Do I Need An Ssl Certificate

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Why Are Https Sites The Norm Now

Which Type of SSL Certificate Do You Need?

Try loading any non-HTTPS sites in your browser now. Be it Chrome or Firefox, users will be able to check if their connection to the website is secure. For HTTP websites, when users click more information to the left of the URL, they will see the following text:

This inform customers that the connection between their machine and their websites are not secure. What does this tell your visitors if you are operating an E-Commerce website? Will they feel comfortable with leaving their billing and shipping details with you? This is why, for most website owners, they are looking at implementing measures to ‘HTTPS’ their website.Popular messaging application “WhatsApp” have also began to encrypt end-to-end messages between communicating parties, securing the information transmitted is not interfered or stolen by unauthorised individuals. Furthermore, links shared in WhatsApp chat are also prepended with ‘HTTPS’ links, meaning that any link you clicked via WhatsApp will be defaulted to a ‘HTTPS’ link. If you haven’t secured your website with an SSL certificate. This could probably happen:

This occurs when non-SSL websites are loaded over HTTPS link, and it severely impacts the level of trust your visitors have on your website. We believe that other similar application developers will start to implement this as well, it is time now to secure your website with a SSL certificate.

What Ssl Is And Why Websites Need An Ssl Certificate

Do I need an SSL certificate? Yes, if you have a website, it needs an SSL certificate. Every website needs an SSL certificate. Back in Summer 2018, Google decided that HTTPS was the way to go and HTTP was no longer acceptable. That means that as of last July, every website that doesnt have a valid SSL certificate installed gets an ugly little Not Secure indicator to the left of the address bar.

The other browsers soon followed suit. Nowadays, if yourwebsite is still using the non-secure HTTP protocol, the browsers are markingit Not Secure.

Ssl Certificates Keep Your Site Completely Secure

Installing an SSL certificate does not mean your site is hackproof. It simply enhances the security of the data exchanged.

Thus, its still necessary to observe basic account and password precautions. Also, make sure that your website is updated and free from malware.

Using an SSL certificate and implementing these measures will significantly increase the security of your website and its visitors.

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Googles Latest Initiatives Means Every Website Needs An Ssl Certificate

Starting in July of 2018, HTTPS will become the de facto standard protocol for the internet. Thats because Google, whose Chrome browser accounts for three out of every five internet users around the world, plans to start marking any website still served via HTTP as Not Secure.

So if youre asking do I need SSL for WordPress? The answer is: yes, WordPress or not, you need an SSL certificate.

What You Should Do Now

SSL Certificate Graphic  Do I need SSL?

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    Multi Domain Ssl Certificates

    A Multi Domain SSL uses one certificate to cover multiple domains – but those domains have to be under the same IP. They’re also known as subject alternative name or unified communication certificates.

    If you have several different domains under your control and using the same IP address then this might be a good option for you.

    But in short, for the vast majority of people, a single Domain Validation SSL certificate is going to be all you need.

    If you’re getting a single Domain Validation SSL certificate, then it can usually be issued and installed in a couple of hours – but of course, this will depend on you, your provider and your web maintenance team.

    After A Https Launching Checklist:

    • HTTPS crawling validation Crawl the site to verify that the HTTPS URLs are the ones accessible, linked and served without errors, erroneous no-indexations & canonicalizations & redirects.
    • New HTTPS site redirects validation Verify the redirects rules from http vs. https, www vs. non-www & slash vs. non-slash are correctly implemented.
    • XML Sitemap Release & Submission Upload & Verify the generated XML sitemap with the https URL versions in the https Google Search Console profile.
    • Official external links update Update official external links pointing to the site to go to the HTTPS version .
    • Ads & 3rd-Party Extension Validation Verify that any plugins like social buttons, ads & 3rd party code are correctly working in the HTTPS URLs versions. You can scan your Website to look for non-secure content with .
    • Campaigns update Execution Implement the relevant ads, emailing and affiliate campaigns changes to correctly refer to the HTTPS Web version.
    • HTTPS Crawling and Indexation Monitoring Monitor the indexation, visibility & errors of both the HTTP & HTTPS site versions.
    • HTTPS Rankings & Traffic Monitoring Monitor both HTTP & HTTPS site versions traffic and rankings activity.
    • Robots.txt configuration validation Verify the robots.txt setting in the https domain to make sure the configuration was properly updated.

    Hat tip to Aleyda Solis for her HTTPS checklist, which was the foundation to building our version.

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    What Does An Ssl Contain

    If you click on the small image of a lock that appears next to any website with an SSL certificate, youll be able to view some key information about its SSL certificate. Youll see the name of the certificate holder, who it was issued by and the expiration date.

    An SSL certificate also contains some details about the issuer of the certificate, a copy of the issuers public key and a digital signature of the certificate issuer.

    Do I Need To Have An Ssl Certificate For My Website

    Why You Need an SSL Certificate To Secure Your Website

    With all the news of the latest cyber threats flourishing online at an alarming rate each year, zeroing in on security should be every website owner’s paramount concern. Hacking and other nefarious cyber attacks are sadly commonplace that it’s easy to believe that your website could be the next target. As a company that puts a premium on online security, we at Vodien always advocate the use of SSL certificate to our clients to get their websites secure.

    Not only will SSL improve the security of your website, . While this signal remains lightweight compared to high-quality content, Google might consider strengthening them in the coming years to encourage all website owners to adopt HTTPs on their websites.

    But what is an SSL certificate and how does it help you? Read on to find out!

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    Types Of Ssl/tls Certificates

    Extended Validation and Organization Validated certificates are widely used by organizations that want to provide their online customers with strong encryption technology and identity assurance. Encryption ensures that customer data like credit card information and passwords cannot be stolen as it is transmitted. Identity assurance gives website visitors the ability to identify that the website theyre on is legitimate. The amount of verification checking behind the various certificate types is reflected in the pricing variations. The increased vetting, particularly for EV and OV certificates, is what makes these high assurance certificates more expensive.

    Which Ssl Certificate Do I Need

    Flavio Martins

    Although it’s maybe not the most critical choice you may have to make today, picking the right SSL certificate is still an important choice that has big implications for server security. Picking an SSL certificate is step 37 out of 48 things you probably need to do in order to deploy a new server. Being just one small choice, administrators shouldn’t need to spend days researching or evaluating SSL options.

    Picking the right SSL certificate or the best SSL certificate for what you need should be simple and easy.

    When picking the right SSL certificate, most people select either by brand recognition or by price. But there’s a lot more that goes into picking a certificate that could have a big impact in your SSL experience.

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    If You Want To Gain More Viewers

    Google has mandated that websites with an SSL certificate will be deemed more trustworthy from an SEO point of view. As such, they will actively push for SSL websites to rise higher in rankings. If your site doesnt have an SSL, it might get buried in the latter pages and your audience wont reach you. .

    How Do You Know If A Site Has An Ssl Certificate


    A website with an SSL certificate will have HTTPS in the URL, which is a combination of HTTP and SSL. The “S” actually means “Secure”.

    Most browsers default to HTTPS and will warn you if a site you’re visiting doesn’t have one. If that doesn’t happen, though, how can you check?

    Look at the URL of a page. In the top-left, you should see a padlock: that means it has an SSL certificate. If not, it might come up with an “Unsecure” sign or an exclamation mark.

    You can also click on that padlock or “Unsecure” warning to learn more about the connection and access site settings and a list of active cookies.

    Generally, whole sites are covered by one, so navigating to a homepage should tell you all you need to know. That’s not always the case, however: sometimes, hosting faults result in selective HTTPS directing. That makes it worthwhile checking on the status of SSL certificates on any page you have to type in sensitive information.

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    How Do You Get An Ssl Certificate

    Your low-maintenance blog that evaluates the best dog parks in the city has different website security needs than an eCommerce website. But your blog isnt off the hook. While you might not handle banking details, youre still at risk of being hacked.

    Even if you dont sell anything on your site, if you collect any information at all could be something like a username and password or contact info that you capture through a web form you need data protection.

    There are different SSLs, each entailing various levels of validation:

    Domain Validation SSL

    Ideal for blogs and personal websites, this DV SSL only verifies your ownership of the domain name.

    Organization Validation SSL

    Good for informational websites such as those owned by schools or nonprofit organizations, this OV SSL certificate verifies domain ownership and the existence of the organization.

    Extended Validation SSL

    Because this EV SSL entails the most rigorous vetting process of the three, theyre perfect for eCommerce sites. Shoppers who see the green address bar thats triggered by this certificate instantly know theyre safe even your company name appears in green. EV certificates require an extensive vetting process and a more in-depth application than DV or OV certificates.

    All GoDaddy SSL certificates use strong SHA2 and 2048-bit encryption, the strongest available encryption.

    Should I Use Ssl For Email

    You should use an SSL for email for sending sensitive company information online over the internet.

    In addition, if youre dealing with any type of financial information like credit card numbers, bank accounts etc. then you should use an SSL for your email.

    One more thing, if youre also sending very sensitive documents that contain a lot of personal information about your company, yourselves or your clients, then you should definitely get an SSL for your email.

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    Extended Validation Ssl Certificate

    This certificate shows the padlock, HTTPS, business name, and business country in the address bar to diminish being mistaken for a spam website.

    Extended Validation SSL are the most expensive SSLs to obtain, but they are valuable in showing the legitimacy of your domain from the address bar. To set up an EV SSL, you must prove that you are authorized to own the domain you’re submitting. This ensures users that you are legally collecting the data needed to execute certain actions such as a credit card number for an online transaction.

    An EV SSL certificate can be obtained by any business, and it should be a priority especially for those that need identity assurance. For instance, if your website processes web payments or collects data, youd want to get this certificate.

    Why Do You Need A Ssl Certificate For A Website

    How to Get a FREE SSL Certificate for Your WordPress Site (Beginners Guide)

    SSL certificates are what enable websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS, which is more secure. An SSL certificate is a data file hosted in a websites origin server. SSL certificates make SSL/TLS encryption possible, and they contain the websites public key and the websites identity, along with related information.

    When to use SSL or TLS for authentication?

    SSL/TLS certificates are commonly used for both encryption and identification of the parties. In this blog post, Ill be describing Client Certificate Authentication in brief.

    How are client certificates used in SSL handshake?

    In SSL handshake process, a client makes a request for a secured connection, the server shows its public certificate for the acceptance. The client has already trusted certificate lists stored in called truststore. If the presented certificate matches with the prescribed list of certificates, an encrypted connection could be established.

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    Consequences Of Not Having An Ssl Certificate In Terms Of Compliance

    Not only Google, but other important industry regulatory entities have also made it compulsory to have SSL certificates for websites that handle credit card data. One such example is the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council .

    PCI SSC designs and manages security standards called PCI DSS to provide airtight security for credit card transactions. What PCI DSS does is ensure that the collection, storage, processing, and transmission of credit card details of the customers are done in a safe environment. Companies that collect and process customers credit card information must comply with PCI DSS. Failure to do so can lead to dire consequences, including heavy fines and other penalties from Visa, Mastercard, Citibank, Chase, and American Express.

    How Can I Get An Ssl Certificate For My Website

    The first step is to determine what type of certificate you need. For example, if hosting content on multiple platforms it may mean that you need different SSL certificates.

    For most, a standard SSL certificate will cover your content. But for companies in a regulated industry such as finance or insurance it may be worth talking with your I.T. team to ensure youre meeting the specific SSL certificate requirements set within your industry.

    The costs of SSL certificates vary, but you can get a free certificate or pay per month to obtain a custom certificate. On the free side Let’s Encrypt offers certificates at no cost, but I would strongly recommend that you have someone knowledgeable about the DNS and technical setup of your website to help. These certificates will also expire every 90 days, so make sure they stay up to date. Some CMS platforms like HubSpot’s free CMS will offer a free SSL to help get your website security started.

    One of the other key considerations is the validity period of a certification. Most standard SSL certificates that you purchase are available for one to two years by default, but if you’re looking for longer-term options, consider more advanced certificates that offer longer time periods.

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    Do I Need A Ssl Certificate

    As a website owner, you want a lot of traffic funneled to your sight, where you can then provide the best experience possible for your visitors. In order to do that, it is important that you have a website that is safe for browsing, buying and sharing information, such as email addresses etc. An SSL Certificate is how you communicate to visitors that your site is secure and safe to use.

    Most internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, and others, automatically label all HTTP websites as potentially dangerous and insecure. This dedication to security, while admirable, may severely limit access to your site. So how do you ensure internet browsers dont flag your website as potentially harmful, while at the same time ensuring the best security technology has to offer? The answer is an SSL Certificate.

    Ssl Certificates Cost A Lot

    What Type of SSL Certificate Do I Need for My Business?

    Several hosting companies offer free SSL certificates with their hosting plans. Depending on the SSL certificate type that your website needs, many providers also sell SSL certificates at affordable prices.

    Regardless of the type you choose, make sure to purchase it from a credible certificate issuing authority.

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    What Information Does An Ssl Certificate Contain

    SSL certificates include:

    • The that the certificate was issued for
    • Which person, organization, or device it was issued to
    • Which certificate authority issued it
    • The certificate authority’s digital signature
    • Associated subdomains
    • Issue date of the certificate
    • Expiration date of the certificate

    The public and private keys used for SSL are essentially long strings of characters used for encrypting and signing data. Data encrypted with the public key can only be decrypted with the private key.

    Why do websites need an SSL certificate?

    A website needs an SSL certificate in order to keep user data secure, verify ownership of the website, prevent attackers from creating a fake version of the site, and gain user trust.

    Encryption: SSL/TLS encryption is possible because of the public-private key pairing that SSL certificates facilitate. Clients get the public key necessary to open a TLS connection from a server’s SSL certificate.

    Authentication: SSL certificates verify that a client is talking to the correct server that actually owns the domain. This helps prevent domain and other kinds of attacks.

    HTTPS: Most crucially for businesses, an SSL certificate is necessary for an HTTPS web address. HTTPS is the secure form of HTTP, and HTTPS websites are websites that have their traffic encrypted by SSL/TLS.

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