Community.

Explore our courses and remember, all courses are backed by with our guarantee: your acceptance or your money back. Dont make a purchase unless youre absolutely satisfied. Pay after successfully passing your test.

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How Do I Get A Basic Life Support Certification

The increasing number of people diagnosed with cardiac health issues means millions are at risk of heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Since most of these occur outside of a hospital, Basic Life Support provides the training to help increase survival rates, particularly for cardiac arrest victims who would otherwise have minimal recovery and survival chances without help.

On completion of the higher level CPR training, participants have more than just the life-saving skills required they also have the confidence to carry out the steps at any given time.

Remember: Basic Life Support was formerly known as HCP. In 2019, the training requirements changed from one hour to four-hour training to cover more information. The information covered during the training prepares participants by providing them with training in a broader range of topics and all the necessary skills to save a life. The course is based on the most updated knowledge and adapted to the Canadian requirements for patient care. Read ahead to get a head start if you are wondering, How do I get a Basic Life Support Certification?

Heartsaver First Aid Training

The Heartsaver First Aid course trains participants first aid basics for the most common first aid emergencies, including how to recognize them, how to call for help, and how to perform lifesaving skills. Reflects science and education from the American Heart Association Guidelines Update for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care and the 2015 AHA/Red Cross Guidelines for First Aid.

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Cpr Certification And Recertification With Ease

All courses can be completed online in just a few hours or less. Once you have completed an examination via our quick and easy online system, you will receive a PDF copy of your certificate immediately via email as well as your card within 2-5 business days.

All courses follow the latestAmerican Heart Association , ECC, ILCOR guidelines.

With a wide range of revision and test preparation materials, you can put yourself in the best possible position for passing your tests. Why face the stress of taking a test in-person? You can prepare with unlimited practice tests, unlimited access to course materials and free downloadable courses. For added peace of mind, youll even receive ongoing support after you have achieved a pass grade in your chosen qualification for certification or Recertification.

Courses include:

1. CPR Certification

In our CPR certification course youll learn to perform CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator .

2. First-Aid Certification

In our First-Aid certification course youll learn how to administer first aid to adults and children. After you complete the test and receive your provider card, you will be equipped with the skills needed to save lives.

3. CPR and First-Aid Certification

Our CPR and First-Aid certification course covers CPR , how to use an Automated External Defibrillator and teaches the proper application of First-Aid.

4. BBP Certification

5. Healthcare CPR Certification

6. BLS Certification

Get Access To Our Entire Course Library For Only 9900 Per Year Learn More

Resuscitation CPR – First Aid Training

If you are looking to acquire skills and knowledge to reduce your pets suffering with effective first aid and CPR, this extensive Pet CPR and First Aid Certification Course is ideal for you. This course will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to take proper steps while dealing with pet-related medical emergencies included in the pet first aid kit. This online course will equip you with methods and techniques to deal with your pets anxiety and stress and conduct CPR on your pet during any emergency situation.

You will learn how to control and transport injured pets and identify vital signs and muzzling in pets. You will get a thorough understanding of the pets allergic reactions, pet cardiopulmonary arrest, and steps to manage shocks and seizures. Finally, you will learn how to bandage wounds, administer medication, and restrain an injured pet.

Upon successful completion of this Pet CPR and First Aid Certification Course, you will gain deep knowledge in how to deal with any medical emergencies related to your pet and also be able to gain pet CPR and first aid certification.

This course is endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme for its high-quality, non-regulated provision and training programmes. The Quality Licence Scheme is a brand of the Skills and Education Group, a leading national awarding organisation for providing high-quality vocational qualifications across a wide range of industries.

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What Is The Course Content

Preparing to help others requires that you know how to recognize various incidents, including heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests, allergic shocks, etc. The training includes understanding how to activate an early emergency response system and to respond decisively by performing the necessary CPR or treatment as a single rescuer or part of a rescue team.

During the four-hour Basic Life Support training course, you can expect to learn the following:

  • Basic Life Support Introduction
  • All the special Basic Life Support considerations
  • Six Rights of Medication

Furthermore, you learn about working in a team environment and the importance of maintaining team communication and debriefing when handing a patient over.

Why Would I Choose To Do A Nationally Accredited First Aid Course

An accredited first aid and CPR course is a nationally recognised certification that meets established industry standards. The Vocational Education and Training accredited courses have been assessed by the national regulator, ASQA, as compliant with the Standards for VET Accredited Courses 2012 and the Australian Qualifications Framework . According to ASQA, an accreditation is a formal confirmation that the course:

  • is nationally recognised and meets quality assurance requirements
  • meets an established industry, enterprise, educational, legislative or community need
  • provides appropriate competency outcomes and a satisfactory basis for assessment
  • is aligned appropriately to the AQF where it leads to a VET qualification.
  • Each VET accredited course receives a national code and appears on the national register,

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What Are The Course Objectives

The course emphasises practical skills.

On completion you will:

be able to recognise life-threatening situations

be able to offer vital assistance before more experienced help arrives

be able to provide single-person CPR on an adult, child and baby

be qualified as a workplace first aid person, as described in the guidance notes published by the Department of Labour

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