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Examine Issues From Multiple Perspectives

Welcome Class of 2025 from the Harvard Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Team

Develop the tools and foundational knowledge to successfully create inclusive communities and positively transform organizations. Advance your career in HR and prepare for in-demand leadership positions focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Designed for busy professionals, our masters degree and certificate offer both flexibility and convenience. Study full-time or part-time, online or on-campus, and finish your program in 12 to 24 months.

Join a community of students and faculty from diverse academic backgrounds and fields, and build your own program of study from a suite of interdisciplinary courses tailored to your interests and goals.

How Do I Become An Edib Facilitator

To apply, community members are asked to complete a digital application via a Qualtrics form which will then be reviewed by the EDIB Facilitator Program committee. Applicants are notified in October of the decision followed by an Orientation session in November. Applications to become an EDIB Facilitator are currently considered once a year in the Fall semester.

Center For Diversity And Inclusion

A Collaborative Approach to Attracting Diverse Talent

Hear the story of how the Offices for Diversity and Inclusion at MGH and Brigham and Womens Hospital worked closely with program leads on outreach to candidates, resulting in the most diverse residency recruitment in Mass General Brighams history.

Front and Centered with Elena Olson, JD

Watch as Elena Olson, JD, executive director of CDI discusses what were doing to enhance the diversity of our trainee, clinical and research workforce, and to advance inclusion and equity through community building, education, policy and advocacy.

Read our latest annual report

2020 and 2021 were years of transformative change, both in our world and in CDI. Follow along as we recount the accomplishments and experiences of the CDI community in our latest Annual Report.

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Diversity And Inclusion Training Can Improve Equality In Your Workplace Here’s How To Create A Program To Do Just That

  • Creating diversity and inclusion training programs is a great way to address biases and prejudices within a workplace.
  • The best way to ensure that diversity training is successful is to tailor it to your company and needs.
  • If you are interested in becoming a diversity trainer, there are several certification and mentorship programs available.
  • This article is for business owners who want to learn more about diversity and inclusion programs and how to ensure they are successful.

Though businesses of all sizes have made significant strides in becoming more inclusive and diverse over the past few decades, its still a struggle for many to overcome the biases that limit how some employees see those who are different from them.

One way to create more welcoming workplaces that respect differences and give a voice to people who are often underrepresented is to implement company diversity and inclusion training programs.

Diversity and inclusion training has the potential to positively address biases and prejudice within organizations, according to Katerina Bezrukova, co-author of a study that examined 40 years of research on diversity training and an associate professor at the University at Buffalos School of Management.

However, to arrive at these successful outcomes, you must carry out the training responsibly.

At best, it can engage and retain women and people of color in the workplace, but at worst, it can backfire and reinforce stereotypes, Bezrukova said in a statement.

University Of Cape Town

Molecular Metabolism  Diversity and Inclusion

Duration: 6 Weeks, 3 Hours/Week

Price: $39/month

This online education inclusion training course is best suited for exploring ways to make education more inclusive. This is especially helpful if you want to make education inclusive for children with disabilities and areas with limited resources. It is best for parents, teachers, and other professionals interested in creating and implementing inclusive education.

Provided by the University of Cape Town in South Africa, this course teaches students the different approaches to ensuring access to education, the barriers to education inclusiveness, and how to overcome them.

Some topics covered include why inclusion, the social context of disability, community support for inclusive support, inclusion initiatives for creating an inclusive school environment, and more.

Judith Mckenzie and Chioma Ohajunwa teach the course. These two experienced lecturers will take you through video, audio, and practical lectures that take six weeks for three hours weekly.

Students can learn at their pace and track their completion and assessment scores using the Progress page feature. After completing 90% of the steps and assessments, you will earn your certificate.

You can check out the course here.

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Why Embrace Diversity Equity And Inclusion Training

When it comes to productivity, employee retention, and even revenues, your workplace culture is everything. You must create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture to keep your company operating at its best year after year.

In fact, you have to outright infuse a collaborative mindset into the very fabric of your company, creating lasting connections with all your employees. Otherwise, your competitors will end up scooping them up and outperforming your brand.

Fortunately, you can effectively create a solid foundation for your collaborative company culture with help from our team at Elevated Diversity. Our DEI training programs promise to get your workforce on the right track by addressing unconscious bias, racism, and other tough topics.

Although its not easy to start that conversation, your collective efforts will pay in dividends over time. As you work together to improve diversity and equity, a more inclusive work environment arises, helping support your goals of attaining high productivity rates and the revenues to match.

Certificate In Diversity And Inclusion Leadership

Available online, full-time, or part-time with evening courses.

Youre an established professional who wants to get up to speed on current issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our four-course certificate program is designed to quickly familiarize you with the concepts and tools you need to successfully lead strategic organizational change. Available fully online or in a hybrid format with in-person evening courses, this is an ideal option for those with a busy full-time schedule.

You might be a good fit if youre:

  • Established in your field and looking to move into a leadership role focused on DEI
  • Looking for the flexibility and convenience of online courses as well as the added support from an in-person community
  • Not ready to commit to a masters degree right nowall of your certificate credits can be applied toward earning your MA in Diversity and Inclusion Leadership at a later date if you apply and are admitted

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Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

Diverse workplaces are more successful, innovative, and empowering. However, differences can also cause friction and fuel discrimination. To avoid the downsides of diversity and achieve the benefits, diversity and inclusion efforts are necessary. In this 4-module course from ESSEC Business School, students will learn more about diversity as a concept, perceptions of differences, how to leverage diversity for its benefits, and more.

The Emerging Coo: Driving Innovation And Operational Excellence

On Diversity: Access Aint Inclusion | Anthony Jack | TEDxCambridge

Apply by December 16, 2022 | Classes start January 30, 2023

Drive and sustain innovation and operational excellence. Strengthen collaboration with C-suite leaders to translate strategies into actionable plans. Delivered in three distinct yet connected modules over the course of three months, this program is offered in two formats to develop, deepen, and apply your learning, while offering schedule and travel flexibility…. Learn More

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Case Western Reserve University

Duration: 5 Hours in Total

Price: Varies Based on Subscription Plan

The Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change is an online course from Case Western Reserve University in the USA. This course seeks to empower both men and women for professional development. It also helps them take on leadership that fosters diversity in the workplace and the community.

The course has five modules that provide a more complex understanding of issues that professional women go through. It identifies the challenges, opportunities, trade-offs, and dynamics women in work organizations encounter.

After completing the course, you will also gain a deeper understanding of the interpersonal, societal, and organizational structures that impact women in organizations. You will also be able to define your vision for life-work balance and career success, develop a plan for accomplishing your goals, and learn how to explore the necessary networks and resources.

The course is by Diana Bilimoria, PH.D., who has extensive experience as a KeyBank Professor at the University. Diana will take you through the five supplemental readings, videos, and quiz sequences. The course is self-paced and takes 5 hours in total to complete.

You can check out the certification course here.

How Do I Become A Certified Diversity Trainer

The first step to becoming a certified diversity trainer is to complete an approved diversity training certification. This includes any of the certifications listed above. In addition to completing a diversity training course for certification as a diversity trainer, you must apply with organizations that recognize this type of credential and seek someone qualified and experienced. You can find these types of companies through either Google searches or looking at local job boards.

Josh Fechter is a business strategy consultant and founder. Hes written several world-recognized books on software configuration, speaks Spanish, ballroom dances, and owns The Product Company and Squibler.

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Best Diversity And Inclusion Certifications For 2022

Are you looking for the leading diversity and inclusion certification for 2022? Read on to discover the best certificate for you.

Age, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion, education, sexual orientation, gender identity, and political beliefs make us all different. For this reason, employees and employers need to learn how to embrace these differences. Diversity and inclusion certifications online can help.

This article will look at various diversity and inclusion training certifications to help employees and employers build an inclusive work culture.

Extend And Maintain Diversity And Inclusion Training Over Time

White Coats for Black Lives Group Gives Harvard Medical School C+ for ...

For diversity training to be as successful as possible, it needs to be delivered over an extended period of time. In Bezrukovas study, diversity training had positive effects on employees knowledge, attitudes and behaviors toward diverse groups, but over time, their attitudes regressed to what they were before the training.

The attitudes this training attempts to change are generally strong, emotion-driven and tied to our personal identities, and we found little evidence that long-term effects to them are sustainable, Bezrukova said. However, when people are reminded of scenarios covered in training by their colleagues or even the media, they are able to retain or expand on the information they learned.

To be most useful, bias-and-diversity training cannot be a once-a-year event that checks off the box for corporate compliance.

Diversity awareness and focus must be a part of a companys culture in all aspects For training to be effective, the message must be reinforced regularly, and managers must coach their employees when they see behaviors and attitudes that contradict an inclusive environment, said Shane Green, an organizational and corporate culture coach and author of Culture Hacker .

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Does Diversity Training Work

Diversity training is an effective solution for eliminating bias at work and creating a diverse workplace. However, some believe that the diversity training program may be unsuccessful for various reasons.

For instance, a mandatory program can lead to resentment and animosity. Also, implementing the training does not mean that diverse-related issues like biases will stop.

Institute Of Diversity Certification

The Institute of Diversity Certification is an auxiliary of the Society for Diversity, an organization with high-qualification diversity standards for managers. They include CDP, CDE, and D& I credentials.

Furthermore, students of the Society for Diversity can get a 20% discount when they enroll in the IDC’s programs. Individuals that enroll as a group can also get deals if they register before enrolling.

IDC’s diversity and inclusion certification teaches students how to apply equity and promote inclusivity in the workplace. The certificate also helps students to manage inclusion initiatives on a larger scale.

You can check out the certification here.

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Driving Innovation And New Ventures In Established Organizations

Apply by January 27, 2023 | Classes start March 12, 2023

Develop best practices and insights to generate and lead innovation in your organization then put theory into practice with real-world projects. … Learn More

Learn leading-edge strategies, frameworks, and best practices for making complex and crucial board decisions in uncertain times…. Learn More

Program dates to be announced. Learn More

How Hr University Can Help You Recruit Diverse Staff

5 Ways to Infuse Diversity and Inclusion Into Your Organization

Organizational culture is not created overnight, but there are actions that management can take to promote a positive corporate culture. HR University offers one of the best plans that can help your organization diversify the workforce and include new employees.

With this Diversity and inclusion Certification course, you can learn to create a positive work environment that allows employees to do their best work. The HR University experts can provide up-to-date information on the latest management techniques and tips for creating a productive workplace.

If you want to excel in your career as a diversity and inclusion professional, then enroll in our diversity and inclusion certification course to learn effective strategies:

HR University offers a number of training courses that can help your company build a positive work culture for diverse groups. These courses are designed to improve employee satisfaction, strengthen teamwork, and encourage open communication. By investing in training and development programs, your managers and employees will have the tools they need to improve morale and build a positive corporate culture.

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Women In Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

This course provides students with a more complex understanding of the issues facing women and work. Youll explore the opportunities, challenges, and organizational dynamics that women experience in work organizations. Students will also get an opportunity to reflect on individual behaviors. By the end of the course, students will be equipped to answer questions such as How can organizations provide women with opportunities for success?

What Are The Best Diversity And Inclusion Certifications

Here’s our list of the top diversity and certifications you can take.

Duration: 2 Weeks, 20 Hours

Price: $299

This online diversity and inclusion certification program gears toward HR and management professionals looking to create a more diverse and inclusive culture for their organizations and teams. The course includes instructor feedback on your assignments. It includes material covering:

  • Categories of Diversity
  • How to Create a Sense of Belonging
  • Organize a Company’s D& I Vision
  • How Social Identities Form
  • Asking Proper Questions to Handle Difficult Diversity Discussions
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Workplace Bullying

This diversity and inclusion certification course is one of the few that also teaches you how to host your diversity and inclusion workshop for your company. It has seven modules, each split into a different day. It’s a self-paced course with a full refund guarantee within 30 days. Moreover, it includes over seven quizzes, 15 case studies, workshop material, and a certification test.

You can check out the course here.

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Do I Need A Dei Certification

You dont need to have a diversity and inclusion certificate by law. But it can help deepen your commitment to DEI at work . More and more companies are investing in inclusion programs to nurture their company culture at all levels. Even Hollywood is calling for more diverse representation.

Here are 5 examples of DEI-approved courses if you want to get diversity certified.

I Have Resources To Reference Tools To Use And Extraordinary Content To Pull From When Talking To People In My Company


My organization enrolled me in The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner Program to help me become a more inclusive leader and gain confidence having conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. I learned implementable strategies for creating more inclusive environments on engineering project teams with both internal and external partners, many times working together for the first time.

The People Company Consulting Group Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner Program helped me by providing a historical context to DEI work, clearly outlined a framework for organizational DEI benchmarking, explained current trends in DEI, and above all, brought me together with others serious about this work, creating a space where we could talk with each other about issues and ideas, share some about our own identities and experiences, what has worked, hasnt worked, our aspirations, inspirations, and project ideas.

One thing I particularly liked was when we would have special guests come and share their identity stories, experiences, challenges and successes. I found these personal stories impactful and also appreciated having this type of authentic story-telling modeled.

Cedar Simmons, PE, IICDPSenior Engineer

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Why You Should Get D& i Certified

Heres a thing about diversity in the 21st-century workplace: its not just a nice-to-have, but its critical for your organization to thrive and stay ahead of your competitors.

Think about the ongoing war for talent, for example. With shrinking labor pools and changing demographics, its only going to get harder for organizations to attract the talents that they need. Having a diverse and inclusive environment at work is one way for your organization to stay on top of the market, especially when considering that 3 in 4 job seekers and employees see diversity as an important factor when evaluating companies and job offers.

Aside from being able to acquire the talent that your company needs, McKinsey research also points out that companies with higher workforce diversity tend to financially outperform less diverse competitors. To reap these benefits, organizations need qualified D& I professionals to help them advance their D& I initiatives and apply timely interventions.

So its no wonder that D& I roles have become highly in demand in the past few years. D& I jobs in EMEA have grown 1.65 times faster than any other HR jobs recently. shows that the number of people globally with the Head of Diversity titles has increased by 107% between 2015 and 2020.

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