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How Do I Get A Certificate Of Good Standing

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You can order an Indiana certificate of good standing on this page. Upon receipt of your order, we’ll request the certificate of good standing document. If the company is NOT in good standing and you are the owner, we’ll notify you and let you know what is required to bring the company into good standing with the commonwealth.

Indiana Certificate Of Good Standing

Dec 5, 2022 | Knowledge Hub,

A certificate of good standing from Indiana validates that a limited liability company or corporation was founded lawfully and has been properly maintained.

In our Certificate of Good Standing Indiana tutorial, we will go over the qualifications for good standing as well as how to get one in Indiana.

How Do I Obtain an Indiana Certificate of Good Standing?

Request your certificate of good standing, also known as a certificate of existence in Indiana, from the Secretary of State.

There are two major processes involved in obtaining your certificate of good standing:

1. Maintain your LLCs compliance

2. Request a certificate of good standing.

What exactly is a good standing certificate? A certificate of good standing is a state document that confirms your company was created lawfully and has been properly maintained.

Step 1: Ensure that your Indiana business is in compliance.

To be eligible for an Indiana certificate of existence, your company must meet the following state compliance requirements:

Permits and Licenses

To run a company in Indiana, you must adhere to federal, state, and municipal licensing requirements. Regulations such as health permits and construction permits are examples of this.

The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website has further information on state licensing requirements.

State levies
Annual Reports
Step 2: Request an Indiana Certificate of Good Standing.
Is a Certificate of Good Standing Required in Indiana?

How To Get A Certificate Of Good Standing Indiana

There are a lot of things required of a business to operate simply. A certificate of good standing is one of those requirements. Obtaining that certificate can vary from state to state, with some states being more straightforward to deal with than others.

If you arenât sure what the Indiana certificate of good standing is or how to get one, a helpful guide can go a long way. Understanding the type of business that you are â what filing entity â can be a good start on the path towards getting a certificate of good standing.

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Requirements For A Certificate Of Existence

You must be registered as a business entity in that state. Operating as a sole proprietorship or a partnership does not require registration in Indiana, so those entities are not able to obtain a certificate of existence.

Corporations and LLCs, like your business, must be registered with the state, so they are able to obtain the certificate.

How To Get Certificates Of Good Standing

How to File a Foreign LLC in Indiana

A Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained for an LLC, company, LLP, LP, or some other sort of entity if you’re in good standing with your own home state. Some states require a Certificate of Good Standing to be dated within 30 days of the date you are using it. Some states require 90 days, and there are a couple of states that require only six months’ previous good standing. Most states help you provide them with a duplicate of the certificate, which means you may order it from your own home state by fax, online, or email, and mail a copy of the certificate to the requesting party.

There are a couple of states that require the certificates to be proven authentic. Those states generally have access to a listing of other states that allow you to get the Certificate of Good Standing online if you are registering in a new state. If you plan on expanding your business into a new state, then you will want to have a Certificate of Good Standing available to show the new state authority.

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What Is A Certificate Of Good Standing Indiana

The certificate of good standing is proof that a business is up to date on its filed documents, taxes, and other regulations pertaining to the formation of the business within the state. The regulations and requirements can vary from state to state.

Generally speaking, you can obtain a certificate of good standing through the business filing agency in your state. It could be required when it comes time to apply for a loan, open a business bank account, or raise investor funds. This is different from a business license, which is required to conduct business in that state.

Is My Business In Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing, also known as Certificates of Status, Certificate of Existence or Certificate of Facts, are often needed in the course of day-to-day business.

This document states that a Corporation or LLC is authorized to do business in the state and that its state requirements have been satisfied.

Business entities use certificates of good standing to prove they are incorporated / registered and authorized to do business in any given State. The good standing status means that an entity is current with the filing requirements of the secretary of states office, as well as being current with the entitys corporate franchise taxes.

For instance, during the financing process, banks will often require a certificate of good standing from a business. Our online system allows users to request a certificate in minutes, and we will do the rest to obtain it for you.

A Certificate of Good Standing, signed by an state official is conclusive evidence that a corporation or LLC is in existence or authorized to transact business in the state, and that the company is in compliance with all state-required formalities.

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Why Is There’s Need To Get A Certificate Of Good Standing

To carry on normal business activities, the business owners do not need to have a letter of good standing.

As it is not a legal document to do business in the state, still, there are situations where the business needs to obtain a certificate of good standing.

Let’s take a look atsome of the situations where the business owners need the certificate of Good Standing:

  • For opening a business bank account
  • For forming a contract with another company
  • For funding the business
  • To apply for a business loan from banks and financial institutions
  • To compete with the government contract
  • To meet with the insurance policies
  • To renew specific licenses and permits
  • To sell the business to another business
  • To set up a system that allows you to process the credit or debit payments
  • To register the business in another state
  • To collaborate with the potential business partners
  • To transfer the business to another business
  • To solicit funds from the potential investors
  • One thing to note is that certificates of Good Standing are not all mandatory but, if you have the certification in your hand, you are always at the plus point.

    The businesses that don’t comply with the state regulations can be fined and can lose complete access to state courts.

    So it’s better not to take the risk and play safe for the benefit of your business.

    Order Your Indiana Certificate Of Good Standing

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    Once your business remains compliant with the state, you can request an Indiana certificate of existence from the Secretary of State. This can be done online or by mail.

    OPTION 1: Order Online With Indiana INBiz

    Filing Cost: $26 online, $30 by mail

    Mailing Address:203 W. Washington St., Room E-018Indianapolis, IN 46204

    Use a professional service to help you order your Indiana Certificate of Existence

    Our favorite choice is ZenBusiness

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    How To Get An Indiana Certificate Of Existence

    A certificate of good standing in the State of Indiana is called a Certificate of Existence. You can order by fax, mail, phone, in person or online but we recommend online. Online orders are processed immediately and cost $26.00. Normal processing takes up to 5 days, plus additional time for mailing, and costs $15.00.

    How To Get An Indiana Certificate Of Authority:

    The Indiana Secretary of State makes things simple by requiring the same form to be filed regardless of the entity type. Additionally, most LLCs and corporations pay the same fee for this filing: $125. Non-profit corporations pay a reduced fee of $75.

    All entities must also provide a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state, dated within 60 days of the Indiana filing.

    Finally, you must also appoint and list an Indiana Registered Agent, which must be maintained at all times. We can provide this service at a cost of just $99/year.

    Harvard Business Services can assist with your application so you dont have to deal with the Indiana Secretary of State directly. We do charge our own fee for this service, in addition to state fees. The exact fee can vary based upon whether your company is already filed and whether you need us to obtain additional documents to meet the states requirements. Please contact us for an exact quote.

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    How Do I Know If I Need Authority To Do Business In Indiana

    Indiana maintains its corporate statutes on the website of the Indiana General Assembly. There, you can view the states business regulations, which include some examples of activities that do not constitute transacting business. This list is similar to those provided by other states and include activities such as:

    • maintaining accounts in financial institutions
    • selling through independent contractors
    • conducting an isolated transaction completed within thirty days that is not conducted in the course of repeated transactions of a like nature
    • if the entity is a nonprofit corporation, soliciting funds if otherwise authorized by Indiana law

    This is not an exhaustive list and there may be additional activities that do not constitute doing business.

    Keep in mind that even if an Indiana Certificate of Authority us not required for a specific activity, a bank, vendor or another party can still require one in order to establish a relationship.

    Make Sure Your Indiana Business Is Compliant

    Indiana apostille service

    To qualify for an Indiana certificate of existence, your business must stay up-to-date with state compliance requirements:

    Licenses & Permits

    To operate your business in Indiana, you must follow federal, state, and local licensing guidelines. This can include regulations like health permits and building permits.

    You can find out more about state licensing requirements with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency website.

    State Taxes

    Depending on your business activity, you will have to register for different forms of Indiana state tax. This can include sales tax, withholding tax, or Unemployment Insurance tax.

    Biennial Reports

    All Indiana LLCs and corporations must file a biennial report. This report verifies the businesss basic information including its principal office address and registered agent information.

    The report is filed with the Secretary of State online or by mail. It is due every other year by the end of the month in which the business was formed. The fee is $31 for online and $50 by mail.

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    Certificate Of Good Standing: Everything You Need To Know

    A Certificate of Good Standing, also called a “Certificate of Existence” or ” of Authorization,” is a state-issued document showing that your LLC or company has met its statutory requirements and is allowed to do business in that state.

    A Certificate of Good Standing confirms that your business has paid all state fees, filled the annual report requirement, and made payments for franchise taxes. Many corporations request a Certificate of Good Standing for their own records.

    A Certificate of Good Standing can also be required by state governments, should you be making use of foreign qualifications, or lenders while you’re attempting to acquire financing, make transactions, and obtain potential business companions or buyers in a foreign country.

    You may need to keep your Certificate of Good Standing current to be able to renew particular licenses or permits, and a Certificate of Good Standing can be necessary proof when it comes time to promote your business. Also, if you’re trying to register to do business in more states, these states might ask for a copy of your Certificate of Good Standing.

    Certificates of Good Standing generally contain the name of the entity, a brief clause stating that entity is allowed to do business in the jurisdiction and is relying on the jurisdiction where it was obtained, and it may also be on particular ornamental paper or have an ornamental embossed seal of some form on it to prove its authenticity.

    What Does A Certificate Of Existence Confirm

    A Certificate of Existence certifies that your entity is authorized to conduct business in Indiana and is in compliance with state law. State compliance requirements include:

    • Staying up to date on licenses and permits required by local, state, and federal law
    • Paying yearly franchise taxes
    • Submitting a biennial report, also referred to as a business entity report in Indiana, every two years that verifies the basic information about your business

    The CGS signifies to the requesting party that youre operating your business legally. The Certificate itself states:

    I , Secretary of State of the State of Indiana, do hereby certify that COMPANY NAME is an Indiana Corporation registered to transact business in Indiana on FORMATION DATE. I further certify that all fees and documents required by the Secretary of States office have been received and is in good standing as far as this office is concerned.

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    What Is A Certificate Of Good Standing

    A Certificate of Good Standing, Letter of Good Standing, Certificate of Status and Certificate of Legal Existence are all names of documents that have the same meaning. They show that an entity is in compliance, or âgood standing,â with the state it does business in.

    A certificate of good standing verifies that a corporation or LLC was formed legally, has been properly maintained and is still active. It should not be confused with a certificate of tax status or tax compliance, which shows that an entity is up to date on all its state tax filings and payments.

    Be Sure Your Certificate Is Valid

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    There are expiration dates for these certificates, though they vary based on purpose as well as the state. A lender might want a certificate that is under 60 days old, another might allow one that is substantially older than that.Generally speaking, the average certificate is valid for around 90 days or so. Be sure to check what the requirements are for your state as they can vary drastically. Another thing to keep in mind is registering in another state.If you plan on registering to do business in a state where you are not currently registered, then it may be possible that you will have to not only provide a certificate of good standing from your state but register as a foreign entity. Again, this comes down to the specific requirements of each state, so do your homework.

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    What Does Dbi Global Filings Do How Much Do You Charge For Document Retrieval Services

    Your time is valuable. Use our document retrieval service to increase your productivity. Our trained Document Retrieval Specialists are experienced in navigating Indiana’s Secretary of State website regarding document retrieval.

    • Receive and review your order
    • Verify your request
    • Place the order with the appropriate state agency
    • Pay government filing fees on your behalf
    • Follow-up with the state agency on your request
    • Forward your documents via email or express shipping

    We charge a one-time processing fee plus state document retrieval fees. See our comprehensive order form for exact fees.

    Thank you for your interest in an Indiana certificate of good standing document.

    United States District Court

    Pursuant to Local Rule 83-5, attorneys who have been admitted to practice by the Supreme Court of the United States or the highest Court of any state may become a member of the bar of this Court.

    Full Admisison:

    To apply for admission and E-Filing rights to the Southern District of Indiana through your individual PACER account via*, select this court and complete the process online, which includes paying the fee of $238. Bar admission applications will be processed in the order received, and as expeditiously as possible. Please allow two business days for processing of completed submissions.

    To be admitted to practice in this court, you will be required to certify the following:

    *Instructions for Requesting Attorney Admission in PACER

    Pro Hac Vice Admission:

    Pursuant to Local Rule 83-6, attorneys may also be admitted to appear in a particular case through PACER, using his/her individual PACER account, selecting this court and completing the process online, which includes paying the fee of $100 per attorney, per case. After an attorney’s submission is accepted, he/she will be notified that he/she may file his/her Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice, along with a proposed order in the case in which he/she seeks to appear.

    • Sample 1 – Motion/Order to Appear Pro Hac Vice:

    Certificate of Good Standing:

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    When Do You Need A Certificate Of Good Standing

    Certificates of Good Standing are required for multiple reasons and will usually make up part of your entitys legal documentation. starters, some tax matters require a Certificate of Good Standing. Remember that you can still be in good standing with the state of Indiana if you owe taxes, but you must be in compliance with the tax process itself.

    Other reasons for needing a Certificate of Good Standing include:

    • Being involved in an acquisition or merger
    • Selling your business
    • Handling specific licensing requirements for your entity
    • Opening any line of credit
    • Applying for a business loan

    Another frequent need for a Certificate of Good Standing is to register to do business in another state . You will have to determine your full documentation requirements, including expirations. Some states for example require certified status to be less than 30 days old, while some allow 60 days.

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