California Secretary Of State Certificate Of Good Standing

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The Secretary of State’s office has been advised that letters are being sent to California corporations directing them to submit $495 or some other amount and a completed form to a private company named Business Filings Division or similar names in order to dissolve their business entity . or file a Statement of Information with the Secretary of States office. Similar letters are being sent to California limited liability companies.

These letters/forms do not meet the requirements of the California Corporations Code, and a corporation cannot delegate the obligation to have the Certificate of Election to Wind Up and Dissolve and the Certificate of Dissolution signed and verified by the shareholders, members, officers or directors of the corporation. Additionally, the Certificate of Election to Wind Up and Dissolve and the Certificate of Dissolution must be submitted to the California Secretary of State’s office for filing.

Note: There is no filing fee associated with submitting a termination document to the Secretary of State. The fee for filing a Statement of Information is $20 or $25. Both termination documents and statements of information can be submitted online at

Good Standing Certificates In California

California does not issue good-standing certificates under that name.

For what is referred to in other states as a good standing certificate, the California Secretary of State will issue a CERTIFICATE OF STATUS certifying to the current status of an entity registered with the Secretary of State .

For what is referred to in other states as a long-form good standing certificate, the California Secretary of State will issue a CERTIFICATE OF FILING OF ALL DOCUMENTS .

A Certificate of Status must be obtained by application to the Secretary of State.

For a certificate issued by Californias income tax agency, the Franchise Tax Board , that an entity is in good standing with it, the FTB will issue an ENTITY STATUS LETTER.

An Entity Status Letter verifies whether or not an entity is in good standing with the FTB and provides certification for:

An outstanding liability that would be of concern to a third party .

Verification of an exempt status.

Registering a corporation or LLC to transact business in another state.

Legal status in court proceedings.

An FTB Entity Status Letter may be obtained instantly online for a corporation or limited liability company by using the FTBs Self Serve Entity Status Letter function by .

A searcher may use either an Entity ID or Entity Name.

An FTB Entity Status Letter does not reflect the entitys status with any other state agency and is not a substitute for a Certificate of Status issued by the Secretary of State.

Why There’s A Need To Check That The Business Is In Good Standing

Lenders depend on Certificates of Good Standing to make sure they are providing financing to a dependable institution. Requesting and receiving a certificate before it is needed is a much better solution than attempting to acquire the certificate while loan negotiations are ongoing.

A Certificate of Good Standing is also an important tool for expanding your business, as it is a requirement to register in most states. If your company does not possess a certificate, many states will not allow you to do business within their borders. It is also common for states to require that your certificate be dated within 90 days before you will be allowed to do business.

Possessing a Certificate of Good Standing may also help you to avoid some fees and penalties many states levy penalties when a business does not comply with its regulations. When it is discovered that a business is not in good standing, they may lose state business protections, protections for employees working out of state, and may face dissolution.

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Certificate Of Good Standing California

A California certificate of good standing verifies that a limited liability company or corporation was legally formed and has been properly maintained.

In our Certificate of Good Standing California guide, we will discuss the requirements for good standing and exactly how to get a certificate of good standing in California.

Or use a professional service:

When Do You Need A Certificate Of Good Standing

California Apostille Example

You may need a Certificate of Good Standing if you’re involved in a merger or acquisition, or if you’re buying a company outright, or selling yours. The Good Standing certification will form part of the legal documentation of the entity.

Typically, applying for a business loan or line of credit will require good standing certification. Tax matters also can require it – note that you can owe taxes and still be in good standing with California, you just can’t be out of compliance with any of the tax process. Certain licensing requirements may also ask for good standing certification.

Another frequent need for a Certificate of Good Standing is to register to do business in another state . You will have to determine your full documentation requirements, including expirations. Some states for example require certified status to be less than 30 days old, while some allow 60 days.

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Obtaining A Certificate Of Good Standing

Are you in a rush to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing with the California Secretary of State? Well, youre in luck! With our same day submission, we can submit a request today and pick up your certificate as soon as tomorrow!

Orders placed by 12:30PM PST on a business day will be submitted to the Secretary of State the same day. Upon pick up of the Certificate of Good Standing, we will scan and e-mail a copy to you before mailing out the originals. Documents will be First Class mailed unless specified otherwise.

Please follow our 3 step process to place your order today:

1. Have your entity name and number ready

2. Call us at 480-1225to place your order

3. Make a payment over the phone.

California Secretary Of State Records

The Sacramento office is the only place where records can be requested. Diversified Business Solutions is located in Sacramento. We make trips daily to the Secretary of State. We can get plain copies or certified copies. We can get a Certificate of Good Standing in 1 business day. All other records take 3-10 business days.

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Difference Between Certificate Of Good Standing And Certificate Of Status

A Certificate of Good Standing is also known by a number of alternate names, which tends to cause confusion among people who do not realize that these differently titled documents are fundamentally the same. For example, a Certificate of Good Standingis often referred to as a Certificate of Status.

This type of document sometimes goes by other names as well, including:

  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Qualification
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Certificate of Existence

The exact name varies by state. In California, this document is most commonly called a Certificate of Good Standing or Certificate of Status. Filing a request for one of these documents is easy with our online service.

How Do I Dispute A Penalty Assessed To A Business Entity

Alabama LLC – How to Start an LLC in Alabama

A request to waive the penalty for failure to file the Statement of Information can be submitted in writing to the Secretary of State, Statement of Information Unit Attention: Statement of Information Penalties, P.O. Box 944230, Sacramento, CA 942442300 or you may submit a request online at Email Penalty Waivers.

The waiver request must include an explanation of the reasonable cause or unusual circumstance supporting the business entity’s failure to file the required Statement of Information timely. Per statute, failing to receive a reminder notice to file does not excuse an entity from filing the required statement. Note: If a current statement has not been filed, a Statement of Information must be filed online at before the waiver request will be considered.

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Make Sure Your California Business Is Compliant

To qualify for a California certificate of status, your business must stay up-to-date with state compliance requirements:

Licenses & Permits

To operate your business in California, you must follow federal, state, and local licensing guidelines. This can include regulations like health permits and building permits.

You can find out more about state licensing requirements with the California CalGold website.

State Taxes

Depending on your business activity, you will have to register for different forms of California state tax. This can include sales tax, withholding tax, or Unemployment Insurance tax.

California businesses must also pay an annual franchise tax. The minimum amount is $800.

Biennial Reports

All California LLCs and corporations must file a statement of information. This report summarizes your businesss finances over the past two years.

This report is filed every two years with the Secretary of State, and you can file online, by mail, or in person. The filing fee is $20.

Are There Other Names Than Certificate Of Good Standing

The Certificate of Good Standing in other jurisdictions may also be referred to as a Certificate of Status or Certificate of Existence. Other names may be a Letter of Good Standing, Certificate of Fact, or Certificate of Authorization.

Whatever the name, the purpose and function are the same, to show that a registered entity is in compliance with all applicable regulations and obligations, as of the date of the certification issued under the state’s seal.

In California, it shows that an entity is registered to do business in the state, is in compliance with applicable corporate rules and licensing requirements, and has not been suspended by the Franchise Tax Board, the state taxing authority.

Note, however, that a company can be in good standing with the state and still be involved in bankruptcy or lawsuit proceedings, under investigation, or in trouble with federal authorities. Good standing as we use it here means only that state filing and fee requirements are current.

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Whats Needed To Get The Certificate Of Good Standing Ca

We will need some basic information from you in order to request the Certificate of Good Standing.

  • The Entity Name
  • The Entity Number
  • The Mailing Address

The CA Secretary of State will charge us a $10 counter fee to submit the request over the counter.

We will be able to order the Certificate of Good Standing the same day you contact us as long as we receive the information above and payment by 12:30PST. If received after 12:30 we will submit the request the following business day.

and get the process started.

We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Once we get the Certificate of Good Standing back from the CA Secretary of State we will email you a copy. The original document will then be mailed to you at the address provided.

Order Your California Certificate Of Good Standing

Minnesota Certificate Of Good Standing Attorney

Once your business remains compliant with the state, you can request a California certificate of status from the Secretary of State. This can be done by mail or in person.


Order by Mail or In Person With the Secretary of State

Filing Cost: $5 by mail, $15 in person

Mailing Address:

1500 11th Street, 3rd floor, Room 380Sacramento, CA 95814

Use a professional service to help you order your California Certificate of Status

Our favorite choice is ZenBusiness

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California Tax Status Compliance Certificate

If you need to verify that all outstanding tax liabilities for a California Corporation or California LLC have been paid then you need a California Tax Status Compliance Certificate. In California a Tax Status Compliance Certificate is called a Entity Status Letter. A California Entity Status Letter is issued by the California Franchise Tax Board and is sometimes called a Tax Clearance Certificate or a Certificate of Account Status .

Where Do I File A Complaint Against A Business Entity

For assistance in determining where to file a complaint against a business entity and how to proceed, please refer to the Department of Consumer Affairs, Consumer Resource & Referral Guide. The Secretary of State Business Programs Division does not regulate business operations or business practices. If you believe that a business is operating illegally, you may contact the Office of the California Attorney General, the Better Business Bureau, or seek private legal counsel.

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What If I Dont Have My Entity Number

Your entity number will be required to get your Certificate of Good Standing. You can search for the number of the CA Secretary of States website by clicking here. We ask that you have this information available when you contact us. We want to make sure we get the Certificate of Good Standing for the proper company.

How Do I Obtain A California Certificate Of Good Standing

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To obtain your certificate from the State of California, submit a records order to the Secretary of State’s office. The state will issue a certificate bearing an imprint of the Seal of California and the Secretary of State’s authorized signature.

The procedure is similar in every state, and good standing certificate can be requested for any entity in any state. SunDoc maintains a nationwide document retrieval service that allows us to request this certificate for you in any of the 50 states. Back to Top

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I Received A Notice Of Pending Suspension/forfeiture What Do I Do

Follow the instructions in the notice. If you have not filed the required Statement of Information, a Statement of Information can be filed online at

Note: To avoid suspension/forfeiture of the entity’s powers, rights, and privileges , the Statement of Information must be received and filed by the California Secretary of State no later than 60 days from the Notice Date that appears on the Notice of Pending Suspension/ Forfeiture.

What Is The Meaning Of Good Standing Certificate

an official document that proves that a company exists, does not owe taxes, and is legally allowed to do business in a particular area: issue/obtain a certificate of good standing Our company can help you obtain all the relevant certificates for your business, including a certificate of good standing.

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Can Sundoc Filings Obtain A Certificate Of Good Standing For Me

SunDoc can obtain a Certificate of Good Standing for you – and you can find the information online at the state website to apply for this yourself if you wish.

SunDoc Filings can handle your Good Standing request, as with all your company filings. Many companies use our filing service as a convenient, affordable way not to avoid missing important filing deadlines that business owners can easily forget .

SunDoc is located in Sacramento, and we make several visits daily to the Secretary of State office to hand-deliver or receive documents. All our routine filings on your behalf are expedited in this way, saving valuable time over other companies that typically mail in forms.

You can get started on this page, or you can call us toll free at 1-888-595-2747 at any point to speak to our American-based staff and get assistance.

Similarly, our nationwide network of correspondent agents ensures that we can file and retrieve documents for you in all 50 states.

To talk to a live voice for immediate assistance call us toll-free during business hours at .

Do I Have To Qualify Or Register A Foreign Business Entity

How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing in Colorado

Before transacting intrastate business in California, the business must first qualify/register with the California Secretary of State online at “Transacting intrastate business” is defined as entering into repeated and successive transactions of its business in this state, other than interstate or foreign commerce.

The Secretary of State’s office cannot advise you as to whether or not the business must qualify/register to do business in California. If you require assistance in making that determination and to ensure that all issues are considered and addressed appropriately, you should consult with private legal counsel.

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What Taxes Do I Need To File Or Business Licenses/permits Do I Need To Renew

Most businesses must pay a minimum Franchise Tax of $800 each year. There are several agencies that administer a variety of taxes. Please refer to our Tax Information webpage for a list of agencies that can assist you in determining your tax obligations and provide you with information about tax reporting and taxpayer rights. Please refer to the CalGOLD website for information about business license/permit requirements in California.

How Long Is The Certificate Good For

Most places that would ask for a Certificate of Good Standing would require it to be obtained recently. The certificate will let the agency know that your business has done what is required of it. The business has filed the required paperwork, has paid the fees and is in good standing with the Franchise Tax Board.


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Whether you’re starting or running a business in California or anywhere else in the US, SunDoc is a smart choice for your business formation and document needs. We’ve helped thousands of new businesses get off the ground. Great website plus great customer service equals zero frustration. You can form a business in any of the 50 US states online, and we’re standing by to help if you need it. Our staff offers valuable expertise on forming or registering a company, and their assistance is included in our prices. Don’t hesitate to call.

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