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What Are The Requirements For Tabc And Food Handlers Certification

Texas Food Handler and TABC Certification $20.95
  • To get TABC Certification you must have a valid Social Security Number, or an IRS Tax Number, or a 9 digit work permit number and have an email address
  • In order to renew your TABC, you must get the TABC Course and pass the Exam
  • Any age person can get TABC Certification. However, you have to be at least 18 to serve alcohol at an on-premise establishment and at least 21 years or older in a package liquor store or adult orientated business.
  • Any employee working with non-packaged food, food equipment, utensils, or food-contact surfaces must have an approved Texas Food Handler Card or Certificate. There is no minimum age to get a Food Handlers Certificate

TABC Certification Online Course Topics

Texas alcohol laws dealing with minors Intoxicated persons law Why alcohol servers & sellers need TABC How to prevent intoxication How to examine ID & spotting fake ID What to do when intervention attempts fail Alcohol effects on the body TABC law enforcement & minor stings Alcohol poisoning Private clubs and more TABC Certification Only

Texas Food Handler Online Course Topics

General overview of food safety Who enforces food safety Identifying food-borne illness and what causes it why you need food handler training Identifying biological, physical, and chemical contamination Importance of temperature control Proper physical hygiene Appropriate procedures for receiving and storing food Proper cleaning and sanitation Food Handlers Only Page

Check On Your Tabc Certification Online

Did you know you can check when your TABC certification expires online on the TABC website? In fact, you can even use this as proof of certification if you happen to lose your certificate! Heres how you do it:

  • Enter your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and follow the security measures
  • Thats it! It will pull up your entire history of TABC certification, including your expired certificates. This is a great tool for both seller-servers and managers during the hiring process, and the TABC says a printout of this page directly from their website showing you have a current TABC certification is just as good as a certificate. If you just passed an on-site or online TABC certification class and dont see your information in the database though, dont worry about it and keep checking back. Providers of online and on-site TABC certification like TABC On The Fly are required to upload your information to the TABCs database within 14 days of you passing the class.

    TABC On The Fly is a leading provider of on-site and online TABC certification approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

    How Long Does It Take To Get A Food Handlers License In Texas

    To receive a Food Handlers License in Texas, one must first pass an accredited training course. These courses are generally around an hour or two long, depending on factors such as the particular training program and the participants previous knowledge and experience with the industry and food handling practices. After successfully completing the course, participants must take and pass an exam to test their knowledge of the courses contents. If they pass this exam, they will be certified for two years from the date of issuance. Participants are typically allowed to retake the test a couple of times upon failure. However, this is dependent on the rules of their particular training program.

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    Tabc Certification And Texas Food Safety Courses

    The course is developed in collaboration with National Hospitality Training, which is a professional platform that trains more than 25,000 servers of alcohol every year in branding schools and online in Texas. The instructors of the course are certified individuals with ServSafe, TIPS, and TABC responsible alcohol programs. Besides, you can also enroll yourself in the Texas food manager program, which is approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services. During the courses, you will gain additional knowledge of how to prevent yourself from penalties of selling alcohol to minors, food handling best practices, and safety precautions related to food management. After completing the courses and passing the final exams, you will receive an e-certificate delivered to your email.


    A stop-shop for the individuals who want to earn their Food Handler and TABC certification to pursue a successful career.

    Save yourself some money and the time of enrolling in both courses separately by joining the combo offer, which is available at a lower cost.

    Pursue the course as per your needs while taking breaks during learning with plenty of time to examine any segment to ensure that you understand it completely.

    Am I Required To Take The Texas Food Manager Course To Earn My Food Manager Certification offers Online Server/Seller and TABC with Certification ...

    The state of Texas strongly recommends that all food managers complete food manager training before taking the Food Manager Exam. However, state law does not require you to take the course to earn your certification. The food manager training program provides a certificate of completion, but you only need to pass the state exam to be officially certified.

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    What If I Need A Refund For My Courses

    If for some reason you are not happy and would like a refund, send us a request within 72 hours of purchase. Here are the eligibility requirements you must meet:

    • Your purchase was made no more than 72 hours prior to your refund request.
    • Attempted any portion of a test or exam.
    • Requested or been issued a certificate of completion.
    • Completed 50% or more of the purchased course.

    If you meet all of these criteria, submit your refund request in writing via email to with a proof-of-purchase receipt and an explanation for why you are requesting a refund.

    You can find more information about our refund policy here.

    Weve been trusted by millions of learners to provide their regulatory-approved training.

    You get simple to follow course content that you can access anytime, anywhere.

    Weâre here for you with online chat and toll-free phone support.

    Youre in good hands. Weve been in business for over 20 years.

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    Online Texas Food Handlers Certification

    To discover more about how to prepare safe food, take an Online Texas Food Handlers Course. Each state has its own set of food handler rules. Food handlers not only assist in keeping pathogens out of restaurants but also protect customers from acquiring illnesses by ensuring that the people who work with food are properly trained. To ensure safety when eating out or purchasing ready-to-eat meals for home consumption, workers who handle food must obtain a Texas Food Handler Training Certificate.

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    What Do You Learn During The Texas Food Handlers Certification

    It wont take you long to realize that having a food handler certificate gives you the upper hand in the job market, but why? Whats involved in it and what do you learn that will have real-life value? More than you think.

    When you carry out the Texas Food Handlers Certification process online, you learn about keeping yourself and others safe. You will find out what it takes to keep your hands, body, and clothing clean to protect against contamination. You will also discover who are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses, and what symptoms and illnesses need to be reported to management.

    But thats not all. Those who work hard to get their Texas Food Handlers certificate will also gain an understanding of time and temperature control methods, how to prevent bacterial growth and the procedures for a clean and sanitary work environment.

    Such new knowledge in any workplace that sells food can be of significant benefit to you, your employer, and those who buy the food you serve.

    Tabc Certification Online Course Topics

    ServSafe Mngr, HACCP, Texas food handler & TABC Dallas Fort Worth 214-425-8154

    Texas alcohol laws dealing with minors Intoxicated persons law Why alcohol servers & sellers need TABC How to prevent intoxication How to examine ID & spotting fake ID What to do when intervention attempts fail Alcohol effects on the body TABC law enforcement & minor stings Alcohol poisoning Private clubs and more

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    General Food Handler Questions

    What is Food Handler Training?

    People improperly handling food is a major factor responsible for foodborne illness. Education of the Food Handlers provides more qualified employees, thereby reducing the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks caused by improper food preparation and handling techniques.

    Where is my Food Handler certificate valid?

    How long is the Food Handler certification valid?

    Are classes available in any other language besides English?

    Phone: 512.349.0400

    How do I renew my Food Handler certification?

    Do I need to register with the local Health Department when I receive my Food Handler certificate?

    I work in the City of Austin. Am I required to register with the City Health Department?

    How do I prove to the Health Department that Im certified?

    How do I replace a lost Food Handler certificate from Thornhill Training?

    If I have technical questions about Food Handler Online whom do I contact?

    Are classes available in Spanish?

    How long do I have to take the class?

    I work in the City of Austin. Am I required to register with the City Health Department?

    Is Tabc And Food Handlers The Same

    TABC certification and the Texas Food Handlers Card are not the same things, but you can get your certification in the same place and use the skills you gain from these courses to benefit your role in the hospitality industry.

    A TABC certification is a seller and server training course approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission . The training course consists of information surrounding the sale and service of alcohol and the law, including state-mandated practices.

    The TABC has approved all course content, but individual private sector businesses like TABC Pronto provide platforms for individuals to learn the course content and take their exams. You can also rely on TABC Pronto to provide your TABC certification once youve passed the course.

    The Texas Food Handlers Card is the certification you receive for taking and passing the Texas Department of State Health Services food safety course. The DSHS sets all course curricula, but TABC Pronto administers the course and exams for individuals to pass.

    This course teaches you about how food becomes unsafe for consumption, how to prevent cross-contamination, personal hygiene, sanitization techniques, and more.

    As you can see, both of these certifications are crucial for hospitality industry workers, but they are two separate certifications for you to work toward in your own time.

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    What Is A Texas Food Handler License

    A Texas Food Handlers License is a certification provided to people who obtain training and complete their food handler licensing program. The Department of State Health Services in Texas requires that individuals complete the training and submit an application and fee, to gain a license. The licensing programs in Texas can offer Food Handlers and TABC online courses, classroom courses, or private training.

    Accreditation is issued to applicants upon the successful completion of the food safety course and the final exam. In fact, the Department of State Health Services Public Sanitation and Retail Food Safety Group in Texas requires that all food handler certifications be obtained from an accredited program for those entities located in DSHS jurisdiction. By enforcing the education of these food service employees, they are promoting the health and safety of the citizens of Texas.

    What Is A Tabc Certification

    How To Get Texas Food Handlers Certification

    Some food establishment jobs may require that their employees receive a TABC certification. This requirement is especially likely for employees working in food establishments that serve or sell alcoholic beverages. TABC stands for the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code, which is made up of the guiding laws for the alcoholic beverage industry as passed by the Texas State Legislature. A TABC certification provides recipients the knowledge and skills to lawfully abide by the TABC and avoid common alcohol service violations. The TABC certification also gives employers peace of mind and is intended to keep Texas citizens safe.

    The TABC certification course teaches employees about the Texas state laws regarding alcoholic beverage sales. The course also teaches intervention techniques and ensures that sales are not made to minors or intoxicated customers.

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    Who Needs Food Handler Training

    As of Sept. 1, 2016, anyone who works with food , food equipment or utensils, or food contact surfaces is considered a food handler and must complete an accredited food safety course within 60 days of beginning work.

    Examples of jobs that require a valid food handler certification include:

    • Restaurant workers

    What Is The Texas Food Handlers Card

    No one ever wants to purchase unsafe food, whether the person selling it meant for it to be unsafe or not. And thats where the Texas Food Handlers Card comes in.

    The Texas Food Handlers Card, available through TABC Pronto, is a certification process educating you on safe food handling practices to keep yourself and others safe in the hospitality industry.

    Whether youre a chef, a server, or a bartender, it can be in your best interest to carry out the Texas Food Handlers certification process online and make yourself stand out to employers for all the right reasons.

    The Texas Food Handlers Card through TABC Pronto is a 100% online course that is fast, untimed, and ideal for food industry workers.

    But what do you learn that sets you up for success? The Texas Food Handlers course includes a variety of helpful modules, such as:

    • Protecting food from contamination
    • Clean and sanitary work environments

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    Texas Food Handler Certification Online

    Introducing the most simple, cost-effective and hassle free way to obtain your Texas Food Handler Card. Earn your Texas food handler card online anytime. Our Texas Food Handler online course is produced by American Safety Council. The American Safety Council Food Handler Card program is the most-recognized in the State of Texas with over 200,000 certifications in Texas. Our Texas Food Handler Card is now approved state wide in all Texas counties!

    Cem Akin Director Of Events

    ServSafe Mngr/Proctor, Dallas, Teaxs Food Handler, HACCP and TABC Classes 214-425-8154

    We recommend TABC On The Fly to all our staff as the best way to get or renew their TABC certification. Its fast easy and painless. Additionally I was quite pleased with the responsiveness and technical support I received from TABC On The Fly when a minor issue arose. We will continue to recommend this program.

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    How Do I Know Which Accredited Training Facility To Choose

    You cant just carry out any Texas Food Handlers course and hope it meets the mark. The Texas Department of State Health Services or ANSI has to approve it, which means you need to put thought into the best one to offer the certificate you require.

    You can choose the best online Texas Food Handlers certification provider by understanding what the minimum requirements are. They must be approved by certain authorities to be valid in Texas. TABC Pronto ticks this box by being approved by the TXDSHS and offers high-quality online training to see you armed with the essential information you require.

    Our online Texas Food Handler License course is designed to contain lots of pertinent information, while also being easily understood. We want servers and other food handlers to learn the information as stress free as possible. Thats why there is no test or final exam as part of obtaining your food handler certificate through our course.

    Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery Certification

    You can sign up for this training online through our Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery page. This is the newest training TABC offers, and it covers similar topics to seller/server certification. However, this training focuses on the specific situations and regulations consumer delivery drivers will encounter.

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    What Happens Once Im Certified

    So, youve carried out your Texas Food Handlers Certification online course, passed, and have printed off your certificate. Now what? You will need to take your certificate to your local health authority to receive your Food Handler permit. This card has your name, the program you used to get your accreditation, such as TABC Pronto, and either an ANSI logo or TXDSHS number.

    The card is recognized state-wide as a form of proof for having completed the certification process. Once you have your card, you are certified throughout the state of Texas to work with food. Your food handler card will be valid for two years from the date printed on it. Once your card expires you will need to renew it by retaking an accredited course.

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    Tabc And Food Handler Certification

    Learn2Serve Coupon Code â Coupon Code

    TABC Permit provides two individual training programs at a discounted price, which focuses on helping you earn a certification in TABC and Texas Food Handler Training. These courses are ideal for those who want to work either as a bartender, waiter, or caterer in Texas. Both these programs are approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and Texas Department of State Health Services and meet all the state requirements. Enrolling in these courses will teach you the best practices and techniques of food handling as a caterer, restaurant owner, or a waiter. Also, you will get the freedom to study from the comfort of your home without any deadlines. Have a look at our Best Food Styling Courses.


    Two state-approved training programs that are available 24/7 to satisfy your training requirements so that you can earn your certifications.

    Save more money by purchasing both the certification programs as a combo package at a discounted price.

    Enroll in the courses at your own speed and schedule, as both the courses can be taken independently.

    Included with video lectures, quizzes, practice exams, and much more to help you learn at a better speed.

    Print your certification as soon as you complete the course and pass the final exam.

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