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How It Works: Skills Sessions

How To Perform The Perfect Rear Naked Choke by John Danaher

Once you successfully complete the Adult First Aid/CPR/AED, Adult Child and Baby First Aid/CPR/AED, or Adult CPR/AED online course, you will have up to 90 days for the skills session to be taken. During this time, you will have access to Red Cross online content so that you can refresh your knowledge before the skills session. After successfully completing a skills session within 90 days, a 2-year, OSHA-compliant Red Cross certification will be issued.

Get Your Official Cpr Certification Card

Our CPR certification card has a 98% acceptance rate which means its nationally accepted. American Health Care Academy offers Accredited certification for CPR/AED, First Aid, Bloodborne and Healthcare Provider life saving courses. Once you pass the course quiz, you can print a PDF copy of your wallet CPR certification card instantly or purchase one to be mailed out. All CPR Certification courses are valid for 2 years except the Bloodborne Pathogens course, which is valid for 1 year . Our curriculum is advanced and led by experts. We also place a lot of importance on effective customer service.

  • CPR Certificate Card Details
  • Certification Made Simple Fast Easy Digital

    When you learn how to perform first aid and get certified from the American Red Cross, you’ll get anytime, anywhere access to your certificates plus the ability to print, share, and download them wherever and whenever you like. Digital certificates can be viewed, printed or shared online and can be accessed anytime through your Red Cross Account. Each certificate includes a unique ID and a QR code which meets employment requirements and allows employers to easily confirm your certificate is valid. Class participants and employers can visit and enter the ID found on the digital certificate to access a copy of the valid certificate with student training information.

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    Food Safety Workshops For Students: Student

    • The Food Safety 1-Hour workshop provides an overview of food safety requirements and regulations.
    • It is mandatory for students working in student-run food establishments and student events including barbeques and potluck communal meals.
    • This workshop is scheduled by appointment. Contact Alyssa Rusiecki.

    Sample Cpr Certification Card

    Massachusetts Anti Choking Certification

    An official CPR certification card is included with all of our online CPR courses. There is NO additional charge to download your CPR certificate wallet card. Dont worry if you dont pass the CPR training test the first time, you can retake the test multiple times until you pass.

    CPR Certifications Include:
    • Printable copy of wallet certification card
    • Optional mailed hard copy of wallet certification card
    • Certification documents signed by Certified instructors
    • Quick delivery of ordered hard copy certification cards
    24 Hour Wallet CardProduction:

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    Our Commitment To Food Safety

    During the academic year, Dining Services employs approximately 300 full-time, 150 part-time, and 1,200 student employees to work in the Dining Commons and satellite Dining Services locations on the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus. In addition, there are five student-run food establishments that employ another 100 students. The challenge of preparing safe, quality food begins with well-trained and knowledgeable Dining Services employees. Environmental Health and Safety provides food safety training and guidance to employees of the University Dining Services, student-run food establishments, and to students planning an event where food will be served.

    The training courses listed above are designed to help meet that challenge by focusing on those concerns that are critical to the safe preparation, cooking, holding, and storage of food.

    There are no general in-person trainings scheduled at this time.

    First Aid In Massachusetts

    The Red Cross, always on the front lines when it comes to saving lives, is once again out front bringing the future of First Aid/CPR/AED training to you in Massachusetts. Red Cross First Aid training helps participants recognize and respond appropriately to cardiac, breathing and first aid emergencies. Red Cross courses teaches Massachusetts participants the knowledge and skills needed to give immediate care to an injured or ill person when minutes matter and to decide whether advanced medical care is needed. Red Cross delivers in-person and online + classroom learning courses that are nationally recognized by most organizations and meet OSHA and most Massachusetts regulatory requirements.

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    Whats Included In This Package

    Massachusetts law 105 CMR 5909 requires at least one employee to be trained in Approved Manual Choke Saving Procedures which include the Heimlich Maneuver and Sequence of Obstructed Airway Maneuvers for all food service establishments with 25 seats or more on-premises when food is being served.

    Choking is the physiological response to obstruction of airways. Foreign body airway obstruction causes asphyxia and is a terrifying condition, occurring very acutely, with the patient often unable to explain what is happening to them. If severe, it can result in rapid loss of consciousness and death if first aid is not undertaken quickly and successfully. Immediate recognition and response are of the utmost importance.

    Training in the Heimlich Maneuver and Sequence of Obstructed Airway Maneuvers can be learned in less than 1 hour using our online course.

    Choking due to inhalation of a foreign body usually occurs whilst eating it need not have been a formal sit-down meal a snack eaten on-the-go or chewing gum can also be inhaled.

    Babysitting Training In Massachusetts

    How to Escape a Standing Rear Choke

    Parents value a well-trained sitter. In fact, in an American Red Cross survey, 8 in 10 parents said they would pay more for a sitter who is trained in CPR, first aid and child care skills. Become the best sitter you can be and be prepared for the moments that matter with Red Cross babysitting courses. The Red Cross offers multiple different options for babysitter certification classes in Massachusetts. These courses deliver the latest information to help you care for children when their parents can’t be with them. The format of the classes depends on which course you choose to take with us.

    What Program is Right for You? Red Cross Massachusetts Babysitter Course Options include:

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    How Online Classes Work

    At the American Red Cross, BLS online courses are easy to access and easy to complete. In order to begin, all you need to do is make sure that you have internet access, and a laptop or desktop computer, tablet or smartphone, then sign up.

    Online BLS classes are divided into interactive modules that you can take as your schedule permits. Our adaptive learning functionality allows you to follow a personalized learning path which gives experienced participants the option to test out of a lesson, or test out of specific topics within a lesson, resulting in reduced overall class time. In addition, you’ll receive unlimited two-year access to the course materials including a free digital Basic Life Support Participants Manual, so you can choose to take as much or as little time you need to get through the classes. Once certified, you can even refer back to the materials to help keep your newfound skills fresh in your mind.

    Red Cross Training Matters.For more than a century, we’ve prepared people to respond to emergencies of all sizes from the everyday to the large disaster. Join the millions we train every year and learn the learn the BLS skills that can save a life.

    No Limit Cpr & First Aid Training

    • monday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM tuesday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM wednesday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM saturday Closed
    • Basic First Aid

    No Limit CPR & First Aid Training Information

      Choke saver class. This is a 1 hour long course intended to teach the lay person how to recognize a choking victim and to respond using Abdominal Thrusts aka.

      • Certificate of Completion Choke Saver Card. We will travel with in 25 miles of the North Shore of Boston for 6 or more students.
      • Information about All CPR Classes Courses The following courses are offered as we will come to your location all we need is some space to educate.
      • Choke saver class. This is a 1 hour long course intended to teach the lay person how to recognize a choking victim and to respond using Abdominal Thrusts aka.
      • AHA eLearning courses give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, anywhere and anytime an internet connection is available.
      • Contact Us Choke Saver Heartsaver CPR Heartsaver First Aid Heartsaver First Aid and CPR Pediatric First Aid and CPR BLS CPR and AED On Line AHA Courses Name .
      • Heartsaver First Aid Heartsaver First Aid is a classroom, video based, instructor led course that teaches students critical skills to respond to and manage an.


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    Cpr/aed Training In Massachusetts

    Our Massachusetts CPR/AED classes combines a new, game-changing educational model with the latest science-based advancements in lifesaving care. Red Cross CPR/AED training provides a personalized approach that is flexible, efficient and cost effective. Our programs satisfy OSHA-mandated job requirements, workplace or other regulatory requirements.

    The Red Cross CPR/AED program has an enhanced focus on life-threatening emergencies and the skills needed to respond to them quickly, when minutes matter. This focus, in combination with a robust suite of informational and skill videos, allows students to participate in active learning, featuring peer-to-peer learning, with more hands-on skill practice during a shorter overall class. Multiple delivery options are available online, online+classroom or Instructor-led. Whether its a cardiac emergency at home, at school or in your community, when CPR and AED are administered, the chance of survival improves dramatically.

    Bls Training In Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Anti Choking Certification

    Do you require advanced resuscitation training for your job in Massachusetts? American Red Cross Basic Life Support classes serve as the foundation of resuscitation training for healthcare professionals who are seeking to meet competency verification, education, credentialing and privileging requirements. Our modern, adaptive resuscitation training solutions not only equip you with the latest knowledge to help ensure better outcomes but also are designed to save you time and money. Basic Life Support classes in Massachusetts are taught by local Red Cross Instructors.

    The cornerstone of the science-based Red Cross BLS course is built upon guidance from the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation and the Consensus on Science with Treatment Recommendations , the worlds most authoritative source for resuscitation knowledge.

    Unlike other educational providers, the Red Cross curriculum goes beyond a cardiac focus, which makes our programs unique and more robust. Our training incorporates a broader spectrum of scientific recommendations from other recognized professional organizations, including rigorous, expert review from the Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council.

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    Type Of First Aid Courses

    Because we recognize that people learn differently, we deliver first aid classes in a variety of ways. This allows you to stay up to date on the latest techniques your way. The types of courses available include:

  • In Person: Led by knowledgeable instructors, our in-person courses combine lecture with hands-on skills sessions. Perfect for those who learn best in a traditional classroom setting, our in-person classes give you ample time to ask questions and become comfortable with the latest techniques.
  • Online: Through virtual instruction, these self-paced courses can help you understand how to respond to a wide range of emergency scenarios. However, when you choose an online-only first aid class you will not have the opportunity to demonstrate your skill proficiency to a certified instructor, and therefore online training may not meet the requirements for workplace safety.
  • Blended Learning:Featuring award-winning simulation learning, our blended learning programs combine self-paced, interactive instruction and in-person skills sessions. Blended Learning courses allow you to learn on your schedule, then demonstrate your skills to a certified instructor.
  • Chokesaver & Emergencies For Restaurants

    In this ChokeSaver/Emergencies for Restaurants course we cover choking relief as well as emergencies commonly seen in food service including: burns, bleeding, epipen, slips and falls and more. Certification issued. 45 min. of online work.

    • Choking Relief for Adults, Children, and Infants

    • Bleeding Control

    • How to use and Epipen

    • Narcan Administration

  • Complete self-paced, on-demand online coursework .

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    Chapter : Introduction To Cpr/aed Certification Course

    *This course now includes the 2020 AHA & ECC Interim Guidance for Basic Life Support in relation to the resuscitation of, suspected or confirmed, COVID-19 patients. Look for these interim updates throughout the course.

    Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death among adults in the United States. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation dramatically increases the chance of survival for a victim suffering from SCA. Hence, an online CPR certification is imperative to save lives. Dont be a bystander anymore and save a life. Learn this lifesaving skill today.

    CPR is a combination of chest compressions and breaths, and provides critical blood flow and oxygen to the heart and brain.

    If CPR is started within three to five minutes of collapse, it increases a victims chance of survival and reduces the chance of permanent damage.

    This course follows the most recent and updated 2020 Emergency Cardiovascular Care and AHA guidelines, and has been designed to help you acquire the skills you will need to effectively respond in an emergency situation.

    CPR/AED Course Topics Outline:
  • Adult CPR: Airway and Breaths
  • Adult CPR: Put it Together
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