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The Information We Collect

Certificate Holders & Additional Insured

We collect information about you and your business in order to provide you with a premium quote and issue you an insurance policy. We may also collect information from third parties, such as credit histories and claim history, which is disclosed to us as permitted by applicable law. You may have the right to access and correct the personal information that we collect from and about you. Please contact us at 1-800-507-4495 to know these rights may apply in your state.

Certificate Of Liability Insurance

Liability insurance ensures your company wont create a financial burden for anyone who hires you if you or someone who works for you causes property damage or injury. If something happens, they can rest easy knowing your insurance company will cover the damage.

A certificate of liability insurance proves your business has enough general liability insurance coverage to satisfy the person or business requesting it. If your business has other types of liability coverage, such as professional liability, it also spells these out. For each, it lists important policy details like coverage limits and exclusions.

Summary Of The Holder Of The Certificate And The Additional Insured

Although the Certificate holder is a document that confirms the existance of insurance, an additional insured provides limited coverage according to the insurance policy forms and endorsements. It should be noted that the Contractor or Client may be a certificate holder as well as an additional insured.

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How Long Are Cois Good For

A certificate of insurance is valid at least until the policy expiration date unless the policyholder cancels it earlier. After expiration, its the certificate holders responsibility to contact the insurance company for a new one. If the policyholder cancels it, the insurance company will notify you.

Regardless of the expiration date, keep each COI on hand for at least five years from the date the certificate is generated.

Understand The Scope Of Your Liability Insurance

Certificate Of Insurance Holder : Fillable certificate of insurance ...

Review your plans or call your insurance agent if youre worried about whether or not you fulfill the third-minimal partys insurance needs. Youll want to double-check that you have all the coverage you want and that your policy limits are sufficient.

If you dont have the needed coverage, youll have to consider whether or not its worth it to ensure the certificate holder. If you decide to get extra coverage, you should first talk to your insurance agent about your alternatives.

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Get Your Certificate Of Insurance

Understanding your Certificate of Insurance is an important part of owning a small business, but if your insurance agent is only telling you which coverages you currently have, youre only seeing a small piece of the puzzle.

Accidents, shoddy work, negligence, and other claims occur all the time in commercial settings, which is why its important to have the right level of insurance coverage.

At Harry Levine Insurance, weve been meeting Central Floridas insurance needs for more than 30 years, and we have the knowledge, resources, and expertise to identify and close gaps in your coverage.

If youre looking for affordable coverage that meets your needs, request a quote today.

Re: Certificates Of Insurance

Question Presented:

Is compelling a subcontractor, licensed producer or insurer to modifythe language on an ACORD or AON certificate of insurance to require that a commercialliability insurance policy may not be cancelled without providing 30 days written noticeto the certificate holder “altering expanding or otherwise modifying the terms of theactual policy” as stated in Circular Letter No. 15 and Circular Letter No. 8?

It depends upon the terms and conditions contained within the insurancepolicy at issue and any endorsements to same. Any certificate holder has a legal right tonotice of cancellation provided such holder is actually named within the policy orendorsement as an additional insured. The extent of the notice to be provided isdetermined by statute ) and by the insurancepolicy, not by a certificate of insurance. If the insurance policy does not provide forsuch notification, this obligation can not be imposed by a certificate of insurance.


It is the inquirers contention that requesting a guarantee of 30days written notice does not “alter, expand or otherwise modify the terms of theactual policy” as stated in Circular Letters No. 8 and No. 15 .


For further information, you may contact Associate Attorney Jeffrey A.Stonehill at the New York City office.

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Validating A Certificate Of Insurance

Typically, a client will request a certificate directly from the insurance company rather than the business owner or contractor. The client should confirm that the name of the insured on the certificate is an exact match of the company or contractor they are considering.

Also, the client should check the policy coverage dates to ensure that the effective date of the policy is current. The client should secure a new certificate if the policy is set to expire before the contracted work is complete.

Certificate Holder Vs Insured

Learn How to Read an ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance

Knowing who should be listed as certificate holder on a certificate of insurance is a key piece of certificate tracking knowledge. In almost every case, the certificate holder is the employing entity. Lets look at a quick example.

Your general contracting business is working on a new building. You subcontract out the drywall installation and, as a matter of course, request a certificate of insurance from the drywall subcontractor. Your general contracting business becomes the certificate holder, because youre holding the COI that you received.

Now, remember, there are clear demarcations between the insurance certificate holder vs policyholder. The drywall subcontractor is the policyholder, not your company. And, because this is where insurance gets complicated, there could be a difference between you as the certificate holder vs an additional insured, when it comes time to adjudicate any claims or losses.

This complexity is why it is critical to have a trained insurance professional setting your companys insurance guidelines, and just as critical that your risk team is tracking and verifying the certificates of insurance as they come in.

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Specific Vs Blanket Additional Insured

There are two types of additional insured provisions: specific and blanket endorsements.

Specific additional insured endorsements are limited within the policy to namedentities, meaning only parties that have been specifically identified in the endorsement are covered.

While adding blanket additional insureds may seem like a safer solution for those seeking to minimize risk exposure, its worth noting that the nature of these endorsements can create gray areas and coverage lapses if theyre not managed appropriately.

For example, if a blanket additional insured endorsement referencing where required by written contract is being used, careful review of the language should be done to ensure that all parties seeking additional insured status are provided coverage for an appropriate time period.

With blanket additional insured endorsements, the insurance provider does not have a list of named additional insureds. Since the insurer does not have access to these identities, they are unable to provide any notice of cancellation to affected parties, thus making the additional insureds on the policy more susceptible to lapses in coverage, and subsequently, of failed loss transfer.

Certificates Of Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 1811, Texas Insurance Code

  • A certificate holder requests that the certificate of insurance name the holder as an additional insured, but the policy contains only a Blanket Additional Insured endorsement. May the certificate name the holder as an additional insured?

    No, though the certificate can state that the policy contains a Blanket Additional Insured endorsement. See Insurance Code Sections 1811.051, 1811.054, and 1811.152.

  • A certificate holder requests that the certificate of insurance state that the policy contains a waiver of subrogation in the holders favor, but the policy contains only a Blanket Waiver of Subrogation endorsement. May the certificate state that the policy contains a waiver of subrogation in the holders favor?

    No, though the certificate can state that the policy contains a Blanket Waiver of Subrogation endorsement. See Insurance Code Sections 1811.051 and , 1811.054, and 1811.152.

  • Does Insurance Code Chapter 1811 prohibit an agent or insurer from providing a copy of the policy or endorsements?

    No. Chapter 1811 does not prohibit an agent or insurer from providing a copy of the policy or endorsements.

  • Does Insurance Code Chapter 1811 apply to a statement, summary, or evidence of property insurance required by a lender in a lending transaction involving a mortgage, lien, deed of trust, or any other security interest in real or personal property as security for a loan?

    No. See Insurance Code Section 1811.002.

  • independent contractors coverage
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    As A Freelancer You Probably Get Asked For A Certificate Of Insurance All The Time You Might Wonder What Is A Business Insurance Certificate And Why Do I Need It This Article Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Certificates Of Insurance

    What is a business insurance certificate?

    A Certificate of Insurance or business insurance certificate is a document that insurance companies use to show proof of your insurance coverage to third parties. The official name of the form that is most commonly used is the Acord 25 form. This form displays policyholder and insurance company information about any commercial liability insurance that you have in place. Including General Liability coverage, Auto Liability Coverage, Umbrella Liability Coverage, Workers Compensation, and Professional Liability Coverage.

    Funny enough though, a COI is not a legally binding document. Its merely a tool that insurance companies use to provide proof of coverage to relevant parties. It is similar to a receipt. A COI is just a reference or inventory of your insurance. As such, a COI does not actually prove that you have insurance. The only way a company can truly verify that coverage is in place is to contact the issuing company directly, using the information on your COI.

    A COI could be out of date, have incorrect information on it, show that you dont have the requisite coverage needed, or just simply be fraudulent. Making sure that you have an accurate and up to date COI is important because if you knowingly produce an invalid or fraudulent COI you could be guilty of insurance fraud.

    Why do I need a business insurance certificate?

    What exactly is a Certificate Holder? And why does my client want to be one?

    Rule #1: Get your name right.

    What Is A Certificate Of Insurance

    What Is an Insurance Certificate Holder?

    A certificate of insurance is issued by an insurance company or broker. The COI verifies the existence of an insurance policy and summarizes the key aspects and conditions of the policy. For example, a standard COI lists the policyholder’s name, policy effective date, the type of coverage, policy limits, and other important details of the policy.

    Without a COI, a company or contractor will have difficulty securing clients most hirers will not want to assume the risk of any costs that might be caused by the contractor or provider.

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    Waiver Of Subrogation Endorsement

    According to global insurance company Hiscox, “A subrogation claim is one in which the insurance company pays a claim for the insured, and then seeks reimbursement from a third party who had liability for the incident that led to the claim.”

    If it is determined that another party was negligent after paying for an insurance claim, the insurance carriers will seek money to help pay for the claim.

    A waiver of subrogation endorsement waives the right of your insurance company to subrogate against anyone who requests this endorsement on your certificate of insurance.

    What Is A Certificate Holder On Insurance

    There are a lot of labels on a certificate of insurance form, and if youre not familiar with them, they might sound a little weird. For example, one field is labeled certificate holder. The certificate holder is the party the certificate of insurance is provided to. So if youre hiring someone, and you requested the COI, then youre the certificate holder.

    If thats not clear enough, a simple internet search for certificate holder insurance sample will show you plenty of examples so you can parse it out for yourself.

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    Certificate Of Insurance Explained

    If youre a contractor, you need to have a certificate of insurance for business for the insurance policies your business has. There are probably lots of insurance policies you carry at your company. These include:

    • General liability insurance, which covers the potential liability you take on with each project, such as construction projects
    • Commercial auto insurance, which covers your vehicles and drivers during the job
    • Commercial property insurance, which protects any real estate you might have or lease for your business
    • Workers compensation and Employers Liability

    When it comes to certificates of insurance 101, you need to make sure you have accurate certificates to represent all of your policies. Dont just trust a certificate of insurance PDF. Know what youre looking for. A few critical elements include:

    • The limits of your protection
    • The effective and expiration dates, which define when that policy is active
    • Your insurers or carriers, which are your insurance companies

    You should not be creating your own COIs. Even though you should review your certificates, it is essential to rely on a specialized third party like your insurance agent to produce them. This is one of the services that your policy premiums pay for. That way, you know you have the proper protection for your company the next time you start a project.

    When To Add Certificate Holders

    The Difference Between Policy Holder, Certificate Holder, and Additional Insured

    Business owners often need certificates when they sign a new contract, but they might also need one when they apply for professional licenses or sign commercial leases. In these situations, your agent creates a certificate with the other partys name listed as a certificate holder, and each certificate holder gets their own copy for their records.

    When the other party has a financial interest in your business, they may want to be more than a certificate holder. They may ask to be an additional insured, a status that grants them some of the protections found in your liability insurance. For example, commercial landlords usually want to be additional insureds in case your injured customer sues them for damages. General contractors may also ask for additional insured status to protect against lawsuits stemming from a subcontractors work.

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    Certificate Holder Additional Insured Loss Payee What They Are And Who Needs Them

    Brian SchrumpfCertificate HolderAdditional InsuredLoss Payee:

    About the Author

    Brian Schrumpf

    Mr. Brian Schrumpfs practice is concentrated in the trucking and transportation industry. Mr. Schrumpf focuses in the areas of cargo claims, freight charge claims, contracts, and mergers & acquisitions.

    Purpose Of Certificate Of Insurance

    Unless you work in the purchasing department, manage promotional events, oversee contractors or work in accounting, you probably don’t know about insurance certificates. Certificates of insurance summarize a company’s or person’s insurance policies, coverage amounts and limits associated with these policies. It includes the name of the insured, the coverage period and other insurance information. Sometimes the certificate lists the name of the holder of the certificate and indicates whether the holder is additionally insured under the policy.

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    How Much Does A Certificate Of Insurance Cost

    Certificate Of Liability Insurance Template (6)

    It actually costs nothing to obtain a certificate of insurance, because this is a complimentary service offered by the company that sold you your business insurance. If your broker is charging you a fee for providing a COI, its time to change your broker.

    However, if the job in question requires additional coverage that your policy does not meet, then you might have to pay an additional premium to cover those costs. Other than that, your broker should never charge you a fee for providing you a certificate of insurance, no matter how many you need.

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    Sample Coi With Additional Insured

    A simple search online will show you plenty of additional insured examples, with enough variety that you can find an example for all types of certificate of insurance endorsements. Additional insured endorsement forms take a common shape: most include a warning right at the top that says this endorsement changes the policy please read it carefully. This is an important distinction because, as weve already discussed, youre amending your prior coverage to additional coverage for the entity named.

    Next on an additional insured endorsement example, you may see Additional Insured Names Person or Organization. This may seem like just a field label, but it carries the weight of precedent. Its not unheard of for a claim to be adjudicated against a putative additional insured because they didnt take the time to check their additional insured endorsement forms to make sure their name was spelled correctly.

    Most additional insured endorsements forms will also have a short section noting that this endorsement modifies the who is an insured definition from the original certificate of insurance. It may seem unimportant, but on a certificate of insurance additional insured wording can often be critical.

    Why Do Companies Request A Certificate Of Liability Insurance

    Each company might have a different reason to request a certificate of insurance. As a general rule of thumb, parties will request a certificate if they think doing business with you exposes them to risk.

    Here are some common business relationships that will often require certificates of insurance on file:

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