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Digital Transformation In Hr

Best HR Certifications Human Resources Pros Need in 2022

Prepared in association with the London School of Economics and Political Science, this program will help you discover how digital human resource management and people analytics can drive performance and business outcomes. Youll learn the methods to address and solve business challenges related to digital HRM in various organizational contexts. The curriculum is equipped with multiple learning modules focused on teaching essential aspects of digital transformation, such as data sources, data analytics for HR, emerging tools for digital HRM, implementing digital HRM, and more. Upon completing the program, youll be able to explore how HR professionals need to adapt to facilitate digital transformation in an organization.


Walkthrough various learning outcomes to explore the evolution of the HR function and ethical debates in digital transformation

Learn to identify HR-related challenges with a variety of evidence-based problem-solving approaches

Understand where to source the relevant types of people data in your organization and explore how to collect this data legally and ethically

Gain knowledge about big data, AI, machine learning, and automation, and how theyre providing innovative solutions to HR challenges

Uncover the practices of data-driven decision-making to ensure that the decisions are ethical and valid

Duration: 8 weeks, 8-10 hours/week

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

How Do I Get My Hr Certificate Online

An online HR certificate is a great way to get your foot in the door or advance your career in HR.

The best place to start is by finding an HR certificate program that matches your career aspirations. Ask yourself: what do I hope to learn through this program? How does it support my goals? If you plan to earn a bachelor’s degree, ask if a certificate would position you to seamlessly transfer credits and continue your education.

SNHU’s undergraduate certificate in HR will give you course credits that can easily be applied to a bachelor’s in human resources. This means, if you choose to earn an undergraduate degree, you’ll save time on the way. And even if you don’t, you’ll still have a credential that can help you stand out to employers.

Once enrolled in an undergraduate certificate program, you’ll progress through a series of online learning modules with faculty support to guide you through projects, papers, discussion boards, video communications and more.

An undergraduate certificate in HR from SNHU is just 4 courses. And since being a full-time student here means 2 classes per term, you could finish in just three 8-week terms about half a year.

Even if you work toward your certificate part time , you could finish it in a year. It depends on you and how you could be most successful in your program.

Leverage The Right Hr Certification To Step Up Your Career

Now that you know your best human resources certification options, you are ready to decide. Consider how much time and money you are willing to invest at this point in your career.

Keep in mind that investing in a credible HR certification will bring you many opportunities to develop as a human resources professional.

Make your choice, study hard, and stay competitive in this ever-evolving industry.

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Which Certificate Is Best For Hr

That’s up to you to decide. SNHUs human resources certificates offer a quick pathway to one of the HR industrys most important credentials. Like our undergraduate human resources degree, masters in HR or MBA in human resources, the curricula align with the Society for Human Resource Management .

Bear in mind that certificate and certification mean very different things in human resources. HR certificates are academic programs, while certification is a professional credential.

SNHU offers both undergraduate and graduate certificates. You may be able to decide which level is best for you by where you are in your career right now as well as how much college you’ve completed: A conversation with an admission counselor can help you determine the route you should go.

The SHRM Certified Professional and SHRM Senior Certified Professional provide the HR industrys highest standards of certification. Youll need to meet specific criteria to sit for these exams.

People Analytics: Transforming Hr Strategy With Data Science

15 Best Online Human Resources Certificate Programs For Free ...

Data Science is a powerful tool to transform the way companies engage with their employees. Be it getting optimum output in given billable hours or utilizing the right talent for the right project, or delivering projects as per the laid-out strategies, People Analytics can work like the genie that every organization needs for growth. All this and much more is what executives will learn from this Emeritus program by the Cambridge Judge Business School. Detailed deliverables are available on the website, so you can make a smart yet quick decision to upgrade your skillset to stay current.


Learn how to collect, organize and approach an organizations data for better implementation of project strategies

Develop project and people management tactics using the insights obtained from the organizations data

Devise future-ready strategies with the help of predictive data tools to steer clear of any corporate challenges

Earn certification from the Cambridge Judge Business School to add credibility to your skills

Equip the right skillset and learn the tools to manage HR strategies using data models

You can

Review: I loved that the content was really engaging and that I learned about how other organisations have used people analytics to great success. Jennie Oliver

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Bonus: Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace

Offered by ESSEC Business School via Coursera

If you only choose one class from this list of free online human resources courses, choose this diversity and inclusion offering on the Coursera platform. The lessons provided have never been more timely, and this nine-hour course will help you understand more than just the paradox of diversity. You will walk away with practical and useful skills about how to channel the diversity potential of those in your workplace to create better innovation and performance.

It is taught by professor Junko Takagi and is free to take on the Coursera platform in audit mode. Certification can also be had for a fee.

The Best Online Certificate Programs For Human Resources

The Internet takes the hassle out of nearly everything these days, which means applying and taking advantage of an online human resources certificate program is a breeze. If youre an HR rookie and arent ready to commit to a full certificates workload or financial commitment, you may want to look into free HR certifications.

Honorable mentions

Before we dive into the big leagues, lets examine some honorable mentions.

If youre wondering how to get a human resources certification, these three certificate programs are worth looking into:

  • Oxford Home Study College
  • Introduction to Human Resources for US Small Business Administration
Oxford Home Study College

Oxford covers three tenets of human resources:

  • Recruiting fundamentals
  • Staff development and training.
  • After completing a 20-hour course, you receive certification via email. This certification could give you a better idea about how global human resources can work.

    HR Fundamentals with FutureLearn

    This is a free five-week online course with a very flexible start date. Attendees will take part in about 15 hours worth of human resource management material. While this is intended more toward corporate professionals who are already familiar with some essential knowledge, its still a reliable option for those who want to break into the industry as well.

    Introduction to Human Resources for US Small Business Administration

    Here are some of the best online human resources certificate programs:

    University of Virginia

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    Financial Aid For A Human Resources Major

    A college program is made more affordable with the support of financial aid and you might be able to earn a degree with financial aid like grants or scholarships.

    Some financial aid will not require repayment such as grants from the federal or state governments are among them.

    Pell Grants are also not required to be repaid unless they are utilized improperly.

    Scholarships could come from a local charitable organization, a nationwide competition, or a business association.

    Some scholarships are awarded to candidates who have the greatest financial need, while others are offered to candidates who submit exceptional applications.

    There are numerous varieties of scholarships available and some are given out depending on the sort of degree, GPA, special skills or talents, or academic papers on particular subjects.

    You can search for companies that offer scholarships based on characteristics that suit you while doing your research.

    You can even submit many scholarship applications and in some specific circumstances, you might be permitted to submit several applications for the same scholarship.

    If you already work for an organization, your employer could be willing to help pay for some of your tuition.

    Other forms of assistance can reduce your expenditures now, but they must be paid back later like a loan.

    Although private loans are also an option, government loans often have the lowest interest rates and you might be able to work out a payment schedule with your university.

    What Is The Cost Of Each Certificate Track

    Certificate Program in HR Management Online Information Session

    Each credit hour is $740, making each track within the certificate program of 12 hours cost $8,880. There are no departmental scholarships available, but you can secure outside scholarships and grants , Illinois National Guard Grant, and children of Veteran tuition waivers) for the certificate program.

    Fundamentals of Human Resources, Compensation Best Practices, and Human Resources Data Analytics are approved campus graduate certificate programs and are therefore eligible for Federal Student Aid and Federal VA benefits.

    Currently the Human Resources Management certificate is the only certificate considered a non-degree program. It is currently in review to be implemented in the campus-level certificate program. We expect it to be approved for Spring 2023. The non-degree status means the Human Resources Management certificate is not eligible for Federal Student Aid or Federal VA benefits, but IVG and ING benefits may be used.

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    Human Resource Management: Hr For People Managers

    Best for flexible learning method.

    The HR for People Managers course offered by Coursera aims at making you more efficient in making strategies and developing your hiring, performance management, and other HR skills.


    • Enrollment is free.
    • Financial aid is available.
    • Helps you uplift your skills for the process of interviewing, recruiting, onboarding, performance management, resource management, performance appraisal, and much more.
    • The mode of instruction is English. You can get subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese , Italian, Vietnamese, Korean, German, Russian, and Spanish.

    Duration: 6 months .

    Eligibility: No college experience or work experience is required for enrollment.

    Type: 100% online

    Exam Details: There are 4 specialization courses involved in this course. You need to complete a hands-on project for each specialization course, in order to get the certificate.

    Price: There is a free trial for 7 days. Then pay $49 per month for as long as the course lasts.

    Why Choose Free Hrm Courses At Upgrad

    We offer innovative and enriching free courses to help you stay ahead of your peers while experiencing cutting-edge learning at your convenience. You do not have to pay anything for these courses while getting an opportunity to learn from the experts and earn a valuable certificate upon completion.

    Heres summing up some of the key advantages in a nutshell:

    • Experience self-paced learning anytime and anywhere.
    • 100% free programs.
    • Get world-class educational content from global instructional designers.
    • Get a certificate that adds to your career profile.
    • Gain strategic insights and build your skill sets while understanding crucial concepts in your chosen field.
    • Productive usage of your spare time while building a habit of lifelong learning for future growth and advancement.

    A competitive, technology-driven business ecosystem requires continual learning, up-gradation, and up-skilling. These free courses will not only be value additions to your profile but also get you attuned to gathering more knowledge and developing your skills. If you want more extensive knowledge, you can always transition to full-time courses at upGrad in your chosen field afterward.

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    Society For Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional

    As the most recognized organization in the industry, the certification has rigorous criteria. If you have a masters degree in HR, you need at least three years of work experience in the industry. But if you have only a Bachelors degree, you need four or more years of industry experience.

    The SHRM-SCP consists of a four-hour exam with two types of multiple-choice questions: knowledge-based and scenario-based. Remember that its not a course, but an exam. The pass rate for the SHRM-SCP exam is around 50%.

    If you decide to go for this certification, be ready to dedicate at least a few hours per week to prepare for the exam.

    How Much Does the SHRM-SCP Cost?

    The senior SHRM certification costs $475 if you are not a member of the Society of Human Resources Management. There is also a $50 application fee, which makes the total price $525 for non-members. SHRM members get a $100 discount.

    Who Should Take the SHRM-SCP?

    The SHRM-SCP is for senior human resources professionals who focus on strategic decision-making. You should get this certification if your responsibilities include aligning HR strategies with organizational goals, people management, and developing HR policies.

    SHRM SCP is best for individuals who already have a few other credentials. Suppose you are already a member of the Society for Human Resources Management. In that case, thats also an excellent option for you since the organization provides helpful resources during the preparation.

    Visit SHRM-SCP here

    Top Human Resources Certifications Online In 2022

    Top 10 Best Online Masters in Human Resources Degree Programs  Human ...

    Looking for top human resources certifications online? We’ve got you covered with some of the best courses.

    Ever since weve been involved in people management, weve realized and always recommended an HR certification to anyone looking to expand their human resources skill set.

    Yes, its true that anyone can gain more skills and advance their career without getting certified.

    However, theres no replacing the hands-on knowledge and practical skills you gain through a human resources certification course.

    We understand the challenges of assembling, developing, and retaining a talented pool of workers.

    In fact, when we worked with Webflow, BambooHR, Gusto, and Zenefits, our first priority was to understand how to manage a team of consultants and employees. This made us realize the importance of an HR certification for career HRMs as well as company leaders looking for an edge in talent retention and management.

    In this article, we’ve listed the top 6 HR certification courses and exams that you can attain in 2022.

    Let’s check them out.

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    People Management By Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore

    This beginner-level program is designed to help smoothen the transition for newly appointed people managers. Learn to motivate and guide people who aspire to become one and to think back and reflect for seasoned managers. Overall you will get an enhanced understanding of the role of people management in an organizational context.

    No prerequisite is required to enroll in this course.

    Gain an overview of what it means to be an effective people manager.

    Have a deeper understanding of the different aspects of people management.

    Solve and appreciate the challenges faced by a first-time manager.

    Reflect on your practical experiences.

    Available for free and the certification can be added for an additional fee.

    Duration: 6 weeks, 2 to 4 hours per week

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Thomas Edison State University

    To serve the states adult learners, Thomas Edison State University was founded in Trenton, New Jersey, in 1972 and now about11,000 pupils are enrolled there.

    It provides a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Human Resources Management and Organizational Management degree that instructs students in hiring, developing, and managing employees.

    The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has granted Thomas Edison State University regional accreditation for its BSBA in Human Resources Management/Organizational Management program.

    For mostly working students, Thomas Edison State University provides an online cheap human resources degree program with a tuition fee of $7,926.

    Students with a BSBA in HR management degree are prepared to work as human resources professionals in successful companies and organizations.

    There are many businesses, human resources, and management-related topics covered in the online classes.

    These courses cover organizational theory, organizational behavior, organizational development and change, and corporate law.

    Thomas Edison State is acknowledged by U.S. News and World Report as a top regional university in the North in the most recent edition of Best Colleges.

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    Hr Management And Analytics Program By Wharton School Of Business

    The HR Management and Analytics program is a 2-month online course offered by the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

    Most individuals who complete this course have between five and fifteen years of experience, but no prior experience requirements exist.

    Students must dedicate between four to six hours per week to complete the coursework, delivered through live and recorded video lectures, real-world examples, and assignments.

    The course covers talent management, compensation, rewards, staffing, systems of work, and collaboration networks, but all with an emphasis on people analytics.

    Upon completing the program, you will earn a digital certificate of completion from The Wharton School, which you can show off on your LinkedIn and resume.

    How Much Does the HR Management and Analytics Program Cost?

    Since this certification offers a comprehensive course, the cost is higher than certifications that consist of exams only. Whartons program costs $2,800 with flexible payment options available.

    Who Should Take the HR Management and Analytics Course?

    This program is best for mid to senior-level professionals looking to access premium learning resources, improve their HR analytics skills, and obtain an HR certificate from one of the best educational institutions.

    Chief People Officer Programme

    Best Free Certification Course On Human Resources management course By eLearning College

    Throughout the program, youll use essential ideas from each module to finish real-world tasks that will serve as the building blocks for creating an HR playbook for your company. You may ask questions and brainstorm with your classmates and success coach using the facultys live sessions, webinars, and Slack channel. You must submit your action plan to your cohort after it is finished. When recommending new HR initiatives to the board of directors at your company, the action plan will be a valuable tool. The Chief People Officer Program is ideal for senior HR executives in mid to large-sized companies who are skilled at managing functional operations and want to develop strategic capabilities and influencing skills to prepare for leadership transitions to CHRO roles. It is also ideal for HR or people operations heads who are charged with changing their functions direction and want new perspectives on disruption or problem-solving strategies in a contemporary workplace.


    Throughout the program, attend guest lectures to gain knowledge from professionals in the field throughout the world.

    Connect with classmates from various cohorts, business executives, and academics at a live event in Cambridge, UK.

    Upon degree completion, get specific CJBS associate alum privileges and become a member of a worldwide network.

    Rating: 4.8 out of 5

    Duration: 8 to 10 months

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