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Why Hire Someone With A Cfi Certification

Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional

There are many reasons that employers hire professionals with CFI Certifications.

The forecasting certificate has a unique focus on practical learning. We bridge the gap between academic theories and professional careers with practical, hands on training.

The CFI is one of only a few financial modeling focused online certifications taught by industry leading training professionals, which ensures best-practices.

The full suite of CFI courses is equivalent to an investment banking analyst/associate training program. Our program was designed by professional Wall Street training firms and modeled after bank training programs.

Is Fp& a A Good Career Choice

Financial planning and analysis might be a good career choice if you enjoy the following:

  • Complex mathematics and number crunching
  • Diving into intricate data sets from across the organization
  • Working in spreadsheets and using formulas to create reports
  • Using automated tools like ERP to assist analysis
  • Communicating with partners at all levels throughout an organization
  • Consolidating and reconciling financial data

#1 Cloud ERP

Certified Corporate Financial Planning & analysis Professional

Register for Detailed Counselling Session

As the certifying body in treasury and finance, the Association for Financial Professionals established and administers the Certified Treasury Professional and Certified Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Professional credentials, setting the standard of excellence in the profession globally. AFPs mission is to drive the future of finance and treasury and develop the leaders of tomorrow through certification, training, and the premier event for corporate treasury and finance. More details can be obtained at Afponline

Certified Corporate FP & A Professional develops finance professional to stand out as a strategic business partner with an understanding of the entire business. FPAC Professionals set themselves apart as financial experts, strategic and adept communicators, and trusted advisors to the business.

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Certified Corporate Financial Planning And Analysis Professional

Though only eight years old, this is the grandaddy of courses and the most famous on the market. The FPAC establishes a set of core competencies for the corporate financial planning and analysis profession and addresses areas that are not necessarily covered by traditional accounting degrees in their words. The first part of the exam tests candidates ability to gather, interpret and communicate financial information. The second part probes the ability to analyze financial information, build financial projections and use technology and software. Relatively recent bonus: The AFP also recently announced that current holders of the Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Certified Accountant credentials are both eligible to waive Part I of the Certified Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Professional exam. The cost for an AFP member is $1025 or $1125 . Or for non-members of the AFP it is $1420 or $1520 . It is roughly 80-100 hours of study time.

Fp& a Analyst Exit Strategy

AFPs globally renowned Corporate Financial Planning &  Analysis (FPAC ...

Most people stay on the corporate side once theyre working in FP& A. Opportunities are either to move up internally or switch to another corporation. Moving up could be all the way from Analyst to Director of FP& A, and from there to VP of Finance, VP of Corporate Development, or Chief Financial Officer .

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How Do I Get Financial Certifications

Financial certifications are usually awarded by a designated industry group, association, or degree-granting institution. Their requirements often include the taking of certain courses and the passing of exams, a certain number of years’ experience or apprenticeship in the profession, a college degree, membership in the association, and a commitment to ongoing education in the field.

Approved Accounting Or Finance Credentials

  • Certified General Accountant
  • Certified Government Financial Manager
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • Certified Pratising Accountant
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Certified Treasury Professional
  • Chartered Global Management Accountant
  • Chartered Professional Accountant
  • Chinese Certified Public Accountant
  • CIMA Professional Qualification
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales Chartered Accountant
  • Professional Business Accountant Canada

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Roles That You Can Target

Get a complete campus feel as you network with like-minded individuals.

  • Peer meetups in your city & our Gurgaon campus
  • Thriving online community on Discord
  • Group projects & collaborative workshops
FinTech Startup Weekend

Compete in the Startup Weekend where youll build your own FinTech company with fellow classmates in under 48 hours!

  • Find co-founders, run pilots and get feedback
  • Engage with investors, experts & mentors

Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor

The Impact of Financial Planning and Analysis and the FP& A Certification

The Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor designation is awarded by the Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors and their academic partners Loyola University Chicago, or DePaul University to professionals that evidence mastery of the M& A body of knowledge and a commitment to staying abreast of new developments in the field of investment banking and mergers and acquisitions. It also recognizes professional achievement and competence, serves as a tool to both attract and serve new clients, provides identification with other professionals in the field and potentially stimulates career advancement. CM& AA professionals are accredited experts in one or more professional fields and understand the overall investment banking process for selling and buying middle-market companies .

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Financial Risk Manager Certification

The Financial Risk Manager certification is a global designation for financial risk managers. It deals with managing financial risks, including credit, market, and operational risks. The examination also covers quantitative methods, financial instruments, and regulations. This certification is for those experienced in jobs related to financial risk management, such as risk or financial analysts and portfolio managers.

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Where Strategy And Analysis Meet

Solid financial modeling and forecasting know-how is just one part of the FP& A professionals toolbox.

This challenging position requires a cross-functional understanding of accounting, finance, corporate strategy and industry dynamics. Advanced Excel proficiency is required to sort through data from a network of disparate sources.

In addition to technical skills, soft skills such as leadership and presentation acumen are used to answer to the CFO, the CEO and financial sponsors.

Wall Street Preps FP& A Technical Mastery Program will equip your hires with this full range of skills and provide continuing development to ensure their skills remain sharp.

Working with FP& A teams from the worlds leading companies since 2004

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What Does The Cfa Exam Cover

The chartered financial analyst exam comprises three parts: Level I, Level II, and Level III. Test-takers must complete each section of this computer-based exam at qualifying testing centers. Candidates do not take all parts of the test on the same day, but they must complete them sequentially.

Level I features 180 multiple-choice questions and lasts 4.5 hours. Candidates complete the test over two 135-minute sessions with an optional break in between. The first session covers professional standards and ethics, financial reporting, economics, and quantitative methods. The second session explores fixed income, equity, derivatives, and portfolio management.

Level II consists of vignettes with 88 accompanying multiple-choice questions. It takes four hours and 24 minutes. Level II comprises two sessions that last two hours and 12 minutes each, with another optional break in between the two periods.

Level III features vignettes with accompanying multiple-choice and essay questions. It takes four hours and 24 minutes to complete. Like Level II, Level III contains two sessions split into two hours and 12 minutes each, with an optional break in the middle.

CFA Exam Structure

Vignettes with accompanying multiple-choice and essay questions Two sessions split into two hours and 12 minutes each

Financial Planning & Analysis Modeling Certification By Wall Street Prep

Certification Preparation Program : Certified Corporate Financial ...

The Wall Street Prep offering involves eight self-paced modules online as part of their FP& A Modeling Certification. Developed by FP& A professionals, the course teaches how to forecast detailed operating models step-by-step, create long-range plans with built-in scenarios, and craft both short- and long-term projection models and construct data visualizations that bring numbers to life. The cost for this is $499

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Linkedin Learning: Become A Corporate Financial Planning Analyst

Good old LinkedIn Learning provides a course for FP& A. Become a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst is led by a team focused on providing the core skills and counts seven instructors in the online watch-as-you-go structure. Though this is on demand and not interactive there is plenty to digest. The course moves zippily across 16 modules from finance foundations, to giving business presentations all the way to learning SQL programming. The online watchathon includes names such as Rudolph Rosenberg, Group Chief Financial Officer at Excelya teaching modules of the course including making business projections using Excel.

Like all LinkedIn Learning courses, you can pay for an individual course with pricing varying from $20 to $50 or alternatively sign up for a monthly subscription at $29.99 a month or an annual plan at $239.88 working out at $19.99 a month.

Are Cfi Certificates Verified

Yes, we verify all certificates at your request. Examples of verification requirement include confirming your CPE credits or a reference check for a new job. Simple contact us to notify us who you would like your certificate verified with. Our mission is to help you advance your career, and proving your skill level to an employer is an essential part of being hired or moving up the ladder.

We are an approved provider of continuing education with the CFA Institute.

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Definitive Guide On Wealth Management Certifications

The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

Building a career in finance involves demonstrating a strong aptitude for applying financial concepts in real situations, such as wealth management. Many financial roles have a wealth management element, which involves providing advanced financial planning services for clients with an extensive portfolio of assets and capital. Learning about these certifications can help you succeed in the job market and develop the skills to provide comprehensive wealth management services. In this article, we discuss wealth management certifications, explain how to get one, highlight why they’re important, and provide some certifications to consider.

Full Time Equivalent Experience

Certificate Program in Financial Planning & Analysis Online Information Session

FTE experience is defined as those positions involving at least 35 hours of work per week. At least 50% of the individuals time must be spent performing/managing or supervising those who perform/manage one or more of the following finance tasks:

  • Financial analysis
  • Financial modeling
  • Corporate financial planning/strategic planning

Positions such as internships, vacation/holiday employment or volunteer positions do not provide the appropriate experience to qualify in meeting the full-time experience requirement.

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Best Work Experience For Aspiring Financial Analysts

The best practical work experience outside of direct financial analysis work is anything that shows youve demonstrated the ability to help a company grow, especially in a cost-efficient manner. That might be anything from boosting sales by doing a good window display, to reducing overhead costs through a total revamping of a companys inventory system.

Virtually any general business experience that highlights your ability to solve problems and increase profitability can be a major plus on your resume when applying for work as a corporate financial analyst.

Working at a bank or at a public accounting firm can be a great way to get into FP& A.

Courses For Specific Fp& a Skills

While the above courses provide an immersion in all skills, other courses promise to train specific FP& A muscles. For instance, CFO.University offers Finance Business Planning I: Introduction to Planning covering the foundational elements of business planning including the importance of the handoff from accounting to preparing the annual budget.

Whichever course is chosen the chance to enhance skills in a collaborative and closed setting will undoubtedly enhance your immediate FP& A skills and long term career prospects.

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Courses 32 Hours Of Content

Over the past decade, the financial planning and analysis profession has grown dramatically. Learn the skills you need to gather, analyze and present financial data so you can become a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst, and begin working toward becoming a corporate strategic partner.

  • Develop basic financial analyst skills required as a Corporate Financial Planning Analyst

  • Demonstrate technical skills to execute effectively.

  • Build leadership and communication skills to excel and advance.

Python For Financial Analysis And Algorithmic Trading

Preparation for Certificate in Financial Planning &  Analysis (Cert FP& A ...

This course is a great introduction and overview of what financial analysis is and how Python can be applied for analysing financial data and for algorithmic trading.

This course has been created by Jose Portilla who has taught millions of students on Udemy on topics such as programming, data science and machine learning. He works as a corporate technical trainer for Fortune 500 companies, including some of the worlds largest banks and financial institutions. Jose has based this course off the same technical training material that he has used for personal corporate training at the worlds top financial institutions.

The curriculum of the course is very extensive and well-structured. It starts off with a basic crash course in Python for a quick review of the programming language, and then proceeds to cover the various core libraries used in the analysis, including numpy, pandas and matplotlib. Then it discusses how to work with time series data with Python, including working with the statsmodels library. It also covers how to use Python to obtain financial securities data, including pandas-datareader and the Quandl Python API. Students are also taught about Quantopian, one of the best platforms online for conducting algorithmic trading with Python.

Key Highlights

Duration : 17 hours on-demand videoRating : 4.5

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The Value Of The Certified Corporate Fp& a Professional Credential

The importance of the FP& A role has surged due to the overwhelming uncertainty in the financial markets and global economy. It is expected that FP& A will hold its prominence in years to come as risk factors continue to be numerous and the volatility of each is elevated. As FP& A practitioners spend less time collecting and validating data and more time critically analyzing strategic business decisions and adding value to the business, the FP& A role will logically evolved to meet these needs.

The Certified FP& A Professional credential sets the standard in the financial planning & analysis profession and is a symbol of excellence. It signifies that an individual has demonstrated the knowledge, abilities and skills required to perform competently in today’s complex finance environment.

Click here to learn more about the value of the FP& A Professional designation.

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Fp& a Within A Corporate Structure

In a small business, the position of the corporate financial analyst may not exist as a separate job title, but instead effectively be held by the owner, CEO, CFO, or company controller.

Larger companies have a complete corporate financial analysis department, usually headed by either a Director of Financial Planning and Analysis or by the companys Chief Financial Officer . Some companies have both positions, with the Director of Financial Analysis reporting to the CFO.

In a large corporate financial analysis department, entry-level junior financial analysts work in small groups headed by a senior financial analyst. In the largest, multi-national firms, junior analysts are assigned to evaluate a single product line, or perhaps even a single product. For example, if you worked as a junior analyst at The Hershey Company , you might be assigned to produce all the relevant reports and recommendations regarding just one candy bar.

The chart below provides typical job responsibilities and compensation levels for major positions within the FP& A department of a large corporation.



It typically takes about three to five years to make the transition from a junior to a senior financial analyst. Along the way, you might have the opportunity to showcase your skills, getting assigned the title of manager in charge of a specific financial project, such as changing the way the company does inventory reporting or overseeing a substantial capital expenditure project.

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Certificate In Retirement Strategy

The Certificate in Retirement Strategy is for financial planners, retirement counsellors, and related professionals. It focuses on retirement planning, including social security and pension benefits, retirement income sources, and tax considerations. The examination also covers investment strategies, risk management, and estate planning. It is for those experienced in work related to retirement counselling, financial planning, or investments. For this certification, complete the financial or retirement planning courses. This certification can help you develop retirement income and asset management strategies, understand the tax implications of different retirement planning decisions, and build retirement portfolios.


Registered Financial Planner certification is for financial planners, registered investment advisors, and related professionals. It focuses on financial planning, including investment, risk management, tax, and retirement planning. It is an acceptable qualification for registration as a portfolio manager, investment advisor, or investment dealer. Having three years of experience is mandatory for this certification. Additionally, applicants pass an examination that tests knowledge in financial planning, ethics, and securities laws.


Study And Pass The Examination

Sensitivity Analysis for Financial Modeling

Most examinations have an online component and a proctored, in-person examination. You can use online resources, including official certification study guides, practice examinations, and forums where you can ask questions and get advice from other finance professionals. Once you feel confident that you’re ready, you can arrange to sit for the examination.

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