E-learning Instructional Design And Development Certificate

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Graduate Certificate Program In Learning Design And Technology

How to Become an Instructional Designer in 2022

This 15 or 18 credit hour graduate certificate program prepares learning design professionals to create, analyze, use, integrate, implement, assess, evaluate and manage instructional and performance solutions. When students graduate they hold instructional design and technology positions in education , corporate, government, or military organizations. The program develops professionals who are solidly grounded in instructional technology foundations, principles, theories, applications, and current trends and provides opportunities for them to integrate different forms of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

Define Your Goals And Inclinations

Online programs are all different some of them teach you how to deliver courses in secondary education, some target college education, others have a research slant, still others focus on creating nice-looking and logical courses.

Alternative parameters may include business/corporate vs academic, process management vs authoring, etc.

Figure out your type of instructional design degree and find the right balance between theory and practice.

Administrators, e-Learning strategists, subject matter experts, college teachers all instructors can discover the program of their dreams with a little digging and asking.

Who Should Take E

  • Instructional designers seeking to expand their skills and provide added value in their organizational role
  • Individuals wanting to break into the field, but who havenât formalized their knowledge of the tools or developed portfolio samples
  • Graphic designers that already practice many of the visual design principles and are ready to apply them to digital interactive experiences

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Itec 9825 Adaptive Prototyping In E

This course gives a brief survey and introduction to the most common e-learning development tools used in instructional design and content development. Programs such as Camtasia, Lectora and Articulate are explored. Software programs selected for demonstration are based on current industry trends and may change each term, since the e-learning industry is a quickly changing environment and the goal of this course is to give students a broad appreciation of current e-learning production methods.

The course objectives include:

  • Providing an initial method by which students can implement the multimedia scripts created in the previous scriptwriting course.
  • Allowing the student to create a simple portfolio of production pieces that can be built upon and customized.
  • Giving the student a solid framework and comfort with rapid production methods that can be used in client presentations and stakeholder meetings.

Who Is This Degree For


The LDT program is a career-building advanced degree experience for:

  • Working instructional designers seeking to expand their skillset
  • K-12 educators looking to move beyond the classroom
  • Postsecondary educators and designers
  • Business professionals or admins involved in onboarding or
  • Learning and development and human resources professionals
  • Library science and corporate eLearning specialists
  • Individuals looking for well-paying jobs
  • Career changers
  • Facilitating high-impact teaching practices in digital environments
  • Implementing best practices in learning design
  • Earn your degree without leaving home
  • Focus on one 7-week class at a time
  • Access your coursework any time, day or night
  • Convenience and flexibility

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Your Future As A Learning Designer

You see the opportunity. The COVID-19 public health crisis has accelerated an ongoing trend toward educational institutions pivoting to online learning and toward companies of all types and sizes investing in online training. With high demand for learning designers and instructional designers, opportunities are booming for those with experience in education and training, as well as for motivated career changers. A passion for education and lifelong learning is the first prerequisite, but employers are looking for certain specialized skills.

Graduate Certificate In Instructional Design For E

Drexel University’s online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design for e-Learning prepares you to apply the principles, theories, models, tools, and techniques of systematic instructional design in diverse e-learning environments. This program is ideal for those interested in designing for preK-12 education, higher education, adult education, workplace training, or other learning and development programs.

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What You Will Learn

Students earning the online E-Learning Design and Development certificate will be able to discuss and apply:

  • Principles of instructional design to e-learning, including learning theory, evaluation techniques, asynchronous learning principles and hybrid instruction styles
  • Effective writing and script treatment strategies, storyboarding and preproduction planning for multimedia
  • Principles and tools for audio-visual media production as they apply to e-learning development
  • Distribution, deployment and publication methods
  • Administration and production using open source content learning management systems
  • Principles of usability testing, including e-learning interventions, formative evaluation, data analysis and report writing

What Is Course Authoring Software

Instructional Design for eLearning Certificate Student

Its a range of computer programs and apps that instructional designers use to create digital training. Some of them are one-trick ponies that can only be utilized for a certain task, like screen recorders or video editors. More advanced tools like iSpring Suite combine dozens of authoring features under one roof, allowing instructional designers to create presentations, narrated video, quizzes, and many other types of content, all in the same application.

Generally speaking, if software can be used to create and distribute something educational via computer, then it can be considered authoring software.

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Who Should Take This Program

The Instructional Design for eLearning Certificate program is intended for entry-level trainers, mid-career instructional design professionals looking to skill up, and teachers seeking a career pivot.

After completing the certificate program, youll have a new understanding of how to create instructionally sound elearning materials. Youll be able to describe how instructional designers incorporate learning theory into their work. And youll have a portfolio piece to use in your job hunt, using the industry-standard authoring tools that are most commonly asked for by hiring managers.

“I am in an entirely new, exciting world that I never thought Id have the opportunity to get to. I make more money, Im happier, Im doing things that I love. Im surrounded by a ton of experts who will help me continue my own education. The sky’s the limit in my new position.Conner Wesby, Instructional Designer

What Are Careers That Use Instructional Design

Instructional design is a worthwhile field of study for you if you’re passionate about education but don’t want to work in a classroom. With a degree or specialization in instructional design, you can help write and develop textbooks or other materials that supplement learning in the classroom. You can develop websites and multimedia curriculum for educational companies. If you want to work in a local school system, you can work side by side with administrators designing lesson plans and instructional calendars. You can even work at your own pace as a consultant with various educational institutions.â

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Am I Required To Attend Live Sessions Weekly

Attendance is mandatory at the first two weekly live sessions. Live sessions typically occur on Thursdays from 6-8 pm CT. You are expected to take advantage of the weekly live sessions to interact with your peers and course instructors synchronously for an enriched learning experience. If you have an occasional conflict after the first two live sessions, you can contact the course instructor in advance for information on missed activities and how to access the recording.â

Professionals Who Would Benefit From This Certificate


With courses in e-learning design methods, project management, and instruction, Drexels online Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design for e-Learning supports professionals in a number of different careers and industries. Ideal for current professionals and newcomers alike, some common professions that could utilize this certificate include:

  • Instructional Designer Instruction design professionals work in a variety of fields. This may mean designing and developing online instruction for preK-12 schools, higher education institutions, or corporations, among other areas.
  • Curriculum Creator
  • A training provider works with a business or organization to create customized training materials and courses.
  • PreK-12 TeacherPreK-12 teachers can utilize instructional design knowledge to ensure their online classes effectively communicate educational concepts and support student needs.

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Can I Use Graduate Credits Earned From The Mastertrack Certificate Towards An Online Graduate Degree Program At The University Of Illinois At Urbana

Yes, upon successful completion of the MasterTrack® Certificate and admission to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, graduate credits earned can be transferred towards a Doctor of Education and Masters of Education in Education Policy, Organization, and Leadership . If admitted as an EPOL graduate student, you will have the opportunity to choose from the following concentrations: Diversity and Equity in Education, Global Studies in Education, Human Resource Development, and Learning Design and Leadership.â

Design Effective Adult Elearning Experiences

Get ready to work as an instructional designer in a changing technology landscape. Through self-paced, guided activities, youll:

  • learn relevant theories of adult learning, interaction design, and multimedia learning.
  • study both traditional and contemporary instructional design models.
  • gain hands-on experience with real-world design challenges.

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What Can I Do With A Masters In Instructional Design And Technology

Whether you are interested in pursuing a new career in instructional design or technology, or a higher-level position, a masters degree from the University of Cincinnati Online could help you keep up with the advancing instructional technology field.

The advances in technology are continuous. This means that on-going professional development is vital to the success of students and those in organizations. The study of instructional design and technology is a rewarding career that will continue to grow as technology grows.

Earning your Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology degree from the University of Cincinnati Online can help you gain a fundamental understanding of the IDT landscape. Our online students use their backgrounds in art, business, communication, computer science, education, English, graphic design, health care, learning sciences, military, and related fields to become versatile content creators who are equipped to work in a variety of industries.

Itec 9815 Multimedia Production For E

Do You Need an Instructional Design Degree or Certificate?

This course introduces the learner to the principles and tools for audio-visual media production as they apply to e-learning development. Participants learn how to use common equipment and free software to record audio, perform basic editing functions and process files for varying uses. Participants use several types of video capture equipment to record simple instructional videos, perform basic editing and process files for various e-learning delivery technologies. Participants also learn how to find, acquire and mix together existing audio and video media to create effective instruction material for e-learning delivery.

This course has three main objectives:

  • Use basic, common audio equipment and editing software to create audio resources for e-learning delivery
  • Use basic, common video equipment and editing software to create video resources for e-learning delivery
  • Locate, acquire and combine audio and video resources to create effective instructional material

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What Our Students Have To Say

Weve partnered with Glasgow Caledonian University and industry leaders to make sure our courses meet the highest educational standards.

Even though you may have that knowledge, you might not have the qualification behind you, so I was feeling imposter syndrome. DLI definitely helped me progress in my journey within digital learning.

Requirements: 15 Credits Total

Courses for Masons online Learning Technologies Certificate are offered in a convenient, part-time asynchronous format. Students who graduate from the e-Learning Graduate Certificate Program may apply all 15 credits to the online MS in Learning Design and Technology degree, leaving only 17 additional credits to complete the masters.

Required Courses

  • EDIT 611 Innovations in e-Learning | 3 credit hours
  • EDIT 705 Instructional Design | 3 credit hours
  • EDIT 706 Business of Learning Design and Technologies | 3 credit hours

Elective Options

  • EDIT 526 Web Accessibility and Design
  • EDIT 530 Scripting and Programming
  • EDIT 571 Visual Design and Applications
  • EDIT 573 Project Management
  • EDIT 574 Social Media and Digital Applications
  • EDIT 575 e-Learning Design Applications
  • EDIT 576 Mobile Learning and Applications
  • EDIT 590 Educational Research in Technology
  • EDIT 611 Innovations in e-Learning
  • EDIT 710 Online Teaching Essentials
  • EDIT 772 Virtual Worlds, Augmented Reality, and Gaming Applications

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Overview Of The Certificate Program

Our certificate courses are graduate-level courses that are included in the Master of Science program. The Level I Certificate requires three courses, and may be completed in two or three semesters. Should you wish to continue your studies, you can earn a Level II Certificate or apply for admission to the Master of Science program.

The courses cover instructional design principles and e-learning development. You’ll explore the science of learning as well as create online learning experiences using Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline.

How Will An Instructional Design Certificate Help Me

How To Choose The Right Online Instructional Design Certificate Program ...
  • Add your certificate to your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Use your online portfolio to showcase your new skills, knowledge and competencies to employers.

“… for students balancing the jobs they must have and the advanced education they desire a situation faced by most students today completing a certificate can be the most direct path to career success.”~ The Certificate Solution

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Why It Is Important For Me To Learn Instructional Design

Although instructional design has been around for generations, the rapid growth of the online sphere of learning has heightened the need for good design in the world of education. From preschoolers learning their ABCs to adults continuing their quest for knowledge, the need for compelling educational material is more evident than ever. Instructional designers help create the materials that engage students and make learning stick. If you have a creative bent and a passion to help others grow in their skills and knowledge, you can benefit from learning and applying the principles of instructional design.â

What Are The Stages Of Instructional Design

According to one of the most popular ID methodologies called ADDIE, there are 5 stages: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Its important to note that this is not an axiom, just one of the generally accepted models that you can dynamically adjust depending on project needs. If youd like to find out more read this article about the theory of learning.

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A Final Word On Instructional Design Certificate Programs

In my opinion, neither employers nor fellow trainers will judge you by your grades or certificates in e-Learning design and development. Its the experience, attitude, and portfolio that matter.

Make sure you read prominent alumni reviews, follow their trajectories, and see if they are more or less on the same scale as your personal roadmap.

Is the knowledge obtained from your Instructional Design program applicable in the real world? Thats the pivotal question, and the answer is up to you.

And finally, if youre working to become an instructional designer, we also highly recommend from the great folks at iSpring as its an excellent collection of resources for those starting out in the field.

Technology And Time Requirements

Instructional Design vs. E-Learning Development: What’s the Difference?
  • Time & Technology: While primarily asynchronous, two group projects will require synchronous scheduling with groupmates therefore, students will need to have some flexibility in scheduling during the 12 weeks of the certificate, but the times are negotiable.
  • Newer computer: Students must have a working computer that is able to run modern software applications. Typically, this means a computer that is not more than 3 years old. It will be difficult to complete this certificate with just a tablet or with an older computer.
  • Webcam/Microphone – Headset: Students must have a functional webcam and microphone that allow them to interact fluidly with others online.

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Itec 9820 Writing For Instructional Designers

This introductory course gives practicing instructional designers and serious students of instructional design a grounding in the basics of multimedia scriptwriting. In it we’ll focus primarily on the process of developing script treatments, the vehicles we use as scriptwriters to first conceive and shape our visions for multimedia pieces, then formalize them for review and approval. A worksheet developed specifically for the course will help you gather your ideas and guide you to writing a script treatment based on an instructional multimedia concept of your choosing. Along the way, we’ll explore many aspects of professional instructional scriptwriting practice, including: the essential steps of the scriptwriting process, the defining characteristics and production possibilities of three major presentational forms and the various ways you may combine images and words to create the meanings you intend.

Course objectives:

Design And Deliver High

Educational environments, from K-12 schools to industries and corporations, are going digital. Theres an increasing reliance on telecommunications and digital media to enrich and facilitate e-Learning. When you earn your e-Learning professional development certificate online, with a focus in web-based education, youll embrace new opportunities within the instructional realm.

Your graduate certificate will equip you with the skills you need to provide a robust learning environment for both young and adult learners. Through courses in e-Learning development, instructional system design, multimedia, distance education and more, youll graduate ready to develop high-quality, innovative e-Learning materials in a variety of virtual settings.

The e-Learning Design, Development, & Delivery certificate through UCF Online is designed for educators, trainers and instructional designers who deliver materials in K-12 schools, universities and corporate environments. Get started today and advance your instructional design journey.

International students who are in the U.S. and maintaining a U.S. Student Visa are not eligible for this program.

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The Difference Between Instructional Design And Elearning Development

While Instructional Design is all about creating an effective and memorable learning experience for learners, eLearning development is more about using different tools, strategies, programming, and creativity to make the Instructional Designers vision come to life. While Instructional Design is about getting a Subject Matter Expert to share their expertise and focusing on what the novice learner needs, an eLearning developer has to be able to understand and apply the Instructional Designers vision to a concrete form. They need to develop a course that follows the blueprints that the Instructional Designer has laid down. To put it simply, Instructional Designers typically design the broad outlines of the course, researching pedagogical approaches and determining what types of skills or knowledge the learner needs to know, while the eLearning developer then takes these ideas and creates the actual instructional material, following the recommendations of the Instructional Designer. In a lot of organizations, however, a single individual performs both these duties, hence the confusion.

Let us now understand the different phases of the design and development of an eLearning course to understand how the duties of an Instructional Designer and an eLearning developer are divided.

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